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My best friend Raul's mom

continue the story with my best friend but this story is about his mom:

so after a few mounths i started to want to fuck my f****y maid,my best friend mother

so i start masturbate in the bathroom and in my room when she was cleaning in my f****y's house and after two days she came in the bathroom when i was jarking off

i got in the bathroom,get naked and starting rubbing my cock,when she came in she saw my cock already hard in my hand

she wasn't that surprised as i tought she will be:"i am sorry"and she fet out of the room

so i knew that i have to something else but what so i got out from the bathroom and in my room where she was waithing for me

i got in:"don't wory about what happend today,i will not tell your parrents about this"

"you know and please don't get upset but i have to tell you something:i think about you all the time,i mean i dream about you naked,about you and me fucking"

she was still very calm:"you should not talk like that ....evern if you want and i know it must be very exciting,you know to fuck the maid but it will not gona happen"

i got a little mad but olso excited because she was so ...i don't know,i can say bad

let me tell you something about her:it's a latina,an ass that you like to lick as soon as you see it,big tits,black hair and it's so beautiful.

so after she got away from my room i got after her and in the kichen:"you know,i really want you and i have to tell you something about you know that he gave me many times blowjobs and handjobs?"

"what?wach your son to do such a thing..."

she was not just surprised but angry:"you don't belive me,let's make a test and if i win you will do what i want and if you win i will not speak about this ever again"

"what test?"

"well i will prove that he is doing such things..i will not f***e him,i will ask him if he wants and you will just wach and you will not interfere"

"this is so...but fine,i refuze to belive that my son is doing such things"

so i gave him a call and he came in my room and i was alredy naked and with a hard on thinking about having sex with my maid,he smile and get on his knees and starts sucking.his mom was in my wardrbe and beacause she didn't wanted to here this any more made a noise and i stoped him and i told him that maybe is my mom or his in the house and we should stop

he was ok with it and he get to the bathroom so i got to the wardrobe:"i won so make me cum with your hand this time"

she didn't say anything and she put her hand on my cock an starteg to jark me off,i was moaming...she was rubbing me and it felt so good...she kept going until i cum.

the next day she was in my parrents room making the bed

i came in the room and i pulled my pants down and started rubbing my cock while she was looking at me

"i will do this if you never do such things with my son"and i agreed

so she came,get on her knees nad put my cock in her mouth,her lips wore so soft and with her toungh she was licking the head of my dick a few minutes i cum in her mouth and she showed my cum in her mouth before she swallowed it

she continued to suck my cock for a few days until one day when i was with my cock in her mouth:"stand up and get your clothes off"...she got her clothes off and she get on the bed,i started to lick her great ass and her asshole,i loved it and she loved it and i put my finger in her asshole,she put her hand in my hair and pulled me down and she get on top of me so that i could lock her pussy and i started to lick her pussy,she was moaming

she get off me,on the bed:"are you going to fuck me or what?i know you would like to put it in my ass so what are you waiting for?"so i put my cock in her ass and start to fuck her

in a few minutes a cum in her ass

"you liked it?go to your room or go take a shower because i still have work to do"

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