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Meating Samantha

It had been almost two years since my first experience with Dave. That was the first time a man had sucked my cock. It was the first time I had touched another cock and the first time I had sucked a cock. That day was the birth of a new me. I no longer was a homophobe. Although, I did not look at men the same way I looked at women. I did not lust after them. What I did lust for was for a cock in my mouth, loads of cocks. My god, I had become a cock-craving freak!
I did not have any guilt. Frankly, I felt proud of my achievement. BUT I had to keep this very secret though. This is a small place and rumours explode and spread like wildfire. I had to be extremely careful and discrete in my search for a suck buddy. I still managed to bed a few women from time to time but I did not share my secret desire for sucking cock with them. I tried to find time to meet with Dave, but our schedules just seemed to clash constantly. All I could do now was scour the internet for tranny porn. It was quite exhilarating, but it just was not like the real deal.
I still surfed and jerked whenever the office was empty and I managed to stay behind on the pretext of working late. More months slipped by and still nothing happened. I was getting very worried. Was this a one-off occurence only? Was I ever going to experience the thrill and pleasure of feasting on a real, hot, hard cock again? The longer the drought continued, the more worried I became that I would never get another mouthful of delicious cock again. I was getting more and more frustrated and even more desperate.
Then one day I received a message via the "dating" site from a crossdresser in a neighbouring country. He/She liked my profile and wanted to know if I would be interested in a meeting. I was instantly aroused and curious. I wrote back that I would love to meet. There was however the problem of distance and the fact the she was in another country. She assured me that she could arrange a meeting. He/She had to come to my town for business soon. If I wanted to meet her, she would arrange a free evening during her stay and we could get acquainted. I agreed and eagerly awaited her visit.
Finally the day arrived. Yet, as fate would have it, my work sent me on a trip several hundred km's away. That day at lunchtime she sent me and sms. She was looking forward to finally meeting me. I texted back that I was far away and would try my best to be back in time. She responded by saying that she was "wet " for me. I concentrated on my work and fortunately had very few hitches. I had the client sign off the installation and stormed for my car. I floored the poor Mondeo all the way home.
During my trip I regularly got text messages wanting to know how I was progressing. I texted back what I estimated my ETA to be and stood on the accelerator. By my reckoning I should be in town by approximately 7 pm. She wrote back to hurry as she was dripping.
Just after 7 that evening I pulled into the parking bay of the hotel she was staying at. I texted her to meet me in the bar. She wrote back that she already was in the bar. I walked in while texting, scanning the room to find her. I noticed a man at the bar counter receive a message and look around. I walked up and introduced myself.
We ordered drinks and started chatting. I was again very nervous and a little disappointed he wasn't dressed. He explained that he had to be very careful. He was married and his wife did not know about his crossdressing. He was also too afraid to step out in public as Samantha. We continued chatting and drinking a few beers to settle the nerves. Finally I said that I was very tired after my early morning and long trip. To my relief he asked if I was ready to meet Samantha.
I beamed "Yes" and he asked me to follow him to his room. Fortunately the lobby was empty and we made it to the elevator without anyone crossing our path or even getting into the elevator with us. On the way up I mentioned that I needed a shower. Samantha offered me her shower while she got ready.
I took my time in the shower. After all I was quite sweaty and the hot water cascading over my tired limbs felt great. I stepped out of the bathroom and into the bedroom as Samantha was applying the final touches of make-up.
In a short moment I was confronted by a tall, beautiful woman! What a transformation! Truly magnificent! She had long black hair that hung over her shoulders. She wore a lacy bra, satiny french knickers, thigh-high stockings and a suspender belt. All in virginal white. Stunning! Tremendously arousing! The ensemble was finished off by a pair of white stilletto heels. She looked like a hot bride on her wedding night! And I was ready to devour her. She was absolutely gorgeous! Funny enough I couldn't help but wonder how she managed to carry all this around with her, considering she has to cross the border too.
Demurely she asked what I thought. I told her how in awe I was. She responded by saying she was very happy to hear that. She smiled sheepishly at me with her head tilted sideways and exclaimed that she was starting to get very wet. OMG, she was sooooo cute, so innocent. And certainly very desirable.

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