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My Descent Into Subliminals – Chapter 6

My Descent Into Subliminals – Chapter 6 – Chad’s New Attitude

We went upstairs to the kitchen; all 3 girls had outdone themselves and looked gorgeous.
Chad dropped to his knees in front of Tricia and said, “Mistress Tricia, I apologize for my actions. I beg you for forgiveness. This humble Slave offers you his anal virginity, fuck my ass Mistress”

I chimed in, “I’ve talked to Chad, what he really wants Tricia is for you to dominate him.
Make him your slave! He wants you to treat him like the scum he knows he’s been to you! He will call you Mistress in front of Beth, Cindy and I. But will call you Tricia in front of anyone else”

“Is this what you really want Slave?” Tricia asked.

“Yes Mistress, I want to be your Slave, my ass is yours!” the former arrogant rich fraternity boy stated.

I told Beth to get some lube and bring out the double delight strap-on dildos.
Beth went to get the lube and strap-on dildos.

Tricia told Chad to undress. Beth trotted in with our supplies. Cindy got up and undressed Tricia. Beth applied lube to one side of the strap-on and slowly inserted into Tricia’s vagina,
Cindy then fastened it around Tricia’s waist and I saw my beautiful niece sporting a 7 inch hard-on.

Tricia told her Slave Chad to bend over the kitchen table and Cindy spread his butt cheeks. Beth sprayed his sphincter with lube and started rubbing Tricia’s ‘hard-on’ with more lube.

Tricia stated,” Slave, since you have been such a prick, I will now give you the punishment you have earned!”

“Yes Mistress Tricia, fuck your Slave with your cock!” replied Chad.

I felt my own cock start to stir as I watched the formerly submissive Tricia dominate Chad.
I began rubbing my cock through my pants.

Beth guided the dildo to Chad’s sphincter and began to push it in. Chad winced in pain as Tricia began to thrust her hips; she had about 2 inches in when she said,”Does the poor little captain want me to stop?”

No Mistress Tricia, I have been a bad Slave! Give it hard to your Slave!” Chad replied.

At his urging Tricia slammed the remaining 5 inches into his ass. Cindy came over and took my clothes off. Beth popped my semi-erect cock into her mouth and started sucking,
Cindy got behind her and started licking her pussy.

I watched Tricia start pumping Chad’s ass with a steady rhythm.
“Take my cock you bitch…. Thrust… I,Thrust… Am, Thrust… Going, Thrust… To, Thrust… Make, Thrust… You, Thrust… My, Thrust… Bitch! She told him.

With each thrust she drove the dildo into her own pussy deeper. Her juices started streaming down her legs. As she moaned in pleasure. she said,” Stroke your pathetic little cock Slave, I want you to cum in your hand and then eat it!” she instructed him. I had created a monster, Tricia was taking out months of pent up anger at this young man. Having only known him for two hours or so, I can honestly say he deserved it!

Beth stopped sucking my cock and said, “Fuck his mouth baby, make him gag!”

I stepped over to the edge of the table and stuffed my cock into his mouth. He instantly started sucking as I fucked his mouth in sync with Tricia thrusts. Tricia cried out in pleasure and Chad shot his load into his hand. I pumped my load into Chad’s mouth and he tried desperately to handle it.

Tricia said, ”swallow his load you bitch! Then pour your load into your mouth and swallow it!”

Chad did as he was instructed, swallowing both loads. Tricia pulled out of his ass.
The dildo was covered with specks of shit. Tricia then said, “Now clean my cock Bitch with your tongue!”

Chad said, “Yes Mistress”, and crawled over to her and began licking the dildo

Beth cried out in pleasure as her mom tongue and the sight of Chad licking Tricia’s dildo brought her to orgasm. Tricia told Chad, “Now that I have taken you anal virginity, I am going to give your ass to my Uncle, Aunt and Grandmother.”

Chad stopped licking and said, “Yes Mistress, I am yours to command!”
He then resumed his licking until Tricia told him it was clean.

I said, “so much for breakfast, let’s all go to the bedroom.”
Tricia took off her strap-on, I told Cindy to put on another and she could have Chad next since I needed time to recover. Clothes were gathered up as everyone moved to the bedroom.

Tricia stopped Beth in the hallway and started whispering to her. Chad, Cindy and I entered the bedroom. I told Chad to get up on the bed in a doggy style position.
Cindy was already so wet, I didn’t need to lubricate her end of the strap-on as I inserted the dido into her. I lubricated her now exposed 7 inch cock, and sprayed more lube on Chad’s anus.

Cindy grabbed Chad’s hips and pushed the strap-on into his ass. He moaned as his now stretched asshole enjoyed the invasion. I stepped back out into the hall to see Tricia kissing Beth and saying, “Thank-you Aunt Beth.”

By: Draugrmaker

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