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Bobby Plays with his Uncle's Cock

Too excited by his hunky uncle's presence in his bed to sl**p, Bobby lay
facing his sl**ping uncle Rod. The f******n-year-old drank in the
masculine body of his uncle: his furry, muscular chest whose fur trailed
down over his washboard abs to disappear into his boxer shorts; the glimpse
through the opening of the shorts of thick, curly pubic hair and a couple
of inches of his uncle's thick, soft cock. Bobby reached into his own
boxers to pull out his hard, throbbing seven incher. He pulled his
foreskin back off the slick head of his cock and began to slowly stroke it.
He had to be careful not to stroke too hard since he was already so hot
just looking at his hunky uncle he might blow too soon. He just had to
figure out a way to see all of his uncle's cock. He knew that Rod had a
big one from the big bulge in his jeans, but he needed to see just how big.

Bobby figured if he proceeded slowly, always ready to jerk his hand back
if his uncle began to wake, he should be able to pull Rob's cock from his
shorts. Besides he would get to feel of it, which was what he really
wanted the most. Switching his eyes back and forth between his uncle's
face to his crotch, the boy reached out and began to slip his free hand
through the opening. His fingertips grazing the soft, hot flesh sent a
thrill of excitement through his own cock. When he closed his fingers
around the cock, he realized just how big it actually was. When he slowly
and carefully he pulled it out of the opening, Bobby realized that his
uncle's soft cock was as long as his own hard one. He just had to see
Rob's cock hard, no matter what the consequences. Watching his uncle's
face closely for any signs of waking, he began to gently stoke the thick
organ. Immediately he felt it begin to stiffen and grow rapidly until it
was steely hard and throbbing in his hand.. Detecting no change in Rob's
face or breathing, he dared to look down at what his hand grasped. The boy
couldn't suppress a whispered, "God," when he saw what he held. Rob's
thick cock had to be at least nine inches long and so thick that Bobby's
fingers couldn't quite meet around it.

As he continued to slowly stroke his uncle's big cock, he watched the
foreskin uncap and then hide the big purple head. Wanting to see how much
cum it would shoot. Bobby wondered if he could make Rod cum without waking
him. God, he wanted to see that! Thinking about his uncle cumming made
his own cock tingle so much that he had to stop stroking it. His other
hand now freed, he reached into Rod's shorts and hefted his balls. Man,
they were huge! Lifting them out to hang under Rod's massive cock, Bobbie
studied them. He didn't know balls could be that big. He considered
himself something of an expert, since every time he was in the locker room
at the local pool, he scoped out what every male had hanging between his
legs, and Rod's balls were definitely the biggest he'd ever seen. As he
rolled them around in their loose, wrinkled bag and stroked Rod's huge
cock, Bobby thought that his uncle's genitals were the most beautiful
things he had ever seen.

Deciding to go for it since Rod seemed to still be sl**ping soundly, Bobby
continued stroking Rod's cock and fondling his balls. Soon precum began to
ooze from Rod's cock and drip onto the sheet. He was very familiar with
this phenomenon since both he and his buddy, Greg, drooled when they beat
each other off, so he knew that precum meant that Rod was getting pretty
excited by his playing. Glancing up at Rod's face, Bobbie saw that his
eyes were still closed and his breathing even; he appeared to be still
asl**p. He bet that Rod was having a really hot wet dream. His uncle's
cock grew even more steely hard and swelled even bigger in his fist which
f***ed Bobby to look back at what he was doing. Just as he expected, the
head of Rod's cock pulsed and a big wad of cum erupted and splattered onto
his own hard cock. The next wad splattered against the wrist of his hand
fondling his uncle's balls. The following blasts of cum saturated his
shorts and cock.

When Rod's cock finally stopped shooting, it remained hard in Bobby's fist.
Removing his other hand from his uncle's balls, the boy grasped his own
cum-drenched cock and began to stroke. Because of his excitement at
watching Rod cum and the slickness his cum provided, Bobby soon reached his
peak and began to blast his cum onto his uncle's cock. Tearing his eyes
from his cumming cock, Bobby looked up into his uncle's face to find Rod
looking down at his shooting cock and grinning from ear to ear.

When Bobby's cock quit spurting, Rod raised his eyes to Bobby's and said,
"That felt so-o-o good. Thanks, man," and drew him into his arms.
Withdrawing his hand from Rod's cock, Bobby crushed his slightly softened
cock up against his uncle's hard throbber, causing his own cock to stiffen
again immediately. The two males began to squirm against each other,
rubbing their slick, cum-drenched cocks together. The feel of their cocks
rubbing together and of Rod's furry, rock-hard pecs against his chest soon
had Bobby escalating toward a second climax. Soon they were blasting fresh
loads of cum onto each other's abdomens. Bobby could feel Rod's heart
beating rapidly in time with his own. When their heart rates began to
drop, Rod said softly, "Now that was some really great sex, wasn't it."

"You bet," Bobby enthused, "It was the best sex I've ever had, uncle Rod."

"Why do I have a feeling that this isn't the first time you've messed
around with another guy," Rod asked playfully.

"It's not," Bobby admitted, "My best buddy, Greg, and I beat each other off
all the time."

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