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Santa Claus cum early (non fiction)

This story is non fiction but would love to be Santa Claus.
It was close to christmas and my parents decided to have a fancy dress house party, people had to dress in seasonal costumes. As the guests arrived all types of costumes where there from snowman to not so little elves to santa's help[ers anf of cause santa him self.

My parents dressed in great costumes mum was a sexy santa helper and dad as The grinch. The party was swinging booze and food aplenty, I got chatting to a couple of identical s****rs 4 doors down from us they where hot and I don't meen heat wise, Sally was dressed as a elf and Julie was a snowman or pc snow person.

Sally and I got on great and I admitted I fancied her like hell she confessed she thought I was well fit I joked and said you should see me naked and cop a load at the six pack as well as the length, Sally blushed and kissed me softly on the lips I gently rubbed her tit as she groaned with pleasure, Julie on the otherhand was ok but we never really spoke alot.

Sally whispered lets go to my room so she could see my six pack as she finds that hot on a guy, I got up and went upstairs, I could hear noises from my parents bedroom and peeked round the door, there was mum on her knees sucking a black santas cock I watched in awe as the black meat slid in and out of her mouth it was huge.

She took it out of her mouth and rubbed it all of a sudden a thick stream of cum went all over her face as his dick went limp, I hurried back to my roon not believing what I had just seen my mum sucking a neighbours cock. I felt a huge buldge in my trousers but should i jack off or not and risk the chance of Sally walking in I decided not to and sat on my bed.

Sally knocked on the door and came in she said well lets see then as I removed my costume and t shirt, she steared at the well formed six pack, and said it was awsome. she walked up and stroked my chest she said it was making her wet and slid her hand onto my cock,she gasped as she felt the huge lump in my shorts, she nelt down and pulled my shorts down to reveal a huge length that was rising up.

Sally said that is massive as she rubbed it slowly it must be atleast 12" long I shurgged my shoulders and said I dunno, I groaned as she rubbed it slowly falling on the bed enjoying it, Sally stood up and removed her costume, her tits where perfect a nice shape and pink nipples she was wearinfg a sexy black thong you could see she shaved.

She kissed my fully on the lips as she stroaked my throbing cock, I slid my hand onto her pussy she has soaking wet as I gently removed,removed her thong, her pussy was smooth,I slid my finger into her slit she whispered she wanted to suck my cock I nodded as she lowered her head onto my dick.

I felt her warm mouth sink around my cock head, starting to move up and down, it was good, I felt my cock twitch as I emptied my load in her mouth. She said that was awsome and had never done anything like that before. We sat on my bed as I felt her tits and rubbing her nipples, I told her to lay back and open her legs she did this as I knelt infront of her, I lowered my head and slowly licked her pussy lips, she tasted sweet as sugar.

I slightly pushed my tounge in as she moaned she arched her back as she put her hand on my head softly saying it felt good. I put 2 fingers in her pussy as I finer fucked, her jucies soaked my fingers in her sticky jucies as she shook and orgasmed 3 or 4 times on the bounce. She gassped breathless as she now wanted to be fucked, but confessed she had only wanked a boy off never fucking him.

We lay on the bed I whispered I would take it slow as I climbed on top of her pushing my huge cock into her slit, as i slid in she gassped encouraging me to go in further, I could see her face it was full of pleasure, I moved slowly as I slid in all the way as we kissed I felt her pussy muscles grip my shaft.

Her hips moved as I fucked her slowly groaning and begging for more I rammed it in as she cum in a instant, I pulled out and told her to get on her knees I got behind and fucked her like a horny mutt, all of a sudden the door opened and in walked Julie. She looked shocked at me fucking her s****r.

She shut the door and walked,in saying wtf was going on,Sally said she was being fucked my a huge cock, Julie demmanded I pull out so she could see it, as I slid out Julie gassped at the sight of my cock, she reached over and grabbed it rubbing it hard,Sally's jucies still on it, Julie stripped of her tits where the same as Sallys's but bigger nipples, and a hairy pussy well trimmed tho.

Julie started to suck my cock as sally kissed me the unlimate fantasy fucking identical s****rs. they both laid down on the bed and started to kiss each other their fingers probing each others pussy's I moved in for the kill as I slammed my cock into sally banging it in and out as sally shooked and cum again and again.

I got inbetween julies legs and pushed my cock into her hairy hole, she had fucked a few blokes including 2 of my mates, they said she was a awsome lay,and would do anything for a cock in her. I rammed my cock in and out like a piston driving a train as my cock swelled and pulsed it exploded in Julies pussy wave after wave of thick cum. I slumped and rolled of Sally called Julie a greedy cow and got inbetween her legs licking her cum filled pussy.

I got behind sally and started to eat her pussy that was now gaping open, as I eat her they came at the same time both screaming orgasms the whole house must of heard them. We got dressed and rejoined the part mum had a go at me for being absent I told her I had seen her sucking a black cock, she went quiet as I watched dad slobber allover the twins mother.

They dissapered I knew what dad was gonna get and if she was as hot as her daughters he was in for a treat, after about 10 mins I went to seak out dad I peaked out the door,to see him fucking this women her dress up round her waist her tits dangling like mad her begging for more,shouting to be taken like a bad girl all of a sudden she screamed and dad groaned emptying his load into her pussy, I went back inside and enjoyed the rest of the party.

A great christmas was given to all.

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