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Father son talk

Father-Son Talk

I was sitting in my office in one of the chairs when the knock I'd been
anticipating sounded on the door.

"Come in," I said.

Josh, my older son opened the door and said, "Mom told me you wanted to see

"Yes, I do. Please come in, shut the door and sit here with me," I said
indicating the chair next to mine. He entered, closed the door, and turned
to walk toward the chair.

I have to tell you, dear reader, that every time I look at my son, my heart
nearly bursts with pride in who he is and what he is becoming. At age ten
he is all boy. Sturdy, with a body that is turning baby flab into a firm
musculature. He looks like he plays hard and plays a lot.

He's no great ball player but he makes up in enthusiasm what he lacks in
skills. Can't throw as far as some boys, he tells me, and I tell back to
him that there are many who wish they could throw as far as he can.

He has a ready smile and flashing blue eyes that set off his shock of blond
hair. The eyes and hair he got from his mom. I'm thinking he'll
eventually turn out to be a brunette like me with my light brown hair.

He's not wearing the typical "so what" grin that usually adorns his face
but looks more sober and cautious. He sits, turns to look at me, and opens
today's conversation with, "So what do you want to see me about, dad,"

"Girls," I respond.

His eyes light up. "Really?" Then the smile fades. "Oh, you're just
k**ding, aren't you, dad." He laughs at his realization of a joke about
one of his favorite topics. How do I know it is? When I was ten I was
beginning to realize girls were more than just a bother. When they think
I'm not paying attention I've caught snatches of conversations which
usually have "Clarissa," or "Sharon," in them.

"This time for real," I say. "Girls." Pausing for his comments, I add,
"You like to talk about girls, don't you?" A little probing for
confirmation of my suspicions.

He nods. His visage remains skeptical. "OK."

"Good." I say. "So you tell me. What do you like about girls?"

A smile briefly flickers across his mouth but then returns to more solemn.
"Welllll," he begins dragging out the word. "I guess I don't know," he

"You don't know but you are aware that something inside makes you want to
be closer to this girl or that one. Just some feeling you can't explain.
Is that right?" He nods.

"That's the feeling you're going to have for the rest of your life. Today
it starts with some cute girl in your class and tomorrow it will be the
pretty woman you want to marry." He's captured now. As my words flow, he
nods in confirmation. "Something inside you wants to look at a girl. Then
you want to talk to her. When she responds you want to touch her hand." I
pause again. "Is that something like the way you feel about girls now?"
He's nodding and even grinning.

"Yeah, it is. There's this one girl, Clarissa, who's been looking at me."
He blushes slightly.

"That happened to me many times when I was starting to get interested in
girls. Suddenly all the girls looked cute! I didn't know what to do about
my feelings. Except for one thing."

"What, dad? What did you do?"

"I masturbated," I admitted. Now he blushed too, his face turning a bright
red. "When I was home alone and every night, I'd have thoughts about a
favorite girl, Julie, and get very aroused, horny, so that I could
masturbate until I ejaculated."

"Really? You used to jack.... I mean, masturbate thinking about girls?"

"Son, I have to tell you that I still jack off."

He looked at me curiously. "But you're married. You and mom can, uh,
well, you know."

"True and I like making love with your mom a lot. But sometimes when I see
a pretty woman who's dressed so that she shows off her body so nicely, I
get a feeling that I'd like to see her naked. All men like to look a naked
women even when we are married and in love with our wives."

"So that's why I like to look at girls and think about seeing them naked?"
his face was still pink but he was interested in this idea.

"I've told you I like to masturbate or jack off. Do you want to tell me
that you do?"

He nodded. "Yeah, I do. Three or four times a day."

I laughed at his admission. "Three or four times a day?" I acknowledged.
"You must be one horny stud!" I clapped him on his shoulder; he grinned as
though disclosing some universal truth.

"OK, Let me ask you, suppose you and your Clarissa could get off in your
room, say, and she let you kiss her?" He was grinning at this mental image
of him and a girl alone, in his room, and she's letting him kiss her. "Do
you know what to do next?"

"I'd kiss her, dad." he offered simply.

"Yeah, but a kiss is not just a kiss. The kind of a kiss are you going to
give her tells her that you want to do more than just kiss, right? What
else do you want to do with this cute girl who's letting you kiss her on
the mouth?"

"A long kiss, I guess. I don't know."

"But she does. She's let you take her to your room, and be alone with her.
She thinks that you want to go further than just a kiss. In fact, when you
do kiss her, she's excited knowing you'll want to do more."

"Really? All that in just a kiss?"

"It's the whole scene: alone, kissing. A girl thinks a lot about a special
boy wanting to touch her. When you have privacy, the first step to sex,
yes, sex, is to touch her body with your mouth on her mouth."

"I don't know what I'd do!" he exclaimed frustrated.

"What would you like to do?" I paused to let him grasp this idea. "Then
you kiss her again while you're sitting on the bed. You whisper that you
really like her and like kissing her. So you keep telling her how pretty
she is and how much you want to be with her. Convince her she's special."

"Uh huh," he says somewhat dazed by this revelation. "That's it?"

"You want to rip her clothes off, see her pretty body, and suck on her
nipples, touch her pussy, and want to stick your hard penis into her cunt."
I glanced briefly at his crotch, at the bulge displayed there with this
erotic build up. Then to his face. He was grinning. "Really, just like
that? Rip her clothes off?"

"That's an oversimplification, Josh. You know it. With your Clarissa, you
might not even get under her bra to feel her breasts but she'll let you
touch them from with her clothes on. It all depends on how far she wants
to go. But it's up to you, the man to dictate what you expect by your
touches and words. Both of you will know what you want to do."

"OK, dad. I think I got it. Thanks for the advice."

"You're welcome, Josh," I responded.

"There is one more thing I'd like to talk about," I say bracing myself for
a potential unpleasant response.

"Yeah?" his tone more a statement than a question.

"I checked your school health curriculum and found that you've either had
or will get a lecture on homosexuality."

Josh blushes again, appearing slightly agitated. "We had that last week."

"What did the teacher tell you about it?"

Still slightly pink, "He told us what it is and what homo's do for sex," he
nearly stuttered out. Maybe this wasn't going to work. He might not be
able to open up on this.

"Do you have any questions about what he said?"

"Uhm... Maybe."

"You can always talk to me about anything."

"He said homo's are born that way. Nothing they can do about it. He said
that sometimes k**s figure out they are gay even when they are very young
but are afraid to tell anybody out of fear. He said there's a lot of
homo.... homo.... homophobia around."

"Some of that is true. First k**s aren't born that way. To be born with
any characteristic like skin color, freckles, eye or hair color, you have
to have a gene for it. There is no gay gene. Many believe like your

"Then what makes somebody turn gay?"

"We don't know but I have my own theory about it."

"What is your idea?" he asked interest sounding in his voice.

"Well, I think all men are born with the desire to be gay. You see the way
boys play together before puberty then after, something in our brains
starts making boys interested in girls. But the interest in being homo
never goes away. Some men wait all their lives to come out as gay."

I glanced down at his crotch, the bulge was still there. When I looked at
his face, I noticed that just for a brief instant, his eyes brushed by my
crotch where my own cock had expanded.

To my surprise, Josh looked directly at me and ask, "Dad, did you ever do
anything gay when you were like my age?" He blushed at his audacity but
kept the direct gaze.

"I did. Many times. I touched and played with other boys many times.
Sometimes we just jacked off and other times we got naked and sucked each
others cocks." I gasped at my own audacity in disclosing my homosexual
beginning as a youth.

His mouth was open, eyes wide. Apparently I'd hit the right tone and
opening. "You did? Dad! You sucked a cock?"

"Yes, many times with my friends. Sometimes with their older b*****rs and
b*****rs' friends. Yeah, many times."

"Uhm.... Did... Did...." he paused trying to make his mouth form the
forbidden words."

"Did I like it?"

"Yeah, did you like having a boy's cock in your mouth? Did you like the
taste? Did he cum in your mouth?"

I laughed softly. "So many questions but I'll answer them all." The bulge
in his pants seemed to have grown. Or was it my imagination? "One day
while Harold and I were naked and feeling each others cocks and balls, he
said, 'If you suck mine, I'll suck yours.' So I did. I got on my knees
and took his hard three-inch cock in my mouth and sucked him. I liked it.
I liked the way it felt, so stiff yet velvety smooth skin. I liked the way
it tasted and the way it smelled."

"My gawd," he whispered. "My dad a cock sucker."

"I did it many times with four different boys. My first experience with an
adult homosexual man when I was 16. I sucked his cock, he sucked mine and
later when he got hard again, I let him fuck my bottom."

He gaped at me like I was some foreign man who had suddenly replaced me in
this room. "Hello," I said waving my hand before him.

"Huh? Oh, yeah. I'm awake. I can't quite put all this together. Finding
out that you've done queer stuff with boys and a man. I ALWAYS thought you
are a straight guy but now...." he let the words dribble out.

"Josh, I'm a bisexual. I found out that I like to suck and fuck boys and
men, I like women too. I am still very much in love with your mom and
would never think of having sex with any other woman." I left off the part
that I was still having sex with men.

"Am I bisexual too?" he asked cautiously. "Or am I a homo too?"

"Those are questions only you can answer. So let me ask a few questions
and give some advice."

"OK, he scooted forward in his chair as if ready to hang on my every word.
The movement caused his pants to stretch across his crotch which emphasized
his erection even more. It looked quite large.

"Dad? Are you looking at me here?" he asked with a slight smirk. "Are
you checking me out?" Then he burst out laughing. "I can't believe you're
looking at my cock!"

"No worse than your roving eyes," I retorted. "Did you like what you saw
when you checked me out?"

He grinned and blushed. I'd caught him red-handed or perhaps red-eyed.
"Yes this talk about my homo past has made me horny. Guess it had the same
effect on you." He nodded.

"So let me ask you, have you and a friend gotten naked together, jacked off
together or touched each other?"

He looked away and said, "No, no, and no."

"Do you want to touch a boy's cock and suck it?"

"Yes, and yes."

"How long have you wanted to suck cock?"

I started feeling funny when I went to the bathroom in school and some boy
next to me pulled out his cock, just hold it there then start pee. I liked
seeing his cock. Sometimes the boy would look over at mine. I felt good
knowing he wanted to see mine."

"OK, this calls for a plan. How to get your friend to get naked with you.
Here's my suggestion. Who's the boy you'd most like to suck his cock?" I
asked rather blatantly getting the desire out.


"Freddy Johnson? His dad is Hank?"

"Yeah, that's him. You know his dad?"

"I do. We both belong to a club and play cards together."

"OK, what do I do?"

"Invite him for a sl**p over this Friday. He should come over right after
school. I'll make sure your mom is gone. You invite him to go swimming.
When you both get in, take off your swim suit, throw it on the deck and
say, "It's more fun to swim naked. Why don't you take yours off too." He
will probably do it. Start playing games like dunking each other. When
you have the chance, grope his hard cock a little. Then stop, claiming
you're tired and hug him. When he hugs you back, you'll feel his hard cock
against your belly and yous against his."

Josh was drinking in the words, changing them to images and becoming
overwhelmed with the idea of hugging a naked boy.

"You like that?"

"Uh huh," he replied. "That's exciting." The bulge in his pants seemed to
be throbbing; mine was.

"Pull him to the side of the pool, get up on the edge, and invite him to
suck you."

"What if he refuses?"

"At that point, he probably won't. But you want to suck his too so you can
trade places."

He was sitting in the chair, eyes almost glazed. "I want to do that so

I leaned over to him, placed my hand on his knee. "What you really need
with all this overload of information, is to jack off."

His eyes met mine. "You do too, don't you, dad."

Our eyes connected, understanding passed between as we simultaneously
nodded. "You mean here?" he asked.

"I was thinking of a shower," I said.

"Shower? Together?" His eyes seemed to glow with desire.

"Yes. See each other naked and erect and jack off together. A real
father-son moment."

We rose together. I took his hand and led him from the study to my
bedroom. Closing the door, I turned to see that he was already half
undressed. I duplicated his speed so that in less than a minute, we were
naked and face to face. I pulled him to me to wrap my arms around it.

There is something magical in the feeling that encompassed me as we stood
holding each other, feeling the delightfully erotic sense of oneness. A
true dad-son bonding. Releasing him, I stepped back to congratulate him on
his nice set of equipment.

"You have a nice cock too, dad." His hand reached out tentatively toward
it. Looking up at me, I nodded granting him permission to touch my aching
prick. His hand was shaking slightly; his fingers closing around my shaft.
"It's so hard!' He squeezed it. "I can't even make a dent in it."

The ice was broken; the line crossed. He began to stroke me, lost in this
moment as was I. Was I crazy? Letting my own son take my penis and stroke

He looked up at my face and said almost breathlessly, "Dad, will you stroke
mine too?" I nodded. Reaching down to take his smaller yet equally hard
cock into my hand, I pulled back his foreskin. He groaned in pleasure.

"We should not be doing this!" the rational part of my mind was screaming.
I was in an emotional nose dived unable to pull out. The die was cast and
Josh sensed it. He dropped to his knees and pulled my cock head toward his
mouth. With a gasp I stopped him. "No, Josh. Your first gay sex should
be with your friend. Not with me, your dad."

He looked up at me. "Please! I want to suck you!" I shook my head and
pulled him to his feet then knelt to look him directly in his eyes. "I'd
like you to do that but I'm afraid you'd turn to me for sex. You need to
experience what it's like to give a blow job to Freddy. Maybe.... Maybe
once you've settled on your sexuality, we might... Well that's not today.
We hugged again. Raging hard ons pressed between us.

"Let's take that shower and see who can shoot the farthest." I pulled him
with me to the shower. Opening the door, I turned on the water. Silence
reigned between us, my mind stuck back in that moment as my own son was
about to close his lips around my raging head. I felt Josh move passed me
into the shower where he adjusted the temperature.

The water felt good as it poured down on my head . "Ready, dad?" said Josh
with a grin. I returned his grin and took my cock into my fist. "Go!" he
said signaling the start of an new tradition.


Friday afternoon came around more quickly than I'd thought it would, I kept
pretty busy so the time went by quickly. Once dad knew I'd made plans with
Freddy, he was happy for me. "And I want a complete report when it's
over," he said with a wink. "You'll do just fine. Remember that deep
inside he's as queer as you are."

Mom picked us up from school so Freddy wouldn't have to carry his overnight
bag to my home. Once home, we went up to my room so he could hang some
clothes and put his bag in my closet.

"So what do you want to do?" I asked him.

"Games," was his reply.

With that we turned on the game box and for the next hour, played some
pretty intense stuff. Mom knocked at my door which was open a crack so I
could hear when someone approached. She stuck her head in, to tell us she
and dad were taking my b*****r over to a friend's house to spend the night,
then she and dad were going out for a dinner, a play and some dancing. I
walked over to the door to give her a hug, a kiss and tell her everything
would be fine. We were going to jump in the pool for awhile, order a
pizza, and watch TV till midnight.

Just as I finished telling her our plans I heard dad's slightly irritated
voice from downstairs, "Honey! Come on. The boys will be fine. We're
going to have a good evening just for ourselves." She turned and without
looking back or making further mommy noises, went down to join her husband.

I returned to the game box prepared to play another game when Freddy said,
"Aren't we going to go into the pool?"

"Sure but let's give them 15 minutes to make sure they don't suddenly
remember dad's wallet or something and disturb us." He grinned and nodded
his head. "OK, one more game, loser."

I was beginning to feel very relaxed about what I hoped would happen this
evening. No point in rushing it. We finished up that game, I checked the
clock on the wall and said, "Let's go swimming." Freddy leaped to his feet
and pulled off his shirt. I copied his move, then reached down to pull off
my socks. Seconds later my pants were d****d over a chair and we were down
to our briefs. Freddy was looking at me and I at him. I could feel a
tension in my room. "We'll pull them off together, on three," I said. He
nodded and hooked his thumbs in the waistband, as did I. "One," pause
"two," pause, pause, then "three." I pushed mine down, stepped out of
them, and looked at Freddy.

Wow! I'd done it. We both had done it. Stripped naked in front of each
other. Now we stood a few feet apart just letting our eyes roam over the
others body. I felt a sense of triumph, and a little nervous.

The stance he was taking reminded me of that famous statue of David, the
warrior king of Israel. Like David, Freddy was equally beautiful. Marble
turned to flesh. Now within my reach. I let my eyes roam over him, taking
the boy whose flesh I seemed madly wanting to devour. His hair mussed from
pulling his t-shirt over his head. His face, better looking than mine; one
the girls want to confess love. His arms, his chest, his thighs and
legs... all so well proportioned and firm. Unlike the statue of David
whose cock is limp supported by a deliciously hefty bag hinting at the
large balls that lay inside. Freddy's penis was semi-erect laying atop a
smaller bag with large twin plums within. Stone brought to life, standing
here with me, naked.

I took a tentative step toward him. Then another, more confidently.
Finally a third which brought me, that is, us, to within an arm's reach of
the other. I looked into his eyes to see my own desires reflected.

His eyes were taking me in as well. Apparently they liked what they saw
when he told me, "You have a really nice body, Josh."

I reached out to touch his face. Lightly running the back of my fingers
over his cheek, down to his neck, then on down to caress one nipple. He
flinched; but didn't draw back, smiled at me and nodded his head.
"Mmmm...." I smiled back at him and brought my other hand to his chest to
lightly feel the muscles beneath. His hands were equally busy touching me,
taking in the boy opposite him, free now to feel the flesh, our desires
unshackled from old proscriptions against sex with our own kind.

It was all coming true. Just as dad had predicted. Everything was up for
grabs. Right now I wanted to grab his cock and slowly suckle him to

"So do you, Freddy. You're beautiful too."

Silence descended; neither of us spoke. Both looked at the delectable
feast spread before us. "You know, looking at your..." he paused unable to
speak the word, he continued with, "I mean looking at you, I'm feeling
sexy." His cock semi-erect now began to fill and rise to a 45-degree

I knew without looking down that my own penis was firmly erect. This was
the turning point. No going back. Never mind the pool. We're both naked
and getting hard. "Yeah, me too. That cock looks good enough to eat."

He actually blushed. Guess I did too being so incautious as to talk sexy.
He put his hand under it as though offering it to me. "It's yours Josh.
You can do what you want with it," he said demurely admitting his own

His words, his admission were all it took for us to express the needs that
were growing within each of us. My heart was pounding so hard that I could
hear bl**d roaring in my ears, my breath coming in short intakes.

And then we were in each others arms, our erections trapped between us.
Out bellies pressing them caused them both to throb. A moment later, my
eyes closed and our lips met in a slow, hesitant touching.

The feeling of his lips on mine, barely touching, experimenting with a
boy-boy kiss. Mouths opened, expanding this experience to include tongue.
His joined mine, tip to tip, cautiously savoring the taste of his mouth.
He met and held there momentarily. Our first kiss, introduction to a new
relationship. We drew back, my eyes opened to gaze into his. The smile on
his face told me all I suspected. We both liked kissing each other, boy to

Our next was less cautious. A wonderful and lasciviously gay kiss. Mouths
open, our tongues began to dance to a tune that only they could understand.
When they pulled apart, we were both gasping from the intensity of this new
found attraction for each other. My head was spinning from delight and
happiness. "It's finally happening, " I breathed in a lust-filled husky
voice, my lips only half an inch away from his.

"Gawd, yes," he whispered back. "I've wanted to hold you and kiss you from
the first time I saw you naked in P.E. I wanted to stare but didn't dare;
my cock was beginning to get hard."

I laughed. "Mine too. I wanted to see your body. What lay beneath those
clothes. I took one look at your half hard cock and knew I wanted to taste
it. But I got into the shower, washed quickly then went back to my locker
to dry and dress. I was almost ready to explode with lust."

"Then let's," he said taking my hand and pulling me toward the bed. I gave
no resistance for I wanted this to happen. And happen now.

I grabbed the cover and sheet to toss them back out of the way. Clambering
onto my very comfortable bed, we lay down in each others arms again. No
words can convey the intensity of my lust for my friend. I was inflamed
with desire to consume him. The taste of his flesh, his lips against mine
satisfied some of my horny desire but flood gates would soon open to wash
us away in a tide of queer sex.

Our arms wrapped around each other, holding us close, as though one might
change his mind in this moment of pure admission of lust. Heads tilted so
that our noses did not collide, our mouths open wide to admit tongues that
flickered back and forth, round each other. The taste of his mouth, the
smell of his face, kindled the thoughts racing through my head.

We lay together locked against each other and kissed to satisfy a deep
suppressed craving that had simmered far too long and rapidly reaching the
boiling point. Kissing can only satisfy a small portion of need when our
entire bodies lay beneath us awaiting exploration.

I felt so completely homosexual. And loving every moment of being naked
with my gay lover, Freddy. The look in his eyes told me he felt the same.

Pulling my body away from his I put my hand on his chest to rub it. "Your
skin. So soft," I whispered. His hand was feeling my chest as well.

When his fingers caressed one nipple, I groaned and told him softly, "Do
that again and pinch it. Not too hard though." Even as he took one
between two fingers I was doing the same to him.

What a deprivation in my knowledge of my own body. When I chilled or got
horny, I'd noticed that my nipples hardened but it hadn't occurred to me
what might cause such stiffening. I'd touched my nipples before but the
feeling was more one of a reaction. I'd never bothered to do more, to
explore the sensual side of touching myself there. What if I had looked
down at my nipples, then touched them lightly, would I have found my own
touch arousing? Now I was learning: nipples have that kind of feeling.
Intense; when rolled just right, slightly painful. But being so aroused,
it only added to the general feeling of lust. Both of us were
experimenting with the others body. Learning all of the hot spots to
arouse each other. So many G spots!

"I want...," I whispered.

"What?" he grinned. "What do you want?"

"I want you to lay on your stomach," I said.

He looked puzzled for a few seconds then said, "You're not really are you?"

"Oh, yes, I want to know what all your body tastes like so roll over."

He grinned as he did what I asked. Without being told he raise his ass and
spread his cheeks for me to see his pink rosebud opening. I licked my
finger to moisten it. Pressing it lightly against his anal opening I ran
my finger around it, teasing before I devoured it.

"Feels nice," he said encouraging me.

But I needed little encouragement. Ever since I'd seen men rimming each
other, I wanted the same. I moved in extending my tongue to taste his ass
hole. The smell was light. Freddy kept himself clean. Running my tongue
up and down his crevice, he moaned in pleasure. Now was the time to do it.
I rolled my tongue tightly and lowered it to probe his hole. He jerked.
"Oh gawd," he whimpered. I probed and licked and probed and licked.
Sticking my finger into his anus, I cautiously sampled it. Not bad. Then
returned to licking and rimming. Finally satisfied with his ass, I moved
back and told him to roll onto his back so I we could suck cocks.

I leaned toward his face to kiss his cheeks then lick his ear and kiss down
his neck. "Ooooo! Gawd but this is fun and sexy and I like what you're
doing to me." My face continued on down his chest to find one nipple and
suck it into my mouth. "Yikes!" he cried out in surprise. I didn't let up
and he told me how aroused he was becoming. My other fingers rolling and
pinching his other nipple. He lay gasping beneath me. His word spilling
out, confessing his desire for more, more, more.

"Hey," he suddenly said. "My turn." I was ready to experience the same
feelings. Anxious, excited I wanted to have his mouth on my nipple, so
hard, so stiff. I rolled onto my back exposing myself to his

He was on his knees looking down at me; my body naked, nothing to hide.
"Gawd but you're sexy looking," he whispered as he leaned down to begin
tasting my body. The kissing, licking, sucking and even using his teeth to
lightly nip at my nipples. By this time I was so horny, I felt that one
more anything would send me over the edge.

"I gotta have your cock in my mouth," I whispered to my lover.

"Me too," he said. We both moved more toward the center of the bed then he
scooted down so that my feet would not hit the head board as we nursed on
those boy teats we'd coveted for so long. Freddy was lying the usual way
with feet toward the foot of the bed. Hi head was further down from the
head board so I wouldn't be kicking it. He was lying on his side, with the
bottom leg bent out so his thigh would act as a pillow for my head while I
nursed his dick. I moved in to tuck my leg under his head and placed my
head on his thigh.

"This is it," he said.

Thus situated I took a moment to closely examine what Freddy was offering
me: his beautiful five-inch uncut prick with a miniscule growth of pubic
hair. His balls hung in an ample sack off to one side. Twin marble sized
balls nestled within. Pulling back the foreskin, I looked at his head.
Nicely shaped helmet with ample piss slit. I kissed it then licked around
the rim. He moaned, "Oh gawd! That feels so good." Then I returned to
sucking the tip of his head, running my tongue around the rim while I held
his foreskin back.

Luxuriating in the warm taste of his hard, throbbing prick, loving the
smell of his boy body. Somehow my dad's cock intruded into this love fest.
He was looking at me as I lay between his legs. "Does my cock taste as
good as your lover's?" Blinking twice, he was gone but the image.... Oh
my gawd.... I was thinking of my dad's big dick while I was sucking on
Freddy. But it did make me think about what Freddy tasted and smelled
like. The only way I could respond would be "wonderful." I was loving
being in a 69 with Freddy. It all seemed so natural and right. I think
dad would agree.

I felt his hand close around my hardness causing me to sigh as he began to
slowly stroke my shaft. It's always so much more exciting when another
hand is rubbing me. "My gawd but your dick is amazing," he whispered to
me. "So long and thick. Your head is big. We may have a problem when you
fuck me. Not sure that thing will fit in my hole."

"You don't worry about a thing," I giggled. "I'll get you opened so your
pussy will swallow anything I feed it." he laughed at my analogy. "Your
cock is real gorgeous too. So long and straight. The uncut foreskin is a
treat. Never sucked one that's uncut. I can have some fun with that."

"My foreskin protects my cock head from the constant rubbing from my
briefs. So I'm real sensitive down there. Especially after I've shot my

"I'll remember that. But you're not going to get off for several hours. I
want to spend a long time nursing you, baby. Just let me know that you are
close. I'll edge you to get your semen one dollop at a time. I want to
learn to love your cum. I'll take everything you give me and more."

I could tell from the wonderful lapping of his tongue along the underside
of my erection that he was no longer interested in sharing these moments
verbally. I took his head into my mouth and rode it up and down to spread
saliva on it as a lubricant. While sucking his head gently, I wrapped my
fingers around his shaft and rotated them around and back over the shaft.
His moans told me more than words how his lust was rising. I had barely
began a steady suck as I moved my head up and down his cock.

"I'm cumming," he groaned releasing my cock from his mouth.

Pulling his cock back a few inches, I watched the small jet of sperm pop
out of his pee slit. I smiled at the ample size. This boy could give me a
fine load when he climaxed. I ran my tongue luxuriously over his purple
head to lap off the sweet cum. "Oh! Ooo! Oh!" He groaned, "Oh gawd, but
that feels fine." After he shot a few more mini-spurts, he declared he was
ready to cum. I told him that I was too so, let's finish things up.

As I cupped and massaged his nuts with one hand, I reached around to caress
his ass cheeks. "So soft," I murmured.

We lay together quietly for a bit, softly nursing on our hard, hard pricks
feeling my lust rise until I felt him grunt and knew he was giving me his
love juice. It sprayed into my mouth in one, two, three, four jets to
cover my tongue with his hot, white, sticky sperm and semen. Recalling his
admonition to ease off sucking when he came, I simply lapped with my tongue
while the last few drops trickled out.

Then my own balls erupted to spew semen onto his tongue and down his
throat. He too relaxed his sucking on my very sensitive head. I swished
his cum around in my mouth to savor the sticky texture and the tangy
flavor. "Mmm...," I whispered. "Your cum is delicious."

His mouth released my prick long enough to inform me how much he was
enjoying my gift to him. After swallowing his load, I continued to suckle
him, enjoying the intense closeness both physically and emotionally with
this boy's body which would provide much pleasure to my mouth and cock.
Already I was imagining how good it would feel to fuck his boy hole. I
could almost feel how my cock would fill his gut then retreat until I shot
a load of cum into him. Mmm.... Oh, yes. Fucking him would be such

"Hey, down there," he said in a normal voice. "You 'bout ready to let go
of my prick. I need to piss." For a moment I was temped to tell him that
I'd be happy to DRAIN..... well, maybe later not just now. Learning our
way around each others bodies would be interesting enough. No need to add
potential stress of kinky interests. He was as homo as I am but perhaps
less desires in all my areas. Yes, definitely a later announcement.

We unhooked our cocks from mouths and untangled heads and legs so we could
sit up. Freddy left our bed to pad across the floor to the stool.
Watching his ass as he went, Josh felt his soft cock twitch. He wanted to
spread those cheeks to suck, to lick, to devour the the pink rosebud that
lay hidden within the crevice.

I was so engrossed in my own fucking fantasies the I never heard the soft
splash of piss hitting the water. It went on and on. Finally, silence and
the sound of paper being torn from the roll. Then the flush.

I was lost in the dizzying thoughts of fucking Freddy when he brought back
to the here and now by his question.

"Hey, babe, where are you?"

Laughing, the vision of eating Freddy's delectable boy pussy faded. He
smiled up at Freddy who had returned from relieving himself and was now
moving into the bed again. Just for a moment I glimpsed his cock, now soft
and dangling. I reached for it to touch and caress it. "Hey," he said.
"I just pissed. Didn't wash it or anything."

"Can I suck it anyway?" I asked looking deeply into his eyes.

"But it will taste like...." his word trailed off as reached out to take
his semi-erect dick into my mouth then lap off the last two drops.

"Mmm...." I sighed contentedly the taste causing a weird warmth to spread
over me. I lay there his body stretched above me while I nursed at his
boyhood. "Mmm..." We remained like that for a few seconds, then he pulled
his boy teat from my mouth.

"I'm getting back in bed," he said.

Back in bed we lay down taking me in his arms and whispered, "I've been
thinking." His eyes seemed to glow with desire.

"Oh? About what?" I asked surprised at this need for words when kissing
and sucking could express such interests equally well. Even better.

"I want you to fuck my ass," he said. His face only inches from mine. His
hand touching my cheek. One finger idly moving toward my mouth, then
lightly running over my lips. I opened my mouth to capture that roaming
digit. Pulling it into my mouth and sucking it. He smiled. "Yes, I do.
I want to feel your penis in my butt. I want to be your girl friend, your
gay Clarissa." Then he laughed extracting his finger from my mouth.

"Hmmm.... You must have read my mind. I watched your ass as you left the
bed to piss. Got my mind to thinking about how good.... No, how
extraordinarily my cock would feel pushing against your resistance then
filling your love tunnel with my hard on."

He was grinning, touching my nipples again. His overt statement of need
coupled with my own thoughts of his ass was making me hard again. Gawd but
the mutual sharing of our passions was unbelievably exciting.


More to come as Freddy and Josh take that next and inevitable step towards

Comments welcome at TucsonDaddy,

FATHER-SON TALK 3 -- More Freddy

"How do you want to do this?" I asked

"Dunno. Never been fucked before," he said shaking his head to emphasize
his ignorance.

"Dad, gave me a couple of suggestions," I said laying on the bed while
looking into his face. A face I'd never forget for what he was giving me:
my homosexual fantasy

"What were they?" he asked.

"He gave me a box that he said I should wait until we were together to

"Where is it?" asked Freddy excitedly.

"Right here. Under my bed," I answered sliding off to the floor. I raised
the material that surrounded my bed and concealed the wheels, and reached
beneath it. "Here it is," I said standing up then resuming my seat on the
bed. Freddy was kneeling there looking so desirable.

"Gawd but you are sexy," I said turning to take his face in my hands and
kissing him. It continued for a wonderfully long time, then he said,
"Let's open the box and kiss later."

"Oh p*o!," I pouted. "I like kissing you."

"Me too. We'll do lots of that tonight. For now let's open the box."

I lay the box between us and pulled the ribbon off. Then lifting the lid,
I put it aside. "Wow!" exclaimed Freddy. "Look at this stuff."

Inside the box were dildos of various sizes, two small bottles of lube and
two packs of condoms.

"What do we need these for?" Freddy asked indicating the condoms. "It's
not like we'll get pregnant."

Laughing, I told him that dad explained these are for cleanliness. When we
finish fucking, our condoms will be covered with shit. We can pull off the
condom seal it and the odor is locked in the tube. Then I can lick the
residual cum off your cock."

"Seems like a good idea."

"Or we could give ourselves enemas so we could fuck bare back then suck the
juice from our cocks when we pull out."

"I dunno 'bout that. Ever done one?" he asked skeptically.

"No but we could go online to find out."

"Why don't we just start doing it the normal way? I want you inside me."

"OK, then lets get you lubed up and start sticking the dildos up your ass
to stretch you." He agreed so we began by opening the dildos, beginning
with the smaller ones.

"I'll do you first then you can stick one up my butt," I said selecting the

"OK," he responded selecting the next size.

Handing him one bottle of lube, I said, "This is to make them slick so they
can slide in easily. Our asses are not like pussies 'cause they don't get
wet like a pussy." He opened his bottle to pour some onto the dildo. Too
much ran out, dripping off the end onto the bed. "Oops," he said with a
giggle. "It comes out fast and we don't need a lot. It sure spreads out."
He was rubbing the dildo like an erection. "Oooo! Slick! Bet it goes in

I handed the towel to Freddy. "This is soooo exciting. Like I've been
waiting for my sexy lover for a long time." I rolled onto my belly and
raised my ass. Pushing back made my cheeks spread even more so Freddy
could have a clear shot. "Use some lube on my hole, honey," I said. A few
seconds later, I felt the coolness of his lube-coated finger circle around
my pink rosebud. "Mmm...," I sighed. "Your finger feels so good. Your
cock oughta feel better." He pressed in meeting resistance. "Harder. You
won't hurt me," I instructed. He did; his finger slipped in. "Ooo...,
Yes! Feels soooo very good." He was pushing his finger in and out,
pseudo-fucking me with his digit.

"I like doing this to you, babe," he responded. "You ready for the dildo?"

"Give it too me. I'm more than ready." I realized that my cock was steel
hard from the excitement. Only seconds later I felt the dildo pressing
against my hole. "Here goes," he said. He pushed lightly at first to meet
resistance immediately. "Harder!" I breathed. Pressure increase on the
plastic thing entering my butt. More pressure and suddenly, I let out a

"You OK?" asked Freddy, worry in his tone.

"Yeah, I'm find. You just took my flower! You're past the muscle. Oughta
slide in easy now." Freddy didn't have to push hard at all now. Just
shoved it all the way in. I felt the base press against my cheeks. "Oh,
yeah. Nice. Now pull it out and back in. Like you're fucking my pussy."
I love saying those words: my pussy. Freddy was turning me into his girl.

He began to slowly retract his dildo until only the head remained inside,
they reversed to push it back in to the stop. "How you feeling, babe.
Feels good to do this to you, like I'm watching my cock slide in and out of
you. Gawd, but I like this."

"Hey!" I said. "I think I'm ready for the real thing."

"You sure, honey? This is the smallest. There are two more sizes."

"Screw that!" I declared my lust-bravado was making me ready whether my
body was or not. "I want your cock inside me. Now!"

Taking the condom from the night stand, he tore it open and rolled it over
his hard on. Freddy slapped my bare cheek with a sharp whack. I cringed.
"What was that all about?" I asked.

"Shut up, bitch," he chuckled slapping me again. "Your gonna do what I
tell you and no questions. Understand?" he growled in a demanding voice.
He punctuated his "request" with another firm slap on my butt. I gasped
feeling the sting of his hand yet his change of character from my friend to
my someone I didn't know but I liked the feeling of being dominated like
this. The stinging slaps became love taps that was turning my lust into a
raging b**st. I could only want. Want his attention and his cock buried
deeply into my pussy.

"Yes! Yes!," I cried out. "I'm your bitch. I want your cock. Push it in
make me into your girl."

"That's more like it," he said moving behind me to press his cock against
my hungry cunt. "I've been watching you strut your ass around like you own
the world. Now I'm gonna make my dick your world. You got that, bitch?"

"Yes! I've secretly wanted you to fuck me for years. I've tried to get
your attention but it was like you were snubbing me. Now I want to be
yours. Fill me up with your big dick so my dreams can come true." I was
panting from desire. His words, demanding and harsh, rang in my ears. He
was telling me had been lusting for me which gave me a thrill unlike
anything I'd felt before.

His lube-slicked head rubbed around my hole, teasing me. "You like that,
slut? You like feeling the cock that's gonna take your cherry. That's my
cock teasing your hole."

I wriggled my ass. "Gawd, yes. I want you inside me. Make me your bitch,
your slut."

His head was pressing against the pink wrinkled entrance to my tunnel now.
He leaned forward pressing against the resistance my body was making to
keep him out. Pausing for a bit to check his depth, he resumed pressing.
I squeeze like I was trying dump a load. I could feel my lips begin to
spread. He was getting in!

"Oh, yes, baby, fill me. Shove your cock into all the way. Make me your
bitch slut, your cock whore." The words spilled out of me and felt so good
saying them.

He continued pushing. I felt my hole giving. I also felt the sting of
reaching my tolerance limits. He was opening me like a jack hammer,
tearing down resistance. The sting became discomfort. I groaned as his
pressure was turning his entrance from pleasure into something less so.
"Uhn..." I grunted wanting his dick inside me, yet my body rebelling at his

"My gawd but you are one tight pussy," he complained. "But I'm gonna fill
you." His pressure turned from gently entering me into a hard push forcing
his head past my sphincter. He was in!


His entrance was like a hot rod had been shoved up my ass. My muscle
clenched spasmodically. He said nothing, knowing that his entrance had
caused real pain. I lay gasping as he paused. Just lying there, with his
cock inside me, his comforting weight pressing down on my back helped me to
recover from the shock of breaking in. Gradually the pain declined until I
could breath normally. "I'm OK now," I said. "Fuck me. Make me your

"Oh, yeah, you are my cock slut bitch," he growled back. "I'm really gonna
fuck your ass." His actions reflected his words. He slid his cock in then
pulled back to wait for a few seconds. Then in again but further and back.
With each re-entrance, his cock went deeper until I felt his bag of nuts
against my cheeks. All this in silence until he reached full depth and the
initial pain had dissipated to become pleasure "Oh, baby, you are so tight.
I'm gonna love making you my own bitch." Pausing for a second he began to
withdraw his rod from my depths.

"Oh, YesYesYesYes!" I was babbling and thankful that we were alone, that
none other could hear my heated cries. "I can't believe how good you feel
inside me, lover." His cock was like a steel rod bringing me pleasure I
had only guessed at, fantasized about. Now it was reality, my dream coming
true. He pulled back slowly then drove in more quickly. In a moment he
was banging away at my backside, his balls flopping against mine in a
rhythm. His cock in its in and out motion was hitting against my G spot.
The sensation in my prick told me I was close to climax. "I'm gonna cum in
a second," I whispered anticipating the flood by only two seconds.

I shot my load in one of the most explosive ejaculations I'd felt in a long
time. "Oh, shit. Oh, damn!" I moaned as my semen-filled balls emptied
themselves onto the sheet beneath. Freddy was pounding away at my ass in
abandonment. His cock ruled his body. His mind of stand by. "Oh, gawd.
Oh, gawd," he gasped as he pushed his dick into me trying to f***e it even
further than before. He held it there and I felt his steel-hard cock
pulse. Once, twice, thrice and then even a fourth. Then he collapsed atop
me pressing me down against the large cummy wet spot.

His conquest was complete. I was his.

We lay together in silence, memories of what had just happened replayed in
my mind: the teasing, the entrance, his filling me repeatedly with his
boyhood until he brought both of us to magical, marvelous completion. I
felt something stir within me and realized that I was different now. I
really was Freddy's cock slut, his bitch. These thoughts played in my head
making me realize that I was no longer the same person now who had offered
my ass to my friend, now my boy friend, how long ago? A few minutes? An
hour? An eternity? It didn't matter any longer. The deed was done; I'd
been fucked. My world turned upside down.

Freddy stirred atop me. "You OK, babe?" he asked softly.

I smiled replying, "I'm more than OK, hon. I'm much more than OK. I've
been fucked by my boy friend, my Freddy. I really am your cock slut now.
I'm your boy bitch. I...," my lips seemed unable to say the words I felt
for this boy. "I..., " Pausing for the will to speak my mind, "I love
you."There it was out. Another first in my now homosexual world. The
world I belonged in with my Freddy.

He was silent. Had I made the mistake of expressing my affection for him
so strongly. Damn! Why couldn't I have just told him how good he made me?
But no! I had to spill my emotional guts. I was still agonizing on this
mistake when he spoke.

"I love you too. I've loved you for a long time but now I know that I am
completely in love with you. I really needed to hear it from you too," he
signed and kissed the back of my neck softly. "It's not supposed to be
like this, is it?" he asked. "I, you and me, we're supposed to find a
girl. You've got your Clarissa but I meet the right cute little cunt.
Then one day we get marred." He chuckled at this imaginary time line.
"That's not gonna happen, is it?"

"Aren't you jumping to some pretty hard conclusions?" I responded. "Right
now I'm feeling so gay, so homo, I don't want a Clarissa in my life. I
want only you."

"Guess then this is the best time to come out," he said softly, words I
could barely hear. "I'm homo, been homo all my life. Only wanted to be
with a boy but never even got that close with one until you. You accepted
all my little oddities. Now I know I'm in love with you. I've gone as far
as I can with girls." He began to cry.

I had no rebuttal to this confession so lay quietly listening to his soft
sobbing, feeling his tears dribble down onto my neck. Gradually his sobs
became gasps for air, then to normal breathing. "I'm sorry about that.
Didn't think my admission would take so much out of me.

"Baby, you don't have to be ashamed. Right now, in this moment, I feel
completely queer. I'm your fag, your fairy. If this moment could last
forever, I'd be happy with you.

"Oh thank you, babe," he said with feeling. "I love you." He laughed,
"And you know what else I feel? I'm still hard. Want to go another

I struggled to find a more comfortable position. "Am I too heavy on you,
babe?" he asked.

"Not you. I need to move. Suddenly I realized that I too was hard
again. "Let's move so that we're facing each other."

He moved back and as he did, I felt his still-erect cum-covered cock slide
smoothly out of my bottom. "Mmm... felt good, babe," he whispered. I
turned over, onto my back, spreading my thighs, and raising them, inviting
him to move in between them. He moved quickly to resume his wonderfully
dom position while I reached down to spread my cheeks allowing him easy
access to my treasure hole

His cock was still at a strong angle, I restrained my desire to reach out
and feel its masculine hardness. "You're beautiful," I said admiring his
penis. "What a cock."

"You're beautiful too, babe, You've got such a nice tight hole. I love
filling you." He scooted forward and leaned down to line up his pecker
with my hole. Watching him it was as though I was seeing him in a
different way. This was not just my boy friend. He was also my friend, my
lover, my world. He was intensely adjusting position until I felt his
hard, hard, hard, mushroom head contact my cunt hole. He moved forward a
little more, his head not pressed firmly against me. I gasped in delight,
knowing that in a moment, his boy would have his steel-hard prick buried
inside me.

He looked up and smiled. "Contact!" We laughed together.

It was all so good, so right, so natural for this male and me to be joining
our bodies not just in a****l lust but in love. Having released our queer
love for each other, all old restrictions vanished. We were free to love
and fuck. He lay down upon me, simultaneously pushing his cock back into
me. I tensed momentarily clutching him to me as my still fresh pussy
responded to a new invasion. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I began to
whisper love words to him. He relented not one iota but moved once again
to claim his prize: me

"Make me your cock slut, Freddy. Make me your bitch. I only want to be
yours," I cried out trying to ignore the burning as he assaulted my cunt.
I squeezed to make entrance as quickly as possible. My head thrown back in
passion I grunted with each millimeter of depth he attained. "Uhng..
Uhng... Uhng..." Until I felt his head once more breach my barrier. With
a sigh, I opened my eyes to look at his face, a mask of concentration
focusing on filling me. "Ah!" he exclaimed realizing he was in. Again.

I relaxed laying back to accept his dick and his love. He moved his head
to look me in the eyes. "I love you." he whispered.

"I love you too, babe. Now fuck me." I replied hungry once more for the
rocking of his body thrusting and withdrawing from my depths. Beginning
slowly, his pace gradually increased until we were both moving together.
He pushed in as I pushed toward him advancing cock. He withdrew and I
pulled back until just his head was the only part of his dick inside me.
Then a repeat.

"Oh, you gorgeous fucking bitch!" he growled staring at me with an
expression that told me he was sin charge.

"Yes! Gawd yesYesYesYes!" I responded. "Fill me with your thick hard
cock. Make me your cock slut, your bitch, your cum-drinking queer lover."

He groaned arching his back. "Here it comes, bitch," he said slamming
deeply inside me. His cock began to pulse.

"Me too," I cried out feeling my own dick thicken and shoot what little
semen remained in my balls to spray between us.

Then it was over. Our second love session. His cock still-erect inside of
me. My own was rapidly softening. He once more allowed his body to relax
on top of me. "Mmm.... You are one horny bitch boy," he sighed.

"You are one horny lover boy," I whispered back.

We lay together until our breathing came back to normal. His eyes met mine
and we kissed. His lips so soft and welcoming on mine. I opened my mouth
to admit his tongue which I sucked like a small cock. "Mmm.... you taste
so good," I said.

Now I could feel his cock growing soft. Two love sessions together with
the same hard cock. What a man! What a penis! I felt a surge of pride
knowing that he was mine and I was his. I didn't want to share that prick
with anybody else, boy or girl. It withered further; my muscle forcing it
out of my guts. It flopped wetly between my still open and raised legs.
"Looks like you're all done."

"Completely," he replied. I'm bushed. You wanna roll over so we can lay
on our sides with your legs still around me?"

"OK," I said and we moved so that Freddy and I were still locked together
by my legs. His damp cock against my inner thigh. What a wonderful
feeling of completion. Our mouths moved toward each other, our lips
meeting is a soft, passionate, and prolonged kiss. We held each other
close, never wanting this moment to end. But eventually it did and we
pulled apart. We lay together, locked in each others arms softly talking
reliving each moment of our homo love making. Talking until feeling began
to ebb from our limbs forcing us to reluctantly disentangle from one

"Let's take a shower," he said.

"Yes," I answered allowing him to take charge.

He unrolled the condom from his prick, then wrapping it in a Kleenex, and
placing it on the night stand for later disposal. His cock still moist
with residual cum.

He moved off of the bed and reached for my hand to help me to join him We
looked at each other and smiled. I felt his semen dripping from my ass to
slide down my inner thigh. So this was how a woman would feel as her
lover's cum would leave her. "You're cum is leaking," I said.

"Get used to it, bitch," he said smiling. "You're going to feel that a

Pulling him close, and wrapping him in my arms. "I certainly hope so.
Feels so sexy knowing that it's yours and what we just did. He pulled me
close for a kiss.

"OK, enough," he said pulling me toward the bathroom. "We just gotta get
in there. I want to clean up so we can go back to bed and you can fuck my
brains out." I grinned in agreement moving with him to our goal.

Entering the bathroom, he stepped to the shower, opened the door, and
turned on the water. He was about to go to the stool when I held him back.
"But I gotta...," his voice training off as he understood my need.
Smiling, he said, "OK, baby. I'll feed you in the shower."

"Thanks for agreeing. I was afraid you'd be disgusted," I replied happy to
know he would accept me as I am.

The water temperature now just right he stepped in bringing me with him. I
closed the door and turned to join him beneath the cascading water washing
over our sweat- and cum-stained bodies. Taking the body wash I urged him
backward out of the water so I could wash him. Squeezing some liquid onto
my palm, I brought it to his chest which I slowly, lasciviously spread,
paying special attention to his nipples still hard and erect. They were
larger than mine, easier to grip. "Mmm..." he sighed. "Careful or you'll
be bent over getting a third helping of my cock," he laughed.

"No danger of that. I'm in charge. I've got the soap."

He acquiesced with a laugh allowing my hands full reign of his body. Next
his arms, down his belly to find his semi-rigid prick straining to resume
command position. I washed it and his balls carefully. I wanted no taste
of my gut juices, although.... I stifled that thought. Maybe later but
for now my other forbidden act. He stepped into the cascade of warm water
that rinsed away the foamy residue.

Kneeling, I held his dick close to my mouth. "Are you ready to feed me?" I
asked demurely as any cock slut bitch would for her boy friend. He nodded.

My cock was so hard from the fantasy I was about to fulfill. Leaning
forward, and opening my mouth, he placed his enlarged head onto my tongue.
I froze, wondering If I was wrong. Would he hate me for doing what we were
about to do.

Standing over me, he looked down and said, "Here it comes, babe."

His piss began to flow, my heart was pounding, was I truly ready or just
over heated with lust. My mouth partly full, I swallowed. He was
maintaining a slow but steady flow of his golden water. I felt light
headed as I realized I'd done it. I was drinking his piss, a fantasy I'd
had for years. My hands rested on his firm belly. I looked up at his
face. He was smiling down at me. Blowing me a kiss. "I love you for what
you are doing for me," he said

Another mouthful which I swallowed, and the flow continued. I cannot say
how long I knelt before him drinking his warm offering but I was suddenly
aware that the flow had shrunken to a mere trickle. Opening my mouth he
pulled his hardening cock out. A single golden drop clung to his tip.
Without thinking, my tongue went out to slurp it off. I leaned back on my
heels a dreamy feeling filled my head. I was recovering from my first of
many, I hoped, future draining.

"That was amazing," he said softly. "I never imagined you'd do that."

Standing I asked him with some trepidation, "Did you like that? What I did
for you?"

He grinned and pulled me close for a kiss. He did not hesitate to french
kiss me even though I just drank his pee. He seemed all the more
passionate in kissing with his tongue roaming over the inside of my mouth.

"Not bad. Fresh leaves so little aftertaste," he observed.

"Yes, old is rather salty and bitter."

"Now it's my turn," he said moving me out of the water stream so that he
could gently and carefully wash me completely. That accomplished he turned
off the water and opened the door to bring in two large soft towels. We
dried each other in the shower then dried our feet and stepped out. I
looked at him and he at me. "You ready for your grand opening," I asked.

"More than ready. And I see you are ready to do me," he said looking at my
hard cock. He took it, squeezed it and smiled. "That one is ready." he

Moving to the bed, he lay on his back in the center of the bed. "We're
doing this right, no backdoor."

I took the second size dildo, applied lube generously, then with my same
slick fingers, rubbed around his tempting anus. My first close up but not
my last, I knew. It was a light-colored brown puckered spot just below his
ball sack. A ridge ran the intermediate distance. Touching it, he jump.
"Yikes! That feels odd but nice. Do it again." I ran my slick finger up
and down watching his cock bob up and down with each stroke. He was

"Back to business," I said returning to insert first one finger into his
resisting hole. I pushed in deeper with his gasped as I probed even
deeper. "You OK?" I asked. He nodded without speaking. I pushed in and
out, in and out feeling his muscle tense with each in stroke. Cautiously I
inserted a second finger. He jumped. "Easy," he said.

I gently continued my anal massage until he stopped jerking each time I
pushed in. Removing my digits, I picked up the dildo. His eyes watched me
lube it up and bring it to his entrance. "Ready?" He nodded. I began
gently enough pressing it against that puckered tight hole. Pressing, I
asked him to squeeze. As he did I felt the first movement into his cunt.
The tip had vanished inside with inches still remaining to enter. "This
would be most interesting," I thought.

Continuing to push in, Freddy began to groan while I had not yet penetrated
past his gate. Undeterred, I persisted. Pressing in until I felt a slight
giving. Freddy was gasping for air. "My god but that hurt," he

"Oh?" care to tell me about it?"

He grinned. "OK, yes, I know."

"How does it feel to be the fuckee?"

"Give me a moment to get used to it and I'll tell you." We paused with
most of the dildo still extending from his ass hole.

"Quite lovely," I thought. "My cock will soon replace this plastic thing."

"OK, give me more," he said.

I slowly pushed the rest of the dildo into him, to the full six inches. My
cock was only five inches so that was plenty of depth. He was gasping now
in delight, the feel of this rod filling him. "Like that?" I asked.

"Uh huh. Let's get on with the real thing." Nodding I pulled the dildo
out with a small pop and placed it aside.

Taking the condom from the night stand, I tore it open and rolled it over
my hard on. He opened his legs and spread them wide as his hands pulled
his cheeks even wider. Moving in close I pushed my stiff hard on down to
meet his anal passage. Leaning in I felt the warm slickness of his hole
and pushed. "Uhg!" Freddy gasped. "Easy."

"Sorry," I whispered but I was undeterred. I wanted his pussy. Wanted it
bad. I'd held off a long time. Now it was close. Slapping his cheek, he
jumped. "Hey!" he said.

"How do you enjoy a love tap, pussy boy," I asked delivering a second to
his other cheek.

"Just shut up and fuck me." With that invitation, I leaned in pressing
harder as he gasped beneath my insistent demand. "Oh gawd. Oh shit," he
was babbling. He squeezed and I pushed until I felt my cock head break
through. I was in. Freddy was sobbing softly.

"OK, babe," I'm in. "I'll give you some time to get used to me." He
nodded. I waited until his sobs declined to soft whimpering and pushed in.

"Ohhh!" he groaned. "What a feeling!" I bottomed out, my full five
inches of rigid dick now buried inside him. I rose onto my knees to look
at the beautiful sight. "This is so amazing. I'm completely inside your

"Will you shut up and fuck me?" he said. Smiling I lay back atop him, his
legs closed around my waist. Now prepared, I pulled slowly out of his
pussy until only my head remained inside. "Ah," we both sighed. What a
delectable feeling.

"You are so tight." I said. Faster was his response.

I pushed back in, paused for a second then pulled out. Then it was in and
our, in and out. I could only hear my panting until he spoke. "I'm
cumming," he said followed by his cock pulsing beneath me adding to the
sweat between us making for easier sliding and faster fucking. He was
still groaning from his ejaculation when I felt my own cock head swell and
then discharge what was left of my semen-filled balls into his gut.

What an intense feeling. A thousand times more exciting that when I jack
off. Even better than when he sucked me off. Fucking is by far the best.
With the final pouring of cum into him, I just lay there panting and he ran
his fingers through my hair and softly kissed me.

"You're wonderful," he said softly. I love you so much." Paused then
continued, "Even more I love you with your cock stuffed up my behind. You
make me feel so full!"

When my breath was recovered. I said, "Your pussy is so tight. Fucking
you is so natural. Like I was born to be your fucker."

He laughed and agreed. "This is the most homo I've ever felt. Sucking,
kissing, fucking, pissing. I feel so completely queer. Thank you for
giving me this love."

We kissed a slow, long and passionate time. When our face parted, I said,
"Let's do the shower again."

Agreeing he unhooked his legs from around me so I could sit up. I moved
off of the bed allowing him to sit up. We were about a foot apart when he
looked at my cum-filled condom. I started to reach down and pull it off.
"Let me," he said unrolling my messy condom. I handed him a Kleenex in
which he wrapped it and handed it to me to place it beside the other.
Slipping to his knees he pulled my soft, cum-covered cock into his mouth to
clean it off.

"Mmm...., baby, You have such a wonderful mouth. Magic, in fact."
Standing there I looked down at his face. Eyes closed, lips capturing my
penis and the feeling of his slowly and lasciviously running over my head
and shaft. I could take no further stimulation and pulled out of his
surprised mouth. "But..." he began

"Shower," I said pulling him to his feet.

Once again we made the march to the shower. Once again we soaped and
cleaned each other. Once again we resisted the crazy desire to suck again.
Homosexual urged resisted. We toweled each other off and walked hand in
hand back to the bed. He climbed in first and I followed to move into his

"M...," we both sighed. His arms around me, I felt warm and safe. Our
naked bodies pressed against each other, cocks back to full hardness.
Gradually we both relaxed, I reached over to turn off the light and return
to my lover's arms and in the quiet darkness we gradually drifted off to

I was awakened later, the darkness broken only by some moonlight filtering
through the curtains. Then I realized what it was. A warm mouth was
massaging my hard on. "Oh yes, babe. Suck me off. Drink my sperm. Drain
my balls." I stroked his head and he nursed me softly and slowly his hand
cupping my balls to slowly massage them. I simply lay there enjoying his
ministrations. The soft and slow suck, release, suck, release.

I never wanted this moment to end. A moment of such intense intimate
pleasure that was completely enveloped me. The rising lust in my groin
told me that the end was near. I groan without warning my boy friend,
released a gusher of cum onto his tongue. He stopped sucking me, simply
lapping the residual semen that still leaked from my pee hole. As this
flow stopped he remained at my crotch, holding my soft cock between his
lips unwilling for this magic time to end.

Pulling him up to my arms we kissed letting me taste the sweet flavor of my
sperm and semen still coating his tongue. Our tongues danced together
sharing my gift to him. The last I remembered was our lips still pressed
together before I was about to drift off to sl**p again

But I was startled back to groggy wakefulness by some noise. It was thee
soft click of the door knob turning then a low light from the hallway
silhouetted a figure in the door way. The shadow moved into my room and
pulled aside the curtain to admit more light. I recognized dad.

"Why was he here," I wondered.


That question will be answered... soon!

FATHER-SON TALK 4 -- Discovery

We had almost gone back to sl**p when I was startled back to groggy
wakefulness by some noise. Straining to hear, it was the soft click of the
door knob turning then a low light from the hallway silhouetted a figure in
the door way. The shadow moved into my room and pulled aside the curtain
to admit more light. I recognized dad.

"Why was he here?" I wondered.

He stepped over to the bed and looked down at me. I could make out his
face and smiled up at him. He squatted down until we were face to face and
smiled back at me. His hand reached out to move the hair out of my face.
"I'm glad to see you're sl**ping together. Guess it all worked out exactly
as you set it up, huh?" he said softly.

I felt so warm and comfortable with my dad here seeing me and Freddy
together. "Uh huh," I whispered back. "It was wonderful. I was kinda
worried but Freddy was as ready to start sucking cock, so we spent hours
kissing, sucking and playing."

"Did you get to fuck him?" dad asked eyes seemed to be glowing from the
excitement of learning about our successful mating.

I grinned hugely. "Oh, daddy. Yes. But he fucked me first. And he was
still hard so he fucked me again. Then we took a shower and
I... I... well, I got to fuck him too."

"Good for you, son. I'm proud of you for taking this chance and now look
at you two beautiful boys in bed together. You're the perfect couple." He
leaned forward to kiss me on the lips. Not just a peck but a long kiss
without tongue. I know he loves me. Now I want him to love me more. But I
didn't say that.

"I'll make sure mom doesn't come in. You two just get up when you're
ready. See you later." He rose, and walked to the door which he opened,
pressed the lock button, and closed. No surprise visits now.

My mind was spinning with possibilities. Dad told me to be brave and take
a risk by seducing Freddy. Now I know I can get dad's cock in my mouth
too. And maybe that big cock up my ass. My planning was cut short as
Freddy stirred beside me. I looked at him. His eyes were wide open now,
confusion at first then recognition of where he was and what we had done.
He smiled a big grin and cuddled up to me.

"It's not a dream. We really did do those things last night didn't we?"
he asked rhetorically.

I pulled him close to kiss his delectable mouth then said, "Yes, we really
did become lovers last night. I'm so happy even if my ass is a little

"Too sore for me to fuck you this morning?" he asked. "I'm so horny for

"I'm horny for you too. I've got the biggest hard on ever. Let's!" I
replied excitedly.

"Me first," said Freddy confidently knowing that he was the dominant one in
this relationship. "Now get the lube."

Hearing my boy friend talk so confidently like this was a real turn on. I
felt my nipples harden. My cock twitch from knowing that he'd always be in
charge. Rolling over, I picked up the small tube from the night stand next
to the two dildos. I made a mental note to clear this stuff up before
opening the door.

Throwing off the sheet and cover, he moved to kneel next to me. "Lube up
my cock, babe," he said. I poured some lube onto my palm and handed him
the tube. His cock was so hard! I was so horned up with my hand wrapped
around it making it slippery for mating me. Again. It was such an
exciting thought: that we'd be fucking each other and often.

I felt his fingers rubbing the area around my anus before pushing gently
into me. I was still sore from last night but wanted him inside me again
even more badly. After he loosened me up with his fingers, he wiped his
hand on the towel and I wiped mine.

I raised and spread my legs to give him ample room to use my hole. A
shiver went through me knowing that my boy friend was about to fuck my boy
pussy again. He moved between them, smiled at me and asked, "Ready?"

"Always ready for your dick, boy friend," I said as I felt the head touch
my puckered entrance.

"I like hearing you say those words. I really wanted to be your boy friend
for a long time. Now it's true," he said moving his hips forward. Here we
go again."


After we'd recovered and I'd fucked him, we rose a little unsteadily to
hobble into the bathroom and start the shower. While it warmed we walked
to the stool, opened the lid and began to pee. "Oh, man, I was so full of
piss. Could hardly stand it," he sighed.

"Me too," feeling the relief of my bladder emptying. I watched the twin
streams of darker yellow fluid, my mind flashing back to those moments in
the shower last night when I..." Smiling at the memory, Freddy's voice
interrupted my thoughts.

"I liked when you licked my pee," he said softly reaching over to put a
hand on my shoulder. "You want to do it again?"

"Nah," I replied. "Old piss is bitter. Later this morning when we've
d***k a few glasses of water. We can come back, and I'll do it for you

Our flow was ebbing then became a trickle slowing even to a few drips
clinging to our soft cock heads. Freddy tore off two pieced of paper
handing me one. "Wipe it," he said. We both did, dropped the paper into
the bowl of yellow water, and flushed. Turning as one, we walked toward
the shower. Even as I stepped into it, feeling the water spraying down on
me, my cock began to harden again. I so wanted to suck him again even
knowing he didn't have any cum left.

He closed the door, pressed himself against my back, his equally erect dick
filling my ass crack. "I love you," he said his hand moving around to take
my cock.

"I love you too, Freddy," I whispered, my voice made husky from the lust I
felt rising.

It was thus we leave the two young gay lovers. Locked in an embrace which
will lead to yet another spilling of semen. Give them time to find relief
with each other while attention turns to the breakfast table where Josh's
mom and dad are sipping coffee, listening to soft music from the radio.

She put her hand on his and looked at him. He was gazing at her still
seeing the young, woman he'd married 17 years ago. Still as beautiful as
ever. He was so deeply in love with her, and this bond seemed to grow
stronger with each passing year.

"I'm so glad we could get away by ourselves last night. I really need some
time to be with just you, as my husband, as my lover," she said softly
gazing into his eyes.

He laughed softly. "Me too. Time seems to slip by with all our
obligations: work, f****y, friends. As though some f***e is letting us
stand close enough to touch, but not close enough for more. Last night was
just perfect. Being with you always makes me feel so romantic toward you.
Just like those days B.C. when we could get a call and go to a party
without finding a sitter."

"B.C.," she thought and smiled. "Yes, before c***dren.

Frank took her hand, raised it to his lips and kissed it lightly. "That
dinner, the dancing really put me in the mood to be your husband.

"And I wanted you to be my husband; to love me. Make love to me."

"You've always turned me on when you kiss me," he said. "Last night after
we got home was so wonderful. Trying to walk down the hallway without
making noise."

"If you'd have let me unzip my own dress...," she giggled,
remembering. Then her face turned more serious. Frank sensed the change
and waited for her to speak.

"Did you notice anything unusual this morning when you came down from
checking on the boys?" she asked.

Frank frowned slightly in thoughtfulness and tried to recall each step he'd
taken since coming downstairs. He'd walked into the kitchen and to the
coffee maker just a it finishing perking the coffee. He hadn't seen
anything out of the ordinary except that the boys had taken pains to pick
up after they had pizza. No box nor empty Coke bottles lying abandoned on
the counter. No dishes in the sink. He'd have to remember to compliment
them on taking care of their own messes. So unlike them. Must be part of
the new Josh, he was anticipating.

He'd poured his coffee into a cup with a creamer and a packet of sweetener,
then came to the table. "Well, it seems that our boys are taking care of
their stuff. No clutter as we usually find."

"That's it exactly," Erica replied slapping her hand on the table for
emphasis. I noticed too so I took one extra step. There is no pizza box
nor Coke bottle in the trash. No dirty dishes in the sink nor in the
dishwasher. The place looks as though they hadn't eaten what they loved
along with a couple of bottles of Coke. A little suspicious, don't you
think? There are no wet towels either. When we left they were playing
computer games in his bedroom. It looks as though they never left his

Frank realized with a sinking feeling where this line of reasoning was
headed. "So Ms. Suspicious Mother, what's your conclusion?"

"They didn't leave the room because they found something else to do. If
they got online to look at porn, they'd get hungry. If they played games
for a couple more hours, they'd get hungry and maybe even want to jump in
the pool. No, I don't think they did any of those things. I think they,
well, went to bed and had sex." She stopped talking to look at Frank for

He smiled and said, "Supposing that you are right, then I have two
questions. First, boys at this age are horny most of the time. If they
decided to, ah, experiment and have sex, which is not uncommon, so what?

Second, what do you suggest we do about it?"

It was obvious she was unprepared to deal with the idea that her son and
his best friends were sexually involved. Although, had it been a daughter
who was similarly involved with her boy friend, she'd know immediately what
to do." A second thought came to her, "That word, boy friend, her son had
a boy friend? A scary thought but, as Frank suggested, not so uncommon.
Most parents wouldn't see a son in a boy-boy relationships as his boy
friend." That even brought a smile to her lips, Josh has a boy friend. No
escaping that.

"You're smiling," said Frank, "You've got a solution?"

"Sorry, wasn't thinking about a way to fix this, since it's unlikely to be
fixable. If we meddle, they'd still find ways to get together. If my mom
and dad had tried to stop me from seeing my steady boy friend in high
school, we'd still be fucking. Although mom was smart and even wise enough
to understand and got me lots of condoms, which we used enormously." She
paused then went on, her eyes on Frank's face to see any sign of emotions.
"It hit me that a daughter having a boy friend would be the normal. But my
son having a boy friend, well, it just rings oddly. But... I can accept
that. Better sex with love, even puppy love, than simply raw sex."

Frank breathed a sigh of relief. His own young explorations with a good
friend had drawn them close. Almost too close. Boy friend? He had no
problem with that. "OK, then, what's the next step."

"Simple," she said. "We confront them. Let them know we suspect what they
are doing. Offer the evidence I gave you."

"I agree, though, we should talk with Josh alone, to tell him our
suspicions. Let him rebut them." Frank looked at Erica's grin, knowing
their thoughts were in alinement.

"Good," she said happily. "And after?"

"After?" Frank repeated. "Do you mean after we confront, he denies, and
we show him how weak his position is. That after?"

She laughed, "Yes. We agree we can't deny him, ehr... them, their
continued sl**ping together, so we, do what? My opinion is tell him we
don't agree with what they are doing...." She paused in mid-sentence,
having a sudden realization. "Or do we disagree?" Her eyes looked into
his causing Frank to become mentally off balance in his belief they'd
covered the essential details.

"I... uhm... I... what... what do you mean by do we disagree?"

"Just what I said," she responded. "Do you disagree with their homo

Frank felt his face begin to burn.

"You don't disagree, do you," Erica said his emotions having given him
away. Was there a hint of sadness in her tone?

"I... I... no, I don't agree. Sorry about that. I guess I was caught up
in.. this is hard to say... I guess I felt sadness."

Her mouth fell open in surprise. "Sadness? Why sadness?"

"Isn't it obvious, honey. No matter how you look at it, our son is taking
another step on his own journey. I'm hoping it will be just a phase as
other boys have done. But with trends today, he won't be alone.

This entire discussion had caused Frank to think of the wonder of sucking
cock he'd learned decades ago between the open thighs of an older, more
experienced somebody." His mind drifted back to those glorious days of his
blossoming homosexuality.


"That's it, baby. You suck daddy's cock. Oh, baby! You suck me so well."

Encouraged by those words Frank felt himself being swept into the emotional
whirlpool of lust. All he wanted at this instant of time was to be the
best cock sucker ever. His lips closed around the head, his tongue lapped
at the piss slit, caused that body to writhe in the pleasure Frank was
giving him. Frank felt intense pride in being good at this. His fingers
moved around the spit-wetted shaft while his mouth rode the hard six inches
up and down. Again and again he repeated sucking, licking, and stroking
knowing that soon he'd receive his gift. His entire being was focused on
giving the most pleasure to this boy. Even as he thought it, his boy
friend had grabbed his head and shoved his cock deep into Frank's tight

"Mph... Uhhhh... I'm cumming," grunted the cock owner. "I'm cumming,
Frank. You fucking queer. I'm cumming."

As ropes of sticky semen shot into Frank's mouth and throat, he gloried in
the delight of those words. He really was a fucking queer. A queer for
cock. For this cock. It felt so good to be his personal sucker and
fuckee. The feeling of that rock hard dick pushed up his ass. Filling
him, bringing him to a powerful ejaculation, the feeling was indescribable
but deliciously satisfying.

When the cock's jerking had subsided, and he felt the head resting on his
tongue, he knew his task was to lick it clean. How he loved that part of
this ceremony. Licking clean the end of his lover's cock.

As it slipped from between his lips, Frank tilted his head back, opening
his mouth and extending his tongue, displaying the pool of white semen on

"Good, sweetheart, a nice load I gave you." A hand patted his cheek
signaling that he could swallow. He closed his eyes once more and savored
one more time the tangy gift. One swallow and it was down his gullet.
Only its flavor remained on his tongue and the sharp memory in his mind.
The words of praise and the touch of his hand on his cheek was his reward.

"Oh, you dear, sweet cum hound. I do love feeding you my semen, my baby
makers." his lover said. "Not every cock sucker wants my cum, but you do
and I love you for your faithfulness. After every blow job, you've not
hesitated to take my cum and clean my cock. Frank looked up into those
eyes and saw happiness and love reflected therein. "Thank you, da.." he
was a bout to speak the name of his lover when he was pulled back to the
reality of his discussion with Erica.


She leaned forward and ran her hands up his thighs. As they did, one thumb
stopped in further progress by the hardon now pressed against his thigh.
He jerked as it pushed against his rock hard penis.

Their eyes met. Frank realized instantly his cover story was blown. She
didn't need to say a word for him to know what was in her mind. Though he
felt his heart sinking, he knew what he had to do.

Her eyes were hard, face unsmiling as she whispered, "Your cock says
otherwise." Silence settled between them. She moved back, sitting upright
in her chair, then continued. "No more crap, Frank. I want to know what's
gone on between you and Josh."

Taking a deep breath, he said, albeit softly, "OK, I guess you deserve to
know what Josh and I talked about a couple of weeks ago."

She smiled and nodded agreement. "I wasn't going to ask you to break the
confidence you have with our growing son, but if he and Freddy are having
sex, we need to talk about this."

Frank took a deep breath and wondered how little he could tell her without
getting into the personal side. "We talked about sex but in a more
personal way. I asked him about his, well, sex life. He told me some.
For example, he's very interested in a girl named Clarissa."

Erica said, "I've met her and her mom at the last open house at school.
She's quite pretty and has a sparkling personality. Just the kind of girl
any boy would get the hots for. Especially in these days when his hormones
are probably going off the charts."

"That was pretty much his own thoughts. Said he has dreams about her.
Wakes up very aroused."

"Typical guy. Just like his father although I'm hoping you aren't thinking
about cute 14-year-old girls!" she added.

"Not likely. Especially when I have a lovelier more mature, and sexier
woman in bed with me." He laughed along with her.

But Erica was not to be steered elsewhere. "Sooo. Did you talk about
homosexual sex?"

Frank blinked twice realizing that he was going to have to admit Josh's
interest in Freddy.. "Yes," he stated as calmly as he could despite the
racing on his heart. He didn't want to tell her that.

"Well?" she pressed. "What about it. Did he say anything about Freddy?"

The truth was being f***ed out bit by bit. "He did. Said he wanted in his
words, 'To suck Freddy's cock'."

"So he did it," said Erica calmly nodding to herself. She didn't ask
anything further apparently her curiosity was satisfied.

"They were in the same bed, together, when I checked on them." he added.

She said, "I can live with that. Do you think he's gay or going gay?"

"I think both of them are inundated by sexual feeling so that any
opportunity that arises, no pun intended, they'll take it whether it's a
boy. Or a girl," he added hastily. "I can imagine that last evening when
they stripped down to put on their Speedos, they saw each other naked, got
instant hardons and went to bed."

"OK," she said with a satisfied smile. "That takes care of part of my
concerns. Did anything come up about you...,?" she began but her thought
was interrupted.

"Hi, mom. Dad," said Josh's voice from the door. Both turned to look at
the boys standing there wearing sl**ping shorts and t-shirts.

"Hi, boys," she said rising to greet them. She hugged both of them, then
they went over to Frank to hug him.

"Hi, boys," he said. "Hunger finally get to you?"

"Yeah," confirmed Freddy. "I'm really hungry. What's for breakfast?"

"Just like a boy!" huffed Erica waiting to bring food to the table. "Hot
or cold cereal?"

"Hot," said Josh while Freddy said, "Cold." All in the same breaths. They
looked at each other and laughed.

"You can both have what you want. I'll start the oatmeal."

"It's OK, Mrs. G." said Freddy, "I'll take hot too."

"Why, thank you Freddy. You're a real gentleman taking my work into
consideration. Why don't you boys just sit down while I take care of this.
Frank, could you get the orange juice and glasses. I'll cook up some

Josh and Freddy took seats at the table while Frank went for the orange
juice. While in the fridge, he took out the bacon. "How about some toast?"
he asked.

"Yeah," said the boys in unison.

He took out the butter, jam, bread and orange juice which he carried to the
table where he left the juice, butter and jam. The bread and bacon he
carried to the counter where the toaster was located. Erica smiled at him
and said with a whispered, "Thanks, lover. Saved me a few steps."

"Efficiency is what I call it." Frank said back.

She busied herself placing bread into the toaster. She then turn on the
range, and placed a skillet on the burner to start several rashers of
bacon. "Frank, how much bacon do you want?"

"Two," he answered. "Hey, boys, how'd you sl**p last night." Did he sense
a slight nervousness appear on their faces.

"It was OK," said Josh not looking Frank in the face.

"Yeah, it was good. I slept real good even though it wasn't in my own
bed," replied Freddy.. "Only had to get up to go pee once." He paused
then apologized, "I'm not supposed to say that word when I visit other
homes." Everybody laughed.

"Well, we all do it too," agreed Erica. "So it's OK to say it here."

The spitting sound of the frying bacon signaled the promise of tasty meat.
"I'm sure hungrier now," said Freddy. "That bacon smells good."

The toaster popped sending four slices of browned bread jumping up. Frank
took a plate onto which he plopped the brown toast. "Here you go, boys,"
He said placing the plate on the table. Each grabbed slice, and slathered
on butter and jam, then began biting off chunks and chewing contentedly.
"Mmm..." said Freddy. "You sure make good toast, Mr. K."

"Thanks, Freddy. You sure eat toast very well." The boys laughed.

"Bacon's on," exclaimed Erica placing a plate with ten slices of sizzling
bacon on it. Both boys immediately took three slices leaving two each for
Frank and Erica. Breakfast continued with some conversation back and
forth. When they finished, the boys said they were going swimming as they
left the table and ran upstairs.

"Can we continue our conversation about the talk you had with Josh?" Erica

"Why don't we wait until they go swimming?" Frank suggested hoping to put
off the inevitable.

"I have a suspicion that our little homo boys are not coming right back
down." This was an accurate guess as time passed without them instantly

"I was about to ask, if your father-son talk about homosexuality included
the chat rooms and porn sites?"

Frank nodded, "Yes, it did."

"Did he tell you which chat rooms he goes into?"

"He was completely open and obvious about his interests in them."

"Does he chat with grown men?"

Frank was beginning to feel very uncomfortable but he answered
nonetheless. "He does."

"So he has fantasies about sex with men"?

"He didn't say an interest in men, just liked chatting with some. I warned
him that he should not be chatting in those places. They are dangerous.
Many men there have bad intentions for boys." Frank answered. "He
promised he'd never give his phone number, email, address or anything

"You have to get him off of those sites!" she said, a worried expression on
her face, "But I know you can't. All you can do is warn him."

"One way or another he'd find a way to talk about gay sex with older men."

Suddenly the two boys came running past them wearing their
oh-so-tight-fitting Speedos. Both Erica and Frank stopped talking long
enough to watch them. Frank felt a strong draw for Josh's beautiful bubble

"Yes, it is, isn't it, Frank?"

"What is?"

"His ass. Looks so hot in the fabric stretched over it."

He nodded without taking his eyes off of him as Josh ran out the large
glass door to the pool deck .

"Back to my question: How about you, honey?" she asked. "l thought the way
you looked at your son, suggests an interest in him."

"Huh? What?" Frank said confused by this sudden 180-degree turn, putting
the spotlight back on him.

"Simple, honey. Does he have an interest in you?"

"I'm his dad, Erica. That's not only a bad idea but i*****l as well."

"I'm not asking if he has suggested that just maybe he'd like to...?"

"Do you mean have sex with me?" He was barely able to speak for fear the
tremor in his voice would give away his true feelings.

"Or you with him?" Erica said as she moved aside his already tenting robe
to take his erection into her hand. "My gawd. Frank, you've got a rod of
steel here. This is a better indicator or your interest than your words.
Wow! What a beauty!" she said with a smile, gazing at the monster in her

They had started out sitting beside each other but had moved their chairs
so that they were nearly facing each other. "Turn your chair to face me,

He scooted his chair so he was facing her now. "Let's try something," she
said as she slid from her chair to kneel between his thighs. She pulled
his robe apart exposing his cock and balls. Taking his cock, she looked up
at hm, "Close your eyes and pretend I'm Josh."

"Why?" he said already guessing what was about to happen.

"Just do it. Now say to me, 'Suck my cock, Josh.'"

He knew what he wanted and fought against it.

"Say it, Frank."

"Suck my cock, Josh." he felt her lips close around his throbbing member
and begin to suckle.

Suddenly it was no longer a game. His mind easily accept that the mouth on
his cock bringing such great pleasure was Josh's. "Suck me, baby!" he
cried out. He was hearing sounds of satisfaction. Some were his; some
were Josh's.

"Ohhh...! So good, Josh. Make your daddy feel good. Suck daddy's cock."
He felt the lips and tongue make him even hornier. Then it happened. He
felt his cock head swell slightly and groaned out, "I'm cumming!
Nghhhh..." His cock exploded into "Josh's" mouth which had stopped
sucking, allowing the several juicy spurts of cum to pour onto Erica's
tongue. Now she was simply licking his sensitive head. Finished she
pulled off of Frank's flaccid cock, looked up at him, and with a smile
said, "You really liked that didn't you, honey?" She licked her lips

Erica had just closed Frank's robe and sat upright again, when the sliding
glass door opened and Josh stepped in. She rose without thinking and faced
her son.

Josh stopped, realizing that he'd just missed something important. Her
robe was hanging partially open exposing one breast but somehow it didn't
matter that Josh glimpsed her bare breasts. With a gasp she saw her
exposure, pretended a shocked realization and quickly pulled her robe
closed. She smiled at Josh, leaned over and kissed Frank sharing his semen
with him.

"What happened" he asked. He felt that he'd missed something.

"It's nothing, dear," she said calmly pulling her mouth from Franks. She
licked a few drops of semen from his cheek. "Just helping daddy relax."

Unsatisfied with her answer, he looked from his mom to his dad and back

"What do you need, honey," Erica asked him.

"I came in for a drink of juice," he said.

"Too late. I just swallowed the last," she said with a giggle.

"Huh?" he asked quizzically. "There's at least half a pitcher."

"Oh." Erica continued. "You mean orange juice. Yes. Plenty in the

Josh, still puzzled by her behavior, continued toward the refrigerator when
Erica stopped him. "Give your dad a kiss,"she said pushing him lightly
toward Frank.

Josh's confusion increased but walked to where Frank was sitting, waiting
for him. He approached Frank who pulled him close so he could put his lips
on Josh's. Startled by this sudden change in his dad's behavior, he tried
to pull back. He couldn't; his mom's hands holding him against his dad's

After a second more of resistance, he let it happen. He was kissing his
dad! Their tongues danced and Josh felt his heat rising. He was
simultaneously confused and delighted. He kissed long and deep. As he was
recovering from this delicious mating of their mouths he felt hands on his
Speedo. He pulled back to see his mom was sliding it down his legs.
Without thinking he stepped out of it.

He should have felt shame at knowing his mom was looking at him.
Naked. But somehow the heat in his groin was rising and he didn't care. He
wanted her to see his body. He felt her warm hand envelop his rising cock.
That felt so good. Oh so good!

He noticed idly that her robe was open again. Breasts and shaved
pubes. The thin line between the lips. But what really caught his eyes was
that his dad's robe was open too. That cock he longed for was there lying
lazily across his thigh.

"Go ahead, Josh," his mom whispered into his ear. "Go ahead. You know you
want to suck your daddy's prick. Now you can. Go ahead." Seeing his dad's
cock bare, waiting for his mouth was excruciatingly arousing. The feel of
his mom's hand slowly jacking him. All this was causing the sexual tension
in the room to grow. Josh reached out for his dad's thick member and
stepped forward to accept it, to suck.

He looked into his dad's eyes and saw acceptance. Frank nodded
encouragement as Josh's fingers closed around the rapidly growing cock.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Erica whispered. "Go ahead. Kneel."

Josh felt himself lowering his body, kneeling as though his mom were
controlling them. Eyes still on his father's, he leaned forward, mouth
open to accept this hard rod of man flesh into his mouth.

"That's it, baby boy. Suck. Suck your daddy's big cock." Erica whispered
in his ear. "You know you want it. You've always wanted to suck him."
Josh felt his head nod, accepting the words.

His lips had just closed around the massive mushroom head, when reality
came crashing back and hit Josh like a hammer, jolting him out of his
stupor. He yanked his head back from the deliciously throbbing cock his
fingers were wrapped around. He rose, frightened by the situation.

"What's going on?" he demanded, looking first at Frank, then at Erica. His
eyes moved down to see his hand. Just for a fraction of a second, he did
not want to release this warm thing, skin like velvet, so soft. Yet the
hardness he also felt, was rigid, hard, needing attention. He yanked his
hand back, releasing Frank's throbbing, hard cock which bounced up and down
a few times.

He backed away. "This is crazy," he said breathing hard. "Parents aren't
supposed to act like this. Making me kiss my dad. Making me almost suck
his cock." Erica's hand still held his own raging prick, pulsing with each
beat of his heart. He pushed it away and took another step back. His face
was contorted by confusion and fear.

"We didn't make you do anything, honey.," said Erica softly. "Nothing you
didn't already want to do" He stared at her, his mind in a whirl. Yes, he
had wanted to suck Frank's big cock. But not in front of his mother, for
Christ sake.

"We just gave you a gentle shove," she continued. "It's what you really
wanted, wasn't it?"

"Yes... no..," he stuttered. "But you..." Josh wiped his lips as though
this would make all that had happened in the last 60 seconds go away. His
heart still begin a mad tattoo. The way they were acting. Mom's open
robe. Dad's too. What had he been doing?

Frank sensed that Josh was getting too much, too quickly. He reached out
to touch Josh's shoulder. "Your mother... She didn't see any pizza box
nor empty soda bottle. She guessed what you and Freddy did all last

"We picked up everything. Just like you told us," he said, tears beginning
to well up in his eyes. He was feeling trapped.

Erica slowly shook her head. "No pizza box in the trash, honey."

Erica reached out to pull him close. In his panicked state he fell into
the safety of his mother's embrace. "Oh, mom, dad, I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"
Her robe was still open and he felt her naked body against his own. Her
hard nipples pressed into his soft boy flesh.

"You've nothing to be sorry for, Josh. Your mom's a smart lady. She can
figure out what's going on.

"Are you mad at me, mommy?" he asked with trepidation as he raised his face
to look at hers.

She smiled and said, "Honey, I'm not mad. I can't be mad. What you and
Freddy did is normal. All boys get horny at your age. You and Freddy have
known each other a long time. Your hormones are making you guys crazy for
sex. If girls can't or won't help you, you turn to each other."

He stepped over to Frank and hugged him. "Thanks, dad. I'm glad you're
not mad. I love you. You too, mom. I love you both."

"I... we... your mom and I, both love you too," Frank said, hugging him

He stepped back to look in their faces. "Then it's OK for us to keep...
uhm... you know?"

"On one condition," she said looking at him sternly.

"Anything," he said.

"Promise me you won't go into any more chat rooms to talk with men, gay, or
straight." Then as an afterthought she added, "Or bisexual."

His mouth moved soundlessly for a few seconds as if trying to form words of
protest. But nothing came out.

Erica broke in on his mouth flapping to say, "Look! Your dad and I agree
that you and Freddy can keep fucking and sucking but...." She paused then
went on. "Only if you get out of the chat rooms. Is that clear?"

"Uh huh," he said cowed by his mom's emphatic use of those words.

Her voice softened. The sternness of her face became the gentle one he was
used to seeing. "Honey. You need to cool your hormones. Stick with
thoughts of Freddy. Get those others out of your mind. You and Freddy
have each other. Your mutual caring for each other and having sex to
cement your friendship in a very special way. Chatting with some faceless
guy who might want to hurt you is just, well, a pathetic outlet. In the
long run, you won't find any happiness there."

"Take the deal, son," said his dad. "You ain't gonna get a better one. It
is for your safety."

Josh's face broke into a beatific smile. "Sure!" he said. "OK. I will. I
promise." He stood there between them almost delirious with relief that
his mom hadn't exploded after learning her son is acting queer. Moms! Go

"Now scoot," said Erica smiling broadly. "But first take these." She
indicated his Speedos still lying on the floor.

He stooped to pick them up, did scoot to the door, and was out in a second.
They heard him shouting something to Freddy and assumed it was the good

"That went well," said Frank watching his son's beautiful, young body as he
headed back out to the pool.

Erica nodded then looking him in the eyes, said, "It did and answered other
questions. I've noticed that you two seem to be a lot more buddy buddy
since you had you dad-son talk." She was watching him closely. "Part of
my concerns are answered. Did anything come up about you and him."

"I thought those were answered when we pulled down his defense and he
sucked me," Frank swallowed wondering how he could avoid lying about their
touching and shower.


Frank was bisexual, very much so. She'd been initially shocked when he
agreed to go down on James that one night when the club was still running.
But as she watched, she realized that he liked doing this. He was a
natural-born cock sucker. For the next four or five minutes he nursed that
pole even when James grunted out a warning. Watching her husband hold
James's cock pour its juice into his mouth and throat, he didn't release.
Frank continued to nurse on it. When the cock finally slipped from between
Frank's lips he had such a dreamy, far-away look, she knew he'd found his
place on the sexual scale. From this day forward she knew he'd always
crave cock, hard thick cock. She knew where he went on Wednesday evenings
and she let him for he was an honorable man. He'd not abandon her.


Her solution was keeping him satisfied and at home. Josh's hormone
drenched body would always be available for his daddy's cock and mouth.
Her hopes were answered albeit not in the way she'd hoped.

"What I'm asking, Frank, are you and Josh having sex in any way?" she
blurted out. "Don't give me any bull shit. Just tell me what you and he
have done together so I can stop thinking that something is going on. I
want to stop worrying that I'm in the dark."

Since things had gone so well with all the disclosures, Frank thought the
best path would be honesty. He told Erica how they'd gotten naked, fondled
each others cocks and went to shower and shoot off.

This seemed to satisfy her. She was quiet for a moment. Then looked up at
his face. "But you really want to have sex with your son, don't you?"

Honesty prevailed again. "I'm afraid I do." he said. "I know it's i*****l
and irresponsible, but I want to." He looked into Erica's eyes with such a
sad demeanor, that her heart melted. "At least I'll know where you are
every day." They both laughed.

"Honey, I swear to you that there is no way I'd give up a lovely woman like
you for a few cocks. I love you and want to be with you for as long as we

She had moved from her chair to sit on his lap, "Oh, Frank. I hope so.
Now about this Josh and Freddy thing and how you fit in! As your wife and
his mother, I oughta be pissed learning what's going on in my house. Two
homo boys and a bi husband. I'm counting on you, Frank, to be honest and
keep the light of whatever goes on among the three of you, and to share
them with me."

"Honey, you'll always be at the top of my list. Nothing can change that.
Not even erotic interactions with Josh."

"And those other men you meet on Wednesday evening for your so-called card
night?" she asked with a smirk on her face.

Frank stared at her with his mouth hanging open for a split second. He
closed it and tried to appear to just be an innocent accused of some
undisclosed crime. "What... what... uhm... what about, my card night?"

"I've known for years, right after you began going out on Wednesdays in the
evening," she began. "Somehow things didn't seem quite right. One night
you came in and kissed me. Your breath had an odd flavor mixed in with the

Frank's brow knitted in confusion. When he came in from a Wednesday card
evening and she was still awake, he'd kiss her.

"So I talked with one of the other wives. She was gentle when she
explained that you guys have a sex orgy. Not much in the way of cards.
The unusual flavor? It's cum." She continued to gaze at him. Silence
stretched out between them so she spoke again. "I know that you're a
closet cock sucker and I'm sure you're using condoms for more but it's OK.
On the bright side I don't have to contend with another woman." She
lowered her face to his and kissed him deeply.

When their kiss broke, he looked into her eyes and smiled. "Thank you,
Erica. You don't know how relieved I am to know you won't leave me."

"You've always been a model husband aside from your homosexual Wednesday
activities. I hope that you're not on the internet, chatting with gay
men!" she stated emphatically, and with a real urgency.

"None. Never did. Never will. Once a week on card night is a satisfactory
tension breaker."

Their conversation was halted as Josh and Freddy came in, and walked over
to Frank and Erica. "Mr. and Mrs. K, thanks for not being mad at Josh and
me. We like each other a lot. I don't know what I'd do if you told us to

"I suspect that like most teenagers who think they know more than their
moms and dads, that you'd just keep on doing it but in secret. This way,
your affair is open and we know where you are and who you are with," said
Erica. "I don't agree that you should be involved with boys when there are
so many pretty girls out there."

"Mom," said Josh. "We still like girls!" He looked at Freddy who nodded
in agreement. "We want girl friends, but I don't know about getting one."

"Well, then," said Erica, "Your dad can help you with that. And I'm sure,
Freddy, that your dad can help you. Don't be afraid to talk to him. Your
dad, Josh, is a real lady's man. He got me from all the other women who
wanted him. Right, honey?" she kissed him quickly on the lips.

Frank grinned and nodded enthusiastically as he hugged Erica. "Yup, when I
met your mom, there was an instant spark. We hit it off right away and I
never looked at another woman again."

"Well, we're going upstairs to get out of these wet suits and take a
shower," Josh said taking Freddy's hand. "Right, boy friend?" Freddy
grinned and they ran off together.

"Isn't that sweet," said Erica watching them head up the stairs.

"Sure is," Frank agreed. "They do make a cute couple, don't they."

"Sadly, they do," sighed Erica. "I'm hoping this is just a passing phase.
I want to have grand k**s one day."

"You know," whispered Frank into her ear. "We could... uhm... have another
k**, just in case. Like an insurance policy?"

She giggled at the sexy thought and asked, "Do you mean that? Another

Frank smiled and gazed into her eyes. "I do. The real question is whether
you want to go through those days of pregnancy, and all the other problems
that come with a new baby."

She said nothing, simply listened.

"We're still young enough. Many couples wait until middle age to have a
c***d. So..." he let the sentence dangle.

"Tell you what," she said getting off of his lap. "I'll give it some
honest thinking for a few days and we can talk later. I'm going to go for
a swim. How about you?" she pulled off her robe displaying the body Frank
craved and walked to the door. "You coming?" she said in a very sultry
voice and looking back over her shoulder. Frank jumped to his feet and
followed her out the door. Dropping his robe on a chaise lounge, he dove
into the water to catch up with his sexy wife. End of Part 4

That worked out well, didn't it. Erica is satisfied knowing the truth
about her son and her husband. Both boys and Frank are secure in knowing
that Erica fully approved. Opens a bunch of doors, doesn't it.

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