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Santa fucks Olivia

It was late Christmas eve and Olivia was laying in bed feeling quite horny and with everyone in the house asl**p she started to slowly move her hand down her naked body until she got to her already wet pussy and she gently started to rub herself trying to think of someone sexy using her and that is when she thought it would be hot for Santa to catch her being naughty but little did she know what was going to happen in the next few minutes. As she played she had her eyes closed and as she climaxed and laid on be bed shuddering and shaking uncontrollably as her orgasm shot through her body she opened them to see this big shadow in the corner of the room. She thought she was just seeing things but when the shadow moved closer and she new then that someone was in the room with her and that someone had been watching her, who could it be she thought. Maybe it was her uncle or other f****y member but who ever it was must have seen everything she just did and was now about to come into sight, what would they say, she thought, would they tell everyone else. This deep voice told her to continue and as this guy came into view she saw that it was Santa and she could not believ her eyes. She was quite shocked but when he ordered her to continue once more but in a more Dominating voice she started to play with herself again. Santa went over and picked up Olivia's soaked silk panties that she had been wearing all day and put them up to his nose and breathed in her aroma and then moved back over to the bed where Olivia was still playing with herself. He gently laid the silk panties on to one of her legs and slowly moved them up her body and the feeling of her wet silk panties gently gliding over her naked body drove her over the edge and she climaxed once more and she squirted her cum over her bed and as she laid there on the bed Santa continued gliding the panties over her body until they were above her mouth and her ordered her to open it and as she did he f***ed them into her mouth and grabbed her and pulled her off the bed and he started sucking on her hard nipples and she soon started moaning with pleasure through her panties. He took his time on each of her nipples sucking on them hard before spinning her round and bending her over the bed and he pulled out his big 9 inch cock and he f***ed straight into her tight teen pussy and she screamed through her panties but this just made him start to fuck her even harder and he pounded her for what seemed like hours to her and she had countless orgasms and her body was becoming weak as he continued to use her body for his pleasure. As another orgasm started to build inside her he was getting close to cumming so he started to rub her pussy as e continued to fuck her and as she screamed out loud he started to cum deep inside her and she could feel every squirt of his seed filling her, making her his. Santa pulled his cock out of her pussy and Olivia thought that was it but she was wrong, Santa wanted more and what he wanted was her Virgin ass. So he grabbed her and moved her on to the bed laying her head on to her pillow so she was face down and he put her into a position almost like the doggy position so her ass was above her head and he moved in behind her and he started to rub the head of his big cock against as pussy letting his cum out of her as he wanted to use it to help lube her virgin hole and as he started to rub his cum over it she once again found herself moaning with pleasure and she could not believe that her body wanted this and that she was letting it take control and as she felt his cock start to penetrate her she found her hand start to move down to her pussy and start to play with it and tease it as more and more of Santa's cock disappeared inside her. He held on to her hips and started to pound her ass as hard as he could and he was soon starting to cum inside her once again and she squirted one last time. Santa pulled his cock out of her and got off the bed and got changed before leaving her laying on the bed completely used. Olivia could not believe what had just happened to her and she had to pinch herself to see if she was dreaming or not and then she started to feel more of Santa's cum coming out of both her holes and she new at that instant that she was now his and that he would be back for more. She was not sure how she could tell her parents about how she ended up getting pregnant but that was something to worry about when the time comes and she was more interested in when Santa would come back to see her again

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