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Asian Invasion!

Where do I start, I'm 48 gay, single & have a thing for hot young guys, as do many of my type, I have recently taken up swimming at the local pools, & have noticed there are a lot of young fit Korean & Japanese lads that go there, over the last couple of months I watch them get undressed, one day, right in front of me one Asian lad stripped right off in front of me & sat naked, on the bench waiting for the showers to become available, the thing is he bent forward, when he did this,I was eyeing up his lower back, his butt cheeks spread open, & I was imageining
his moist hole rubbing against the varnished wooden surface, what I would have given to be that lucky bench, I was hooked, the type of swimwear they use are speedos, or those really tight lycra hipster shorts that hug their ass, the kind that absorbs their sweaty balls & ass scent, one young fit Korean man, got out of the pool with a tear up the seam of his ass, when he got out, it tore a little more, I saw everything, an explosion of funky black ass hair, then this flash of healthy, pink manhole, I quickly got home & jacked off, fantasising him being passed around a group of merciless older tops, fighting over his moist young tight man pit!
Well today I was waiting, in my car, for the pools to open, the vehicle parked in front of me had some hottie Asian boy driver, his door opened & he got out, I noticed these strong musclely hairy legs first, I'm a leg & feet man, & he was a 10 out of 10, honestly it felt like a hit of 'rush' he was gorgeous, aged around 19 or twenty, but it gets better, he started doing some warm ups, well
I almost had a heart attack he bent over and stretched, he was wearing white basket ball shorts that hugged every contour of his sexy young ass, his panty line was clearly visible & was obviously riding up his bum, every time he stretched like this, anyway we found ourselves in the changing room he took off his top, to reveal two very stiff strawberry kiss nipples, I followed him out to the pool, got into my lane & continued my excersises, he was in the lane next to me, but was only doing a light swim/ walk, as I was swimming next to him, everytime my head was under the water I was checking out his legs & feet, which looked dirty (I love that) & as he was water running, he was getting deeper & deeper, requiring him to point his toes, ( I love thast even more)anyway I kind of just got into my swim, had a steam/spa & decided to leave, I retrieved my belongings from the locker & went into the changing room, he was in the shower...naked but for a pair of funky rubber flip flops,
I stood next to him & ran the shower, I dropped my shorts to reveal a very chubby semi, I noticed him looking, I was in, so I plucked up enough courage to ask him how his excersise was going, he said it went well & that he hadn't been swimming for awhile & wanted to take it easy, I told him he looked pretty good with out working out, he smiled & said he has put on too much fat, I was thinking filthily about me giving him some more 'fat' he then dropped his bar of soap with his back to me, he bent down to pick it up, when he did this I got an eyeful of his ass, pubes, balls & OMFG! asshole, not only that he was having trouble picking up the soap so I was treated to the most amazing show of wet jiggly boy ass goosebumps & all, my cock got hard immediatly, I had to remove myself out of there before I got arrested for sexual assault, anyway I began to get dry, but my cock would not go down, he joined me, I had put my bag down next to his, our conversation continued, I asked where he was from, he was from Japan (yum), but going to uni here, I then asked if he would like to get a coffee, to my surprise he said yes, I felt a little braver, so I began to watch him dry off, this young man with the hairy ass naked right in front of me, but as much as tried to hide my stiff sex starved cock, he saw it & said 'oh! so big' I blamed the heat, wow! I thought most lads would be reporting me to the front desk after seeing an older man aroused in front of them, he got dressed quickly & said he would met me in the car park, well I didn't think he would wait but there he was, I noticed, now he was dressed, his facial features, especially his lips, beestung & really kissable, he followed me to my place, I live with an elderly man named Gil, Gil was a real dirty bastard so I knew if anything was going to go down Gil would want some as well & Gil loved Asin men, we came inside & he sat down on the couch, & kicked off his sweaty jandals, I sat next to him & asked if he wanted to see something I saw on line the night before warning him it was a sex video, his eyes lit up when I played this scene of a young Japanese guy getting roughly fucked in the woods by 2 burly older Japanese men, they were totally humiliating him, K (I will call him)started to rub his groin, I was in, I sat close to him, then got some courage to put my arm around him, he turned his head to face me & we kissed, passionatly, those lips got me rock hard & he noticed & put his hand on it & groaned, my hand began to find its way up the leg of his shorts my other hand traveled down the back of his shorts, both my hands met at the middle with his very moist naked aroused groin, he was erect & an impressive size too, well it was going down & even if he said no at that point I would have had to f***e myself on him, anyway I removed his shorts & undies quickly layed him down on his back & spread his young muscely legs wide open, revealing every thing as I looked down on him, my conquest, I got do what I wanted to do, sniff his toes, very smelly, but that 1st whiff must of released a rush of seratonin because I felt high, I quickly moved towards his head at the same time pushing his knees hard against his chest
so his young musky boyhole was exposed facing the hallway, as I moved my hard dick towards his head he immediatly took it in his mouth, this wasn't enough so I pushed it down his gagging throat, I think at this point he knew who was in charge & without resistence, let me take over, it was at this point that Gil had woken up & was wanking in the hallway watching this treat in front of him getting throat fucked, K did not know he was being watched, Gil later told me that everytime I thrust my cock down Ks throat his asshole would spasm, Gil started to masturbate wildly he entered the lounge K still was unaware that a filthy old pervert was about to f***e his tongue inside him, when this occured
K let out a gasp of fright & then saw Gil between his legs he wasn't into it but we held him firmly in place but I noticed K was getting harder, & he was moaning happily, well I wanted his ass too so I pushed Gil away had a little sniff around then pushed my tongue into him, Gil quickly replaced my cock with his, with all the resistence K was putting up, he swallowed Gils dick like a pro, well at this stage I was over playing around & now meant business I got on top of K pulled Gils cock out of the boys mouth & kissed him wildly, as we did this his saliva slicked boyhole sucked my hard cock in, I let him adjust to the size 1st, but Gil was yelling 'give it to the slut, come on, fuck that boy before I will!!!' so I did & the look on his face was priceless, the whole scene was bizarre, Gil continued to fuck this boys throat holding his face & head in place with one hand & making him gag at the sametime sniffing the lads sweaty undies with the other, I was deep inside him, rooting him hard taking all my frustrations of watching similar young men like himself at the pools wanting them sexually but not being able to do anything about it, now this wonderful oppurtunity underneath me buggering the fuck out of him, calling him a 'dirty cum starved slut & a cock hungry cunt'
while I fucked him like that I was sniffing his dirty smelly feet, caused by the humidity & his funky rubber jandals, I was getting close, Gil noticed this & angrily told me to let him have a turn, I pulled out, both of us paused to ogle his gaping red hole, K pleaded with us both to stop as he was 'getting sore', thats when Gil told me to hold his ankles, & he got into position & ignoring Ks pleas pushed himself into him, well Gil fucked him hard after about 20 energetic pumps, I pushed him off, & gave the lad another round, but Gil wasn't finished, he pushed me off & my hard dick got replaced by his, Ks ass let out a little fart, before the old man f***ed himself back inside him, this time it was too much, Gil grabbed the boy roughly by the hair & came deep inside him, he lay on top of him for awhile before pulling out of him, we watched the old boys jism run out of him K began to get up but I was like 'where do you think your going babe?'
we pushed him back down & I got down to business, with Gil holding him firmly in place I pumped my cum deep inside him, we watched again as our combined semen flowed from his freshly fucked asshole, his wet matted pubic hair stuck to his well fucked bunghole, the couch cushion smelled a bit soaked in cum & sweat, we eventually let K up, he wanted to have a shower I sat on the sofa as Gil lead the exhausted lad down the hallway with a hand grabbing the lads fat ass cheek, but instead of taking him to the bathroom, he took him into his bedroom, the boy was thrown on the bed, I joined them & we both sodomised him savagely over & over again, we even made him wear his smelly jandals during the whole event & his feet stunk the room out, like vinegar beautiful, it was later revealed that K was role playing, no way did he never like what we did to him, it just intesified his hornyness when he plays the victim, the whole thing went down at 9:30 am & he left at 5pm,
what a day our coks were sore, we arranged for him to return at a later date which he did, but we set him up to be gang banged by some of Gils perverted old mates, but that's another story xxx.

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