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Large Black Anniversary gift for wife

I was 19 when I met my wife Jessica who was 18 at the time, we have been together for 3 years and still to this day 5 years later I still feel like I lucked out she is to this day absolutely beautiful she is about 5'10 small but a perfect petite body she has amazing tits a solid c cup and a tight round ass. She has jet black hair with purple streaks, A diamond bellybutton ring and a ring on the left side of her lip. I am about 6'1 blonde hair thin and have a 6.5 inch cock. Our sex life is amazing we are both very open sexually, She watched as I fucked her friend Tammi once, I loved it and so did she. I always told her one day I would pay her back by finding a guy she could fuck while I watched. I talked to our best friends Mike and Linda about it and they said "Its your fourth anniversary coming up let us find a guy for her, Just let us handle it."

So on the night of our anniversary Mike and Linda picked us up and told us we needed to be blindfolded so me and Jessica sat in the back seat, every time we asked them where we were going they told us "You will find out soon enough". After awhile of driving the car stopped Mike and Linda helped me and Jessica out of the car and after a while of walking they took our blindfolds off and we were standing in front of a hotel suite room 302. They opened the door and we walked into a huge room with a king size bed, a walk in shower and a beautiful view.

Another thing we noticed was a tall black guy and a long blonde hair beautiful girl. Me and Jessica looked at each other we smiles, Mike and Linda looked at us and said Happy Anniversary!!! Mike went and got a chair and sat it to the side of the huge bed and said to Jessica "Take off all your cloths and hop onto the bed". Linda looked at me and said to take off all my cloths and sit in the chair. I watched as Jess took off her top and bra exposing her beautiful tits and tight tiny body, she took off her pants exposing her shaved tiny tight pussy. I got naked and sat in the chair already with a hard cock. Linda said she said hopes we enjoy the gift but she had to head off for work. Mike stayed and pulled a video camera out of his bag and said he was going to make a video for us to have. The blonde who said her name was Tracy and the Black guy who said his name was James, we later found out Mike had found on Craigslist started to take there cloths off. Tracy had an amazing body, James had a chiseled body and when he took his pants off Jessica's and My eyes instantly went to his cock it was thick and about 9 inched long.

Mike turned on the camera and started recording as James laid on the bed and started stroking his big cock and told Jess to "Suck it" I watched as my petite wife laid on her stomach in front of him and grabbed a hold of it her hand was tiny compared to his cock. She wrapped her tiny lips around his cock and started sucking as Tracy went up behind her spread her ass and shoved her face in her pussy, Jess let our a groan while keeping the massive cock in her mouth, she tried to slide it in as far as she could but she couldn't go down very far and she would gag. James put his large hand on her little head and started fucking her face as she gagged each time he would thrust his cock into her little mouth. After awhile of getting her pussy licked and giving James head they got up and Tracy laid down where James was and told Jess to "Taste her pussy", she got on all fours on the bed and put her head in Tracy's pussy and started sucking on her clit as James knelt behind her grabbed the lube and slathered his cock he scooted Jess's ass back into position and with his shaft in his hand slid his massive head past her pussy lips into her tiny pussy, Jess's head shot up and she let out a massive growl as he slid his cock all the way in her tiny body.

Tracy grabbed Jess's head and pushed her face back into her pussy and she was still moaning loudly from having the massive black cock slamming into her tiny body. James pounded her until she let out a scream that was muffled because Tracy was holding her head with both hands not letting her face leave her pussy I could hear Jess screaming she was going to cum as all of the sudden her body looked like it went limp as she was squirting all over the huge cock which was still pounding her as she came. James stopped and pulled his cock out of her which was dripping with her cum as Mike got behind her with the video camera and said "He tore her pussy up" I got up and walked behind her and saw her pussy was wide open and was dripping with her cum. I got back in the chair as Tracy got up and told Jess who still looked like she was u*********s "Get on all fours on the bed with your head down on the mattress", Jess her body still shaking did so as Tracy got on the bed again and straddled her head with her pussy on the back of her head holding her. James got the lube back out and slathered his cock again, squatted behind her on the bed and said "I'm gonna fuck your ass".

He very slowly started shoving his cock in her small ass and as soon as the head of his cock was in she let out a scream I've never heard before, she was screaming louder and louder as he inched his cock in her tight little asshole. I saw her trying to scoot forward away from him but Tracy had her held down with her hands spreading Jess's ass as James inched his cock all the way in. After awhile she wasn't screaming but every time he trusted her she would let our a loud grunt like she was in shock. He fucked her ass for about 5 minutes and he said he was going to cum. I watched as Mike videotape him thrusting three more times as he let out a grunt and trusted his cock all the way in her as she shot his lode deep in her ass. Tracy got off her head and James back away from her limp like body as Mike had the camera near her ass laughing and saying "Good god" I got up and got saw her asshole which was gaping. Tracy looked at me and said "I think he broke your cute little wife" Mike was filming all the cum that started oozing out of her stretched little asshole. Tracy and James got dressed as James said to me "Thanks for letting me play with your wife, let me know if she ever wants more" As they left Jessica got up her hair a mess, her body shining with sweat and her eyes looking like she just got woke up from sl**ping, she stood up from the bed and her legs shaking almost fell over as I grabbed her and she looked at me laughing and said "Best anniversary gift ever, thank you baby"

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