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Becoming Bisexual/ Granny Helene & Karl pt. II

Becoming Bisexual/ Granny Helene & Karl pt. II

I was back to my room, but it didn’t take long to come to a decision. I wanted to do it. She was so beautiful, so amazing, so hot that I was ready to do EVERYTHING for her! I wanted her so bad! And I had such a high sex drive that I needed sex! Immediately!

I went to her vacation house and she was really very happy about my decision and kissed me again and again. Then she sent a message to her friend, who was in another house (later I found out that he lived in a separate vacation house, because he rents e****t boys. And Helene? “Honey, I don’t pay for sex” :) ). His name was Karl. I was extremely nervous and began to sweat (I fastly get sweat). She noticed that I was nervous, first she took her clothes off and I could see her in her whole beauty. I touched her big round tits and kissed them softly. I hugged her, took her in my arms and caressed her big beautiful ass. Then she took my t-shirt off, kissed my chest, took my hand and led me to the bed. I lay on the bed and she took my boxershorts off. We kissed and caressed each other, I caressed, licked and kissed her beautiful tits and ass again and again and she caressed my hairy chest (I think she loved my hairy chest more than me). And she licked the whole sweat from my body. Then she began to suck my dick. She did it slowly, maybe she knew that I would had cum, if she had sucked faster. She’s an experienced woman, she knows how to do it ;) Then the door rang and Helene went to the door to open it. My nervousity increased.

Then Karl appeared. He was friendly, but he seemed to be a little bit shy. He was 57 years old, as I found out later. Karl was a very short person with grey hair. He was a little bit stocky, but not “fat”. And he was a little bit feminine. But he was not a “fag” or something like that, he looked like a normal guy, but with a little feminine bevahiour and attitude. It was not repulsive, it was a “natural” femininity. He took his clothes off and I noticed that he had a curvy and feminine ass, a beautiful big bubble butt… and nice tits :D He was light-skinned and his skin was flawless. I asked myself, why he was not tanned, but that was unimportant :) He looked better than I’ve expected. And he looked… yes, cute. Maybe because he was so short and so friendly and because I love curves so much.

He just said “hi”, smiled and sucked my dick immediately. And how he sucked! Nobody sucked my dick like this ever before! He was really deep-throating and he knew how to use is tongue! Helene also joined the blowjob and they sucked my dick together. It’s a hot experience to get a blowjob by two persons. And Karl definitely did it better! Then he sucked my dick alone, because Helene wanted me to lick her pussy. I wasn’t nervous anymore, I felt very comfortable. After a while, Karl and me switched to the 69-position. He sucked my dick, and I licked Karl’s pussy and simultaneously I fingered Helene’s pussy. It is very different to lick a pussy of a guy, not to compare with ladies. It is so incredibly tight, so beautiful and I was looking forward to fuck this tight pussy! And Karl had one of the hottest asses I had ever seen!!! It was so bubbly, so beautiful, so big and flawless!! It didn’t look like an ass of an old man. I couldn’t understand why he rent e****t boys. Who would not fuck such a beautiful big bubble butt? And fortunately he was hairless, I hate hairy bodies, I just like hair on my own body :)

After a long blowjob session, I wanted to fuck now!!! Karl wanted me to fuck him at first. He got to the doggy position, his ass looked much better, much more beautiful, much more bubbly in doggy style! First I licked his pussy to moisten, then I screwed my cock in his tight pussy and fucked him hard and fast. Karl shouted as I screwed my cock so hard in his ass, then he was moaning the whole time. And he was moaning like a lady, that was extremely hot and made me fuck him harder! Sometimes he really screamed, it was hot to make that bitch scream. Sweat dropped all over my body. While I was fucking him, Helene kissed and caressed me, of course my hairy chest, my back and she licked my sweat from all over my body. I kissed her tits, her lips and fingered her pussy, but Karl was in my mind. His beautiful big bubble ass between my legs with my cock in it! My cock had never felt so comfortable! It was “electrifying”! I fucked him a very long time in doggy style. And I fucked him brutally, I spanked his bubble butt while fucking and I pulled his hair. I filled his pussy with my cum. The cum was dripping out of his pussy while I fucked him. Helene told me to pull out my cock. My cock was completely covered with cum and it dripped, it was red and I felt the heat, the elecectric in it. Helene took my cock in her mouth and licked the whole jizz. That was so hot! Fucking a tight ass, filling it with cum and getting sucked after that! It’s hard to describe, how hot that is! That made me so horny that I wanted to fuck without any break. I wanted to fuck Karl missionary, because I wanted to kiss and lick his tits while fucking. But he wanted to take a ride on me. I lay on the bed and he began to rode on me. I touched his tits while he was jumping on my cock, and he jumped crazily! And I noticed that Karl was definitely not shy while he got fucked :) Then he switched to the “reverse cowboy” position, so that I could see his ass and back while he was riding. Now his ass looked better than at doggy style! Much more bigger, much more bubbly! Then I wanted to fuck him missionary, because I love that good old sex position :) He spread his legs and I began to fuck. Helene kissed and caressed my back, as I fucked Karl missionary. And Karl caressed my hairy chest (another fan of my hairy chest). I looked deep inside his eyes, while I fucked him, I kissed his tits and his neck. After a while, I kissed also his lips. And I noticed that Helene became jealous.

She said “now it’s my turn, you fuck ME now!”. She spread her legs and I licked her pussy at first. Then I started to fuck her. Karl just watched us and wanked. In the following hours, I fucked her in different positions, also while standing. I loved fucking her, I loved HER! I buried my face in her tits, while I fucked her missionary. She was very wild, very passionate, full of relish, she didn’t get enough of getting fucked! She begged me not to stop! As I was exhausted, I lay on the bed and let her ride me. She was riding and jumping on my cock crazily and I was touching and playing with her huge tits. She was very “hungry” (maybe it was right that she hadn’t had sex for a long time?). She had hungry lips because we kissed each other the whole time. She had a hungry mouth, because once in a while she wanted me to interrupt fucking to suck my dick. And she had a hungry pussy, which couldn’t get enough of getting screwed! Karl was watching us the whole time and maybe he had expected that I fuck him again. And yes, I wanted to pound his ass again! Fucking an ass of a man is very different than fucking a pussy of a woman. It’s another feeling, another experience, millions time more intensive. But she didn’t let me fuck him again. So I noticed that Karl was sad about that, but he tried to hide that, he just wanked, fingered his pussy and played with his tits and nipples by himself and watched us. While I was fucking Helene in doggy style, I made a sign to make him come to me. I kissed him, licked and caressed his tits and fingered his pussy. He smiled and seemed to be happy :) And I whispered in his ear that I promise to fuck him another time. Helene didn’t hear that, because she was moaning so loudly :) I’m sure that she would have become jealous, if she heard that.

I fucked Helene hard, but not as brutally as I fucked Karl. It was more sensual, she was a lady and she deserved a good treatment. At least, I fucked her softly in missionary style. She caressed my back, my cheeks, my head and hair and of course my chest. I buried my face in her tits, kissed and licked them slowly and I kissed her softly. We were like a newly wed couple.

At the end (it was dawn), I really exploded and Helene swallowed every drop of my jizz. And both Helene and Karl lay on my chest and slept. I liked both of them, but in different ways. I would say that I admired Karl and loved Helene.

In the following days, I fucked them again and again. Not in a threesome, but separately, because I didn’t want Helene to get jealous again :) One week later, they went back to Germany. I had one week left. And in that week, I made another gay experience. Not with an old man (because I didn’t find a good one like Karl), but with a beautiful petite twink. But that’s another story ;)

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