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Christmas party games

It was 10 days before Christmas and my wife was invited to her coworkers party. As hard as I tried to opt out of it, my wife would not let me off the hook. She said she was told it was a couples party and there was no way she was going alone. My wife is in her early twenties and has a nice thick ass and not too bad up top. Her ass is definitely her best feature.
My wife works for a marketing firm and from the looks of it they all seem to be doing well. The cars outside were a few Mercedes, a really nice Audi, and this red Ferrari which I assume is her boss’s car. The party was fairly boring and I was counting the minutes until we leave. My wife on the other hand was enjoying herself mingling with not only her coworkers but also with the clients.
As my wife mingled I was stuck at the bar trying to drink the boredom out of my system. At the bar I met this lovely young girl, she was new to the job and from my guess seemed like a recent college grad like my wife. We chatted a little bit and the more we talked the more I started to like this girl. Although she did not have the ass like my wife she does have a cute face and nice set of racks. Mrs. X the president of the company asked if we were up for a little adult fun. Becky my new friend said sure. They both looked at me and what the hell Ill join as well.
Mrs. X took me to this room to get my mask and also take off all my clothes except for my boxers. Then I was told to meet them in this room where they had chairs set up in a circle. The guys were told to sit while the women were lined up against the wall. The women were all masked but were all gorgeous. They work this short red Christmas miniskirt and a very revealing top.
Mr and Mrs X then asked for everyone’s attention.
Mrs. X then told everyone that we are playing a little game of musical chairs. Each woman will circle around the chairs and when the music stops and they will need to find a lap to sit on. The person not sitting on a lap will be out . Also after each round the person without a lap will be out of the game. As for the guys there are numbers on each chair that we are unable to see. After each round one chair gets removed along with the guy. The last girl and guy on the floor are given the keys to their private guest bedroom with complimentary champagne.
I was extremely nervous at first and also was wondering if my wife joined this part of the party. Or what she would think if she found out I joined. The music started and my heart was pounding the girls walked around some sexier than others. After 15 seconds the music stopped. One of the ladies landed on my lap and her ass was directly on my dick. While they were removing one of the chairs the lady on my lap got up slightly to unbutton my cock and let it out. She sat back down and little did I know she had nothing on underneath. She then whispered it’s much more fun this way.
The music started again and this time this cute little red head found its way to my lap. Unlike the first lady this girl was already wet. She grinded on me for a bit and my tip going in and out of her tight little pussy. The music started again and this time the lady that sat on my cock found her way back on my cock. She sat on my lap and took my hand to rub her clit while they move the chairs around.

The music came back on and now there were only four chairs left. The music came to a quick stop and Becky found her way to me. I could tell by her blonde locks and her perfume that it was her. While sitting on my lap I noticed my wife rocking back and forth on the guy next to me. She was really fucking this guy. So I decided to do the same. I kissed Becky on her neck and slowly slid my dick inside her. She was so tight that she moaned every inch I entered.
The music cam back on again and becky slowly pulled herself off of me. With 3 chairs left I was beginning to think that I could be the one. The music stopped again and my lovely wife made it to my dick. Her pussy was soaking wet and my dick just slid right in. She jumped up and down and was trying to cum before the music started.
Another chair gone and it was 3 girls left and 2 chairs. The music stopped and this time Becky found my lap again. This time she was looser and her pussy got more wet. She fucked my up and down and the host of this event was coming down to get the last chair.
As I was about to get up, the host walked past me to get the other chair which meant I was the last chair there. The music started and it was between this red head from earlier and Becky. The music was much longer as all the eyes were on me and the 2 girls. The music stopped and before I knew it, and before the little red head could sit on my lap Becky hip checked her out of the way and sat on my lap. We received our key to the room and made our way as we passed by everyone.
Becky and I walked to the room kissing and touching each other along the way. Then when we got to the room it was like a switch was flipped. She pushed me on the bed and literally jumped on top of me. Not a word was said as she guided my dick inside her. She fucked me like I have never been fucked before. Her nails digging to my chest and she was screaming with every motion. As hard as she tried to fuck me I knew this girl wanted it rough so I pushed her off and put her in all fours. I grabbed that blond hair and began fucking her from behind! She screamed louder as my dick were going full speed and her pussy creaming all over my cock! I slapped her ass and she just screamed yeah baby do it again. I kept pumping her with everything I had and within seconds and quivered as she began to have an orgasm. I kept pumping her as she screamed and within seconds I came deep inside her pussy! I must have sprayed her so much as my semen leaked out of her.
I woke up the next morning with a note on the dresser thanking me for the night and if I want to do it again just give her a call.

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