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OHGIRL and the Rapper 2

I had decided to accept a large amount of money to be the private plaything, for a music artist at whose party I had performed. I had been flown out to Las Vegas to do a private party and act as an e****t for an upcoming rapper, who’s real name was Devon. Another e****t and I had provided the sexual pleasures for Devon and his entourage that night, but Devon’s manager wanted me to stay on through the early morning and afternoon at the request of his client. It was after 5 am when the entire party ended and Devon said that he was tired, as he took me by my hand and led me to his bed. We made out for a little while and then I went down on him for about 15 minutes, in an attempt to get his cock hard. He was still pretty high and he couldn’t get an erection, so he told me that he wanted me to slide up and set my pussy on his face. I straddled his head and he grabbed my hips and pulled me down on his probing tongue. After licking me for quite some time, I finally began to cum. It was the first time that evening that I experienced an orgasm. I didn’t always cum when I had sex with my clients, but I did enjoy it most of the time and had a number of orgasms during my many encounters over the previous 3 years of being a stripper and hooker. Although I called myself an e****t professionally, I was just a high priced hooker and had done very well for myself. I continued to take work as often as I did, not because I really needed the money, but because I had come to truly enjoy what I did. Maybe that was why I was able to cum so easily with my clients. The thought of being a paid slut for so many different clients turned me on.

I laid back on the bed after Devon’s mouth had brought me to orgasm and he placed his limp cock between my breasts. I held them together while he pumped his black pole between them, stopping occasionally for me to lick and suck his growing member. He was semi-rigid and quickly slid between my legs to stuff his rubbery dick into my wet hole. Once he was in, he began to fuck me in earnest, holding my legs apart as he ground his prick into my bald slit. I lay under him for about 15 minutes before he finally collapsed on me and fell asl**p, his flaccid penis slipping from my lips. I was very tired myself and nodded off for a while before I finally awoke, around 8 am, with Devon still on top of me. I squeezed out from under him and made my way to the bathroom to shower and clean up from the busy evening before. I always carried a small overnight bag to most of my jobs, just in case I needed something such as lubricant, condoms, a change of undergarments and other sundry items. I had used the hotels items to shower and I was currently brushing my teeth when I heard the TV come on in the other room. I finished my cleaning and put on a new pair of underwear, before sliding into a small, tight sexy dress that I kept folded up in my bag. I was feeling quite refreshed when I entered the suite to tell Devon goodbye. It was almost 9 am and he had only hired me until noon.

When I entered the room, I was shocked to see all of Devon’s friends from the night before and a handful of new people too. “Hey Brandy! Why you leaving so early girl?” he asked. I looked around the room to see all of his entourage milling around, most had on the robes that the hotel provided to their guests and the new guys were wearing sweats, baggy jeans and t-shirts. A couple of the newer guys didn’t look to be older than 18 years old and were staring at me intently, as I told Devon that I had only been hired until noon and that I was leaving, since I figured that I was done for the day. “Preston gave you a lot of money to spend the night Brandy and I expect to get my moneys worth baby.” he said. “Seems to me that I still got 3 hours of your time left.” Devon exclaimed as he looked at his huge diamond watch and then at his friends. All of his posse grunted out their agreement with him as he stood up, puffed out his chest and said “I told my boys last night that they had to give you a try and they never got their chance. You sucked their cocks, but they never got a taste of that pussy of yours and now they all want a lick.” I figured if that was all they wanted, then I would be more than happy to let them all have a turn at licking my pussy. The thought was actually rather arousing. I walked past Devon to his music player and turned it on, letting his music blare while I sauntered back into the bedroom, looking over my shoulder at Devon and teasing him as I went by. He jumped up quickly and his group of friends followed him. I began dancing around the bed and taking off my dress, then slowly pulled the blankets off of the bed, throwing them wildly onto the floor , then crawling up on the mattress on my hands and knees. I rolled over on to my back and teasingly slid out of my panties, spreading my legs and rubbing my pussy for all of them to see. Devon was smiling as he walked up to me and leaned over between my legs. He buried his face in my pussy and began flicking his tongue across my clit, then licking and sucking on my labia. His tongue began to plunge into my cunt and then he stood up, looking at his 7 friends from the night before and the 4 new guys who had joined them and said “I told you how good her little muffin tasted and now ya’ll gonna get a taste.” The 7 guys from last night, who were wearing their robes, walked up to the bed and stood staring at my bald, wet cunt. I laid there with my thighs spread wide and waited to feel each of their mouths suck and lick on my moist opening.

Manny was the first guy in line and he motioned for the two new, younger guys to come forward. He told me that the one was his little b*****r, Ricky, and that he had just turned 18. The other was his cousin and that neither of them had ever really been with a woman like me, so they were going to get a chance to have some fun. Manny’s cousin quickly crawled between my legs and began to probe my pussy with his fingers and tongue and then he told Ricky to get up on the bed to let me suck his cock. The whole entourage moved forward to watch the younger guys and I watched Ricky unbuckle his pants and pull out his long, thin prick. I opened my mouth as he kneeled on the mattress near my head and I began to suck him off. Manny’s cousin licked me for a while and then the others lined up to tongue fuck me. I looked up to see many of the men in the room drop their robes and all of them stood there nude with their big, black cocks standing at attention. Ricky moved out of the way after a short while and another guy took his place. Three guys knelt over me, their erect poles waiting for my lips to take them in, all the while my pussy was being lick and sucked. I was so turned on that I began to cum, as my abdominal muscles tensed up and I moaned out loud, pulling the current cock from my mouth to take a deep breath. I couldn’t believe that I was getting so much pleasure from taking on all of these guys. Devin and his 12 friends were making it difficult for me to concentrate on sucking their cocks while they continued to each take turns finger fucking me and sucking on my sensitive clit. Two of the guys grabbed my hands and filled them with their stiff shafts. I began stroking them as my head bobbed back and forth on a long black pole. Two of the guys were holding my legs up as someone else began licking me. I felt something wrap around my wrists, but paid it little attention, as I was brought to another strong orgasm. Devon yelled something to everyone in the room and they all yelled back, but I was oblivious to my surroundings as my mind raced and my lips and tongue sucked away on another big, black log. The cock in my mouth was removed and suddenly, I was lifted into the air by my arms and legs and flipped over onto my stomach. I was moved over to the edge of the bed, my legs hanging over and my feet on the floor. I tried to stand up, but someone had their hand on my back. My arms were pulled out taught by two white robe belts, that were tied tightly around my wrists and then anchored to the posts of the bed. The music stopped and then Devon and Manny stood on the opposite side of the bed as I tried to lift my head to look at them.

I asked Devon what he was doing and he said that he was going to make a porn movie. Manny had a video camera that he was holding and he turned it on and aimed it at me. I explained to him that I never agreed to having any of the night filmed and Devon said that those were the rules for last night and this morning they had new rules. “I told all the fellas last night that your shit was hot baby! That’s why I brought along a few more friends today. They all got to taste that sweet pussy of yours, now they gonna get to tap that fine ass of yours.” Devon said. His posse cheered as Devon walked around to the other side of the bed and smacked my ass. I tried to look back, but it was difficult, since my arms were tied and I was being held down. “Since it is little Ricky’s birfday, he gets to tear off the first piece.” Devin tossed my bag on the bed and poured out the contents. He grabbed the bottle of Astroglide and I felt it pour down the crack of my ass. I felt Ricky’s hard cock probe my backdoor and then he pushed and drove his cock deep into my ass. I grunted as he pumped me and Manny filmed the entire event. All of the guys were chanting as the music started again and Ricky began to thrust forward much harder. Manny got up on the bed and moved in for a close up as Ricky’s cock slid in and out of my ass. Manny told him not to cum in me and that if he was going to cum, to let me suck him off. A couple of minutes later, Ricky’s cock was in my mouth and I was swallowing down a huge load of jizz. Someone else slid into me, this time into my pussy and they began to fuck me as three guys crawled up on the bed and held my head up by my hair to feed me their cocks. One cock after another went into my mouth as they controlled my head and all of the entourage took turns in either my cunt or my asshole. “Hows that feel Brandy?” Devon asked as Manny held the camera in my face. “I know you’re likin’ it girl. I saw you cumin earlier as we licked that pussy. This wasn’t at all what I had imagined when I took the job the evening before. I had experienced quite a few orgies and gangbangs since I had become an e****t, but this was out of my control. One of the guys who had been fucking me crawled over top of my back and aimed his cock at my face as Manny filmed him. I opened my mouth , thinking that he would shove his cock between my lips to swallow him, but he exploded all over my face and in my hair. Cum ran down my forehead and cheeks, stinging my eye as it clung to my eyelashes. “That looks so hot!” Manny yelled and the posse cheered with him while he filmed it all.

One of the guys was pumping my pussy really fast, his hard, thick cock spreading me wide, and I began to cum again as my head was guided to another black cock. I moaned out and Devon loved it as another guy stuffed his cock in my mouth and came. “Come on Brandy, tell him how good his dick tastes with your ass on it” Devin said, while Manny moved in to film the cum from the most recent guy running down my chin. Someone else shoved their cock quickly into my ass and I groaned out loudly into the camera.

Everyone in the room was taking their turn, in my mouth, in my well used pussy and in my once tight asshole. Manny was filming it all as some of them came in my mouth or on my face and just now, deep in my pussy. It didn’t seem to hinder the lust that filled the room and soon more of the guys were cumming in my pussy and ass. Devin moved up behind me and slapped my ass hard three, four, five times and then rammed his cock into my cum filled rectum. He was pumping me furiously while Manny filmed his cousin, as he stood on the bed over my raised up head and came all over my face. “You know this shit feels good Brandy. Your pussy is all wet, you done cummed like three or four times and my dick is fucking you good. Tell me you love it baby. Say my name. Come on, say it!” he ordered. Devon pulled my head back by my hair and slammed my ass with his rock hard cock. “Say it to the camera bitch!” The camera was in my cum covered face as I said “Oh yes Devon, you make may ass feel so good with that big, black cock of yours. Fuck me good baby.” Everyone yelled out and cheered and Devon kept fucking my ass with abandon. “Tell everyone how much you loved it last night when I busted a nut up in that sweet ass of yours Brandy.” Devin grunted out. “I loved it Devon. You’ve got the biggest cock baby and you fucked me so good.” I said into the camera as I grimaced. “Your cum was so hot and I need more now.” I stated between grunts. Devin was so turned on and I felt him ejaculate deep in my ass while someone stuffed their stiff cock in my mouth and exploded. I felt another cock slide into my pussy after Devon pulled his from my ass and came around for me to suck his dick. He held my head up for the camera as I licked and sucked his limp cock. Then Manny handed the camera to Devon and he went to take his turn. All of them were having their way with me and I was in no predicament to argue or to try to stop them. I had accepted this job and now I had to finish it. I pictured all 13 of their long, hard black cocks as the fucked me in each orifice and I couldn’t help but get wetter with excitement as I felt the newest cock fill my pussy with a load of sticky goo.

I felt strange, because I was enjoying the sex, but I wasn’t enjoying the situation. I wasn’t in control and that was the part that I most liked. Getting fucked and sucking all of their cocks was actually exhilarating and it led me to believe that my thoughts about being a real slut were true. Maybe I was a sex addict and this was how I got my fix. Fucking so many different men and allowing them all to cum in me as they pleased. The thought did bring a tingle to my pussy while Manny pounded me from behind. Little Ricky was back for another blow job and he wasn’t the only young black man to have regained his erection and came back for more that morning. I looked over at the clock on the bedside table and it was nearly 11:30 am, They had been fucking me for quite some time and my pussy and ass were dripping cum onto the floor as it ran from both of my openings and down my legs. Manny pulled his cock from my spasming pussy and found his way to my mouth to suck his wet, cum covered cock. Devon filmed him as he pulled it from my lips and sprayed my face with a huge amount of spunk. I couldn’t open my eyes and my face fell onto the mattress where I wiped it on the sheet. Someone else stood over my head and I felt them cum in my hair as they shot their load on my head from above. Everyone cheered again and I knew that I was being used like the slut that I was. It was 11:45 now and Devin told the guys to untie my wrists. I had lost count of the number of times I had felt them cum on or in me over the last 2 and a half hours. The guys who were done for good had already dressed or were in the process of getting dressed. Devin was the only guy still fully nude, as I rolled onto my back and laid there, while everyone stared at me.

I sat up and rubbed my wrists, then wiped some of the cum from around my eyes. I was covered in drying and fresh jizz and the sheet and mattress were getting soaked from the thick paste that oozed from my ass and pussy. Manny was still filming me as Devin crawled up on the bed and shoved me onto my back. He slid up between my legs and then stuffed his swelling black sausage into my gaping pussy. He looked down at my face as he began fucking me again and said “It ain’t 12 o’clock yet Brandy. I still get your ass till then baby.” He began fucking me faster and harder, as I closed my eyes and felt his cock ram me deeply. His pelvis slapped against mine, grinding my swollen clit against the base of his hard, thick penis. I reached up and grabbed both of his ass cheeks, pulling him in deeper as I began to cum again. I couldn’t believe it, but my body began to shudder in an intense orgasm. Devin started to moan also and he pulled his cock from my cum filled hole and slid up between my breasts. He titty fucked me for a few strokes and then sprayed my face with another large load. “Now that’s how you tear this shit up. That’s how I roll baby!” he shouted and his entourage clapped and gave him the encouragement he wanted. They all began to leave the room and I was left alone with Devon.

“Time to go baby, it’s noon and your done.” he said as he pulled on his robe. I sat there naked, surprisingly still wearing my clear stilettos and covered in cum. My hair, face neck, chest and lower extremities were covered with stickiness on nearly every surface. I asked him if I could shower first and he said no, that I could put on a robe and that he’d pay the hotel for it. I was going to have to walk through the hotel lobby and catch a cab looking like a huge used up whore. I’m sure I would get a lot of stares, but it was Vegas after all. I stuffed all of my things back into my bag and put on the robe, as I walked into the suite from the bedroom. I saw the camera that they had filmed me with setting on the couch and I told Devon that I had forgotten my wallet in the restroom. He offered to get it and in that moment I grabbed the camera and quickly left. I’m not sure if he didn’t notice it missing until later, but I was able to get a cab rather quickly and made it back to my hotel with a minimal amount of gawking. I showered and soaked in the tub for quite some time as I ordered in room service to relax. I had actually cum multiple times while I was being taken advantage of and had truly enjoyed the fucking I had received, so I wasn’t upset about that. I was more mad at me for putting myself in that situation. I pulled out the video and stuck it in the video player in my room. It was not the best made porn movie in the world by any means, but I got kind of turned on as I watched each and everyone of them fuck me with those huge black cocks of theirs. I found myself rubbing my pussy as I saw each of them cum in me and on me once, twice and a couple of them a third time. It was truly amazing that I had come out uns**thed and I thanked my lucky stars that none of them tried to hurt me and that I actually enjoyed every minute of it. It wasn’t the first and wouldn’t be the last time that I was fucked by a large number of guys, but it was one of the more memorable.

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