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Matt babysitter

It was Sunday night. My parents had gone away on vacation for the weekend
and I was in charge of taking care of my 8-year-old little b*****r,
Brett. My name is Matt and I'm 18. I was really excited about taking
care of Brett all weekend. We had been lying on the couch together
watching cartoons for about an hour when Brett suddenly pounced on me
playfully. In turn I got up, knocking Brett onto his back and then
started to tickle him, lifting up his shirt and putting my hands into his
sides. Giggling wildly he begged me to stop, but I didn't. Then he said,
"Come on Matt, please! I haffa go pee-pee."
"You have to pee, huh?" I asked him.
"Yeah, you are gawna make me pee my pants," he laughed.
"Does this help?" I asked, moving my hand over his abdomen and gently
pushing in on his bladder.
"No, Matt, come on, I mean it!"
For some reason the idea of my little b*****r peeing in his pants began
to turn me on and so I continued to tickle him, wondering if he really
Sure enough, a wet patch began to appear at the crotch of his pants and I
felt my dick harden up as I watched it move down the leg of his jeans. I
eased up off of him after he had finished peeing.
He looked up at me with shy blue eyes, his face slightly red.
"What happened, buddy?" I asked him. "It looks like you had a little
"Yeah, and it smells like pee," he said, looking down at his pants.
"You need to be changed, huh?"
He nodded at me, and I got up, holding my arms out to him. He accepted
and as I picked him up in one arm I couldn't help but run my hand under
his jeans to feel his wet crotch. To my surprise, I felt that he had a
little boner.
I rubbed my fingers up and down the outline of his small erection as I
carried him up the stairs to his bedroom.
"Does that feel good, bud?" I whispered into his ear as I stroked him.
"Yeah," he said back to me.
We arrived to his bedroom where I sat him down on the bed, my own cock
rock hard thinking about all of the perverted things that I wanted to do
with my little b*****r.
"Did you like when I touched your peewee?" I asked him.
"Uh-huh, it felt good," he replied.
"Stand up and take your wet pants off for me, Brett," I whispered to
him, rubbing the front of my sweatpants.
As he obeyed my command and began to remove his jeans, I kneeled down in
front of him, ran my hand up the front of his shirt and began to finger
his small nipples.
"Fuck, that's nice," I said as I saw my little b*****r standing in his
wet Spiderman underoos, the outline of his erection clearly visible
through them.
I leaned down and pressed my nose into the crotch of his underwear,
taking in a deep whiff, then picked him up again, this time sitting him
in my lap on the bed so that I could rub my hard cock up against his butt
as I reached my hand down into his underpants and played with his uncut 3
inch boy boner, rubbing it up and down between my fingers and playing
with his foreskin.
"Do you like that?" I asked him.
He nodded.
"Do you want me to stop?"
"No," he moaned.
As I humped him from behind, I started to feel more perverted. I leaned
him back a bit and rubbed my index finger along the outside of his
He moaned in pleasure.
"That's right, buddy, it feels good to have your butthole played
with," I told him. "Did you wipe it good?"
I brought my finger up to my nose, inhaling. The sweaty, raunchy aroma
made my cock leak.
"Smells like poopie, little guy," I said as I brought my finger up to
his nose.
He sniffed it as I stroked his erection.
"Your big b*****r likes that," I said, pushing him harder against my
throbbing dick.
"I've gotta do a poopie right now, Brett," I said, "Do you wanna help
your big b*****r take a shit?"
"Alright," he said as he followed me into the bathroom.
He stood in his undies in front of me as I pulled my pants down and
showed my little b*****r my hard dick for the first time. He stared in
awe at it.
"What's the matter buddy?" I asked him, stepping forward so that my
cock was directly in his face. I humped it up and down, smearing precum
across his face and then put my hand behind his head, pushing his nose
into my hairy balls.
"Smell that, Brett. Smells good, huh?"
I almost came having his small face pressed up into my nuts, but I
stopped myself remembering what we came into the bathroom for. I sat down
on the toilet.
"You're gonna help me take a shit, aren't you? Pull down your undies
so that Matt can look at your boner."

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