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My milf neighbor

next door lives a beautiful 45 woman,she looks like Lisa Ann,great ass,big and great tits,beautiful and every thing that you want from a woman.

i am 18 and i want so much to fuck so one summer day she was sunbathing without the bra.i was looking for something and i saw her,her tits,i imediatly got hard and with no one else in the house i put down my pants an start to rub my cock.

i was masturbathing for a few minutes and she stand up and got inside the house.i was pissed beacause i didn't finish but she appers in a room in whick i can see and put down her pantsand start's tu rub her pussy.she gets from the wardrobe a toy she puts it in her pussy and goes on and play with it when i play with my dick

she continues for a few minutes when she starts looking at me but i didn't noticed and i got evern more excited because she was looking and me and then she opens her window:

"you like the show?"

i was surprised and scared and i didn't say anything

"i want you to came to my place right now"

so i got there thinking that she will tell my parrents.i enterd the house and she was there stiill naked so i imediatly got a hard-on just by looking at her.

"i don't want to tell your parrentes about this and i am very orny so i want you to lick my pussy...but i want to see you naked so get your clothes off"

i got my clothes off and when i got my pants off she get close to me:"get on your knees"

i got on my knees and start lick her pussy..she put her legs arround my head and start moaming.

when she was done i got up and she said that she want's me to do something else:"i want you to film your mom naked while you jark off to her"

"i will not do suck a thing"

"i am sure that you want and that you masturbate thinking about her so what's the problem?"

i wanted to deny what she said but i was to amazed by what she wanted me to do."i will tell you exactly what to do and you wont get in trobles but if you do not agree i will tel them imediatly about this"

"fine i will do it"

so i got home and i started to follow her intructions

my mom got home at 6 and started to take a shower but i hiden a camera in the bathroom so i recorded her.after her shower i got the tape and started waching it,i loved her body,she has olso big tits and big ass but she is not as beautiful as my milf next door.

by the way her name is i followed cleo's plan but it wasn't over.

i got to another room and took my mom's panties from the bathroom and started to rub my cock.i knew that she will see me if she would come a few minutes she came and i put my headphones on just to pretand that i listen to something(cleo's ideea).she came and saw me with my cock in my hand and moaming and with her panties in the other hand at my mouth sniffing them.the headphones wore just for the show so i could here her reaction:"oo my god,what are you doing?"and then she put her hands at the mouth.she probably thought that i didn't see her so she did not interrupt me.

i masturbated until i cum and i moamed a little loud beacause i knew she was still upsters and i ever see her in the oppasite room waching the hole time.she closed the door to the room until i took all my stuf in my room.

the next day my mom didn't say anything and i am sure that she tell nobody and i took the tape with her in the shower to Cleo:

"i don't want the tapes,you have fun waching and jarking off to it.i just wanted to give you a reward for licking my pussy,i didn't have any fun in the last month"

"your mother wont tell any one about that and you liked knowing that she waches you while you masturbate so you can do that a few more times and then i will tel you what to do next"

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