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In the Alps

As we step through the door, all heads turn towards us. Entering the restaurant, we are able to see down the Austrian Alps peak to a large lake. The view from the cable car ride was spectacular but the one from the summit is unrivaled as it is a panoramic view of the region. The headwaiter greets us and with a smile asks if we have a reservation. I reply with my last name. He locates it on his guest list and leads us to our table.

My tailored silk suit is dark gray with trousers breaking atop well-shined black leather shoes. A silk Jerry Garcia tie compliments the colors of the suit. I am very honored to have you by my side and the attention you command deepens my pride.

Your long dark green, form fitting evening dress stops just at your instep, exposing your maroon painted toenails peeking out from a pair of matching, spaghetti strap, high-heeled sandals. The silk dress has a soft shimmer from the light and is slit up both sides to the mid-thigh, exposing your tanned legs. The top is a halter style that forms an x in the back. With a diamond shaped lacey midriff and the back is cut very low. Your lovely neck is d****d with a string of pearls with matching earrings. Your handbag has thin spaghetti strap. You are stunning!! Men and women are captivated by your style and beauty. Your stride is a graceful and confident. Your legs are demanding attention as they are exposed and again covered with each step.

Arriving at our table by the window, the waiter helps you with your chair. I am a little jealous, as this pleasure should be reserved for me. We take a moment to enjoy the view from this mountaintop-revolving restaurant. Since it is summer, the sun doesn’t set for another hour, providing us a complete revolution of the stunning scenery.
As the sun settles behind the distant peaks, the candlelight reflects off the windows and your sparkling eyes. The candle’s flame is muted by your lovely smile. We sat beside each other to share the view and now during dinner I feel your leg brushing gently against mine. You are radiant and my heart melts when you look me in the eye. We are talking, laughing and simply enjoying life this day, free from any worries oblivious to all the attention we are receiving. We look over the guests and decide they are too dull for conversational purposes. Most appear very unhappy. No matter we love the restaurant’s atmosphere and enjoy our delicious meal.

We smile at each other and you give me a kiss and then brush your lipstick from my check. Without warning your hand strokes my crotch; you naughty girl. Then you excuse yourself and set out for the ladies room. It was a quick visit but I have missed you. Upon returning your wicked grin alerts me to the fact that you are up to something. You say that you have a gift for me. Who brings a gift from the ladies room? Then at the same moment you place a black cloth by my dessertspoon. It starts to unfold as I pick it up and it is the sexy black G-string you were wearing. Great gift! I try to nonchalantly slip it into my inside breast pocket. You are watching my reactions and sporting a big smile.

I become warm all over, flash a large grin and say, “I have a gift for you to.” Suddenly, I stand up and brush everything off the table! The dishes and glassware shatter loudly; the pieces dance and s**tter over the floor. I place you on the table and step between your legs. Your protest is ignored as I remove my erect penis and thrust deep into you. Your loud groan can be heard all the way into the kitchen. Everyone looks on with a frozen gasp. Your heels come to rest loudly against the large window, almost breaking it. With the next deep thrust I hook your legs over my shoulders while grabbing the edge of the table to f***e myself deeper inside. Your sexy legs are flailing about as I begin to f***efully thrust into you. You loudly demand that I do not stop!

Drifting back to reality from this crazy flash dream, I just grin. I take your hand, kiss it and slip mine under the table to test the waters. You lovingly pull my curious fingers away, halting my tease to your inner thigh. You reach under the tablecloth, unzip my trousers and stroke me to a full erection. My head lowers a bit and your teasing suddenly stops. When I hear “Sir, I said, will you be having dessert or coffee”? I say “Amen” and lift my head. “Give us a moment please,” is all I can babble. You look like the cat that swallowed the canary. Reaching into your handbag you remove another yet unrecognizable black cloth object, (I have brought a *&^+$#@ magician to dinner).
Keeping your hands below the table, you slip on a silk glove and continue the tease. The feeling of being massaged with this material is almost unbearable. Out of fear that I might kick the table over I plead with you to stop. I summon the waiter to bring the check. In the meantime I put everything under the table back into place.
The waiter returns to inform us that our check has been paid by the couple at the next table. In astonishment we both turn to see our generous neighbors. The slightly older but attractive couple is smiling and lift their drinks to us.

Have we been caught? We nervously return the gesture and take a sip of our drinks. They introduce themselves and ask us to join them for a drink They said they had overheard our high praises for their restaurant, and since we seemed to be such a happy couple they wanted to meet us. Ursala and Karl are both doctors, she gave up her practice to manage their restaurant. We chat longer than anticipated until Karl’s cell phone rings. He is called out on a medical emergency and asks if we can give his wife a lift home. Simultaneously, we agree.

Riding the cable car down the mountain we can see Ursala’s attire. She is wearing a dark jacket over a white blouse and matching skirt that stops slightly below the knee. She is a brunette with shoulder length hair. Her legs are clad in Walford sheer nylons with high-heeled sandals.

Driving back to the cottage, our friend Ursala is seated behind you in the rented Mercedes. A small accident has backed up traffic (ein stau) but the tow vehicle can be seen sorting out the wreckage. I turn to tell Ursala the problem, and discover she is napping in the comfortable leather seat. I whisper to you that our friend is very tired. You turn and see that she is fast asl**p. Leaning towards me and in a soft tone you say, “I love you Sir,” I reply that “I love you to.” You kiss me on the cheek, wrap your arms around mine and place your head on my shoulder. I place my cheek your head.

The slit in your dress is riding a little higher in this position and it catches my eye. I slide my hand across the silky material to your thigh, and you guide it under the thin material. Your inner thighs and vagina are soaked with your sweet warm nectar. My middle finger finds it’s way direct to your swollen sensitive clit. Your whole body stiffens and you squeeze my arm tighter. I continue to tease you with my finger, moving in slow gentle circles at first, and then flicking vertically. Each stroke deposits more of your nectar on your love button. Your thighs begin to tighten the squeeze on my hand; I sense your pleasure and continue my teasing. As my finger enters you, your hips begin a gentle pumping motion. It is extremely erotic, being so naughty this close to a stranger. Your pumping is now increasing and you place one foot on the lower part of the dash. Your leg is completely exposed and my penis is now rock hard and straining against my trousers. What a beautiful and arousing scene, your toes curl against the soles of you’re sandals, your body gently pumps your honey over my hand. I am f***ed to think of male athletes, politicians and attorneys in order not to cum.

I can feel you start to release and I increase the pace of my finger thrusts inside you. You cum and a low whimper escapes your lips as your pulsing convulsions lightly rock the car. As you start to relax and sit upright I again check on our guest, she is still asl**p. We lean forward, exchange kisses and I place my honey-covered finger into my mouth. While savoring this heavenly taste, my eyes close, as no dessert was ever this sweet. The traffic starts to move.

After a couple of miles, Ursala starts to stir. You point out our lakeside cottage to her as we pass. She says her home is only five minutes away. Arriving at her rustic large house she invites us in but we decline due to the time and promise to stop by the following afternoon. We wait until she is inside and then drive off.

After closing the thin curtains I lock the cottage door. To fend off the night’s chilly breath, I light the bedroom fireplace. I notice you are facing the fire and the silhouette of your lovely body starts to carbonate my hormones. You slip the long dress with a big dark stain over your head. Standing there in only your sexy heels, I pick the digital camera and take a photo. You notice the flash and turn around beaming with a smile from ear to ear. Confident that you will later erase the memory you lean back over the chair. Moving to a better side angle, I capture your body d****d over the chair, with an arch that appears molded by the curvature of the seat. Placing the camera on a shelf I move closer, my arms wrap around your body. Your head leans back as I kiss your shoulders and neck. Then you turn your head and kiss me deeply. Your bottom is squirming against my growing erection. I remove my clothes as you kiss your way down my body stopping at my chest, teasing my nipples. Continuing down to my navel and then to a rigid penis. Teasing first with your fingers and after what seems like an eternity you take me into your mouth. Your warm soft tongue makes me inhale and exhale sharply. You stroke my shaft with one hand and tease the head with your mouth and tongue. Before my knees buckle from this intense pleasure I pull you to your feet and kiss you. Working my way down to your erect nipples. As I suck one into my mouth and you arch deeply backwards. You are still stroking my hard throbbing cock with one hand as I place an arm around your back. Sliding my other hand all the way between your thighs and squeeze your bottom. My wrist is pressed firmly against your clit and you begin to slide your moist vagina over it. I continue to tease your nipple, and give you a love bite on the underside of the breast. Your thrusts over my wrist hasten and I press a bit more to increase the pleasure. My wrist and lower forearm is now glistening from your flowing juices. You step over to the back of chair and bend forward. Your slender fingers guide my thick erection inside your soaked pussy. I only enter slightly and teasingly withdraw, you push back attempting to get me deeper. Over and over this is repeated until I snake slowly inside all the way the base. Then pressings a little more to reach nerve endings that are normally not stimulated. I take hold of the front of your hips and pull us together, again and again. I then reach around and take you by the shins. Pulling your legs up to your torso and a carry you to the front of the chair without withdrawing. I sit on the chair with you on top of me. When I release your legs, you lift one and turn around to face me.
Placing your feet by the back legs of the chair, you start to ride me like it is the last time. The sensation is incredible and combined with the site of my cock disappearing into your pink love canal is mind blowing. Your breasts are crowned with erect nipples. We move to the bed where you mount me and in a squatting position. Lifting your pussy up and down my rock hard cock is glistens with your sweet juices. As I start to groan and my cock stiffens even more, you lean forward and kiss me while still riding up and down on my erection. The feeling of being so deep inside you is indescribable. Your hard nipples are pressed against my chest. Pushing away from me and locking your elbows, your hands rest on my chest, providing balance and support for this hot ride.
Your head is goes back and you continue this gymnastic assault on my rigid member. The sound of your juices being pushed out can be heard with each down stroke. I lean forward and suck your erect nipples into my mouth, then letting it pop out, this is repeated on both. On a deep down stroke you stop pumping and start to rock back and forth, sandwiching your clit between our pubic bones. After a few quick-rocking movements your eyes glass over and your body starts to tremble. You give a loud groan as if you
are being hurt. Your body lurches with powerful, wrenching
convulsions, which seem to be almost painful. Your legs lift slightly and I place my arms around your back and pull you deeper. Pumping my hard cock deep inside you, I can feel your vaginal walls tighten. You are moaning grows louder. The sight of your beautiful tits heaving up and down, your lovely toes curled tightly inside the sexy sandals, hearing your passionate wails and the constrictions of your pussy brings me to a gut wrenching massive orgasm! I shot deep inside your hot love canal, all movement stops except for the pulsating juts of my rigid tool and the constrictions of your vagina. Your pussy is milking every drop of cum from my cock.
Time stops, the room is silent our eyes roll back from the intensity of our climax. We both exhale f***efully; bathed in a light coat of sweat and ever soooooo satisfied we kiss deeply. The passionate wet kiss is broken by the need to breathe. Our lips part and we gasp for air like two fish out of water. Your arms are limply d****d over my shoulders and your head rests against mine. I remain inside you and wish this magic would never end. I breathlessly whisper “I love you”.

As my eyes start to focus again I see what appears to be someone on our
veranda. Perhaps it is the way the curtains are drawn but the silhouette
moves. I place my finger to my lips to signal silence. Leading you by the hand we each grab a towel on the way into the kitchen and I locate a large knife. You pick the phone but cannot read the small printed emergency numbers in the darkness. Peeking out the window in the door, I see a figure leaning against the railings. Shocked, by what is happening I motion for you to put the phone down and take a look.

A full moon is shining brightly in the sky, clearly illuminating the lake but the shadow from the covered veranda makes it difficult to see the person. “My god it’s Ursala” you whisper. I can now see that you are correct. Ursala is leaning against the railing feverishly masturbating. Her skirt is hiked above her waist and the blouse is open. One hand is holding her sandals and the other is going to town on her vagina. She lifts her shoes to her face and starts to tremble. “She is having an orgasm while sniffing her shoes” I whisper. “I don’t get it but book the cottage for next year. Do it now!” You swat me in the back of the head, like a mother bear: and say “she is not sniffing her shoes but pressing with her hand to muffle the groan”. Wondering how the hell you would know, again I whisper “Book the cabin for next year” and I receive another well-deserved swat to the back of the head. :>)

At this point she drops her shoes and they bang loudly on the wooden floor. In the panic to recover them she kicks ones past our location. Moving towards
it she trips over the firewood stacked by the door. She comes crashing
down just in front of the door. You cover your mouth with your hand and
we give each other that wide-eyed “what do we do now look”!
We quickly switch on the light while opening the door to see if she is injured. She is so red-faced with embarrassment it is funny. We act surprised, ask if she is injured and help her to her feet. Sheepishly Ursala admits that she has been watching us because our passion was clearly evident and she was missing it her marriage.

We e****t her into our cabin to clean her up and check for any injuries. She had but a couple of bruises from the fall. Seated on the sofa she only looks at you. I can see she was as captivated with your performance. She desperately is looking for something that missing in her life. Your eyes question me as you see I am lost in my thoughts.

I am very confident in our relationship. So, I conveniently exit to the kitchen to fix us all drinks and give you a chance to talk to her. You excuse yourself and hastily follow me. I’m in the kitchen smiling and feeling glasses with ice when you question my intentions. You know me so well it is uncanny. So, I just reply that I think she wishes to either enjoy you or join us. Your look is so cute; like a c***d discovering the perfect gift under the Christmas Tree!

Together we return with the drinks. I talk to Ursula a moment. Then I excuse myself to the bathroom. During my absence you and Ursala are chatting and she makes the first advance by touching your leg which is sensitive from our love making earlier. This fuels a flow of wetness in your pussy. Ursala smiles and slowly leans over and kisses your lips. Your eyes close but Ursala quickly stops as the bedroom door opens as I enter the room. I look at you lovingly, as I know you love me, but you are also human. I understand and tell her it is okay. I ask if you wish to be alone and you quickly reply “noooooo”! I take a seat opposite you two and assume a relaxed posture as Ursala kisses you again. Your head drifts back in ecstasy and knowing that I am watching arouses you to an even higher level. She removes the towel and her lips encircle one of your erect nipples and my cock lurches to a painfully erect state. I stroke my throbbing member and almost orgasm at the sight of you two.

You slowly kiss your way down her body and end up teasing her clit and pussy with your curious tongue. After which you launch an all out assault on her vagina with Dr. Pleezer your favorite vibrator. Her large breasts bouncing in your face to let you suckle them as a c***d does its mother. You take each one individually into your mouth and she moans loudly. You know you are a gifted sensual partner and your confidence is what makes it so loving. Ursala is so close to cuming from your talent! One more thrust and she barks out loudly in sheer pleasure. Her body bucks violently and she wraps her arms around you and hangs on as her powerful orgasm slowly subsides. Her hips buck violently as she rides the huge orgasmic waves.

You stand and slowly walk to our bedroom to suit up with another one of your toy, DOD, (Dick of Death). It is a somewhat long, thick and menacing strapon. Slipping it on changes your demeanor; you lube it up and slowly stroke it with great pride. You walk back out to Ursala gripping your powerful tool. Your walk changes, becomes a bit more masculine, as you approach her. Her eyes widen as you approach with your impressive weapon in hand. She greets you with a deep long kiss. She drops to her knees and sucks your tool deeply. In an impressive feat, Ursala takes most of your cock down her throat. She stands up and you kiss your way down to her swaying breast and then turn her around; you maneuver you large penis into Ursala’s quivering tight pussy. It barely fits and with some difficulty the head finally enters her. Slowly snaking your big long cock in her tight pussy, she reacts as if you have inserted electrodes giving off a thousand watts, when you hit bottom. As you slide up to the base of your cock, stretching her pussy to the limits her body tightens and she digs her fingers into the cushions. You are using the heavy end chair as leverage for your feet. Pressing against it while you dig deeper into Ursala’s pussy. Her head snaps back as you bump into a pleasure rich zone; her arm comes out to the side and her fingers are spread like the talons of an eagle then curling into a tight fist. You are fucking the shit out of our spying guest. Her body is covered in goose bumps and you can feel her pushing back against her. When you push deep into her it appears and sounds like it is hitting the back of her throat. She is getting one hell of a fucking. Very different from the previous gentle sensuous session. When she is not raising her upper body up and roaring, her ass is bouncing back against you. I can see your pleasure when you deep stroke her; she is hitting the back of the sofa with her fist and while pushing back for more. You are very beautiful but a bit scary with your cock. Each stroke causes her asshole to wink at you. It is now a part of you; a part that you use with great skill. It is clear that the doctor has never been fucked like this before. Her eyes cannot focus and her head sometimes bobs around as if she is dazed. Her eyes tear up and her tongue keeps moistening her lips as her pussy begs for you not to stop. Ursala’s ass moves up and down calling for you to fuck her. Your cock is probing against her pussy walls, uterus and cervix. She is out of control and reaches back to spread her cheeks; she is drooling, the doctor is a total slut! You root around deep within her finding virgin nerve endings. As you push all the way in the escaping juices mixed with air make that loud sexy pussy sound that means it is full. She rests on one forearm and looks under her body; then takes her breast and sucks the nipple. She reaches under and teases her clit while you go deep. Her words are no longer clear as she mumbles for you not to stop. Ursalu looks like a well pleased torture victim. Her makeup is all but gone and her hair soaked with sweat. The room smells of fresh sex. I am stroking my thick hardon. Each time you pull back, Ursala’s juices pour out. Her pussy muscles are squeezing your fat cock and making wet sex sounds as you push in. Your cock and her inner thighs are covered. Your pussy is flooding out and around the leather strap. It is also starting to drip onto the sofa. Salivating, hungry noisy pussies, unbelievable but very stimulating. You drag your nails up and down her back and then unleash a barrage of sharp stingy slaps to her begging ass. Her body flattens and bucks so hard it lifts you both up. She is still rubbing her clit as she cums so hard it appears to be painful. Her body is rapidly pulsating and you probe her to the hilt. You suddenly explode and convulse violently. Holding your cock in place by gripping Ursala’s pelvis. You two an incredible sight thrashing around. You with your massive cock fucking her and she is wailing and jerking uncontrollably; it is almost surreal. Her body is pulsing in waves as this massive climax subsides. You are also slowly cumming off your joyride. Two glistening women fucking is way too hot. I am jousting the furniture with my hard cock. Ursala turns her head and you kiss but it is a weak one as you both are physically drained. She involuntary jerks as you withdraw your mighty weapon. Again victorious and proud after engaging in sexual combat. Ursala’s pussy is bright red, swollen and burping out air. Her body is completely lymph. Her slightest movement pushes air and juices out of her freshly fucked pussy. She tries to sit up and a loud, rolling, gurgling, wet pussy toot escapes, she blushes and lies back as a big load of juice spills out on the sofa. You are no better off as your inner thighs are also covered. You both are very exhausted after that mind numbing fuck.

Later you find me nude upon the bed masturbating. You walk beside me and place your hand upon mine at the base of my thick hard shaft. It startles me and you place your finger to your lips to quiet my reaction. I check to see if you are sporting your menacing member. It is back in the box. You join me on the bed and we kiss deeply then I grasp your legs to place them over your shoulders and enter you slowly. Just as I enter you Ursala comes into the room. She sits on the bed and gently places her fingers on the back of my love cock and balls as it slides so beautifully in and out of you. Oh how excited we are to have such an experience together.

Ursala reaches with her other hand and cups your breast as she kisses you. I am lunging forward into you harder and harder.
I push deeeeeeep into you as I lose myself in one incredible massive orgasm; cumming so hard that I my entire body stiffens as a nice load of hot thick cum jets in you. Your vaginal muscles clamp down tightly on my shaft as you loooooudly groan, sit up and explode in ecstasy. Ursala is also in “Never, Never Land, groaning and convulsing from playing with herseld. All of this pleasure has prolonged my orgasm taking me to a new level of intensity. Suddenly you collapse back on the bed and stop moving. You are not breathing and your body is very relaxed. A few seconds pass and just as my concern f***es me to focus on your well being; you suddenly buck with another wave of pleasure surprising me. You suck in a big breath of air and it is clear that you briefly passed out. Ursala recovers first and moves between us to tongue and suck your sensitive clit. She then pulls my swollen cock out of you and hungrily sucks it deeeep into her mouth. She devours our hormone cocktail and is milking every drop of seaman out of me. Then she greedily switches back to you and drives her long tongue deep into your love canal. She is a woman that is obviously sexually starved. The ex-doctor is pumping my cock in one hand and flicking your clit with her tongue with amazing speed. Your body starts to buck again as another strong orgasm is on the doorsteps. Without missing a beat she uses her fingers to keep you cumming as she sucks my cock in deep and very loudly. Your body stiffens and you release the love withheld. I am literally blown away and release a load of cum deep into her throat. She takes me deeper until her nose is pressed firmly against my pubic bone. Then Ursala withdraws my saliva soaked tool, pulls it to the crown of your sweet pussy and quickly moves her mouth to both of our sexual organs and laps at the juices flowing from us. In my state of euphoria I wonder if it is her medical training or if she has led a secret life that has created this super freak. We all drift off but we are deeply fulfilled. The morning will require Ursula’s medical skills to get us unglued from the sheets. :>)

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