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The Chaperon (a Lesbian tale)

THE CHAPERON (a lesbian tale)
« Of course I don’t mind », reassured Mindy
“Are you really, really sure ?”, insisted Rhonda
“And there’s going to be the other chaperon”, reminded Mindy
“I hope she shows up”, said Rhonda suddenly panicking.
“Don’t worry…they’re army types…used to discipline”, stated Mindy who was getting tired of the conversation.
The two girls had finished their smoke break and had to go back to the diner anyway. Mindy worked as the assistant to the short-order cook and Rhonda was one of the waitresses. Mindy was in her 30s while Rhonda had already reached 40. They had known each other since high school and had worked at that diner since their late teens. Jimmy’s Diner had been there forever but had nearly closed a year ago when the men went to war. Luckily for the town and the diner, a large group of WACs (Women’s Auxiliary Corps) arrived to occupy the land next to Mr. Wilson’s farm and built a camp and facilities. The army girls were about a 15 minute walk from the diner and many preferred that food to army grub. That’s how Rhonda met Evelyn. The freckle-faced redhead was from the mid-west and had a slight drawl which she tried to hide. She was an officer but no one could read those stripes anyway. Her white skin and her plumpness contrasted with Rhonda’s tall lanky figure. It was difficult to say but Evelyn was probably also in her 40s.
The redhead became a regular and didn’t even have to order. Rhonda would bring her hamburger, fries and her coffee just the way she liked it. They exchanged a few words but the place was really busy and there was no time for chatting. The women did exchange looks and smiles. Evelyn managed to touch the waitress’s fingers while reaching for the bill. Rhonda thought about it at night and so did Evelyn. Even Mindy had noticed, not that the women carried on or anything, but it was that Rhonda seemed “somewhere else” most of the time.
“ what’s going on ?”, asked Mindy one sunny day while they were having their smoke
“What are you talking about ?”, answered Rhonda blushing a bit
“You know what I’m talking about…I know you Rhonda Waters…so did you two hook up ?”, continued Mindy who was not always tactful.
“Of course not….Oh my God…is it sooooo obvious ?”, asked Rhonda worried
“It obvious to me because I know you”, said Mindy putting her hand on the waitress’s shoulder
“She wants to meet me”, blurted Rhonda,“Tonight after work but it will be short because she said she only has a few minutes”.
“Can’t do much in a few minutes”, laughed Mindy
“Oh shusssh….it’s not for that”, assured Rhonda still blushing
“Ok well..let me know..and good luck”, said Mindy squeezing her friend’s arm affectionately
Shortly after 8PM, Rhonda was standing in the alley behind the diner nervously smoking. She was wearing her usual cotton skirt and white blouse which she hid under her apron and work frock during working hours. She heard Evelyn park her jeep in the street and the redhead walked briskly around the diner.
“Hi there”, said the WAC looking at her feet
“Hi…nice to see you outside the restaurant”, mumbled Rhonda who actually didn’t really know what to say.
“I’m sorry…about this…the note and stuff…but I can’t stay now, I have to go back for review”, said Evelyn as she touched Rhonda’s arm with her hand
“Back home ?...”,cried Rhonda
“No…no…no..back to base camp here”, laughed Evelyn
“Listen…I’ll give you another note tomorrow, I’ll slip it into your apron pocket”, blurted the redhead
“Ok…I would like to see if you can…in private”, said Rhonda taking a step forward
“I would also…we will…don’t worry”, answered the WAC looking left and right before she gave Rhonda a peck on the cheek and left in a hurry.
Before we go on, I must go back and tell you that Rhonda was no innocent girl dragged into lesbianism by a depraved army girl. Rhonda had always been a tomboy who liked sports more than shopping for clothes and, after a few false starts with boys, quickly learned who she wanted in her bed. Nobody really minded because it was Rhonda and she was quiet about it. She dressed like a normal girl and didn’t carry on with other women in public. That’s all that mattered to the folks in the small town. For the past years, Rhonda’s occasional sex was limited to a few women from the big city who happened to stop by the diner. They would drive off to a secluded spot off the highway, do their stuff in the back seat, and Rhonda was driven home. She had never fallen in love.
Mindy was younger but very plain and had lived on her own ever since anyone could remember. She showed up one day in high school without any parents. She never mentioned a boyfriend and no one ever asked. Although she was Rhonda’s best friend, she never slept with her and Rhonda never bothered asking her if she wanted to.
As far as Evelyn was concerned, it was another story. Brought up in a wealthy f****y, she was sent to college where she had an affair with an older female professor. The professor was fired and Evelyn sent home in shame. She worked in an office in Chicago then joined the WACs when they recruited. Since she had gone to college, she became an officer.
“So…so…what’s the deal ?”, asked Mindy who was always interested in Rhonda’s love life since she didn’t really have one of her own.
“Well..Saturday night she has permission to stay out until midnight”, started Rhonda beaming, “and we can meet on the beach near Willy’s Point. It’s pretty quiet there and there are some bushes.”.
“Great….sounds great”, said Mindy laughing and biting her lower lip. “You little”.
“But there’s something I need from you”, added Rhonda putting her hands in front of her face.
“Oh…ok…what is it ?”, asked Mindy surprised
“I need you to come along to chaperon”, blurted out Rhonda
“Chaperon ?”, cried Mindy, “Why ?”.
“Well Evelyn thinks it’s safer if we have someone to act as a look out…and she promises to bring one of her girls also”, blurted Rhonda
“So they’ll be four of us…you two and two chaperons”, said Mindy who wanted to be clear.
“That’s right”, said Rhonda, “ please…please …say yes”.
And that how this story started.

The seaside had been pretty deserted since the men had gone overseas. was October now and it was getting pretty cool out on the beach, especially at night. The beach was accessible off the main street which crossed the village, then it curved away and formed Willy’s Point, a long sandbank which became wide enough to walk on at low tide. The sandy part got narrower as the tide rose and you had to walk in the grass and weeds.
Mindy and Rhonda had the day off on Saturday and the plan was to meet past the main beach near the old pier (a neat hiding place) around 9 PM. Rhonda had chosen a skirt over trousers for obvious reasons and carried a duffel bag with something to eat and drink and some sweaters. Mindy was bringing some blankets. She wore her trousers to keep her warm. As she reminded her friend “I’m not the one who is gonna be kept warm”. Evelyn had been rather vague about what was needed.
It was dark and nobody could see them. Rhonda was expecting to hear Evelyn’s jeep but not a sound could be heard.
“Where is she ?”, moaned Rhonda, close to tears
“Oh baby…don’t worry..she’ll be here”, consoled Mindy, surprised by Rhonda’s emotion
“You like her don’t you ?”, asked Mindy smiling
“Yes…I do…I barely know her…it’s so stupid,”, answered the waitress
At that moment, the women heard footsteps in the gravel and saw two silhouettes against Gerry’s white garage door.
“Sorry we’re a bit late”, apologized Evelyn
“This is Ruth”, added Evelyn pointing to the young lady next to her. Introductions were made and Ruth shook hands with Rhonda and Mindy.
Evelyn’s friend was a very tiny girl and for that reason looked much younger than she was. She had dark hair and a dark complexion but then it may have appeared this way because it was already night.
“You guys go ahead…we’ll be right behind you”, suggested Mindy
Evelyn and Rhonda walked ahead arm in arm. Evelyn had given Ruth the sl**ping bag she had brought.
“You didn’t use the jeep ?”, asked Rhonda
“Are you crazy ?”, laughed Evelyn, “and have to give a reason to sign for it until midnight ?”.
“Spending the evening with a gorgeous woman…that would be a good reason”, answered Rhonda in a fit of laughter.
“That wouldn’t have gone over too well with my commanding officer”, said the army girl more seriously.
“Are you here for a while ?”, asked Rhonda, dreading the answer
“I am not sure….nothing is sure…we may go overseas in the spring”, answered Evelyn
“So you’ll be here for Christmas ?”, asked Rhonda
“Yes…we should be here for the Holidays”, answered Evelyn, putting her arm around Rhonda’s shoulder.
“Move..girls…move…we’re nearly there”, barked Mindy
“You’re the one who should be in the army”, teased Ruth
“You would like that ?”, asked Mindy, who was feeling a little bold
“Yes…I would”, answered Ruth, smiling at her new friend
The foursome finally reached the tip of Wally’s Point. The situation was rather clumsy and even a little comical as the four women stood there freezing. Evelyn had taken the sl**ping bag from Ruth. Rhonda had walked into the woods and picked a spot behind some bushes. Mindy and Ruth took the bags and walked a bit inland and sat down at the foot of a large tree.
“Tell us if someone is coming”, yelled Rhonda
“Yeah…sure…no problem”, grumbled Ruth
“Why would anyone want to come here at this time of night ?”, asked Mindy
“To fuck”, answered Ruth simply
Both women burst out laughing. Mindy threw a heavy woolen sweater in Ruth’s lap.
“Yeah…right….with three layers of clothing ?”, said Mindy
“There’s always a way”, answered Ruth kissing Mindy on the cheek.

Evelyn was used to camping in cold weather so she gave the sl**ping bag to Rhonda while she disrobed sitting on a log. She put her clothes in her bag. Rhonda had slipped inside the warm sl**ping bag to take off her clothes which she threw in her large duffel bag. Evelyn was topless and, as Rhonda lifted her legs in the restraining sl**ping bag to take off her panties, she noticed the redhead’s lovely pear-shaped breasts and her tummy covered in freckles. The army girl’s ass, rather ordinary looking in trousers, suddenly became very attractive.
Evelyn took all her clothes off before she slipped into the double sl**ping bag next to a naked Rhonda.
“Do you realize we have never even kissed ?”, Rhonda reminded her lover
“I know..I’m sorry….I guess it wasn’t possible until now”, answered Evelyn feeling terribly awkward.
The women settled on their side and put their arms tightly around each other. They kissed deeply, their breasts, barely visible from the outside, were crushed against each other. Their hands were lost inside the sl**ping bag but the moans and short high-pitched cries coming from both women suggested that fingers were busy.


Mindy got up and looked over at the couple lying nearby.
“Anything happening ?”, asked Ruth without much excitement
“Not much…at least they’re naked”, answered Mindy
Ruth got up and took a look for herself.
“’re right…when one gets on top….we should …you know…peek”, smiled Ruth
“Who do you think is gonna be on top ?”, asked Mindy
“Don’t know…but I suspect your girl”, answered Ruth, “but one thing I know for sure though”.
“What’s that ?”, asked Mindy
“I’d love to stick my hand between your legs right now”, answered Ruth , her face inches from Mindy’s
The two women kissed awkwardly for a few minutes, then broke the kiss to catch their breath.
Mindy undid the top of her trousers and the zipper on the side. Ruth unbuttoned her army britches. The women resumed their kiss and moved a free hand inside the other’s trousers. Mindy gasped and gave a sharp yelp.
“Sorry….”, said Ruth
“It’s ok….not used to three fingers,” answered Mindy
As their hands had found what they were aiming for, both women decreased their rhythm and seemed to just sit there and enjoy each other.


Evelyn and Rhonda were fused together sideways, still kissing and fondling each other, their hands hidden by the sl**ping bag.
“Do you usually get on top ?”, asked Evelyn with some hesitation
“Yeah…sometimes….sometimes I don’t….haven’t done this often”, answered Rhonda breathless and sweating in the warm sl**ping bag.
“Try it”, asked Evelyn, already covered in perspiration from the heavy bag but also from the sex.
“It would have been nice to lick you”, suggested Rhonda
“Kind of wrong set up…for now…we’ll do it some other time”, answered Evelyn rather sharply¸
“I’m sorry sweetheart….it’s just the conditions are not perfect”, she added, apologetic.
Rhonda rolled on top of her lover and the two women resumed their kissing while moving their bodies in place. When Evelyn bent her knees to allow Rhonda’s intrusion between her legs, the sl**ping bag grew two mountains. The two women continued to give each other short kisses on their face and neck as they moved together. Evelyn lifted her midsection to allow Rhonda to wrap her hands around her ass and pull the redhead towards her. Their rhythm increased slightly and they seemed more comfortable as Rhonda’s labia had probably reached Evelyn’s and they were rubbing.
“Fuck”, whispered Rhonda
“Fuck”, answered Evelyn in her lover’s ear.
“I think I hear them”, said Mindy, hating to break their mutual fondling
“Yeah…something’s happening”, answered Ruth, biting her lower lip.
“Can we get up and look without …without …letting go ?”, suggested Mindy
“Let’s try”, said Ruth
Both women, hands fully inserted in each other’s trousers, stood up slowly at the same time and both strained their neck to look at the sl**ping bag.
“We should have thought of that before”, said Mindy seriously.
“Thought of what ?”, asked Ruth puzzled.
“Thought of sitting close enough to have a look without having to get up”, stated Mindy seriously
Ruth burst out laughing. “You asshole”, she cried.
Both girls took another long look.
“Fucking…”, said Ruth solemnly.
“Yep…looks like it…Rhonda is on top”, added Mindy.
Both women sat down again slowly without breaking their contact. The speed of their hand movement increased, the sight of their friends having sex having turned them on. Mindy threw her head backward and a smile illuminated her round face. Ruth rested her head on Mindy’s shoulder and sobbed. Their hands still in their trousers, they kissed and rubbed faces gently.
“Wow…that was a good one”, said Ruth
“Yeah…nice….ah…Ruth…that’s…not my … regular”, mumbled Mindy, her mouth hidden in Ruth’s neck.
“I know”, said Ruth boldly as her hand kept moving inside her lover’s pants.”You don’t like ?”
“Oh..yes….I like…I’d just love to reach yours…ah…there ”, answered Mindy with a smile.
“Yeah… see….different…”, said Ruth with a devilish smile.
The two women increased their tempo and cried as they came again…very unexpectedly.


Rhonda and Evelyn seemed to be glued together like two Barbie dolls. They were breathing on each other face, Rhonda sometimes resting her forehead on Evelyn’s shoulder or neck.
“Nice”, whispered the redhead
“Yeah…nice”, Rhonda agreed
“It wasn’t….”, they both started to say at the same time and laughed.
“It wasn’t the most appropriate setting for a first meeting”, said Evelyn after Rhonda had asked her to go first.
“You didn’t like it ?”, asked Rhonda pouting
“Oh..yes…I loved it…sweet baby..I loved it…”, cried Evelyn pulling her lover to her. “It’s just that we would have done more in a bed than in a sl**ping bag”.
“But we went a step further than smiling at each other, winking, touching fingers…we did go a lot further”, said Rhonda slowly
“Oh baby…we did…we did go a lot further and I’m so happy to have met you”, Evelyn gushed
“But now we have to go back sweetheart”, reminded Rhonda
The two women leapt out of the sl**ping bag at the same time and quickly ran around to find their clothes. They dressed in record time and, shivering, they put some blankets around their shoulders.
“Where are the girls ?”, asked Evelyn
Ruth and Mindy had covered themselves with a large blanket and had fallen asl**p sitting against the tree.
“How sweet…I hope they got along”, said Rhonda
“Yes I hope so too….being a chaperon is never a lot of fun”, added Evelyn


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