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First Orgasm Story (for the enjoyment / morbid cur

So, just a caveat before I get started: this story is being told as I remember it, with basically zero editing, re-writing, or other editorial processes. So if at any point you find it weird, lame, gross, perverted, or pathetic, then feel free to stop reading at that point and keep your thoughts to yourself. Also, while I cannot control who reads this story, I have written this story solely with the fairer sex in mind (that'd be women), so although I don't mind if guys read it, I'd really prefer not to have a bunch of gay comments or PM's about it. On the other hand, if you're a chick who enjoys this story, I'd LOVE to hear it. ;) Here goes:

I've never told anyone this some ways, I can't believe I'm typing it up right now. But, they say the truth shall set us I should be a free motherfucker when this thing's over.

I'm going to start with a not-so-brief history of sexual impressions from my c***dhood that led up to the circumstances of my first proper orgasm. Not because you should care, but because it's my story and this is how I'm telling it. :P

So, I can recall that, at around the age of 5 (or younger, not sure), I was outside on a sunny playground and one of the nannies (a fair, thick brunette named Jan) at the daycare I was in had a white summer dress on and was sitting on a bench at the side of the playground. I remember realizing that I could see up her skirt, and becoming very excited that I was seeing her vagina (she was not wearing panties, this was early 80's, in Los Angeles, go figure) naturally, I hemmed and hawed around on the playground in the right spot (I was short, so I really just had to stand 6 - 10 feet in front of her) so I could eyeball her exposed, hairy crotch as much as possible. I certainly don't recall getting an erection, and it seems very unlikely I would have because of my young age....all I knew was that pussy was fuckin' exciting....intriguing....forbidden....all the feelings a little boy might have when, for the first time, he sees a woman's vagina that is not his mother's.

My parents were divorced when I was too young to really remember, but my father remarried when I was 6....I was his best man, and a cute little fucker at that, I'm sure. I was a straight-haired, blue-eyed toe-head as a c***d with freckles, ;) My father always had a thing for curvy blondes with long hair, and he passed that appreciation on to me from as early as I can remember being interested in women as sexual creatures. Soooo, naturally, he married a curvy, long-haired blonde with very fair skin, C's, and an enormous but firm ass. Like Jello made with too little water. This thing was insane....anyway, I was lucky enough to be raised in a household where nudity was no biggie, so I got to watch my step-mom parade around the house in all manner of first, I remember thinking of her as my "other mom" so I didn't really think much of it. But as it continued, and I aged a couple of years (around 9 or 10), I began to gain a much keener interest in my stepmother's....assets. I began to make sure my door was open when she got out of the shower, always sat on the couch across from her rocker when she was in her robe with no panties, was a good time, for sure....until I moved away to live with my real mother, that is!

Then, I only spent every other weekend over at my dad's, and for some reason it seemed like mine and her schedules during those days just didn't offer a whole lot in the way of titillation for little ol' me. It was a bummer, but I learned to move on, appreciating the company and wiles of other females, many schoolmates my own age and some neighborhood girls a little older. When I say "appreciating the company and wiles", I don't mean sexual activity or contact of any sort. I just mean enjoying talking with, seeing, enjoying spending time with, etc....I didn't have sex for the first time until I was 16, mostly because I was shy and not sure just how to go about getting a chick to fuck me....but that's another story.

Anyway, I moved back in with my father at the ripe old age of 14, as a freshman in high school. By this time, I had had several different girlfriends, some of whom I had made out with and felt up, I was definitely getting some practice in getting aroused, but hadn't actually nutted or anything.

Now, I had begun to masturbate about a year earlier (to like newspaper dept store bra / swimwear ads), when I was in the 8th grade...and although I had masturbated for a whole summer between 8th and 9th grade, with pre-cum oozing out and all that, I never came and didn't know I was supposed to. These were different times, with no internet, and no reality tv, or even cable to the exposure to sexual concepts, ideas, and education was pretty limited in my life up until this point. I knew guys were supposed to "cum", but I didn't know what that meant. I probably thought that my pre-cum was cum, but I can't remember specifically if I thought that much about it or not. All I knew was that stroking my cock felt really good, and I liked to do it as often as I could, usually when no one else was home cuz I liked to peek out the windows at neighbor MILF's and whatnot.

Back to moving back in with my father and step-mother: so by now I'm pretty much in the grips of a full-fledged teen-aged hormonal assault. I had my own room, which was right across the hall from my parents' master bedroom. My parents wore clothes more frequently in the mornings these days, although it was not uncommon to see my father or step-mother make a brief nude or semi-nude appearance in a common area if they were grabbing some clothing, popping in to say something to one another as they were getting ready, etc. So naturally, now that I am in full-blown teen perv mode, these little glimpses of my step-mother were driving me fucking wild. I began to fantasize about her basically all the fuckin' time.....and one of the things this led to was interest in her panties. At first it was her panty drawer, but one day I spotted her laundry hamper and my pervy teen curiosity got the best of me. From the first whiff of those wonderfully fragrant cotton treasures, I was hooked. I began to go into her room as often as I could to check the new dirty pantie / hose stock, and inhale deeply while I jerked my increasingly large teenage cock.

One day, I put her panties around my dick (not sure why, I guess as a way to have my dick as close to inside her pussy as possible) and started stroking. I had another pair of her panties in my other hand, holding them to my nose and really enjoying the intoxicating mix of pheremones, sweat, and pussy excretions. All of a sudden, I felt a strange sensation, like maybe I was gonna piss or somethin'....but it felt quickly as I realized I was experiencing a new sensation and looked down at the head of my dick wrapped in her dirty white cotton panties, without warning an enormous (or it seemed enormous at the time) load of semen shot out of my penis, through the fabric of the panties, and started running down my hand. I was totally confused....the sensation was unfuckingbelievable but also so foreign! And what was this weird shit that just shot out of my dick?! After what must only have been a few seconds of a strange mixture of euphoria, disgust, and confusion, I finally put together that this must be what an orgasm feels and looks like. Of course, once I managed to put two and two together, my disgust and confusion gave way to pride and excitement, as I now knew that every future jerk session could (and would, if I had anything to do with it) end with a similarly mind-blowing conclusion, albeit a newly messy one.

And there you have it, ladies...the sordid tale of one young man's first orgasm. If you enjoyed this story, please don't hesitate to let me know, or share your own first orgasm story! And who knows, if I get some good feedback about this story, I might even follow it up with more lurid tales of lusting after (and being lusted after) by my step-mother.

Thanks for reading! :)

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