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My mom's sursprise

a few days ago i heard my mom talking with a f****y friend

my mom has big tits and a great ass and she is beautiful,a milf and yes i would like to fuck her but she is not that hot but for her age is prety good and the f****y friend is an 22 years old woman that is a very good friend with my mom:

"i saw my son a few days ago jarking off in the bathroom,i don't know but i was so horny and i kinda wanted to go inside and suck his cock"

"well i know many woman that teach there sons"


"yes,my older s****r lets her son to jark off to her and i just met a mouth ago some one that told me that she gave her son a blowjob at his 18's birthday"

"i can't belive that people are doing such things and i don't know way but i want to let him do the some"

i was so happy to hear that,but i heard a noise from outside and i tought that some one is coming so i run upsters

that day i let her see her panties on my desk and after a few hours i got to take a bath

and i was washing i was thinking about what my mom said and i was imagining about her coming in my room and...

i didn't evern finish my thought when she came in the bathroom,she didn't knocked at the door,she just came in

she had a robe on here:"mom what aree you doing?"and i covert my cock

"don't talk"and she came closer to me and got her robe off and i saw then that she was naked,her tits wore so great(that was the first time i saw them) and her pussy ...she came in bathtub and she turned me so she can be at my back...i couldn't talk,i was speechless.

"i will help you wash,don't say anything"and she started to wash me on my back and slowly she moved her hand to my chest and the she lowerd her hand until she reached my cock that was already so hard and she started to rub it slowly

i moamed,her hands wore so soft and she was so good at this handjob that she was giving me

she continued to strock it and rub it until she said to turn arround so i turned arround and she get on her kneed and put my cock between her tits "ooooh it feel so good aaahh" i coudn't control myself and my cum was all over her big tits

she washed and got out:"i hope you liked it and i want you not to talk about this with anyone"and she put her robe on and left the bathroom

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