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Secrete Sex...

I was still in high school, I spent the weekend over at a friends home. I was afforded my own room and after eleven the f****y went to bed. i t was well after midnight, when I felt the bed move, thinking nothing of it I drifted back into deep slumber.

I was startled by the weight of a heavy body climbing over me, as I laid prostate on my stomach. Suddenly I became aware of a massive blunt appendage probing my neither region.I tried to raise up when I heard the deep rough voice of my friends older sibling whisper harshly '...don't you make a sound...'

I muttered 'get off me...what do you think you are doing...' He answered 'I'm not getting off, I'm gonna fuck this tight little round ass of yours.' I panic and pleaded 'noooo, you can't do that, they will hear us and we'll get caught. Please get off me...'

I felt the slippery wet huge penile head press gently against my bung hole 'please don't do me like this...' I begged. A wet tongue probed my ear, I tossed my head, he said 'ask me not to fuck you, say it softly, you don't want my folks to hear...' Helplessly I whispered as silently as I could '...please, don't fuck me...'

HE said '...make me believe that you mean what you say, draw it out...' I shook my head as his massive tool probed deeper into my outer anal sphincter muscle ring '...pleeeaaassseee, don't fuck meeeee....' I pleaded. Just about this time his enormously huge penile glans plopped into my anal cavity.

Secrete Sex...

I buried my face into the pillows and muffled my agonizing cry 'noooo,take it out, please take it out...' The voice said '...ssshhhh, you're so tight, I just want to stay here a little, then I will pull it out, I promise. Say...alright fuck me slowly a little...'

Gritting my teeth I complied and whispered '...alright...fuck me slowly...' I gasp. The voice said 'since you ask, I'll be quick...' I cried softly '...noooo, you promise to be slow...' He answered '...if it' will make you happy, I'll fuck you slowly...' I begged '...pleeaaaassseee take it out, you can't be doing this...'

All I heard as a reply was his heavy breathing and him grinding slowly deeper into my stretching bung hole. Moaning and groaning I laid there and submitted to his agonizingly slow sexual assault '..hhhmmm, hhhuuuhhh, ooohhhh, nnnnooooo,...' he hushed me by saying '...quiet down, I'm about to bust my nut, don't wake up the whole damn house...'

Patiently he grind his massive man meat into my tight little bung hole till he stiffen and slid his penis as deep into me as he could. I gripped the sheets and tried to tighten my bung hole to keep him from going further. This only enhanced his pleasure and he hunched quickly up into my butt as his penis erupted and shoot copious amounts of male sperm deep into my rectum.

Panting and breathing heavy he said, 'see I told you it would not take long. Be here tomorrow night and we'll do it again, I like the way you fuck. He slid off of my body, his elongated penis tantalizingly easing from my shuddering bung hole.

He turned over just as the door eased open a little and a female voice said 'I thought I heard them groaning, I wanted to make sure they were alright. They both are out like a light.' I thought to myself as the door closed, I got to get out of here...

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