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My aunt from next door

hi,this is my first story and i hope you will like it:

my aunt live next door to me and she is 42 years old and what an ass she has.She is blond,great ass,not very big tits and it very beutiful,divorced and she has a k**.(i am 18)

my f****y goes to visit here very often and she comes to as and i always wanted to fuck her.

one day she came to as because needed to talk something with my mother and she came to me in my room to ask me if i can help her with her leptop and i said yes and i go to her hoase and i star to fix her leptop.she saiz that she have to go somewhere(i dont remember where).

after she left i start to think about her underwear(i masturbeted many times's thinling about her and snifing her underwear) and i got to one of her wardrobe and i found some pants of her and i pull out my cock and started to masturbate with her panties.she has so many different panties(red,black,white thong).

i didnt finish when i heard her come in the house and i took one of her panties,put it in my pocket and i got to her computer and continue my work.

after i finised with her computer i got home but at the door shes saiz thank you and how could i repay you and i was only thinking about saing her to get on her knee to suck my cock.

after i got home i masturbated with those panties but i wanted to have sex with her or something like that.

after some time i wanted to go to her to fuck her and i came with a plan.i thought that i would put my plan in action with 2 days before my living in spain at some friends.i got to her house i said to her that i need to use her computer,she was ok with it and after i got in the house she goes in the kitchen and i go to the wardrobe where she keps her panties and i chose on and take my pants down,take my cock in my hands and start to jarkoff

in a few minutes i hear her come and i just continued to masturbate and when she saw me,her face surprised.i putt my pants back up:

"i am sorry"

she just looked at my cock until i putt it in my pants and than wanted to tell me something but she couldn't

"i was very horny and i was you panties and i couldn't control myself.i am sorry"

she finally starts to say something:"it's ok,i was just very surprised to see your"

my plan it's working:"please don't tell my parrents"

"i will not tell them.but promise me that you will tell me when you want to do something like this again.i am not upset and you can take my panties to jarkoff but tell so i don't come and find you like this again"

i was so happy:"ok but can you help me this time,with your hand"

"what?no i can't do this,we are relatives"

"please just this time and i promise that from now on i will tell you"
she was now upset:"no,this is wrong and you should stop"

so i pulled my pants down and she loocked and my cock,i was so horny and excited"look how hard is my cock,if you rub it a few times i will .."

"stop it,i don't want to here such thing"

"one time,just this time,it will be quick" and i go to her and grab her hand and take it to my cock but i don't put it on my cock

she just loocked:"just this time ok?"


she place her hand on my cock and started to rub feelt so great and i:"please get on your knees"

she get on her knees and just keep rubbing my dick until i started to fell like i was going to cum:"i am going to cum,please go on" and she continued and i cum on the floor

"i hope you liked it,i will clean this please go home and don't tell anyone about this"

"ok thank you it was amazing"

i hope you liked it and sorry for my writing

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