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The Night I'll Never Forget

It was starting to get dark out, it was my first night so far away from home; I laid there on the bed in my dorm room reading in my t-shirt and pajama pants trying not to let my nerves get the better of me, I just wanted to relax with a good book and start fresh tomorrow morning. Usually I have trouble sl**ping in a strange place but I must have nodded off because one minute I’m laying down in my undecorated dorm room and the next I was back home standing my living room seeing my parents smiling faces looking back at me, there was an almost overwhelming sense of calm as I stood there, “hold his arms and legs down” my father said in a voice that wasn’t his, “what?” I asked back confused as he reached his hands over and grabbed my wrists as my mother kneeled down still smiling up at me as she grabbed both my ankles, “let go” I said trying to pull away as they held on. I opened up my eyes waking from a nightmare to a mostly pitch black room with the pale white moonlight beaming in through the window down on me and noticed that I wasn’t alone, “what the…” I said noticing my arms were above my head and I was unable to move them, “shhh” a voice uttered, “keep him quiet” a different voice said as a hand covered my mouth.
I laid there on my back scared unable to move freely or make any noise other than muffled groans and screams, “hurry up” yet another voice said as I tried kicking my way free struggling with all my might tiring myself out in the process “is he done? good, now lets get a good look” a voice said.

I felt hands rubbing down my chest and snapping the waistband of my pajamas then pulling them down exposing me in the moonlight, “nhmm!” I groaned out, “nice” one of them said as I laid there naked from the waist down unable to fight back.
I felt a hand grab my soft dick and gently start rubbing on it, “nghnhh!” I screamed with a hand still over my mouth trying to figure out just what was happening, “its ok” said the voice of the guy holding my ankles, “yeah we’re not here to hurt you” the voice of the one holding my wrists said, “so just relax” another said, I felt a hand wrap around my soft manhood and started to gently stroke up and down. (Why... why is this happening to me?) I asked myself.

I tried to think about anything else trying to keep my mind off what was happening to me wanting nothing in that moment but escape, “see, I told you we weren’t going to hurt you” the voice of the guy holding my wrists down said giggling as my dick started getting stiff, “oh wow, he’s almost as big as Val…” one of the voices started, “shhh!, no names” one of them snapped “I, I cant…”, the one holding my wrists said, “I cant take it anymore”, “try…” two different voices argued as I laid there stuck with a hand still stroking my now hard dick, “unghhhh!!” The one holding my wrist groaned out, “man I just can’t” The voice holding my arms said sounding very excited as the other two voices began to giggle. My wrists were released but he then quickly sat down on my chest and with one hand took my arms pressing them down against the bed, I could hear the metal clang of a belt buckle as they continued to laugh, “now, watch them teeth, or we’re gonna have a problem” the voice of the guy sitting on me as I felt something warm hit me in the face, I didn’t know what it was till I recognized the smell.

“I told you I couldn’t wait” the guy said slapping my face with his hardening dick, the smell of musty balls was unbearable almost as if he hadn’t bathed in a week, I opened my mouth taking in air trying not to smell him, something he took full advantage of quickly sliding himself in my mouth, “now remember… no biting” the smelly one said, “I gotta get in on this” the one holding my ankles said as he lifted them up onto his shoulders, again the metal clanging sound of a belt buckle flooded the room alongside the pleasure filled groans of the smelly one.
With my legs being held up I laid there with a pair of wet fingers sliding up and down on my asshole and a dick being shoved in my mouth, “got another one for you” the guy holding up my legs said softly, just then I felt something brush against my hole, (what the fuck!?) I thought wanting to scream it out as loud as I could,

“I’m gonna stick my dick in you” he added
“Nnnhghg!!!!” I groaned out feeling the tears well up in my eyes as he pushed his way inside me, “damn he’s tight” he said still inching his way in.

The sounds of my pain seemed to serve no purpose but to excite them more, “look he’s getting hard” the one inside my ass said making fun of me, “so what you think… the dick in his mouth? Or is it the dick in his ass? That’s got him that hard” the smelly one asked the one in me, (they said they wasn’t going to hurt me)I thought (but all I feel right now is pain) I thought as dicks pump in and out of my mouth and thrusts in and out of my ass, “wait, wait, wait” the other voice finally said, I thought he was going to put astop to this but when I heard him sliding off his pants I knew I was wrong “you guys cant start without me” he added standing up on the bed over me, “now that he’s ready” he continued lowering himself into the moonlight silhouette lining his hole up just over my dick and, “unmh” he grunted as I slipped inside him. “My god, this…” the one riding me whimpered as the three of them continued use my body for their own pleasure, “just incredible” the one riding me added grinding his hips against my pelvis making my dick tingle and stroking on himself, I could feel the dick of the guy in my mouth grow harder and harder as he continued pumping my mouth, I couldn’t help but clinch my hole tight around his dick only making the pain worse as he pushed himself in as deep as he could go, I wanted to holler for help but with my mouth being violated all I could do was lay there and cry, “I’m bout to …” the one inside me said with a quiver in his voice, “gonna fill his mouth” the smelly one said he as he pinched my nose shut, “almost there” the one riding let out as he jerked on his dick, “oh shit”, the one inside me said slowing his thrusts to no more than a nudge filling my ass with his sperm, “here I go”, the smelly one said as he poured his fluid into my mouth nearly drowning me ”god damn” the one riding me let out while he slid all the way down on my hard dick and released what seemed to be an endless stream of semen that landed all over my chest, and stomach.

“Now that was fun” the one inside said pulling himself out of me leaving my ass sore, “you’re telling me…” the smelly one said with a giggle taking his dick out of my mouth his juices flowing freely as I coughed and wheezed, “that shit was good” the guy riding me said climbing off of me leaving me there still hard now covered and filled with their cum, “well, that was something else” one of them said giggling as he did, “don’t know bout you guys, but I need some sl**p” another one of them said sounding completely exhausted.
They put their pants back on and left the room, I was left alone covered in sperm and man-juice feeling lower than trash glaring out the window up at the moon asking myself just how and why this happened to me.

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