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Isaac's Debt

Isaac walked into the apartment a little later than usual, having just gotten out of the shower I was sitting on the couch wearing just my pajama pants watching TV with what was now an empty glass of wine when he walked over and sat down next to me, “daddy, you gotta see this crazy…” I said before turning to him and seeing an odd look on his face that I had never seen before, “what’s the matter?” I questioned feeling concerned, “I need to talk to you about something, but I’m afraid that you will hate me”. Those words sank in quickly and while I wanted to tell him that I loved him and there was nothing in this world he could to ever make me hate him but I couldn’t instead I asked “what did you do?” “Nathaniel…” Isaac only called me by my name when he was mad at me or when the situation was serious, “I owe…” Isaac started, “so is he gonna do it?” a unfamiliar voice said from behind us, I turned and saw two large buff black men that looked like they lived in the gym wearing black pants and a tight white t-shirt standing on either side of a older but fairly average looking white guy in an ivory colored suit.
I was completely confused wondering what the man was talking about and just how Isaac knew this man, “Nathaniel, this is Mal, and I owe him a lot of money…” Isaac started to explain but was interrupted by Mal “will he or wont he?” Mal said sounding impatient, “I told him how GOOD you are in bed… and he’s willing to make a deal” Isaac said, his voice shaking with nervousness, “What?!… No!” I shouted shaking my head, surprised and offended that he would even ask that of me, “and there it is… boys” Mal said pointing his finger at Isaac.

I watched as the two men walked around the couch on Mal’s order and grabbed Isaac and pulled him up off the couch standing him up, “you know I hate to do this but… no money, nothing in trade…” Mal said, I didn’t see Mal's face while he was talking as my full attention was focused on the two goons that had hold of Isaac but one of his men nodded his head and in one fast motion punched Isaac dead in the gut, “unhh” Isaac groaned as the air rushed from his lungs, I was shocked, frozen as I watched the two men hit my Isaac again and again till he coughed up bl**d, “STOP!” I finally shouted not wanting to see Isaac hurt anymore, “I’ll do it… whatever it is, I’ll do it… just don’t hurt him anymore” I pleaded.

“You must really care about him…” Mal said as I sat there on the couch looking over at Isaac with nothing but concern in my eyes, “no… you don’t have to… I can take it don’t worry about me” Isaac said still coughing, but all I could think was that I had to protect him, “love him even…” Mal continued as he walked around the couch and stood in front of me, “seeing the look on your face when I put it to your boy here… might just be worth what you owe me” Mal said with a evil grin on his face, I understood debt; you owe, you have to pay, one way or another.
Mal unzipped his pants and after a moment a brief moment of messing around with his underwear he pulled out the biggest dick I had ever personally seen, he was cut and hung to half way down his thigh eleven easy maybe even twelve inches and thick, it was soft but his dick was still impressive, (Holy Fuckin Shit) I thought looking at Mal’s dick awestruck, “hey!… get to it and lets see if you’re heaven on earth like Isaac here claims you are” Mal said snapping me out of my daze. I looked over at Isaac he shot this look my way saying that “it was OK” or that “I didn’t have to do this” maybe a combination of both. I took him in my hand and lifted it up then slowly moved my face in closer until it was right at my lips then licked it up and down with my tongue before taking it in my mouth, I knew the situation was a desperate one but, as his dick grew bigger and harder in my mouth part of me stopped caring about that fact, having dangerous strangers in my house was still very much on my mind but I have to admit having a large dick in my mouth was distracting.
With Mal’s dick still in my mouth I turned and looked over at Isaac who looked back at me like he had made the worst mistake of his life then looked up at Mal with hate in his eyes like he was ready to risk his life to try and stop this, but for his sake I continued but holding back, giving Mal only a sample of what Isaac got regularly. “oh shit, you wasn’t lying Isaac... his mouth is truly amazing… but he could do better” Mal said grabbing the back of my head with both hands then ramming his dick down my throat in one thrust, I gagged and fought the urge to vomit felling his dick in the back of my throat then sliding back out again, I coughed and wheezed as I gasped for, “oh my!, you haven’t been using this throat?!” Mal said looking at Isaac exited and intrigued then laughed as he stuffed his dick back down my throat. I expected more of a reaction out of Isaac, yelling, cursing, getting up in a rage and swinging his fist but he just sat there watching with the other two men standing on either side of him who both now had erections.

Mal finally released my head and pulled his dick out of my mouth giving me a much needed breath of air, “now let me see that ass” Mal said looking down at me as he dropped his pants, I glanced over at Isaac and he was still looking a Mal with the same look of pure hatred on his face. I slowly stood up knowing Isaac’s attention would shift to me the moment when I started pulling down my pants revealing my bare ass to Mal and the other two. “Such a juicy looking thing aye boys” Mal said getting a good look at my ass, “hurry up and get it over with” I said trying to hide the anticipation I had for taking such a big dick inside of me. I turned and bent over the couch presenting my ass to Mal I thought he was going to just stick it in me but to my surprise I felt his tongue licking at my hole. I was so conflicted, I loved getting my ass ate but I f***ed myself to keep a straight face, I looked up and glanced at Isaac trying my hardest not to show just how good Mal’s tongue felt to me but Isaac knew better than anyone how much I liked what Mal was doing. I managed to hold my composer for about ten minutes until I couldn’t hold back anymore “shit, lick that ass good” I moaned out while looking at Isaac to say I was sorry with my eyes for liking Mal’s tongue action making my ass tingle so good but the pleasure filled expression on the rest of my face betrayed me.

One of the two men standing by Isaac’s side stuck his hand down into his pants and started playing with his dick as he watched Mal continue to tongue my ass, “I enjoyed the appetizer here Isaac” Mal said stand up behind me trying to get under Isaac’s skin as best he could by slapping my ass, “But now its time for the main course” Mal said in a low tone. I felt the tip of that big dick of his rubbing up and down against my wet hole just before he slid inside me forcing his dick in inch by inch until he was all the way in me then started pumping away without giving me any chance to get used to the feel of his huge dick.
I did my best to hide the pleasurable pain I was feeling from Isaac “Oh my god, this a sweet ass here boy!” Mal said squeezing my ass cheeks while he did, “no wonder… if I was you I would have been keeping this boy all to myself too” Mal added as he continued. “Hey Mal check it out, he got hard” one of Mal’s guys said, I looked over at Isaac only to find that it was true, Isaac had an erection that was poking against his pants, “oh… you’re such a freak, getting off watching another guy fuck your man” Mal commented with a grin on his face. Filled with horny desire I didn’t take notice of anyone’s reaction not even Isaac's when I pulled away from Mal and crawled across the floor over to the couch in front of Isaac and pulled his dick out not hesitating for a second to take Isaac’s dick in my mouth.

It was clear that Mal’s dick had got me horny but I couldn’t just let the dick I really wanted sit there hard like that and not do anything about it. Mal’s men did nothing to stop me and my detour over to Isaac did not stop Mal from coming up behind me and sticking himself back in my ass, I didn’t look up at Isaac, I was scared, ashamed, embarrassed, or maybe a combination of all three, I just hoped sucking his dick would things less weird after this was all over.
I was sucking Isaac’s with such care slowly working my mouth up and down his shaft just the way he liked me to getting it nice and wet then liking and sucking on his balls as Mal pounded away at my ass. I got lost in my own head for a moment letting the ecstasy of the moment wash over me, having Isaac in my mouth and a dick in my ass was driving me crazy and I started to moan out, “ungh fumnk” I moaned muffled by Isaac’s dick as I started backing my ass into each one of Mal’s thrusts.
Finally looking up at Isaac I saw that he was looking down at me with a soft smile not at Mal or at the other two men, I figured he was just trying focus on me and ignore the others. Mal slowed down sliding his dick as deep in me as he could and started a slow grind just barley pulling his dick out of my ass as Isaac started pumping his dick in and out of my mouth, “oh, no, no, hell no…” Mal said waving one hand at Isaac with the other on my ass, “this aint a three-sum… this is payment, and I don’t think you understand that” Mal explained to Isaac, “boys… aren’t you dying to have your dicks sucked?” Mal asked his two goons, and without another they both pulled out their dick and put them in Isaac's face.

Isaac didn’t mind sucking dick he liked it in fact he just had to be in thee mood and right now just wasn’t the time, “well go on Isaac, suck them” Mal said, Isaac hesitated for a moment but eventually took both of the two men’s dicks in either hand and started sucking. Seeing Isaac like that; sitting there with dicks in his hands sucking on one then the other was a turn but it also snapped me back to reality Mal was right; This wasn’t some planed night, this sex was to clear Isaac’s debt. I didn’t stop sucking Isaac’s dick so I couldn’t turn and check on Mal to see what he was doing but his dick seemed to get harder in my ass turned on even more from watching Isaac suck on his men, that’s when I realized that the sex wasn’t the payment Mal wanted to humiliate Isaac bring him low and rub it in.

“Oh hell boss, I got to cum” one of the men said as if he needed permission “then go right ahead…” Mal responded “right in his face” Mal demanded, my eyes widened in shock and concern knowing that Isaac hated getting cum on his face even if it was his own, I sucked on Isaac harder in an attempt to take his mind off what was about to happen, “ungh shiiiiittttttt” groaned the man spraying his sperm all over Isaac’s face, I looked up and saw the look on Isaac’s face glaring behind me at Mal with that same look of anger and hatred as before.
Isaac was sucking on the other guy when he grabbed Isaac’s head and let out a satisfied groan as he released his semen in Isaac’s mouth, “wasn’t expecting that were you” Mal said laughing at Isaac as the two men put their dicks away and with him still humping away at my ass, “well I want you to be ready…” Mal added with Isaac looking right at him face covered and mouth drooling cum onto his shirt, “cause I’m bout to fill your boyfriend up with my cum” Mal said ramming his dick into me violently making me feel only pain then he stopped, “Uhhhhhh Fuck!” Mal let out letting his dick throb inside me as he released what felt like what happens when a Dam gives way flooding my ass with his huge load of hot cum.

“Now the look on your face is well worth what you owe me, consider yourself debt free” Mal said pulling his dick out of me leaving my ass sore as hell, “not many people get to say that with actual money, though I do wish I made a better deal, the fun I could have with that ass…” Mal went on standing and pulling up his pants.
Mal and the other two left leaving Isaac and I alone, “I’m so fuckin sorry Nathaniel” Isaac said his face still covered in cum looking like he was ready to cry, I was pissed off to say the least but I was more angry at the situation not the fact it was his fault we were in that situation to begin with, “where do we go from here?” he asked, it was a good question but I didn’t have an answer, I stood up; cum leaking out of my ass and started cleaning the cum off his face with my tongue, then reached over grabbing the wine glass and filling it with the gathered cum, “lets… just deal with all that tomorrow, right now I didn’t cum at all, he had a big dick but he couldn’t make me bust like you can” I said taking Isaac by the hand and leading him to the bedroom.

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