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Randy loses anal virginity

Going back a while ago I really wanted to know what it be like to be fucked.

So.. I logged onto a gay social site and arranged a meet.

I ended up going to this guys flat. He was around 40ish. He showed me in and we went straight to the bedroom. I was slightly nervous at the idea. But, hell I was here now.

We had an awkward conversation then went to it. He began to kiss me. I responded and soon it was tongues. Feeling around each others mouths. I went and grabbed his cock. It was already semi-hard like mine. I rubbed him for a minute or two then we stepped back from each other and stripped off down to our underwear. He was wearing tighty whiteys and I had black boxer shorts on. I decided to take the lead at this point. I got down on my knees in front of him. Pulling off his underwear I then jerk and sucked his cock until it was hard. Then we both got on the bed and went into a 69 position. Sucking each others cocks.

I soon had relaxed and began to enjoy it. He then said 'protection?' I replied 'Yes.' a little worried about doing it 'bareback' even through I would like to some day.

So he got the lube out and began to massage my asshole with his thumb and fore finger. Slowly he pushed his thumb in and more lube. I groaned. He then got me to lay on my back with my legs in the air. Pushing my legs more towards me he then added a bit more lube, stopping for a few seconds he put on the condom.

Then slowly his cock entered my ass. It hurt at first but then it started to feel really good.

He began to pound my ass. His balls slapping against me. I was soon telling him to 'fuck me harder' I felt like I was turning into a right slut. My nerves had vanished and I just wanted to be fucked.

As he fucked me I jerked my hard cock. Groaning and moaning I asked 'for more' and 'harder'.

It lasted for about six or seven minutes. Then he 'I am going to cum' I was responded. 'Cum in my ass' to which he groaned and filled my tight virgin ass.

I also spunked at the same time all over myself.

It was so hot. I have met him a couple of times since to have my tight ass fucked. It feels so good. And no strings fun. We don't even know each others name...

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