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Jessie Porn Story Part 2

Jessie was angry at both Emma and Luke, because she could get in so much trouble if this leaked out to anyone. She planned on talking to Emma later, since it seemed to be more of Luke's fault than anyone elses'. Jessie pulled Luke into to her rooms and as calmly, and quietly as she could with all the anger she had built up inside her, said "What is the matter with you Luke!? Do you know how wrong it is that you fucked your s****r?" "Yes," answered Luke. "But in my defense, she told me to and I just froze, I'm sorry, it will never happen again." Jessie had no idea what to say. But, she know what she had to do. She saw that Luke had that big cock of his. It was bigger than anyone she had ever fucked before, including Spencer. "I know how you can make it up to me." said Jessie slowly starting to undress. "Jessie, you have no idea how long I have been waiting to do this." Luke ran over and started tearing of her clothes like a savage a****l. They hopped into bed, but before Luke could try anything Jessie said "Not so fast young man, I am not that wet yet." "So what do I do?" asked Luke. Jessie made Luke lay flat on his back, and put her tight pussy over his mouth and her face over his dick. "This is what I call the 69 position because I am going to suck your cock, while you lick my pussy." said Jessie. She started pumping his cock inside her mouth, while Luke licked her cunt like never before. After 5 mins of pumping and licking, Jessie cummed all over Luke's face. "This tastes amazing Jessie! But now its your turn to please me." exclaimed Luke. Jessie hopped up onto his cock, and started riding him as hard and as fast as she could moaning at the top of her lungs. That is when Ravi burst through her door. Before he said anything, Jessie could see his dick getting hard. "Why don't you come join us Ravi?" asked Jessie. Ravi pulled out his 12 inch dick and put it into her ass. Jessie started riding them as hard as she could. Moaning so loud, that her phone was ringing off the hook. (most likely from complaints) Luke and Ravi seemed to have the some type of connection because at the same time they yelled "I'm cumming!" Thats when Jessie said, "Yes, cum inside me boys yes please!" They cummed inside her hard, and she was very pleased. After about 10 mins of rest, Jessie decided to go talk to Emma about what had happened.

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