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Working late...

"We have to get this project done tonight!" you say "It can't wait" we're at your desk looking at the figures, they don't look good, we're both frustrated and don't want to be here, it's late and the office is empty. I catch a glimpse of your breast through the buttons of your blouse. I look at your short pencil skirt riding high on your creamy thighs, my cock is getting hard and bulging in my trousers. You spot my gaze and although at first annoyed once you see my bulge you can't help but feel aroused. I eyes meet and our breathing shallows, you move in and we kiss, gentle at first but your lips part and your tongue meets mine.
I slip my hand up your skirt under the desk, slowly rub your pussy through your panties making you wet, kissing your neck as i undo the buttons of your blouse. I slip my hand over your bra massaging your breasts. You can see the bulge in my trousers bursting to get out. I slide my hand inside your panties and slip two fingers gently inside you. You moan with pleasure as my fingers go deeper and deeper. I move under the desk so i can get between your legs, i remove your panties and you slide forward in your chair. I lick your inner thighs slowly, moving closer and closer to your pussy. My tongue starts long licks of your clit, working down your lips and thrusting inside your pussy. My cock is twitching with excitement, rock hard, aroused by the taste of you.
The licks become quicker i'm working your clit hard, i can feel it getting firm, your pussy is wet, your hands are on the back of my head gently pulling me closer as your pleasure grows. You hear the door open, someone enters on the other side of the office, you quickly button your blouse, you can hear them looking for something on there desk. I don't stop my licks, they just keep coming, you're so close, your breathing shallow, trying not to make a noise you want to scream out. They find what they were looking for, heading to the exit "night", you just manage to breathlessly say "night". You release the tension and with it you release the building orgasm, arching your back as the waves of pleasure wash over you.
You look at me hungrily, "your turn", you sit me into the chair, bending over me you kiss me, our tongues entwined. Your hands sliding down my shirt, you reach for my hard cock and start stroking it through my trousers, "mmm so big" you look into my eyes as you kneel down in front of me, undoing my zipper my proud cock bursts forth, already wet at the tip from the excitement. You lick the length of my shaft from the bottom up, working your tongue around the top. Then you take me in your mouth, slowly moving up and down while your hand matches the motion on my shaft, you take more inside each time and the motion gets quicker, you can feel me getting even harder in your mouth as i'm getting close to cumming. But you stop, "not yet" you smile and stand up in front of me. You undo your blouse and take of your bra, revealing your hard nipples. You straddle me on the chair and guide my penis inside your pussy. I kiss your breasts, moving around your nipple before taking it in my mouth and sucking, i lick around it and flick it. Your hips start rocking gently into mine, my hard cock inside you, we go slow as to not excite me anymore, but to build up your pleasure.
I can't take it anymore i need release, my cock is so hard inside you and your pussy feels so good.
We stand up and i move you over to the desk bending you over, i tease my cock on the entrance of your pussy, "please, just put it in" you pant. I thrust hard and put my entire length in you in one go you let out a little "ahhh", there's no holding back now, i'm thrusting hard deep inside you, my rigid cock filling your pussy again and again, harder and harder, just when i think i can't go on, you orgasm again, your pussy tightens on my cock and i explode inside you with one final thrust.
I sit down, cum dripping down my hard cock as it twitches with excitement, you walk over and take it into your mouth one last time licking the cum off.
You zip me up, stick your bra and panties into your bag. As you button up your blouse you say "i think we're done here for the evening, how about we head back to mine and continue or work there". I follow you out already feeling hard again, anticipating the night ahead.

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