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Miner Dad

I had , had it. I tossed my smoke and signaled for the skip to make
its journey 900' underground to get me the hell outta here. The only thing
on my mind was getting the fuck out of this place for the day and an Ice
Cold beer in the comfort of my kitchen
I entered the skip and as it made its journey to the surface of the
earth , dressed in my miner gear , my body was covered with another coat of
fresh perspiration. This time from the heat of the day. I exited the skip
and walked to the office , punched out. I thought about a shower , but
just grabbed my lunch pail and went to my car.
Bill's car was no where to be seen so I knew that he was still in
school so I would have the afternoon to myself to relax and enjoy. I was
looking forward to a lazy afternoon drinking beer and smoking my reds in
the kitchen and thinking.
It had been three years since my wife left us. She went to a baby
shower one night and just never came home. Bill had adapted quickly as she
was nothing but a slut , but I still missed that pussy , and being that all
I did was work in the local mines I had no time for a social life being a
single Dad. My boy was going to have the good life and I put all else on
hold. He was my main pritority in life.
At 16 he was the spitting image of me at that age and I did indulge
him in my vices as long as his grades did not suffer. I allowed him to
smoke and drink at home , but I told him if he ever drank and drove he was
on his own. A very smart young man I never had a worry. We both had a
good life , but was alone. How I wish..............
Thinking all of this , still at the kitchen table, I realized I was
still in my mining gear and somewhat buzzed. I took a shower and put on a
fresh pair of boxer briefs and returned to the kitchen to continue my
thoughts. It was only 1pm and I knew Billy would not be home for a couple
I cracked another beer and lit another red. I settled back to relax
and enjoy. I felt so at ease. Content for a change.
I must have dozed for 15 or 20 minutes when I heard , "Dad what are you
doing home?"
I awoke to see Billy standing in the kitchen.
"I had just had enough of that place Son and came home early" , "Why
the hell are you home so early today?"
"We had just a 1/2 day Dad , I told you , you don't remember anything I
tell you Dad."
"Billy I am sorry , don't get like that with me , please."
I get up and grab two beers and a fresh pack of smokes and return to
the kitchen table. I give him a beer and toss him a pack of smokes.
"Why are you so upset Bill?"
"I just wanted to be here alone and relax is all Dad"
I get some what aggrivated. "Well you can go to your fucking room ya
"No Dad I'm sorry , I know things are hard for you."
"Well do what you have to and leave me the hell alone. UGH Damn."
Billy grabs the beer and pack of smokes and leaves to go to his
"I am sorry boy , just a bad day here."
He exits the room.
I let him go thinking I have not been that mean to him ever.
He quickly returns sucking on his beer and smoking a cig in a thong.
"So Dad ya wanna talk about a bad day?"
My cock rises to the occasion
"What was wrong with your day Boy?"
(shit I just called him boy)
"Well Dad I could not take another day of those fuckers making fun of
me because I am Hairy and calling me names."
A tear forms and drop from his eye. Nobody hurts my boy.
I stand up and walk over and hold him tight. My chest hair smothering
his face.
"Oh , Dad it is horrible the names they call me."
I kiss him tenderly on the neck and pull him closer to shelter him in
my body and warmth.
I stroke his beautiful face , "Everybody matures at different ages
Billy. Never be ashamed."
"You have a beautiful body."
"You mean it Dad?
I kiss him deeply and our bodies respond to that kiss.
"Billy I Love You"
My hands start caressing his hairy body as well as my tongue.
"Dad I want you , I love you too."
We head to the bedroom with beers and smokes.
What the fuck am I thinking. This is my fucking Son for Christs sakes.
I have never kissed him like that before in my life. This is wrong , I
turn and head back to the kitchen.
I sit back down at the table , light up another Red , inhale deeply and
exhale slowly. I reach behind me and grab a bottle of Whiskey and take a
slug. It burns all the way down to my stomach. The burning sensation
turns into a warm glow. I don't know what the fuck I was thinking to do
that to my Son. Fucking Christ.
At 49 ,6' , 190# of hairy bear meat I still turned heads, my occupation
keeps me in pretty good shape. I am also uncut ( I made sure my Son is
also) and, on the rare occasions I have a social life, it works to my
advantage. I was blessed with TONS of foreskin , and Billy is the spitting
image of me.
I take another slug from the Whiskey bottle. The burn and glow pattern
repeats itself. I light another red , double drag , nose exhale. This
time my cock responds to both , and I feel precum starting to flow. I keep
picturing Billy in my mind. 16 years old and looks like he is 19 or 20.
"DAD.......DAD , what are you doing out there?" , I hear from the
I don't answer.
"DAD..... , you coming in here? Bring more Beer I drank it all." He
kinda laughs and I know that he is starting to get d***k. Not much
tolerance at 16.
"Billy , we have to talk and think about this whole thing going on
"Fucking talk about what Boy?" Billy walks into the kitchen wearing my
flannel work shirt and my boxer briefs. He has an empty beer can in each
hand , pack of reds in his shirt pocket and one hanging from his mouth.
"Fuck" , he says , "Didn't know we were doing shots." He walks to the
cabinet and gets two shot glasses. Goes to the fridge and gets four beers
and sits at the table across from me. "Now poor me one and lets talk
daddy." He has an evil grin on his face.
I pour two shots , we raise our glasses , nod at each other and down
them. We each open a beer. I light a red outta my pack.
"So what do we have to talk about DAD?"
I sit and stare at him in amazement and he smokes and drinks as my
equal. He hangs that red outta his mouth and it fucking drives me wild.
"Well , Billy."
"Call me Bill , not a little boy anymore."
"Well, Bill , I ummmm."
He takes a long drag off his red , before I know it his lips are
planted on mine and he is exhaling in my lungs. He sits back and blows
three perfect smoke rings.
"These would make nice cock rings don't ya think?" He looks at me and
My cock gets harder and the wet spot grows bigger.
"So what ya wanna talk about Dad?"
He is just so comfortable with all of this that is happening.
"Well Bill , I think that we should think about"
"Dad , you ever had your skin filled with Reds smoke? , It is fucking
I stare at him in amazement as my cock has intense sensations.
"Well I ummm , I have...."
Bill drops to his knees , grabs the smoke out of my hand , inhales
deeply , presses his face in the crotch of my boxer briefs and exhales.
"How did that feel daddy?"
"Ya like that hot smokey feeling?"
I take a drag off my red and quickly seal my lips on his and exhale. I
pull off and watch him exhale.
I drop to my knees , take a long haul and fill the pouch of his boxer
briefs with that sweet smoke and give him a nicotine stain also. He goes
I take another drag and nuzzle in his hairy arm pit and exhale and he
covers me with a cloud of bluewhite smoke.
"Pour another shot Dad" , my son said with a gasp. I did as he said.
We raised our glasses , nodded and downed them. The glow was stronger than
the burn this time.
I kiss my Son deeply and passionately throwing caution to the wind. My
hands explore his body. His kiss tastes of beer and smoke. I eat it up
"I want all of you Bill , ALL of you I gasp."
I pull of him , my chest heaving as is his. We both light up.
"What do you want now Bill?"
Without a word he pulls my boxerbriefs down and drops to his knees. He
inhales deeply , seals his lips on the end of my juicy foreskin and blows
it up , filling it with reds smoke. He pinches the skin shut and tells me
to watch. He released the end of my hood and a cloud of smoke escapes ,
which he inhales.
"That was awesome Bill."
"Dad pour us another shot , I have to piss and I need another smoke."
Bill leaves to piss and I pour two more shots and light up again
myself. He returns with just my flannel shirt on hard and oozing precum.
We do the routine , raise our glasses and nod , down them and there is
nothing but pure glow for me. I ask him to stand in front of me and turn
around. He gladly does so. I remove the smoke from my mouth and put my
nose in his asscrack. I inhale deeply. Bill takes the red outta my hand ,
I hear the lighter flick and a new red appears. I inhale deeply , as I
inhale deeply with determination , Bill slowly bends over the kitchen table

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