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Jogging with cum on my hair and face

I went jogging in a tight fitting T-shirt, why?

My breasts were small, so my nipples were large, and that showed through the tight fitting cotton, two peaks of erotic flesh yearning for a mouth to be suckled.

The thought made me wet, and as I jogged without panties, I was interested in having sex, the further away from the relative safety of home, the hornier I felt, two thin layers of clothing clinging to my form, I was a fuck machine, looking for a cock, and one was sitting as I approached, a secluded tree lined knoll, I felt a sudden rush from my pussy, he was watching me as I got nearer, my nipples were bursting and my shorts exhibiting my 'Camel Toe', clearly showed a young girl in need, and I slowed down as I drew level, giving him time to make his move, and he did.

He was wanking himself, every horny girls dream, a flasher wanting to show a female his wares.
I stopped jogging and looked around, we were alone, so I looked back to him and walked up to him, staring at his bobbing cock as he jerked hard trying to cum in my presence.

'Hey sweet babes, you like what you see?' I stopped in front of him and smiled, again with a quick left right look to make sure we were alone, 'Nice cock, how big are you?'
He like that, a girl keen to indulge his hot passion, two strangers wanting to fuck in a quiet park, and as he stroked I slipped my own hand down my shorts, feeling the sweat soaked material peel away from my intimate skin and slip between my wet labia and rub my hard clitoris.

He stared in disbelief, both our eyes staring at each others hand movements, 'Let me see yours sweet cheeks', and I pulled my shorts down at the front so he could see my intimated flesh being fingered, and as I pulled down on the elastic waist-band I felt it slip down over my bum and rest mid thigh, my open legs restricting their fall to my ankles.

'Oh fuck baby, let me lick your tight twat', and as he spoke I shuffled forward between his open legs and thrust my pubis into his face, while using my other hand to pulled my labia apart and expose my clitoris to his full mouth.

I put my hand behind his head and thrust my pelvis into his warm cavity, his tongue teasing and tickling my clit to new highs, his hand holding my by my bum as his tongue found every fold in my crotch, as far back as my crinkled anus, I groaned out loud as he f***ed his saliva laded organ into my bum, that was a new feeling for me, I had never been 'Ringed' before, now it was high on my things to do in future.

It did not take long before I felt my shorts being pushed down my long legs to my ankles, with one leg being eased out of them, now I was free to open them as far as he wished, and instinctively started to mount him, I wanted to fuck, but he wanted me to lick his scrotum, so I sank down on my knees in front of him, as he guided his cock into my eager mouth.

'Eight inches sweetmeat', was his reply, and I looked up at him from his crotch, he was answering my question, and as if to confirm his exaggeration, I slid down on his length and felt it butt hard against the back of my throat.

I took a deep breath and let my throat relax, he was filling my thorax and soon his pubic hair was hard against my face, I was deep throating him and could feel his thrusting as he raised his bum in response, his dirty mouthings making no secret of his pleasure in sticking his cock down my throat.

With my free hand I sought my own crotch and my own pleasure point, frigging myself now I had the implement of desire halfway down my throat.
My eyes closed I concentrated on my own impending release, as I knew once he blew his entire wad down my throat, he was more than likely to disappear and leave me frustrated, so I rubbed and tweaked my little man in his boat, until I was on the verge of exploding, then I realized to my horror, another cock was aimed right at my cunt, I throat fucked and was held hard as another man knelt behind me, and plunged himself right up my wet pussy and started to fuck me.

My ass heaved and buckled as my pussy was taken on a trip of self indulgence, I was buck-ass naked from the waist down, my head pinioned on another cock without the ability to look neither left or right, and all the while I could hear both men heaving and mouthing their pleasures while inside me at both ends, pounding away until their releases, neither of my holes exempt from their pleasure juices, both acting with a super absorbency, soaking up semen willing ejaculated into me, and holding their cocks inside me as they relaxed, both unwilling to break the sexual bond from such a young willing girl, so early in the morning, on her knees in front of a park bench.

My head lay in his crotch, unwilling to raise it as the stranger behind withdrew and left a coolness from the frigid air, as it entered my vacated cunt, still swollen with lust that only a girl could sustain.

There was laughter as another man strode by, remarking on my posterior and it's inviting beauty, 'Stick your cock up her and fuck that tight pussy man', was his invite, his own sperm running down my still swollen clitoris.

'You know what guys', the new stranger remarked, 'My fucking frigid wife dont like it up the arse, and this babies looks cute and tight', they was combined laughter again, and I felt the pressure on my back as to restrict any movement of protest from myself, I clenched my teeth as he sought the forbidden pleasure denied by his wife, he pushed into my bum, by far a lot younger than his wife might have offered.

He pulled out as his ability to control his desire came to quickly, fucking my ass was too much for him, and he released his load on my hair and face, missing my eyes, thereby allowing me sight of the two older men who had just fucked me.

I stood up as all three men admired my youth and beauty. The bitterness in my mouth more from the withdrawal of his cock, as most was pumped down my throat, collaborated with the running down my inner thighs from my cunt, I f***ed a smile and said, 'Thank you gentlemen', turned and stared running in the direction from where I had initially run, the trickling of the cum on my hair now running freely down my face and neck.

I got into my home just as my mother emerged from the bathroom, 'Good workout dear', she remarked, mistaking the semen for sweat.
I smiled as I pushed past her and closed the door, stripping nude and studying my body with it's free flowing sperm trails.

I turned on the shower and using it's noise, I masturbated, this time using the fluids ejaculated into and onto me as incentive, and after a short intensive orgasm washed this morning toils and endeavours from myself, cleansing body and mind for the rest of the day, that lay ahead.

I went into my bedroom and dressed in my uniform, looking in the mirror I could not help but feel a raunchiness at the reflected sight, a well known secondary girls school for ladies, just a pity we have horny pussies, kind of makes a mockery of what they are trying to turn us into, still, three years to go until University, now what will I be like at eighteen?

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