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My mom's best friend- part 2

Having been given the orgasm of my life by mom's best friend Lisa night, I felt the day drag on at college towards my invitation to go over to hers after college. My last class was 1-2pm and I'd told my mom that morning I'd be in the college library after classes so it gave me 5 hours or so with her. I could hardly concentrate on the day wondering what she had in store me, flicking between desperate hope that she'd play with me some more and a gnawing anxiety that she'd decide that last night was a mistake and she'd spend the time ensuring I don't mention what happened to any one.

My mathematics class was cancelled at the last minute so I texted Lisa to say I was on my way and by five past one I was on my bike speeding my way to her house. She lived in the same suburb as us that was a gentle 15 minute ride away from college. I was there in less than ten. I hurriedly took the bike and hit it from view in the back garden and knocked on the back door. She opened the door in her dressing gown and stepped aside to let me in, closing the door behind me and locking it. A promising sign that she doesn't want any sudden interruptions I thought. I went to hold her and kiss her but she pushed me away "in the lounge Sam". I led the way in to the lounge where the blinds were drawn and took a seat on her leather sofa not knowing what to expect next. She sat opposite me and fixed me with a stare.

"No one is to know what happened last night Sam" she said. My heart sank and all my earlier anxieties came rushing to the surface. "And no one is to know of ANYTHING we do together from now ok?". Relief like I'd never felt in my life before filled me as the word "of course Lise" spilled from my lips. "I mean it Sam- no one. Not your school friends, not you s****r and especially not your Mom". I looked straight into her eyes "no one will ever know anything Lise". "Secondly" she went on, "from this point on I'm the most important person in your life. No matter what you're doing or who you're with when I say I want you you come straight here". "OK Lisa..." I started but she interrupted again "I mean it Sam. You could be at the cinema with your friends or on a dinner with some slut from college but if my text comes you leave everything. Unless you're in college or with your mom I'm your whole life. OK?" I take a second to make sure she's done and answer with a simple "OK". She looked unconvinced for a second but seemed content as she continued "lastly, if I hear your college work is suffering I'll stop seeing you immediately. You're a straight A student and your Mom's so proud you're going to be a doctor like her I won't let anything disappoint her". "Oh come on Lise you know I could do all that stuff in my sl**p" I started to counter but she just stared. "I agree to everything Lisa" I decided to go for meekly. She smiled broadly "good, now strip".

Her sharp manner sent a little tingle down to my cock as I stood up and started to remove my shirt and trousers until I was just stood there in my underpants. I was a swimmer in school and trained regularly since I was 7 so I knew I had a good body and I was used to appearing in just my trunks so I wasn't fazed. "Everything Sammy" came Lisa's order. I was a bit nervous as I pulled down my pants and up sprung my cock well on it's way to it's 10 inches of full hardness and thick girth. She stood up to inspect my body, running her nails over my chest and teasing my nipples. The feel of her hands on me and her lips on my neck had me completely and she began stroking my cock again. She knew after a couple of strokes I was very likely to cum there then so she let go and looked at me smiling "we're going to have to work on your control aren't we?" She walked out of the room leaving me there butt naked with a raging hard on fighting the urge to stroke it to completion myself. She was gone a minute or so when all my insecurities resurfaced and I wondered if this was all some elaborate practical joke, but then I heard heels on the wood hall way. I turned to the doorway and my eyes practically popped out of my head.

She was stood in the door way wearing a tiny pvc skirt that barely covered her cunt and her bra-less big tits were stuffed in to a little white vest top that was a couple of sizes too small. She was tottering on some very high black platform heels and grinning broadly at my look of amazement. "This is the kind of stuff Mark would make me wear before he went off with that slut. Oh well- you'll benefit from it now won't you?" and with that she walked over to me and carefully worked a cock ring down my shaft. When it was in place she turned around and bent over slightly pushing her beautiful ass back on to me stroking my cock with her ass cheeks before she got on her knees and took my bulbous cock head into her mouth and teased it with her studded tongue. It felt amazing and with the ring in place I was able to keep from cumming too quickly. After teasing my cock with her tongue she took a seat on one of the leather chairs, crossed her legs and smiled at me.

"Are you ready for lesson one Sam?"

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