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My Descent Into Subliminals – Chapter 7

My Descent Into Subliminals – Chapter 7 – Tricia’s Impregnation

The girls smiled at me and Beth said, “Are you ready to impregnate your niece?”

“What’s that?” I said.

Tricia ran up and hugged me.

“Aunt Beth has agreed to let you father my c***d on one condition.” Said Tricia
“Since you got to take my vaginal virginity, Aunt Beth is to receive my anal virginity” she stated.

I said, “See Trish. I told you good things cum to those who wait. “
“You and Beth go in the guest bedroom, I’ll make sure your Grandma makes it so we aren’t disturbed” I told her. The girls ran down the hall to the guest bedroom, I spun around and went back in my bedroom.

Cindy was pounding Chad’s ass and driving her end of the strap-on deeper into her pussy. I grabbed another pair of double delight strap-on dildos and told Cindy, “You will keep this young man amused until I return. You may use him and abuse him, but don’t harm him.”

“Chad, you will do anything that amuses Cindy and will not leave this room until I return” I instructed him.

I left the room with the double delight strap-on dildos and proceeded to the guest bedroom.

As I entered the room I saw Beth was behind Tricia and holding her ass with both hands and had spread her cheeks apart and was licking her tight little hole, preparing it for its inevitable invasion.

I slipped under Beth and started eating her pussy, preparing it for the strap-on. After several minutes I stood her up and inserted the dildo. I tightened the harness and my beautiful wife now had a 7 inch cock. I reached in the nightstand and fished out some lube and applied it to Tricia’s sphincter. I grabbed the dildo and lined it up with her sweet little hole and asked, “Are you ready Trish?”

She said, “Yes Uncle Mark, fuck me Aunt Beth!”

With this my wife slowly started invading her niece’s asshole. Tricia winced in some pain but said. Do it Aunt Beth, shove it all in!”

When Beth heard this, she obliged and rammed all seven inches into the tight little ass of her niece. She then maintained a steady pumping pace. Both of them were moaning, I stood on the bed over Tricia and stuck my cock into Beth’s mouth.

“Prepare my cock for your niece dear”, I said.

With her mouth full all she could do is moan. “Umm-huh”

I could tell Beth was on the verge, so I reached down and pinched her nipples.
“Oh my god! That feels so good” she stopped sucking my cock and said
Her hip started bucking as a violent orgasm overtook her body.

Tricia felt her movements in her ass and this set her off.
Both girls shook in orgasmic waves, as they subsided I remove the dildos from both girls pussies.

“Oh Aunt Beth, that was incredible. I never thought I would cum by being fucked in the ass!” Tricia said.

“You’ll love it even more when Mark fucks your ass and you feel his cum shoot in there!” Beth told her.

“For now let’s just get you pregnant young lady” I said

Beth laid Tricia so her legs were facing the headboard, she then had me kneel on the pillows with her legs over my shoulders.

“We’ll let gravity do the work. We want Mark’s cum to go as deeply inside you as possible. Don’t fret if you’re not knocked up right away. It took your mother three months of trying with you.” Beth told Tricia.

“Well this is the start of my six day fertile time, Uncle Mark’s sperm will be in me for three to five days so I think now is the best chance.” replied Tricia.

“You have thought this out!, haven’t you?” said Beth.

“Yes I hace, when I’m sure that I’m pregnant , I’ll finally let Chad fuck me and I’ll make him think it’s his baby. I’ll quit school and make him marry me, he wants a trophy wife. I’ll make Chad buy me a house with a nanny and spend my days fucking and sucking.” Said Tricia.

“You little gold-digger”, laughed Beth.
We all laughed and I used this moment of levity to slip my cock into Tricia’s pussy, I started slow and then built up a steady rhythm.
Her pussy felt like velvet glove on my cock, she squeezed her vaginal muscles and became even tighter. She started to moan and then said,

“Oh my god! Uncle Mark “Your cock feels sooo goooood inside me”
“It feels so much better without a condom”
“Oh god…..yes, yes, yes. Ugh….fuck my pussy! Pound it! Shit….I’m going to cum! Ughhh….. Oh god, that feels so good! Jeezus,. Fuck my pussy. That’s it…oh god…oh…oh…ughhhhh!”

Hearing this and looking at her beautiful face and pussy, I knew I had reached my peak.

“Tricia, I’m going to cum!”

“Yes, cum….cum in my pussy! Make me a mommy!”

With one last thrust, I shot my load deep inside Tricia’s pussy. I must have sprayed six or seven jets of cum inside her. I kept on pounding her pussy as long as I could, then withdrew.

“Keep her legs up!” said Beth.

After 5 minutes of this we adjourned to the shower and then got dressed.
As we got dressed Beth told Tricia to come back next Friday night and she would give her a pregnancy test.

We walked down the hall and what greeted our eyes?

Cindy had used some of my ties and had secured Chad’s arms and legs to the bed.
He was lying flat on his back on the bed with a ball gag in his mouth and wireless vibrating nipple clamps on his nipples. Cindy’s ass was impaled on his cock and she was bouncing up and down on it telling him, “fill my ass sissy boy!”

All three of us laughed at his predicament and then I said, “Finish off on him Cindy, then you two take a shower and meet us in the f****y room after you two get dressed. Tricia and Chad have to call her mom.

By: Draugrmaker

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