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I knew I could make you do anything I wanted and you would be such a willing participant, and so I demanded that you pay me a visit straight away, it was not long before you arrived on my doorstep, you rang the doorbell and I made you wait there for a while until I decided to allow you to enter my domain.

When I eventually instructed you to enter you seemed a little apprehensive not knowing what I had in store for you, I ordered you to wait in the sitting room as I prepared myself, you looked puzzled and I could see by the expression on your face that your mind was working overtime in anticipation of what was about to follow.

After a short time I called out to you in a demanding voice and beckoned you into my playroom, I instructed you to lower your eyes and not gaze upon me until I allowed you too, you entered and your eyes opened wide as you scanned around the dimly lit room, you looked a little worried when you saw my precious possessions adorned around the room.

When I felt you had saw enough of my playroom I instructed you to look at me and as you did I could see by the enormous erection you produced that you had approved of what I was wearing, i.e.; the black and red laced Basque, black seamed fishnet stockings trimmed with lace, crutch less lace thongs and 6 inch black stiletto shoes.

In the middle of the room was a very large circular bed d****d in red satin sheets, I ordered you to strip naked and kneel on the rug at the side of the bed until I needed your attention, and you did this willingly.

I went into the set of drawers and took out 2 sets of handcuffs threw then to you and instructed you to put them on to your wrists, I then sat on the chair in the far corner of the playroom and instructed you to crawl over to me panting like a little dog as you did.

I then demanded that you pleasure me as I was quite wet by now, I parted my legs and guided your head into my hot wet pussy pushing you in so hard, your tongue soon probing and finding my clit where you proceeded to lick and suck it between your lips lapping up my love juices, after I had come at least 5 times I stood up and instructed you to take the riding crop from the hook on the wall and bent over the chair were I demanded that you whip my arse, as you whipped me I ordered that you do it a little harder to heighten my excitement you did this and my arse was stinging a little but it brought me such pleasure.

I then told you to bend over the chair as I did the same to you, first I teased you by running the crop up and down the crack in your arse I could see you enjoyed this as you twitched every time it went near your hole, I then whipped your arse until it was red but not too much as I did not want to hurt you too much, well not just now that would come later.....

I then led you over to the bed you still on your knees and bent over it allowing you to take your massive erection and ram it right up my soaking wet pussy, I wanted it to hurt just a little I wanted to feel the full f***e of your cock deep inside me, my pussy swallowing it in all its entirety.

I then instructed you to bend over the bed and wait for me eyes buried in the sheets, I then went over to another set of drawers and took out an extremely large frulecent pink strap-on and fixed it in place, I felt so powerful and it would give me so much pleasure.

I walked back over to the bed and probed your arse area until I found your hole you jerked in anticipation at what I was going to do, and entered you hard and fast, I pumped you so hard you let out screams of pleasure as you shot streams of spunk all over the bed shuddering to a halt, I could see you really enjoyed that, I withdraw and made you turn over in the bed to face upwards.

I had one more thing I wanted to do, I told you to close your eyes and I went over and opened the door, I did not tell you but we had some visitors who wanted to make you acquaintance, I ordered them in and instructed them to do as I said as I sat on the chair.

The first big guy took his massive 10" cock and stuck it up your arse, you had no idea but you enjoyed it so much, while he done that I had the pleasure of watching as the other guy stick his cock in your mouth, telling you to take it all bitch.

It all came to an amazing end when I made all three of you suck fuck and lick my pussy and arse to distraction, I took all three of you in every hole of my body again and again and again oh what a life, until next time x

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