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Older Black Step-b*o

Older Black Step-b*o

My Dad left us when I was 3 years old. To be honest, i don't really
remember him much, but i do remember that it made my mother sad. Although i
never knew it, we struggled for a few years after the divorce was
finalised. My mum had me at 32, but was still a vital woman in her mid
thirties, and soon managed to fall in love again. His name was Cal Wilson,
and he was the manager at the time of a local hardware store. I remember
being 5 years old and being frightened by him. He was big, black and fierce
looking, but he grabbed me and put me on his shoulders and ran around the
store with me laughing the whole time. Pretty much since that moment i have
considered him my dad. He and my mother married less than a year later.

Cal had also been married before, and had a son from that relationship.
Tyrone was 12 years older than me though, so we never really had a cause to
be jealous of each other, and besides, he and my mom got on great. I
remember Tyrone as being the fun loving teenager, and would somtimes even
let me hang out with his friends as they played football or watched tv, and
he never let them make fun of or pick on me. Tyrone was sort of the alpha
of the pack anyway, and no-one really crossed him.

When he turned 19, and i was just 7, he joined the marines and left. I
remember being really sad, but he took me out the day he left, just the two
of us. He explained that we would always be b*****rs, and nothing was ever
going to change that. It cheered me up, and i wrote to him every week, and
he always replied, no matter where he was or what he was doing.

So i started to grow up myself. My parents were pretty fair, and to be
honest, i was a good k**. I got great grades, and stayed out of trouble.
Puberty hit me like a hammer, but in a good way. I was always an attractive
k**, and puberty didn't change that. My white blonde hair darkened to a
sandy blonde, and i shot up like a weed. I filled out too, and quickly, and
become the quarterback for the football team and captain of the lacrosse
team. I ended up at 18 as 6'2" tall, and was still finishing growing.

What did become clear was my sexuality. Pretty quickly i figured out that
the girls in junior high and high school did nothing compared to my
team-mates on the lacrosse and football teams. I always had to focus in the
showers and ignore as much horseplay as i could, in fear that i would get
hard. But once i got home i would beat off furiously, remembering those
pert teenage buttocks and swinging dicks.

Tyrone used to come visit once or twice a year for a couple of weeks. As of
14, i started to appreciatively notice his muscular body. Once, i
accidently walked in on him in the shower when i was 15, and saw him
completely naked, soaping his dark, muscular body. He turned and even
started chatting to me, letting me get an eyeful of his big, heavy dick and
bullnuts. From that time on, i used to masturbate to that image a lot. I
felt guilty about it afterwards, but usually during a wank session it would
pop back into my head.

Anyway, i graduated with awesome grades, and got offered an academic
scholarship to a great college. I could have been offered a sports
scholarship, but my parents suggested i would have more time to devote to
studies if i didn't have to worry about performance on the field too. It
was good advice, as always, and i took it. My parents were so proud of me,
and had a surprise. Tyrone was coming home for extended leave over the
summer, and they were going on a cruise. We would have the place to
ourselves, though they made it clear that Tyrone was in charge. Still
Tyrone was fun loving, even though he had just turned 30, and would be far
less strict than my parents.

When he came in, he had just gotten in, and my parents were literally just
leaving for the airport to start their trip.

"Hey there Chris. Just you and me for a couple months huh? I'm sure we'll
be fine to figure out some stuff to do." He said, wrapping an muscualr arm
around my shoulder.

I grinned back. "Sure thing, since all my buddies are taking trips before
college starts, so i've got nothing to do."

"Shit huh? I'm in the same boat. None of my buddies are on leave, and all
my old friends moved out of town. So it is really just you and me." He

We fell into an easy rythym. We worked out together in the mornings in the
basement, and i tried not to drool over his bare chest as he worked up a
sweat. He complimented me on my workout routine.

"Shit little b*o, you keep working out like that, your gonna end up my size
too." he said proudly, giving my biceps a squeeze.

"Aw, shutup Tyrone." I said, hitting him in the arm playfully. Sure, i was
big for an 18 year old, but Tyrone was a 30 year old big black stud trained
by the military. I couldn't hold a candle to him.

In the days, we'd hang out and shoot the shit, and watch some sports. At
night, Tyrone would have a couple of beers and even let me have a couple
too. But our easy routine soon got boring, but neither one of us could
think of much to vary our day, and money wasn't tight, but it wasn't
limitless either. One day, during a workout, Tyrone got an idea.

"Hey Chris, did dad ever teach you how to play poker?" he asked as we were
working out in the basement again.

"Yeah, sure he did. why?" i asked.

"Well, i don't know about you, but it's been a week and i'm bored out of my
mind and could use a little fun." He said with a smirk.

"Sure, poker could be fun, but i don't have much money to bet." I said

"No problem. We can play like my buddies in the corps do." He said

"Uh, how's that?" i asked.

"Well, sometimes we'd all be short on cash but after some high stakes fun.
So we used to bet for forfeits. A little strip poker." He said.

I went open mouthed at the thought in shock.

"Hey b*o, it's no biggie. It's just some fun guys do every now and again.
You're old enough now to play too. My buddies and me play all the time." he
said reassuringly.

I imagined Tyrone and his marine buddies all joking around the table,
playing poker in various states of undress. The idea intrigued me, and the
slightest chance of seeing Tyrone naked again excited me. But i was still

"I dunno b*o, i just don't." i replied warily.

"Heh, cmon b*o, we need to do something different to break this boredom.
Tell you what, i'll bet a high stake vs your low stake. I've been playing
longer, and so it's only fair." He cajoled.

"Uh... what stakes?" i said, intrigued again.

"Heh, well, the usual one we used to play was whoever got naked first had
to be naked for the rest of leave. So tell you what. I win, you gotta stay
fully naked for the week, just like leave. You win, and hell, i'll stay
fully naked all summer!" He said laughing.

My dick started to plump up and I felt flushed, but he must have thought it
was embarrassment at the idea, but it was desire and excitement.

"Hey, what the hell, you only live once, huh b*o?" i said as casually as

"Awesome. Ok, let's get dressed for it. Put on some socks, sweatpants over
those shorts, and a shirt. Be ready in 10 minutes b*o." He said, climbing
up the stairs.

I went up to my room and tried to calm my nerves as i got dressed. I
couldn't believe this was happening. My stomach was like butterflies, and i
kept wondering if this was the right thing to do. I dressed, and went back
downstairs, ready to call the whole thing off, until i saw Tyrone waiting
for me at the dining table, shuffling the deck and with some chips in front
of him. I don't know what possessed me, but i decided to sit down and go
with it.

"Ok, so rules. We each get ten chips. twenty-one chips is maximum bet.
After each hand, you discard any extra chips above 10. You can buy 10 extra
chips, but if you lose the hand and can't pay them back, you lose a piece
of clothing, no limit on number of chips you can buy per hand. It goes
sock, sock, shirt, sweats, shorts, underwear. Once you lose the underwear,
you lose. Got it?" he asked.

I nodded, as he began to deal the cards.

The first hand we played warily, and i lost 3 chips. on the second i folded
after losing 2 more. The third hand, i was so nervous, i mistook a 6 for a
9, and thought i had three of a kind, when i only had a pair. I lost all my
chips, and had to buy 10 new ones. The next hand, i lost 3 more chips.

"Ok b*o, that's one sock gone, on the floor." he said grinning.

I rolled my eyes and pulled a sock off and dropped it to the floor.

The next hand was a disaster. I had an actual three of a kind, so i bet
big, but lost out to a full house. I had bet a total of 12 chips, and had
to pay for them with another sock. Tyrone was acting all cocky, since i had
yet to win a hand. I calmed myself down, knowing that until i did, every
expression on my face gave my cards away.

On the next hand, i looked up and saw Tyrone stroking his index finger
along the edge of his outermost card while looking thoughtful. With a
flash, i remembered something dad had told me when he was teaching me to
play poker.

"Remember Chris, every poker player has tells, little things that give them
away. Take your b*****r for example; If he's got a dead hand, he strokes
the card on the left, and if he goes quiet, he's thinking of bluffing..."

With a start, i realised that in teaching me, Dad had used Tyrone's tells
as examples. If he was right, then Tyrone was about to bet big.

"I'll raise you 5." Tyrone said confidently, tossing in his chips.

I looked at my cards. Great hand, a straight, all high cards. I decided to
test the theory.

"Ok...i'll see your 5, and i'll raise you 2." I said, pushing nerves into
my voice, which wasn't hard. I had no idea if i was right or not.

"Ok, i'll see, and raise 5 more." he said, looking dead at me.

I wasn't sure now. Maybe i had remembered wrongly. But i realised i was
already 2 pieces of clothing behind, and needed to try something to turn it

"Ok, i'll see, and raise you 9." i said, pushing to the maximum bet. Tyrone
would either have to call, or fold. I tried to act as nervous as possible,
hoping to lure him in.

"Fuck it, i'll call." he said

I lay down my cards, and Tyrone went quiet, before putting his cards down.

"Alright, you got lucky." he said, tugging off both his socks with a grin.

I was elated, but i had no idea if i was right, or if my hand was just too
strong. I discarded my extra chips, my 10 to his nine. He dealt the next
hand, and in shock I noticed him tracing his card again.

"I'll raise 10." i said quickly.

Tyrone snapped his head up. "See your ten, and raise you ten."

I gulped. Maybe i was wrong... but i was certain that is what i remembered.

"I call." i managed to get out.

Tyrone grumbled and lay down his cards....nothing but a ten high. Elated, i
dropped my pair of eights.

"Well big b*o, that's your shirt and your sweats" i said grinning.

Tyrone grumbled as he stood and peeled off his shirt. Even though he went
around shirtless all the time, somehow him losing the shirt made him look
more naked. I felt my cock stirring as dropped his sweats down and kicked
them off.

"That's the last hand you win, b*o." He grumbled, as he dealt out the cards

I picked up my hand. It was decent, but not great. I tried to remember what
else Dad had told me about Tyrone's game.

"Some players get frustrated easily and lose focus. Fold a few hands in a
row, and your b*****r gets reckless..."

I deliberately threw four hands, losing four chips as minimum bet, but i
could see it annoyed the hell out of Tyrone.

The next hand, i had a full house.

"I raise 6." Tyrone said.

"I'll see, and raise 5." i responded calmly.

Tyrone whipped his head up, and i knew he had made the bet, with nothing to
show for it. But his frustration must have overruled his sense.

"Call," he said, throwing his cards down... Two pair..

I lay down my cards, and his eyes went wide.

"That's shorts too now, b*o." I said calmly.

Tyrone glared and stood up, yanking down his shorts, revealing his boxer
shorts, with the the outline of his semi hard cock against them.

He played defensively, and so did i. I did not want to squander my 4
garment lead. However, i soon had him down to 3 chips, and he had to bet,
or he would be out no matter what.

I pulled up my cards, and saw 4 8's staring back at me.

"I raise 2." i said with a grin.

Tyrone licked his lips nervously. One thing i knew about Tyrone, he would
never back out of a bet. And he was as nervous as hell.

"Call" he said softly, laying down his hand, a full house.

I lay down my cards, and Tyrone just stared at them dumbstruck.

"Good thing it's summer b*o, or you'd be getting awful chilly being naked
for 3 months." i said grinning. "Now drop those boxers."

Tyrone stood, and hooked his thumbs into his waistband, and hesitated.

"Hey b*o, how bout double or nothing?" he suggested

"whaddya mean?" i said back.

"One game, high card draw. I win, you still be the naked one for the week.
You win, i pay a forfeit." He said.

I snorted "That's not fair, i beat you by 4 pieces of clothing and one card
undoes it all?"

"Ok ok. If I win, you be naked, if you win, i pay 4 bout
that?" he said, tryin to sound as friendly as possible.

I don't know what came over me, when i said "Ok, but i get to pick the
forfeits, and you don't get to know them in advance?"

Tyrone nodded "Ok deal."

Tyrone reached down and flipped over the top card, the queen of hearts. He
sighed in relief and punched the air, as i looked crestfallen. I had just
basically given up seeing my black hunk of a step-b*****r naked at my
leisure for 3 months. Morose, i flipped a card.

The ace of spades.

We both stared at it in shock, before i whooped with joy and jumped up,
laughing at Tyrone's panicked expression.

"Triple or nothing?" he yelled, realising how deep he was in.

"No way b*o, i am light years ahead, i don't need to gamble." I said

I sat down, smirking, as he stood with his hands on the table, looking
angrily at the cards.

"Ok b*o, take em off. Time to say goodbye to clothes for the summer." i
said chuckling.

"Dammit...but if you make the bet, you gotta pay the price." Tyrone said
stoicly, standing up. He hooked his thumbs into his waistband and bent
over, pulling off his boxers and kicking them away. He stood up, in full
naked glory.

Ok, so maybe i should describe the sight i drank in. Tyrone is 6'4" ( 2
inches taller than my 6'2") of solid black muscle, and has mahogany skin.
He shaves his head smooth, and has masculine features. Sliding my eyes down
his chest, i look over the powerful pecs, and the large, dark nipples that
stand out. Tyrone's nipples are quite large, even for his frame. I slid
down over his strong muscular arms, and his washboard abs. Hs chest has a
covering of curly black hair, as do his powerful legs and thick thighs. My
eyes drew down to the thick bush, with his large circumcised cock and heavy
bull nuts. His cock wasn't fully hard, but was definitely not soft either,
hanging down but plump, making it bigger than i remembered.

Tyrone sat down with a groan. "Fuck, naked for the entire summer. I gotta
learn not to bet so big!"

"Don't forget your 4 forfeits too, b*o." I said with a grin.

"Shit....yeah. So what are they?" he asked sighing.

"I'll let you know as i come up with them. Right now, we got something to
do." I said, standing up and moving down the hall to the garage, motioning
for him to follow me. Tyrone did so, padding down naked after me with a
confused look on his face.

I went into the garage and started clearing some stuff, indicating for him
to help me. I watched as we worked, seeing the muscles of his body dance
under his skin. I was fully hard, but three layers of clothing were just
managing to conceal it. Eventually we reached my target, a large wooden
trunk, reinf***ed with steel. I grabbed on end, and he automatically
grabbed the other.

"Ok, off to your room, b*o." I said grinning.

He cocked his head then nodded. The walk back, i was able to watch his
slightly hairy arse move with his sexy glute muscles. Tyrone's room is kind
of the guest room, and is the only one downstairs. It's right off the main
lounge with the TV and couches. We walked in and plonked the heavy chest on
the ground. I grinned, unlocked and opened the chest, revealing it to be

"What are you up to Chris?" he asked smirking. I could see his cock had
plumped further, and could basically be called half hard.

"Ok, first forfeit. You have to do any task i assign to you. You are going
to be doing all the washing, cleaning and cooking, as well as anything else
i tell you to do, for the rest of the summer. And no complaining." I said

"Aw shit! really?" Tyrone said with a sigh.

"Yep, and your first task.... Get all your clothes and put them in the
trunk." I said, holding the key. "I'm gonna lock them up, just so there is
no chance of you covering up this summer." I said grinning still.

Tyrone went wide eyed, then nodded in surrender and opened his wardrobe and
began to pull out all his clothes, and put them in the trunk. He next
emptied his drawers, occasionally throwing me a sheepish grin. Soon, all
his clothes were in. I even made him put his shoes and all his socks in,
meaning every article of clothing he had was in the trunk. I reached down,
and locked the heavy lock with the key, and Tyrone flinched as the lock
thudded into place.

"Ok, help me pick this up again and follow me." I said.

Between the two of us, it was quite a struggle to move the trunk back out
into the main rooms. I opened a storage closet, that was luckily empty, and
we placed the trunk inside. I closed the door, locked it and pulled out the
key. I went over to a drawer and pulled out an envelope and some paper and
started writing.

"What you doing b*o?" he asked curiously.

I said nothing, until i finished writing, before i addressed the envelope
and slid the letter in and dropped the two keys inside.

"I'm sending the keys to a friend of mine out of town, with strict
instructions not to send it back until the week that Mum and Dad get back.
No way you can break through both those locks without the keys without some
serious explaining to do." I said.

"Holy shit! That's genius! So i guess i really am gonna be bare arsed all
summer huh?" Tyrone said, good naturedly.

"Yep." I grinned back, pleased he was playing along like a good sport.
"Excuse me, gotta run down to the mailbox."

I ran down to the end of the street, and quickly dropped the letter and
keys into the box before i changed my mind. As soon as i let go of the
letter, i stood there panting. Up until that point, i was running on
adrenaline. Now i had let the letter go, i calmed down a lot. With the keys
gone, it hit me, that i had my big hunk of a step b*****r under my power,
completely naked and having to do as i said. I walked back slowly,
formulating a plan. If i played my cards right, this would be the best
summer ever.

I got back, and Tyrone was in the lounge, watching tv. He had covered his
crotch with one of the cushions.

"Hey! We said FULLY naked. That means no covering up man." I said.

Tyrone groaned, and pulled the cushion away. This time, there was no
denying it or half measures. Tyrone was hard, his erection pointing up at
his navel. Tyrone shrugged.

"Hey, sometimes playing these betting games does this to me. It's only
natural." he said.

I chuckled, but decided to not press the point, since i was going to see
how this panned out. I sat down on the couch to and turned to him.

"Ok Tyrone, i'm really impressed with the fact you haven't backed down so
far. Now, i have three forfeits left, but if you like, we can just call it
here. But if we keep going, i'm gonna take full advantage" I said.

Tyrone looked me in the eye. "Hey, i appreciate the offer, but my buddies
and I ALWAYS pay on our bets. So yeah, hit me with your best shot little
buddy." He said grinning.

I grinned back, elated. I was going to have some real fun.

"Ok, second forfeit. If you break any of the other forfeits, i get to
punish you in any way i see fit." I said.

"Uh-oh. Guess i better behave then." He said laughing. "What kind of

"Anything i deem appropriate. It may be different each time." I said.

I steeled myself for the next one, knowing that it could all go wrong at
this point. "Third forfeit. I can do anything i want to you, and you have
to let me without resistance." I said.

"Huh, what do you mean?" he said, cocking his head.

I reached over and playfully started slapping his face gently. He raised
his hand up to stop me.

"Nope, hand down. This is what i am talking about. If i do something, or
say i want to do something, you have to let matter what... even
something like this." I said. I stopped slapping his face, and reached down
with both hands and grabbed his large puffy nipples with my thumb and index
finger and began to gently pull and twist on them.

Tyrone went wide eyed, and gripped the lounge, squirming, as a low moan
escaped his lips. His eyes became heavy lidded, and i saw his erection
throb a few times as i increased the pressure slowly.

"Aw man, geez. My nips are fucking sensetive as hell man. Can you cut that
out?" he asked, but kept his hands gripped on the couch, not fighting me,
other than squirming. I decided to push it further again. Time for the real

I leaned in, and began to kiss him. He jerked back slightly, but i followed
hm, and pressed my mouth to his. His full lips felt amazing, and i quickly
slipped my tongue inside his mouth, flicking gently. He remained stiff,
then i felt his lips respond, and his tongue began to move, and he gave a
strangled little moan as he began to kiss back. His hands came up to my
shoulders, attempting to take control of our kiss. I released his nipples,
and pushed his hands back down to his sides, making it clear i was in
charge. I continued the kiss, and moved my hands back to tweaking his
nipples. After a few minutes, i broke away.

Tyrone was panting, eyes heavy lidded in lust, as i continued to play with
his nipples, quite roughly now. He didn't seem angry.

"Wow b*o. Guess this is gonna really push my boundaries huh. Never kissed a
guy before." He said softly. " that kind of stuff gonna be happening
a lot?"

"Yeah... and it's too late to pull out now Tyrone." i said back.

Tyrone nodded slowly, then gave a soft grin. "Well, it wasn't bad at
all. And anything else, well, i guess it will teach me for betting against
someone as devious minded as you, you kinky fuck."

I continued to play with his nipples as i slid back down to a seated
position. He grinned at me and squirmed under my ministrations, his legs
twitching, his hands gripping the couch and giving the occasional moan, but
never stopping me. And his cock was rock hard, at a full and impressive
nine inches. As i watched, a bead of precum erupted from the tip. Tyrone
was horny as fuck, and he was cool with it.

"Put your hands behind your head." I ordered.

Tyrone raised an eyebrow but quickly complied. I pushed his left leg over
the arm of the couch and pulled his right leg over my lap, keeping him
stretched out and now fully on display. I grabbed the remote and flicked
through some channels, eventually coming across some boring drama movie. I
chose it because it would provide no distraction, but make it seem like we
were still watching tv.

Without ceremony, i put my hand over and wrapped it around Tyrone's
cock. He gasped, and his hips jerked slightly, but i pretended to be
engrossed in the movie. Most importantly, he didn't move. At this point, it
finally hit me. No matter what, as long as i stuck to the rules, so would
he. And i still had one forfeit left to use. Slowly, i began to rub up and
down on Tyrone's shaft, which elicited another groan from his throat. I had
to think of something devious and humliating, as well as unavoidable. I
felt his cock pulse hungrily in my hand, and it came to me like a flash.

"Ok, i know what your final forfeit is b*o." I said happily.

"Ugh- oh yeah." he managed to get out. I looked over, and saw that he was
transfixed on my hand and his cock, seemingly unable to tear his eyes away.

"Yep. Every time you cum, it counts as if you broke the rules three times,
so you would get punished three times. But if you get permission to come,
you only get punished once. That's for the whole summer." I said calmly.

Tyrone went wide eyed and looked at me.

"What! Oh jesus dude, that's so unfair. EVERY time? Oh man. Oh shit."
Tyrone looked down in panic at his hard cock as i kept stroking it. "Aw
hell, there isn't another forfeit i can do?"

"Nope. You said you didn't want out and challenged me to do my worst. Here
it is." I said, as i picked up the pace of my jacking.

Tyrone looked down at my hand, then looked up at me, shock in his eyes,
then fear as he realised i was picking up the pace. He squirmed, but
strangely he still didn't move his hands from behind his head, nor did he
move his legs. A fine sheen of sweat was covering his body, and his face
was a mixture of fear and pleasure.

He mumbled something incomprehensible.

"What was that b*o?" I asked.

He looked me in the eyes, and seemed to be battling with himself. I picked
up the pace, and the battle ended.

"Can i come b*o?" He asked, clearly humiliated by having to ask his baby
step-b*****r for permission.

"Hmm, i think what you mean to say is "Can i PLEASE come?" isn't it?" i
said, jerking faster.

"Oh jeez. PLEASE b*o, can i come. PLEASE." He said, begging.

"I don't know. Not yet. You're going to have to hold it in." I said

He groaned and closed his eyes and bit his lip. It must have taken a lot of
guts for him to give in and beg, and then i had denied him anyway. I picked
up the pace, seeing if i could break his composure again.

"Oh god. PLEASE b*o, Can I PLEASE come, PLEASE? I'm begging you here." He
said after only another minute of wanking.

"You do realise that getting to come means a punishment?" I said sternly.

He looked into my eyes pleadingly. "Yes! yes i do. PLEASE let me come!"

I was so turned on myself by this stage, my own cock was aching. I decided
to wrap it up.

"Ok b*o, shoot your load for me, and then i'll decide on your punishment."
I said lustily.

Tyrone's eyes clamped shut, and his face contorted. Then every muscle in
his body tensed, raising his hips and butt off the couch. A deep throaty
cry escaped his throat, as his cock began to pulse, shooting thick white
cum all over his chest (I had angled his cock to make sure this would
happen). His orgasm and load were massive it seems, and he collapsed back
against the couch, panting and shuddering as i continued to stroke his
cock. His hips bucked a few times, and he weakly put a hand on my wrist to
stop, but apparantly the orgasm had completely drained his strength. He
whimpered as i stroked a few more times then stopped.

I gave him time to recover, just looking at him and grinning. He saw me
looking over and looked down at his cum covered chest in embarrasment.

"Geez, i don't think i've ever come that hard before." He said sheepishly.

I reached over to the small side table next to us and grabbed a few
tissues, and began to clean him up without saying a word. He tried to make
eye contact, but i focused on the task. It was hard to get the goop out of
his chest hair, so it took some time. Eventually, i was done.

"Ok, go make us some sandwiches for lunch, while i think of your
punishment." I said , giving a cocky smile.

"Aw shit." Tyrone panted out, getting up and going weak kneed to the
kitchen. As soon as he was out of sight, I pulled my sweats off, and pulled
my shorts and boxers down to my knees, releasing cock. I began to stroke
myself, and i was so turned on i came within 30 seconds. I had grabbed a
few more tissues came directly in them, to prevent a mess, as well as to
hide the evidence.I wanted Tyrone to think i was perfectly composed.

Tyrone returned not long after, looking sheepish and worried. He had mad us
some sandwiches, and we both started eating in silence. I was at a loss as
to how i was going to punish him, but i knew i had to do it to establish
the process for the rest of the summer. I looked over at Tyrone, who was
picking a few crumbs out of his chest hair. I grinned, an idea falling into

"So," I said, as we both finished eating "I guess it's time for your
punishment. You ready?" I asked.

Tyrone groaned and covered his face with his hands before sitting up. "As
ready as i'm ever gonna be i suppose."

"Good. Come with me." I said, standing up and walking into his room. Tyrone
sheepishly followed me, and I kept walking into his ensuite bathroom. I
stood there, looking over Tyrone as he stood there, trying to look

"Ok, punishment time. First off, lets get you nice and clean. In the
shower." I said, jerking my head.

Tyrone nodded and got into the shower and went to pull the curtain, before
i grabbed it and stopped him.

"Nope, no privacy for you. I gotta make sure you get that load you dumped
on your chest cleaned off properly." I smirked.

Tyrone was very dark skinned, but i swear his cheeks got slightly darker,
as if he was blushing. He turned on the water, and began to soap up his
chest, and began to clean himself.

"So b*o... what's the go? Am i stuck in this house, or am i allowed to go
out sometimes.... you know if i get permission and all?" he asked.

"Oh yeah, you can go out if you ask for permission." I said.

"Oh cool. I guess i better send you out with some cash to pick me up
something to wear then." He said, relaxing.

I smirked. "Oh no b*o, you can go out as much as you like... but you have
to remain naked all summer remember?" i said in a sing-song voice.

"Aw shit, that's the same as saying i'm trapped in this house." he said

"Not really. I'm just saying you can go out to your heart's content, just
as long as you know your going to be as naked as you are now every time you
do it." i chuckled.

I looked over his wet, glistening body appreciatively as he washed, before
reaching over and shutting off the water and holding a towel. Tyrone
reached for the towel, but i pulled it out of reach and motioned for him to
stand on the bath mat. He did so, and i began to rub him down, drying him
off. He looked embarrassed for me to be doing this for him, but it was
about to get much worse. I lay the towel in the middle of the floor and
pulled him onto it.

"Ok Tyrone. Feet at either edge of the towel, hands behind your head
again." I said grinning.

Tyrone got into position and flashed a smile "What are you up to you little
fucker?" he said chuckling.

I went behind him and grabbed somthing from his shelf. "Well, let's
see. You begged to dump your load, and i let you, but it was a fucker to
clean out of all that hair." I said, coming back in front of him carrying
his clippers and shaving kit. "So we're gonna have to make sure that
doesn't happen again. So your punishment is full body shaving. Your only
gonna have your eyebrows and Eyelashes left b*o." I said chuckling.

Tyrone squirmed under my gaze. "Oh shit b*o! really? aw come on, there has
to be some other punishment. Don't do that to me." He said, unable to take
his eyes from the clippers.

I smirked and plugged the clippers and turned them on. Tyrone groaned as i
approached his left leg and sat on the floor. He practically jumped as i
applied the clippers to his ankle and began to shave up his leg. I looked
up, to see him looking down, as well as his cock pumping it's way up to
erection again. I smirked at him again, and he grinned back.

"Aw man, you are one kinky and inventive guy. Man i am in DEEP shit. This
is day one, and i'm in serious fucking trouble already huh?" He said.

I grinned back. "Well, you lost horribly. Seriously, what were you thinking
betting so hard once you had lost at poker."

"Aw man, i wasn't thinking. I mean, with my buddies i am all calm, and
almost never lose. But you just got me in a moment of lost control. Now
look at me. I'm 30, and an 18 year old punk has got me by the balls for a
couple of months, and there isn't shit i can do about it." He said

I reached up with my free hand with a grin, and grabbed his heavy bull
nuts. "You mean like this?" i asked innocently.

He laughed. "Fuck yeah. Hey wait a minute... So your allowed to jerk me off
whenever you want huh? But if i come, i get punished? Aw shit, you sneaky
little bastard."

I laughed back. "Yep... i can do anything i want to make you come, but if
you don't get permission from me, that's three times more
punishment. Unless you can hold off from coming entirely."

He shrugged, still smiling. "I think i'm pretty fucked, once i get horny,
it's hard for me not to work towards coming. Looks like i'm gonna have to
get used to punishment. Good thing you can only shave me once huh?"

By this stage, i had completed his left leg, and i moved onto his right,
not letting go of his balls.

"True, but trust me, i've got plenty of inventive punishments ready to go,
and i can work out a few more quickly i'm sure." I said.

"I'll bet." He said, laughing. To be honest, i was happy that we were still
able to joke around, even with me having complete control. I finished his
legs and stood up, bringing the clippers and moving to his underarms. He
kept looking at me, with a strange look on his face.

"So b*o. Are you bi or gay?" He asked suddenly.

"Uh, gay. Pretty much completely." I answered honestly.

He nodded. "Thought so. I mean, until you started kissing me, i wasn't
sure. But that was some passionate kissing." He said.

"How bout you?" I asked, a slight nervous tone in my voice.

"Me? Well, if you'd asked me a couple hours ago, i would have said 100%
straight. Now i'm not so sure. I mean, when you get that into a guy kissing
you and playing with your nipples, then cum the hardest you ever have just
from his hand, you gotta ask yourself a few questions right?" he said

"Yeah, i guess you do." I said, thoughtfully, as i finished his left pit
Iand moved to his right.

"Hey b*o, if your worried, don't be. To be honest, i'm always open to new
things. Besides, main point is you fucking OWN me for a couple months. I
mean it seriously when i say this... Don't go easy on me. I'm a marine, i
can take it, and i always pay on my bets, always." He said seriously.

I relaxed and grinned. "Cool. I just realised how weird this could be for
you. I mean, i don't want to ruin our relationship."

He smiled. "To be honest, i respect you more now. Before you were just my
k** step-b*****r. Now i see you are a man, and a strong one at that. You
saw what you wanted and took it." He looked down, and i followed his gaze
to his fully erect cock. "I like this new Chris i am seeing."

I grinned and looked him in the eyes as i continued his shaving. I finished
his pits, and began to move the clippers over his hairy pecs, watching as
the curly hair began to drop away to reveal the skin beneath. I spent extra
time around his nipples, as he tried not to squirm at the vibration from
the clippers, watcing his large puffy nipples harden. I clipped away the
hair on his abdomen, revealing the strong muscles beneath. As i reached his
pubic hair, i stopped.

"Turn around." I commanded softly.

He turned slowly, revealing his smooth back, and slightly fuzzy butt. I
crouched, and began to work the clippers over his butt, removing the
hair. I could see the hairs hiding in the crack of his arse.

"Lean forward, and use your hands to spread your cheeks open." I said.

He hesitated, before groaning slighlty and leaning forward, bringing his
hands around and grabbing each cheek, pulling them apart. I got my first
glimpse of his pucker, which was dark and virginal. Without ceremony, ran
the clippers over his most secret place, and removed his hair. I then
shaved his taint, as he gasped and tried not to squirm.

"Back into position b*o." I said.

He turned back around and placed his hands on his head, looking down at me,
his cock hard and dripping already. I used his cock like a handle, grabbing
it roughtly and positioning it where i needed it to go, as i began to
remove his pubic hair. He gave the occasional sigh as i removed his hair,
and squirmed as i shaved his balls. Eventually, i had finished wth the

I squirted a large amount of shaving cream onto my hands, and began to rub
it over his legs.

"Oh man, going for the close shave i see." he said.

"Yep. You're going to be as smooth as the day you were born when i'm done."
I replied.

Soon i had coated his legs, and began to cleanly and efficiently shave him,
making sure not to cut him and use plenty of warm water from the sink. As i
began to lather his pits, Tyrone was looking nervous again.

"Uh, hey. This is just today right? I mean, it's gonna be hard to explain
to my buddies why i'm all shaved smooth when i meet up with them at the end
of summer." He said.

I chuckled. "Well, thanks for telling me. Now, every day you get a
punishment, this may have to be the first one. And let's see, i could make
you come at least once a day without even trying."

"Aw shit. Shoulda kept my mouth shut." He said.

We both laughed as i finished his pits, and lathered up his chest,
smoothing him right down.

"Turn around again." I ordered.

He nodded and turned around again, as i lathered his buttocks and shaved
them down. Without me even having to ask, he leant forward and grabbed his
muscular buns and pulled them open, as i lathered up his crack and shaved
him around his hole and taint. He then once again stood and turned, Placing
his hands behind his head, as i lathered his balls and crotch, finally
shaving him down.

"Ok b*o, jump back in that shower and wash down again." He complied and
began to soap himself up, as i folded up the towel full of hair and put it
out of the way. I turned the water off, holding a fresh towel. Again,
without my having to say, he stepped out and allowed me to dry him. I
finished off and grabbed his cock, which made him hiss air between his
teeth. I pulled him by his hard cock to his room, to the door of his
wardrobe, which was also a full mirror.

"There you go b*o, have a look at yourself." I said, guiding his hands
behind his head again. Tyrone looked in shock at his smooth body. In my
eyes, it was even sexier than before. The hair had made him look masculine,
but his smooth body signalled that i controlled him, and the shock on his
face was sexy to behold.

"Ok, now i just gotta make sure i got the job done." I said, as i began to
slowly run my hands over his chest. Tyrone didn't seem to be able to take
his eyes off the mirror. I felt over his smooth chest, taking a few seconds
to pinch his nipples back to hardness, which i say made his cock bob in the
air. I moved in front of him, as i took his nipples and pinched them
roughly, eliciting another gasp from him. As his lips parted, I moved in
and kissed him.

This time, he did not flinch or delay, he began to kiss back urgently
against my mouth. I kept twisting on his nipples as our tongues danced and
battled. soon though, his tongue conceded defeat and he took a more passive
role in the kiss, suckling on my tongue and flicking against it, but never
attempting to f***e dominance in the kiss. I wrapped my arms around him,
and drew him against me, feeling his hard cock bump against my own covered
erection. Tyrone grunted against me, but kept his hands behind his head. I
wrapped one arm around his waist, and took a meaty butt cheek in my other

As we kissed, i slid my hand over his cheek, and began to run my finger
down the cleft of his butt. Tyrone stiffened slightly, then relaxed, still
maintaining his passive stance. As i neared his hole, I kicked his legs out
wider, giving me easier access to my target. Tyrone groaned against my
mouth as my middle finger touched his hole, and began to rub over it in
lazy circles. I pulled off the kiss and grinned at his slightly worried

"Aw shit man," he groaned "you're gonna do stuff to my butt, aren't you?"

I grinned wider. "Yep, and there isn't a thing you can do to stop me either
remember. Anyone ever played with your butt before?"

Tyrone nodded. "I was seeing this kinky chick once that slipped a finger in
while blowing me once. It felt ok."

"Well, well, well. Tyrone likes his ass played with huh?" I teased.

Tyrone grunted and refused to look me in the eye. I continued to rub his
hole with my finger, making him squirm slightly. i then tapped against his
pucker, making him flinch and gasp.

"Aw c'mon b*o, can't you just be happy playing with my big dick?" he asked.

I smirked, stepping back and peeling my shirt off over my head, before
yanking my sweats, shorts and underwear down and standing.

Tyrone's mouth fell open as my 11 thick inches of hard cock swung up into

"If i wanted to play with a big dick, i'd play with my own b*o." I said,
kicking my clothes off my ankles and moving in to embrace him again,
trapping our cocks against our bodies.

"Holy shit! That thing is huge." Tyrone said, his face still showing his

I began to grind our erections together, and Tyrone gave a lustful grin,
clearly enjoying the sensation. I wrapped my arm back around his waist, and
stuck my middle finger of my free hand in his mouth. Without even asking,
he began to suck on my finger, maintaining eye contact as he did so.

"That's it b*o, get that finger good and wet. Lube it up before i stick it
up your butt." I said softly.

"Aw fuck, not that!" he said, moaning it around my finger.

"Aww, is the big strong marine afraid?" I mocked.

Tyrone's eyes immediately hardened, and his back stiffened. He pulled my
finger out of his mouth and pulled my hand back around to his butt, even
pushing my wet finger against his hole, before grabbing and spreading his
own but cheeks, and pushing his butt out.

"I ain't scared, do your worst." He said, with the barest hint of
trepidation in his voice.

Apparantly he took my joke about his fear as an assault on his
masculinity. I filed that piece of information away.

"You got it Tyrone." I said smiling, and rammed the whole finger inside his
butt with one swift motion.

Tyrone's eyes widened and he gave a yelp, hands flying away from his butt
and grabbing my shoulders. He also arched his back, rising up onto his
toes. I kept my hand flush against his butt, ensuring he couldn't escape my
finger. He looked into my eyes, and seeing no sign of pity, gave a loud
groan and sank back down onto his feet, rubbing our cocks together as he
did so.

"Aw geez man, you win. just be gentle...please?" he said.

"I can be nice and gentle Tyrone. Just don't push me again." I said

He nodded, and i began to pump my finger slowly in and out of his butt. He
stiffened, then relaxed as best he could, squirming everytime i got the
whole length of my finger back in. I leaned in and kissed him again, and he
once again fell into his submissive role. He brought his hands off my
shoulders and back around to his butt, pulling his cheeks apart again,
giving me deeper access as he whimpered against my mouth.

I pulled back. "I hope you are getting used to that finger in your butt,
coz by the end of the night, i'm using my cock to bust your cherry."

Tyrone stiffened, then began to shake his head in denial, worry on his
face. "Oh no! No, no, please not that! Anything but that."

"Oh yeah, THAT! I own you for the next few months Tyrone, and i'm gonna
make FULL use of you." I said, complete with evil grin.

"Oh fuck, please b*o, don't make me into a butt boy." he said, panicked.

The strange thing was, he never moved while saying this. He stayed in
position. Clearly breaking his word was completely unthinkable to him, so
he was honestly pleading for mercy. Unfortunately for him, i wasn't
merciful. Also, i could still feel his erection throbbing against mine, so
while his mind rebelled at the idea, his body clearly didn't.

"Yep, by the time i'm through with you Ty, being on your back with your
legs in the air is gonna feel natural." I said.

"Aw fuck! FUCK!" Tyrone said, eyes darting around in panic. "But your junk
is HUGE! It's gonna split me in two!" he whined.

"Don't worry, it's not my first time fucking, though you will be my first
virgin. You behave, and i won't have to punish fuck you." I said gently,
pulling him in for a kiss.

Our tongues darted against each other again, and soon he relaxed back down,
and my finger was pumping into him much more easily, even though he was
very tight. He was grinding against me more insistently, and our dicks
began to precum, sliding over each other eroticly. Tyrone broke our kiss.

"Can i please come?" he asked huskily.

I blinked in surprise. I had no idea he was so turned on.

"No, you can't. You're going to be lucky to get permission once a day, and
i already let you come once." I said firmly.

Tyrone groaned, and stopped moving his hips. I began to move mine in
response, keeping the friction up, and began to pump my finger into his
hole much faster. Tyrone gasped and put his head onto my shoulder and

"Oh fuck b*o, please stop then. I feel like i'm about to bust a nut." He

"No way, i like the feeling i'm getting. Of course, if you get down on your
knees and suck my dick, i'd be just as happy with that." I replied.

Tyrone jerked his head up, shock on his face. I picked up the pace of my
grinding, making him moan softly. Slowly, without a word, he began to slide
down. I pulled out my finger and let him go, and he landed on his knees
with my cock pointing straight at his mouth. He reached up and took it into
his hand, jacking it slowly, making me suck a breath in between my teeth.

"Man, this thing could choke a horse." He said.

"Nope, but in 10 seconds it better be choking you." i said, grabbing his
head and pushing it toward my crotch.

Tyrone opened his mouth, and my cockhead hit his lips. I looked down to see
Tyrone open his mouth wider, and his tongue snaked out and licked my shaft,
before i f***ed his head down onto my cock. I pulled his hand away, as i
continued to f***e his head down my shaft. He looked up, his eyes wide as i
saw his sexy mouth stretched over my monster prick. I f***ed his head on
further, and he struggled slightly as i did. When i hit the back of his
throat, his body hunched, gagging. He began to pull off, but i grabbed his
head with both hands, letting him pull back slightly, then forcing his head
back down.

Again and again we repeated this rhythm. He would try to pull off, and i
would push him back on. Eventually, he seemed to realise i wasn't letting
him go, and he began to put more effort in. His lips tightened, his jaw
widened and his gaggin became less and less pronounced when i poked at his
throat. He had his eyes closed, and seemed to be trying to f***e himself
down on my cock. For a first time cock sucker, he was really giving it a
good go.

"C'mon b*o, your gonna have to do better than that." I said softly.

He opened his eyes and looked up at me, then nodded. He closed his eyes
again and began to really f***e his head down, unsuccessfully. Sighing, i
grabbed the back of his head and pulled at the same time as thrusting
forward, ramming a few inches past his gag reflex and into his
throat. Tyrone gagged violently and brought his hands up, pushing me away
and gasping and coughing as my cock exited his mouth.

"Ack! Dude give me some warning there." He said, body still heaving.

"Hmmm, guess i'm going to need to train you up on giving head too
then. Lesson one is over." I said, pushing his chest with both hands so he
fell flat backwards, his still hard dick slapping against his stomach. I
knelt between his knees and lowered myself on top of him, beginning to
grind our cocks together again. "Guess we go back to this then." I said,
using my knees to push his legs apart.

"Oh! oh man, geez i'm sorry b*o. I'll try harder, c'mon give me another
chance." He pleaded, before a throaty groan escaped his lips.

I simply shook my head. "I gave you a chance, and you blew
it... ironically. So we're back to this. Oh, and you still don't have
permission to come." i sneered.

Tyrone bit his bottom lip and whimpered, squirming beneath me. I imagined
that normally he wouldn't have such a hair trigger, probably being quite
long winded in the saddle. But this was the first time he was getting to
express his latent gay and submissive sides, so the combination must have
been making him extra horny. I leaned down and devoured his mouth again,
and he gave little gasps and whimpers against me, his hands sliding up my
back and holding me close. His legs rose up, and soon were wrapped around
my waist. I grinned inside at that submissive action. If anyone walked in,
it would look like i was fucking him.

I continued to grind faster and faster, ensuring my spit covered dick
rubbed over his again and again. I could feel my come rising. Tyrone
squirmed underneath me with more urgency, before breaking our kiss again.

"Please, please, can i come? Please?" he panted, before his eyes rolled
back and he gave a long drawn out cry, his body jerking as i felt the
wetness of his cum squirt between us, as his legs tightened around my
waist. Watching and feeling his pleasure tipped me over the edge, and i
orgasmed, though with much more control. Eventually we both shuddered and i
lay on top of him, grinning as he came to his senses and looked up at me.

"Mmmm, you sure know how to make a guy feel good, wrapping your legs around
him like a whore in heat." i said chuckling.

Tyrone quickly unwrapped his legs and let them fall to the floor, panting
as he also released his grip with his arms.

"Hmm? Personally, if i had just earned three punishments, i would try to
act as nice and compliant as i could." i mused aloud.

Tyrone hesitated, then slowly wrapped himself back around me, a look of
nervousness on his face. I grinned and lay my head against his chest, as we
lay in a sweaty heap, catching our breath.

"This is so unfair. You can do whatever you want to me, and if it makes me
come, then i get punished." He said eventually. He sounded like a
complaining c***d.

"Partially true. I can do whatever i want. But just then, if you had held
of until i had come, you wouldn't have earned any punishments." I said.

"What, so i have to choose between punishment and blue balls?" he asked.

"Basically yep. Thinking about it, i think you'll actually be lucky to get
permission more than twice or three times a week." I said.

"Aw shit." Tyrone groaned. "I'm never playing strip poker again."

I chuckled and peeled him off me, helping him up and walking us both into
his bathroom and into the shower. I turned on the water, letting it rinse
the come off of our chests and stomachs. I immediately began to formulate
the punishments in my mind as we showered in silence. I glanced at the open
bathroom door and gave an evil grin. I shut off the water and stepped out,
drying myself with a towel, and then drying Tyrone, denying him again the
right to dry himself.

"Ok Tyrone, i've thought of your first punishment." I said, roughly
towelling him off.

"Ugh. Ok what is it?"he sighed.

"Well, i think that you being naked is great, but having your bedroom door
and bathroom door with locks on it might give you ideas. So, i want you to
go get a screwdriver from the garage, and your going to unscrew the hinges
from the frames, take the doors off and put them in the garage. That's your
bedroom door, and the bathroom door too." I said, then walked into his room
and began to dress.

He followed me, head down. "Yes sir." he said, and walked past me out of
his room, clearly going to the garage. I let the "sir" slip by, not even
sure if he was aware he had said it.

I sat, clothed again, in the lounge and turned on a game of football. Soon
i saw Tyrone walk past with a screwdriver, head still hung low, and
refusing to make eye contact. I heard him working, and after ten or so
minutes he walked past, carrying the bathroom door awkwardly. He returned
and squatted down in view and began to unhinge his bedroom door. I chuckled
at him, and he shot me an angry look, carrying off the main door. He
returned and came to sit on the couch.

"Uh-uh. You've finished your punishment, but you still have work to
do. You're doing all the housework remember." I said.

He froze and nodded. "Yeah i remember."

"Ok, so the kitchen needs to be cleaned and the floor mopped... actually
make that scrubbed on hands and knees. Oh, and my laundry needs to be
washed and hung out." I said smiling sweetly.

"Aw man, i hate housework." he groaned.

"Well, you better do a good job at them, or you get another punishment." i

He stiffened and looked over at the empty doorway of his room. I could see
most of it unobstructed from my view, and he seemed to realise he would
have no privacy at all from now on.He nodded and walked off, muttering to

I watched the entire game, and by the end it was late afternoon. I decided
to check on how Tyrone was going. I walked past the kitchen, and saw that
he had done a pretty good job. it was basically spotless. I walked to the
laundry and saw that the back door was open. I peered out and saw that he
had just started hanging my washing out. He was at the line, right near the
pool. He kept glancing around, clearly worried about being spotted. There
wasn't much chance of that though. We live in the end of a Cul-de-sac, and
our house is on a raised section of earth. With our high fence, coupled
with the neighbours houses all being single story, it was a pretty private

I glanced over at a set of looped ropes that were usually used to hold
washing baskets off the floor. I unhooked them and untied the knots, giving
me four decent lengths of rope. I walked slowly over and stood behind him.

"How's it going?" i asked.

Tyrone yelped and dropped the T-shirt he was holding and turned, half
crouched with his hands over his naked crotch. When he saw it was me, he
breathed a sigh of relief and stood up, uncoverng himself.

"Geez dude, you scared the fuck out of me." he said.

He picked up the shirt and fixed it to the line. "There, all done, now
let's get inside." he said, taking a step.

I held up my hand. "Nope, it's time for punishment number two." i said

Tyrone froze. I walked over and turned him around, as he began to make
minor complaints. As i took a rope and tied it around his right wrist, his
complaints became more vocal.

"Hey! what are you doing? Not out here dude." he hissed softly.

I ignored him as I took his left wrist and tied a loose rope around it
too. I knelt, tying the other two ropes to hang free from his ankles. As i
stood up, i smirked at him, as he was already hard again.

"Geez b*o, you hard again? Guess being someone's bitch really agrees with
you." I said, taking hold of his cock and stroking gently.

"Ugghhh, You aren't gonna make me cum again for more punishment are you?"
he groaned.

"Hey, if you need to learn control, i'm gonna have to teach you." I said,
leading him over to the back verandah by his cock. He walked with that
strange shuffle that guys get when led by their cock, but i could tell he
loved it by how much he was throbbing in my hand.

I tied his left ankle to one of the support poles, then pulled his right
ankle to the next support pole and began to do the same. The poles were
actually quite far apart, so he was quite spread out. I then took his wrist
and reached up high and tied it around the join of the beam and pole,
quickly doing the same to his other wrist. I stood back and admired my

Tyrone had a humiliated look on his face, and hung his head slightly. His
muscles were in excellent display, and his cock throbbed hungrily in the
air. I had pulled him up slightly when tying his wrists, so he was balanced
on the balls of his feet, which made his leg muscles stand out more. Spread
out like he was, he was several inches shorter than me now.

I moved in, lifted his face and began to kiss him, lowering my hands and
beginning to tug and squeeze on his nipples. He groaned hungrily against my
mouth, returning the kiss enthusiasticly. I then reached down and squeezed
on his cock, making him jerk and groan. I alternated between his nipples
and cock, kissing him gently as i felt him lose himself to desire.

I stepped back, releasing him. He groaned, his body quivering in lust.

"Please," he begged, "don't stop."

I chuckled at him as i walked back over to the clothesline and grabbed the
peg basket. I walked over, and he squirmed, seeming to know something bad
was about to happen. I pulled out a brightly coloured peg, squeezing it
open and closed in front of him, before drawing it slowly down to his left
nipple. He squirmed as best as he could in his bondage.

"NO! Not that b*o!" he said, shaking his head.

I ignored him, trapping his nipple with the peg and releasing it. He went
rigid and hissed in a deep breath, before groaning and slumping,
defeated. I raised another pg up to his face, making him flinch, then drew
it down to his right nipple. He shook his head in denial, begging again,
squirming in earnest, but again i clamped it down on the tender nub, making
him groan.

Over the next few minutes, i attached several more pegs along his pec-line
on each side, so that he had seven pegs on each pec. Each time i would draw
the peg up to his face, eliciting more begging, and wordlessly draw it down
and attach it despite his denials and squirming. Once i had affixed them to
his pecs, i drew up another peg to his face, and began to draw it down his
body. As i passed his pec line, he relaxed, but as i drew it passed his
navel, he went wide eyed, until i drew it down to his ballsack. He went
ballistic, bucking and squirming, begging as loud as he dared in the open,
but with a quick darting action, i snapped it onto the tender skin of his

He whimpered and bucked as it pinched him, then whimpered again as the pegs
on his body pulled against him as he jerked. I pulled up another peg, and
he whimpered, eyes begging me to stop. But over then next few minutes, i
hat another four pegs attached to his balls. I then drew another peg and
grinned evilly,which made him whimper more. I drew it down, and held his
dick. Quickly, i attached it to the ridge of skin between the head and the
underside of his shaft on his cock. and stood back.

Tyrone bucked as the last peg pinched on his sensitive cock, which only
made the pegs on his body jiggle, pulling on him. He quickly calmed
himself, whimpering, his eyes pleading. The look of him, strung out,
helpless and begging made my cock throb painfully with desire.

"I think i'll give you some alone time, some time for thought." i sad with
a grin, walking past him as i went inside.

"No b*o! don't leave me out here!" He called over his shoulder. I simply
smirked and slid the door closed, going inside and sitting on the couch.

I flicked on the TV, and thought about things. Tyrone was clearly ok with
humiliation and pain, and had done nothing to stop me. Tyrone's sense of
honour mean he wouldn't renege on our deal, so i really did have my hot
sexy black step-b*****r as a sex slave for the summer. So far, i hadn't
fucked him, but i knew with certainty by the end of the night i was going
to bust his cherry, and i would do it over and over throughout this
summer. I decided then and there that i was going to use him to live out my
most perverted and kinky fantasies, a journey I instinctively knew he would
secretly enjoy.

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