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My milf neighbor 2

this is the secound part,have fun:

after that day i started to do some new things:

the next day my mom came home and after here shower i got in her room naked,i put my hand on my cock and started to jark off.she came and she saw me:

"what are you doind?"

"why are you doing this in my room?i know you are at the age when you do this but you could do this in your room"

"mom i ...i saw a few days ago masturbathing with your toys and i can't stop thinking about it"

"what?i am sorry that you saw that"

"i saw you so nao i want you to help me"

"what do you mean?"

"i want you to jark me off,to use you hand"

"no i can't do such a thing,and i can't belive that we are having this talk"

i started to go near her and she was looking at my hard cock:"please look how hard i am,help me this time only"

"no,i will not"

"come with me,i have somthing to show you"i took her to my room and i showed her the video with her taking a bath

she was very surprised and i said:"i will put this video with you on the internet if you do not do this"

after a few arguments she got on her knees and put her hand on my cock and started rubing it,i started to moam

"now kiss it"

"what?no,you said that just with my hands"

"that was the last offer,now you do what i say so that i will not put that video on the internet"

she kissed my cock:"now use you tongue".she put my cock in her mouth and started to suck felt so good in her mouth.

i sat on my chair and she was doing me a blowjob,she started to lick my balls and after a few minutes:"i will cum,i want on your face" so i cum you her face

"don't do that.take with your finger and put it in your mouth"

"please don't i never did that"


she got up and get to the bathroom to wash

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