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An old dear friend........MMMMMMMMmmm

This I want to say is a true story.......About a year ago I met this woman on Facebook that I had an affair with about 6 years ago(2006) and we contacted each other and finally after about 5 months we decided to meet. We had always been attracted to each other sexually and mentally. But over the period she had gotten married and moved to WV about 40 miles from me. When we finally met at my place we kissed and sat and talked for a couple hours it seemed. She finally moved closer and kissed me again and that is where things got even better. We ended up fucking on the couch and in my bedroom for about 2 hours. She always loved being eaten and her clit licked and her nipples sucked and I obliged her without hesitating. We tried just about every position and hardly spoke the entire time. I loved her sucking my cock and playing with my balls while I fondled her tits. We did 69 and that is one thing I really love as I can get my tongue really deep in her pussy and she came so many times in that position. As I couldn't hold it any longer I told her I was cumming and pushed me away and as quick as she could put my cock in her mouth and sucked till I just shot cum and to my amazement she swallowed it all and kept on sucking and licking. That I might add she never did in the past. After lying and talking for an hour or so she showered and went home. And now is where it really gets interesting. We meet every Wednesday in a nearby city where she works, rent the same motel room and fuck and fuck till we are exhausted. I had mentioned to her in a text message that I would love to film us sucking and fucking and she was into it. So now I take my cams and we take pics of different poses and angles. She loves filming me with my face buried in her pussy and she can cum just filming me doing that. She had never done anal sex before and this past week she surprised me and asked me if I could fuck her asshole and I said I would try but if it hurts I will stop. After about a half hour of me fucking her pussy she says let me roll over and she cocked her ass up and leaned on her elbows so I put a little oil on my cock and started to push was tight to say the least and I said you must relax or it won't feel good so I felt her take a deep breath and the next thing I knew my cock was slowly going in and out a little at time. Finally I buried it in her and she moaned and said oh my I am cumming and I could feel her orgasm. That made me more excited and I kept pumping away and filming as I tried to hold it in but it was just a minute or less that my balls exploded and I filled her as with cum.........quickly she turned around to suck my cock which was dripping with cum and she sucked and played with my balls till my cock was getting hard again and that has never happened that quickly before. She lie down on the bed and said eat my pussy and fuck me with all you have and again I obliged her. Well to say the least that drained all the energy I had. Then we decided to shower together and she started sucking on me again and then leaned against the shower wall and put her one leg over my shoulder and I knew what she wanted so I sucked and licked her pussy and clit and damn she came again.......finally she had enough and went back to her office to finish up other business. I will bring you updates and pics in a few days..........

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