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Step dad

Im not much of a story teller so pardon any problems with flow or
grammer. Im 25 years old now, but when I was 17 my mom re-married a man
about 40 yrs old. He wasn't really tall, but he was husky in build;
ex-military and not real friendly. He never had much nice to say to me.

A few months after he settled in, he caught me behind the house
smoking. He told me to get inside, and when I did he was sitting in his
chair glaring at me. He asked me if I knew what I was doing there, what I
had done wrong. I nodded yes. He told me to come over to him and pull my
pants down. I hesitated for a moment, but than the look on his face made
me hurry up. i got them pulled down, and he gestured toward his lap. I
didnt know what he meant. He saw me hesitate and told me to bend over his

I did as I was told, and started receiving very hard slaps on my bare
ass. The whole time hes telling me that he won't tolerate living with a
fuck up punk. My ass is stinging, but his hands on it started making me
hard. Pre cum was dripping from my dick.

The spanking started to slow down, and he rubbed my cheeks, whick made
them feel kinda nice and made me harder. He kept me bent over with my
head down low, telling me about all my mistakes. The whole time his hand
is coming closer and closer to my butthole. My dick is throbbing and deep
down inside I want him to touc my hole.

Eventually he does. First his hand brushes up and down it, lightly
rubing it. Soon his fingers alone are rubbing it, pushing on my ass hole.
I feel faint. Finally I feel his finger sliding into my tight butt, as he
gets quiet. As it slides in, I shoot without even touching my prick. As
soon as the cumming subsides, he pulls his finger out and tells me to go
get changed and take a shower before dinner.

I cant even look him in the eye at that point, and I leave.

Things progressed from there but Ill have to go for now. Perhaps Ill post
more later in the week.



Subject: STEPFATHER #2
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 02:45:00 -0500
Organization: MindSpring Enterprises

As I had written before, things progressed from the spanking and
subsequent finger fucking. After my shower, eating dinner and going to
bed, with no more mention of it, or my cumming, I kinda thought maybe
somehow he hadnt noticed, and that maybe the finger in my ass was meant to
be part of my punishment. I thought lots of diferent things. I tried to
rationalize. Finally I just tried to forget about it. But at might when I
would jerk off, It was usually the memory of that spanking that got me

I should describe my stepfather a little more. He was in his early
40s. His hair was receeding, but still dark. He wasnt but about a 1/2 a
foot to a foot taller than me, but he was much more husky. Im pretty much
on the skinny side. He has an eagle tattoo on his right forearm. He
smoked. He basically intimidated the hell out of me.

About 2 weeks passed, and we kept our usual distance. My mom worked
alot. I just kept to myself. Than my stepfather called me into the living
room. He told me there, with my mom, that he planned for us to go hunting
down in North Carolina, a few hours away. I told him I didnt like
hunting, that I never had. My mom than speaks up and says that getting out
of the house, just the 2 of us would be for the best, that I needed to
start acting a little more like a son, and adleast try to spend some
time with my step dad. There was no further discussion.

The following day he got me up early and I helped load up the car.
We left and drove a long ways with out a lot of conversation. Finally he
spoke up. He said somthing like" Its probably partly my fault that you act
the way you do, wasting your time, fucking up in school. I should have
started tanning your ass when I first moved in. You need some direction,
some guidence, and you need to be whipped into shape, in every since of
the word. Things can be a lot nicer around the house if youll just accept
the fact that Im the boss, and your a k**, adleast for another year. I
expect you to start calling me dad from now on, okay?"

i nodded and said alright. " I intend for this trip to get us back on
track. Get your ass on the proper track. "

I fell asl**p not to long after that, and woke up as we pulled up to a
crappy looking cabin he and some of his friends had built for hunting
trips. We got our stuff and went inside. It had a single double size bed,
a dresser, a toilet, and a sink. I asked him where the shower was. He
laughed and pointed at the sink. I was especially dismayed at the toilet
just sitting in a corner. No walls. No privacy.
It wasnt real late, maybe 5pm. But he said it was too late to go
out hunting. That we should talk instead. He opened up a beer and offered
me one " just this once, dont get ideas about sneaking it at home" We sat
on the bed and he asked me why I wasnt trying in school. I said I didnt
know... he said thats not an answer. " If I told you I would whip your
ass til it was covered with welts next time you bring home anything less
than Bs, would that help you know. I didnt say anything. I probably turned
red. " Im going to remind you what Im talking about because obviously
youve forgotten. Then you can remember, and than I can stop punishing you
and we can get on with being a f****y. You understand? Im going to show
you what Im talking about, and you need to rememeber. Get your pants
down." I just sat there. like I didnt hear him." Do as I say!" He popped
me on the back of the head. I got up and pulled down my pants and than my
underwear." Over my knee."

I bent over his knees, and touched the floor with my hands. He
gave me 5 hard slaps in rapid succesion. They hurt much worse than
before. I had tears in my eyes. He gave me 2 more than asked if I was
remembering this time. I said yes. " Yes Ill bet you are. You gonna bring
home a bunch of crap this semester?" No I said. " You answer with either
sir, or dad." He continued slapping my sore cheeks. " Have you had
enough? You think you can remember?" Yes dad. I wont forget.
He paused. He rubbed my right cheek, than my left. It was amazing
how quickly my fear and pain faded and was replaced with a hard on. He
continued to rub my cheeks, asking me questions about other things I had
screwed up at, and if I would be doing that again. Each time I responded
with dad. He ran his fingers lightly along my crack, then reached down and
grabbed my hard on tightly. " Whats this all about boy. I noticed this
last time. You seem to like having your ass in a mans face. Are you
queer?" I suddenly was scared again. I didnt know the right answer. I
stammered. Finaly I said what I usually did to him. "I dont know dad."

"You dont know? " He let go and put his hand to his mouth, stuck a
finger in his mouth. Than he put the finger up against by butthole. He
pressed it against there until finally it gave way and his finger slid in
slowly and tightly." How do you feel having a man stick his finger in you
asshole boy? Does it feel good? If it does than you are queer. Simple as
that. Maybe you know that now too." I couldnt speak. His finger was
making me feel hot in the head. My dick was on fire. He kept sliding it in
and out slowly. " You act liek im sticking my finger in a pussy instead of
an asshole. Does it feel that good boy?" Yes dad. It does.

" you ever let anyone else do this to you before?" No i said. " You
havent let some buddy of yours butt fuck you?" No I repeated. He got
quiet like he was thinking through things. He kept his finger in there,
moving it around a little. " You ever stuck your finger in one of your
buddys assholes?" I told him no. " Its tight boy, Tighter than any pussy.
Get up . Take your clothes off."
He pulled his finger out and let me up. I finished taking my pants off and
started on my shirt. He was starting to get undressed to. I watched him
get down to his underwear, than watched him take that off. Id never seen
his dick before. It wasnt real long, but it was thick, with 1 or 2 big
veins on it. He was uncut, which facinated me. "Come on, we're going to
bed." I didnt question the time of the day, I just crawled in, and he got
in behind me. He moved up behind me, pressing his body against my back. My
ass was stinging and still wet from his spit. I could feel somthing
pressing up against my butthole, and thought I cant beleive hes going to
put his dick there, its too big. He seemed to sense my hesitation. "shhh,
take it easy, It will only hurt for a minute. Youll get use to it. Just
let me ease it in. You want it. You just dont realize it"

He kept pushing and finally it did pop in. And it did hurt like
hell. I had to bite the pillow to keep from screaming out. It took him a
full 15 minutes or so to get all 6 inched in. My ass felt so stretched.
After a while though, it felt warm and I likrd feeling so filled.

" You are so tight boy. Fucking tight little pussy."He was
whispering. I was rock hard and knew if I touched myself I d shoot. So I
layed there enjoying all these new sensations. " Push toward me boy. Show
me what you want" I started grinding my ass against his body. Each push
seemed to increase his breathing. " Your hungry for this dick. Fuck you
cant get enough you little brat. Milk it boy." I kept at it and shot
anyway. without touching myself. It hurt I came so hard.
He kept at my ass for about 5 more minutes than started panting. " im
gonna shoot boy. get ready" Soon my ass, felt even warmer and his dick
seemed to throb even bigger. He gripped my hips with each thrust. When he
finished he lay there for a moment. Than he slid his dick out, and turned
over. Soon he seemed to be sl**ping. I was wide awake most of the night.

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