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My slaves dream.

My first gangbang.

My Mistress had me dress in sexy red lingerie and then teid me on my hands and knees to the bed.She made me suck on a dildo as she started penetrating my ass
with a soft long dildo.I could feel my ass strech and I loved the feeling.The dildo was in all the way when she left it there by holding it in place with the
g-string panties I was wearing.

I was nerveous as I did not know what she was going to do.She got a camera out and started filming me and I felt very humiliated as I still sucked the dildo
and could feel the soft rubber cock still deep in me.

She suddenly called for someone to come into the bedroom and I heard deep voices as the door creeked open.I was very shocked as 5 naked well hung men walked in and laughed and grinned as they saw me on all fours and with both my holes filled.She instructed me to spit out the dildo and immediately I had a
throbbing cock in my mouth.It was wonderful,I had a real cock in my mouth and although I was disgusted at first I sucked it and took it deep in my
mouth,careful not to let my Mistress see how much I started enjoying it.

She loosened my hands and told me to take a cock in each hand.I did and I could feel the two cocks in my hands were already hard.As I was sucking and jerking
the cocks,the fith man pulled the dildo slowly from my ass and he tossed it on the bed.He ripped my panties off and said "Now you will feel a real cock in
you,Bitch."O my god I felt my heart beating faster as he rammed his huge hard cock deep into me and started pumping my ass.It felt as if he was drilling far
too deep into me and I felt his heavy balls slapping against my butt.I gagged on the cock in my mouth and could feel my ass tightening up around the cock in
me.He fucked me very hard and fast and my Mistress laughed and insulted me as I was getting bred.I was getting sweaty very fast and my ass was starting to hurt a lot.

I was moaning through the cock in me and could feel the man was riding me ever harder and faster.I could feel him in me getting bigger and stiffer as he
grabbed my hips tighter and rammed me harder and harder.My ass started feeling very very good and I liked the full feeling in me.He pulled out of me just
before he came and he switched with the man in my mouth.As he pulled out of me
I could feel my own juices running out of me and down my leg.I felt happy as
my ass was being penetrated again and could taste the precum from the cock now in my mouth.I was jerking the now very hard and throbbing cocks in my hands
and I gagged on the cock in my mouth as he exploded with hot sticky cum into my thought.O god I loved it and tried to swallow as I still felt my ass being
pounded hard and deep.

"Swallow it,you pathetic whore" Shouted my Mistress as she was filming the cum oozing out the side of my mouth."You are going to keep on sucking and jerking
as they all get a chance to fuck you and feed you" if you make them hard again then they will fuck you over and over until they are drained of their cum"

Hmmmm,Hmmmmmm I cried as the softening cum covered cock was still deep in my throught.I felt so slutty but fantastic.

I was loving it and now my Mistress could see it and she loved it.My ass was now very wet and warm and filled with hard cock as I could feel my mouth being penetrated by a new fresh hard cock.I

took him as deep as I could and felt my manpussy being rammed harder and faster.My pussy was on fire and felt like it was going to catch fire.I cried of

pleasure as he came deep in my ass.He rammed and rammed deeper and deeper as he came in me.I also came out of my pussy with lots of warm sticky juices as he
came and I moaned loudly.

My pussy was being penetrated again by a third cock.This time I yelled as he entered me.My pussy was wet,loose and sore but once he was in it felt fantastic
and he started riding me as he grabbed my hips and slapped my ass.My mouth was now being filled by the cock that just came in me and I could taste his cum
and my own juices as I sucked lovingly and deep on him.

The two cocks in my hands pulled away and I saw as the two men grabbed my Mistress in front of me and they started fucking her wholes.They fucked her in her ass and pussy as she moaned loudly of her pleasure.My own pussy now very raw and sensitive and still being fucked I sucked even harder on the cock in my

My pussy felt so good I didn't want it to end.I saw the 5th man had the camera and he was now filming the whole scene.I could feel my own cock was by now very hard and cum was oozing out as my pussy was being rammed.With one hand I jerked my cock as I sucked the cock in my mouth and I felt my pussy clamp
tight around the cock in me.

We were both fucked like this for a good 30 minutes when we all came and moanded and groaned as cum was flowing out of all our holes.The cock in my mouth was now hard again and he mounted me from behind.As he fucked me my Mistress lay on her back in front of me and I licked hot cum from her pussy and ass while my pussy was getting fucked.He fucked me hard and long as I lovingly licked my Mistresses pussy.My face ramming into her pussy as I was being fucked.

I moaned louder and louder as my pussy felt fuller and fuller of the growing cock in me.I felt him digging deeper into me as he was about to cum.He rammed me harder and harder.Every time my face was also rammed into my Mistresses pussy and she loved it.I licked and sucked on her clit and I moaned as they both came,exploding their cum in me and all over my face.

We were both completely fucked after that.Satisfied and fucked.

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