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Captured part 2

Part two.

After having ben in his little padded and videosurveued prison, still chained, one of the jailers came back and began realeasing the manacles from the ring in the floor, but othervise kept them on the male prisoner.

Few minutes after, the second man appeared, together each of them grabbing their side of the victim, holding him in his armpits, they dragged him, not bothering that he's feet dragged the floor out of the prison, through a hallway to another bigger room and dropped him in on the middle of the floor, closing the door after them, but not leaving, waiting, and enjoying the sight, enjoying the power they had, enjoying what they knew would come, letting their minds play with the possiblities, showing small smiles of anticapation, and pehaps a hint of cruelty.

A woman entered through another door, with decisive and solid steps, 28 years of age, 1,70 meters of height, shoulderlength dark hair, wearing kneelength black skirt, showing her hip clearly, white top and shoes with a little heel, she was strict in her demeanor and posture, showing clear displeasure, lips tightly pressed together, scornfull look in her eyes.

She stopped in front of the prisoner, ordered one of the males to unlock and remove the blindfold.
The prisoner, Michael was his name, blinked in the light,having ben in complete darkness, his sight adjusting to the change.

Surprise was his first feeling, showing clearly on his face, he knew the woman, it was his girlfriend though 3 years now, Linda.

She began explaining to michael, the prisoner:
"I know what you have done, again, the first time you cheated on me with another woman, i forgave you and let it pass, but you couldn't hold your cock back now, could you?"

A sneer went over her tight lips after that.

She went on.

"This second affair will not be easily forgiven, and i will teach you to never again repeat it, i will make you loathe it, so you can expect training, and don't you worry what will happen, that is not for you to decide."

She took a black marker and wrote the word cheater x 2 on his forehead and over his cock.

Photos were taken by one of the guys present.

"you must be hungry" Linda said, "after all you hav ben imprisoned nearly 2 days, so here's your food dog"

She placed a dogdish in front of his face, with dogfood, gave the order to remove the gag with a single and sharp warning.
"If you even try to speak, the gag goes back in immidiately and there will be no food for you this time, so think before you do anhything."

The collar and gag was removed.

He was frightend, confused, dazed, didn't know what to do, but then Linda gave a sharp reminder of her command, that for the time being, pushed the feelings slightly aside.

he was hungry, he felt it suddenly, up to this point, he had ben to worried and confused to think about it, but he realized he was hungry, his stomach growling.
But how hungry was he, enough to eat what was in the bowl?
No, not yet.
And Linda saw it, knew the time was not right yet, knew she would have to wait another day or two, before his hunger was sufficient for him to comply.
She had time, and would use it, with it, came ideas for his training, she would use the time.

"If you behave well, this will be all the more easy for you, the more you resist, the more pain you will experience, it's your choice"

The two men turned Michael on his back and held mĀ“him tight, the protested, getting in return a sleb on both sides of his face, and a shut up.
Linda negan pouring water from a bottle into his mouth, little at a time, letting him swallow, followed occasionally by som spit of her own of one of the guys.
Evwntuelly the bottle was emptied and gag, metal posturecollar and bliondfod were put into place again.
A few minutes later, he felt dizzy and sl**py, knowing what would happen, he couldn't help being frightend about waking up and see what she had planned.

To be continued.

(Authors comment: I hope you like this experimental story, reflecting an interest of mine.
Forgive me if i happen to overlook grammatical errors."

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