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Mom and Big Tony

One night my mom came home wearing a skirt that exposed her butt cheeks. She took off her panties, sat down on the edge of the couch, spread her fat thighs and told me to EAT WHILE ITS HOT. All I could see was thick white cum covering her big hairy pussy. There was some of it hanging off of her huge three inch clit making it look like her little dick had cum. Before she could get upset I dove in face first and licked and sucked for all I was worth. In between my slurping I could hear telling me about her latest lover that filled her with all this cum. She said his dick was 10.5 inches long and as fat as soda can. Her pussy was fairly streched and cum just kept pumping out. After about 20 more minutes and four orgasims mom was done. She let me know this when her juice changed to piss. She told me that Tony was comming over after I went to bed and I would help her surprise him in the morning. That night I was woken by screams of pain comming from mothers bed room. Two hours later my mom bursed into my room out of breath sweating and covered in cum. She said she was sore and needed my tounge to help her feel better. I licked her clean from head to toe. Afterwards she took me into her room while Tony was sl**ping and pulled back the covers. WOW. It was soft leaning to the left and it was massive. His balls looked like swollen oranges. Mom whispered in my ear that it was my turn in the morning. The next morning mom had me hidding under the dinning table. It was glass so she put a table cloth on to conceal me. I heard her telling Tony not to worry about clothes and have a seat. There it was in front of me looking like a big black scary one eyed monster waiting to be worshipped. My que was to wait until mom put his plate on the table and starts to give him a massage. When I heard the clink I was on that dick like it was crack. I heard him moan then he tensed up and I could hear mom telling him to relax and enjoy the surpries. I placed his dick on my forhead and started to suck on his huge balls. Once they were soaking wet I went back to forcing that mammoth cock in my mouth. After only a few minutes his dickhead swelled in my mouth. He yelled IM CUMMING and my mom shouted DO IT. His first shot was so hot and hard that I gagged when it hit my throat. I kept sucking and swallowing all I could. When he was done he said he needed to piss and tried to get up. Mom pushed him back in his seat and said piss in that mouth. I wrapped my lips around his dick as he unloaded what seemed like a gallon of piss. When he was totally drained my mom moved the table cloth and said I want you to meet my dick sucking son. Tony was about to protest by I quickly put his dick in mouth and started sucking. His face went from mad to Bliss. Once he was hard my mom sat on his cock and I sucked his balls until he filled her up again. Once I cleaned them both off I was sent to my room waiting to be caled when needed.

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