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Milf. Part One.

She was in her late
thirties. She'd moved into the apartment complex over the summer
and he spotted her at the community swimming pool a few times.
She had short light-brown hair and modestly large breasts. Her
face had an innocent, elf-like quality that he absolutely adored.
Her swimsuits tended to be modest, but they could not hide her
luscious curves from his horny eyes. He was at the age of
perpetual horniness; any female, no matter what age, could make
his boner twang, but she was anything but anybody.

He spent hours in the pool looking at all the women and girls who
swam there; he lived for the occasional nipple slip or wisp of
pubes. When she settled on a lounge chair near the deep end where
he was floating and enjoying the various female bodies around the
pool, he noticed her right away. She sat back with her knees up
and a magazine resting on her thighs. With her view blocked, he
was able to look directly at her cloth-covered pussy without fear
of discovery. His eyes burned into her; he felt sure that she
could feel his stare. Her legs shifted apart a bit and the
movement pulled the cloth into he slit, making a perfect

He resisted rubbing his cock through his trunks; he didn't want
any tell-tale blobs of cum to float across the water. They'd shut
the pool down for cleaning if they spotted any stuff like that
and that was the last thing he wanted. He didn't notice that, as
her ankles shifted and gave him that amazing view, the magazine
dropped a bit and she was looking over it at him.

`He'll do.' She thought, `not too young and obviously ready for
some pussy.'

She abruptly sat up and locked eyes with her young target. "You,"
she said, pointing at him so there was no mistaking who she
meant, "come here. Right now." He jerked in surprise and actually
pissed himself in fear; his cock instantly shrank and tried to
hide inside his body. She crooked her finger at him and repeated,
"Right now, young man." He half-swam/half-dragged himself along
the wall to the edge and climbed out of the pool. She looked
around and was satisfied that they were in relative privacy as he
stood in front of her.

She patted the concrete next to her lounge chair. He carefully
sat where she indicated. She leaned over and said quietly, "You
were looking at my pussy." He moved to deny and she hissed him
quite. "I've been watching you for a while, young sir. You are in
need of a good fucking before you explode." She handed him a slip
of paper, "Go to my apartment right now and I'll be right there.
This is not a joke, and I'm not planning to harm you in any way.
I just want a good hard dicking from a young stud like you. Get
moving." She pushed gently at his arm. "Go on, you know you'll
hate yourself if you don't."

He was scared shitless, but she was right, he didn't dare pass up
this chance, even if it was a cruel joke of some kind; he'd deal
with it later if it was. He went over to the complex map by the
leasing office and found her apartment. Five minutes later he was
outside her door. She appeared from a different direction almost
immediately and led him inside by the hand.

"I need to know if you're a virgin," she asked, "no lies, no
bragging, just tell me." He nodded, a little red in the face.
"That's okay, it just means that I won't have to undo some teen
chippies so-called teachings. When I'm done with you, you're
gonna know exactly what it will take to please a woman and what a
good woman will do for you if you do."

"Are you a shower or a grower?" She asked, much to his confusion.
"A shower is always the same size, his cock just gets hard or
soft, not bigger or smaller. A grower is nothing but a head and a
sack until he gets hard, then it will get longer as well as

"Oh, I'm a grower, then." His face scrunched up, "are we going to
have sex?"

"Only if you want to young man, I'm a horny slut, not a r****t.
Do you want to have sex with me?" He nodded his head eagerly.

"Excellent. Now, I understand if you want your dick to be at it
best, but I love it when a soft cock gets hard in my mouth. Would
you like me to suck you hard, or would you like to watch me to
undress so you can get hard first? Don't worry, you'll see me
naked soon enough even if you choose the blowjob." She watched
his inner debate and let him go over his choices; she liked that
he actually considered his options before making a decision.

"The first one, please. I'm not that huge, so there's no real
prize at the end if I get hard first." She smiled at his honesty.
She sauntered over and knelt in front of him; he watched her
every move as she reached up and tugged his swim trunks down. He
was still scared so his cock was almost invisible until her mouth
covered the head and sucked while pulling slowly backwards.

She let go with a slight pop and then sucked it back in again. He
moaned loudly and grabbed her by the head. She took hold of his
quickly growing shaft with her hand and licked around his purple
mushroom cap. "Be careful young one," she said between licks, "if
you keep my head still, you might not get the full affect. No no,
you can keep your hands there, a little direction doesn't hurt,
but you don't want to be too rigid. That's better." She went back
to sucking on him as he ran his fingers through her soft locks.

As he grew in her larger in her mouth, he instinctively began to
hunch into her. She knew someone his age would most likely be
able to get it up multiple times so she let him have his fun.
Within seconds he went up on his tip-toes and jerked as his cock
unleashed a torrent of cum into her mouth. She absolutely adored
the taste of a young man's semen; as each salty spurt hit her
tongue, she moaned and swallowed it down, ready for the next one.
Her tongue ran around the head as it spit his spooge into her

He shuddered and shivered as the last of him drained into her and
she continued to nuzzle him. A tiny spurt of pee slipped out and
he nearly panicked; she grabbed his asscheeks and jammed his
softening member to the back of her mouth. Her fingers kneaded
his buns and pulled them apart; they slipped down his asscrack
and tickled his anus. The sensation caused another spurt of piss
to escape into her mouth. She moaned and swallowed it down; her
finger probed around the outside of his hole and he soon got the
picture and let his piss flow.

Her hum of pleasure vibrated his soft cock as she swallowed
mouthful after mouthful of his golden liquid. He held her head
and let it all out; he was soon hard again but the piss still
flowed into her stomach. When he was finally empty, she pulled
back with another tiny pop and smiled up at him. "I told you I'm
a horny little slut; I love piss and cum. You don't have to drink
my piss or even let me pee on you, but, if you want to try it
sometime, I'm the only person I know who will never judge you for

His hard cock was waving in the air as she stood up and said,
"Would you like to pull my swimsuit off of me?" He nodded eagerly
and she said, "Okay, this first time, you should go slow; we have
a little time and you should try to tease yourself just a bit.
The package will unwrap eventually, so don't be in any great
hurry. That's the way, youngster, take the shoulder straps and
tug until they fall on their own. Okay, now hook your thumbs into
them and gently tug until my breasts are naked."

He gasped as they came into view. She asked, "Would you like to
touch them? Okay, now be gentle at first, I like it a bit rough,
but not all women do. There you go. I use baby oil on them to
keep the skin soft."

Her skin was incredible and her nipples stood up hard as he
caressed her breasts. "You can suck on them; start out with a
gentle suck, then progress to a harder one and don't be afraid to
pull back gently when you suck or squeeze lightly as you run your
tongue around the nipple." It was her turn to moan in pleasure as
her young student followed her instructions to the letter.

"You can bite them lightly if you want to, just a little nip.
Oooh, yeah, that's it. I like it rough, but you need to start out
gentle on a lady and she'll let you know how she likes it." She
hissed as he bit a little harder and tugged back further. "Oh,
God, yes, you're a quick study my young friend. Now, as you suck
on me, go ahead and slip my swimsuit down my legs a bit; you can
feel my pussy a bit before you step back and look at it; it'll
heighten the anticipation for you just a bit. Yes! That button
right there at the top is my clit, it's the most sensitive part
on a woman; I'll tell you more about it in a moment. Go ahead and
step back."

His entire body seemed to clench as he saw her nudity; it was the
first time he had ever saw a female naked in person. His cock
started twitching and she leaned over and sucked it past her lips
as he shot another load just from looking at her. She gulped it
down as he jerked and stabbed his cock into her mouth again and

When he was empty again and slowly softening for the second time
she went back to her lesson plan. "That was an amazing complement
my young sir. I don't think that anyone has ever cum just from
seeing my body before, thank you. Can you go on, or would you
like to rest for a moment?" He grinned at her, answering her
without words.

"Okay then, go ahead and slip my suit down my legs and off my
feet, when you're down there, you can look at my pussy up close.
Every woman deals with their pubic hair different; some leave it
to grow wildly, some shave it all off. Most, like me, will keep
it trimmed and neat, but leave some there. I like to shave around
the labia but keep a nice bush around the top. It looks nice and
you can see my pussy quite clearly.

"You can spread my lips with your thumbs if you want, that'll
give you a good view of my clit and my inner lips. Its always a
good idea to be careful around a woman's clitoris, it can be
amazingly sensitive sometimes; if you treat it rough, it can be
painful, like your balls if they get smacked."

He gazed at her pink flesh as his thumbs gently opened her; she
spread her feet apart to give him plenty of room to see what he
wanted. He took a chance and gently rubbed one of his thumbs
against the side of her clit. She hissed and said, "Oooooh,
that's a good boy, do that again." He followed her instructions
and rubbed her first with one thumb then the other. She shuddered
and he instinctively leaned in and licked her button once.

"Oh, God do that again!" He did and she grabbed him by the back
of the head and pulled him in tight. "Keep going." He stuck his
tongue out and mashed it against her pussy, her taste drove him
wild and he began to lick and suck hard. She used gentle pushes
and loud moaning to direct him to the exact place she needed him.
He was spot on and she only took a moment to go off like a roman
candle. She shuddered and her pussy juices leaked out and dripped
onto his tongue. He groaned at the taste of her and his cock shot
to attention again.

She stepped back and reached wildly for the nearby table as she
sucked air into her lungs, "That was amazing young man; I don't
think I've ever cum that quick before, and I for sure have never
done it while I was standing up. You are a quick study. I'm going
to lie back on the couch here and see if you can do that again."
True to her words, she stumbled over to the couch and dropped
down on it. He followed her closely, ready to do whatever she
instructed. She drew her knees up and showed him her wide open
pussy and asshole. She spent a few moments giving him a clinical
description of each part and made sure that he understood what
each thing did. "You obviously know what an asshole is, not every
woman wants you to go near it; I absolutely love it. My butt is
completely clean so you don't have to worry if your tongue gets
near it. I love a tongue or a cock deep in my ass, but you don't
have to do anything with it if you don't want to."

Without hesitating, he leaned in and stuck his tongue right into
her anus. She groaned and grabbed his head again, "That's a good
boy, stick it in there and wiggle it around. Don't be afraid to
ease a finger or two into either hole, but be gentle, it can
sting if you go too fast; try to get your fingers as wet as
possible." She stopped talking for a while as she shuddered and
came on his face again. Her eyes closed and she breathed air deep
into her lungs.

He was going crazy with arousal; he sat up and said, "You said
you like a cock in there, can I put mine in? I'm gonna blow any

She smiled and touched his cheek, "You go right ahead youngster,
and get that cock in my asshole. I'm wet enough from your tongue,
you jam it in deep right quick." He aimed and slid balls deep
into her with one stroke. They both moaned and he filled her
asshole with his cum; she felt it jerking and shooting his warm
seed, it felt wonderful as he planted it inside of her.

He slipped out of her and she leaned over and licked him clean.
"As I said," she continued as she tongued him, "a lot of women
don't like butt play, and even those who do generally won't suck
you clean after you've been in there, so don't expect it from
them, and be happy if it happens. I stuck an enema in me before I
went out to get you from the pool, so I'm not worried about
getting a mouthful of poop." She finished licking him, "Always
make sure that you clean up after you've been in a woman's
asshole, you don't want to get a bladder infection from stray

"Now, let's go into the bathroom so I can squirt your cum out of
my asshole before it leaks everywhere and makes a mess." She took
him by the hand and let him through a side door. She squatted
over the toilet and pushed; his cum dripped out of her asshole
and into the bowl. "I'm gonna pee if you want to watch." She
spread her lips and he got down between her legs. He saw the tiny
hole just below her clit pulse and a stream of piss shot into the

His curiosity got the better of him and he stuck his tongue into
her flow. He pulled it back in and swished her fluid around in
his mouth; it didn't really taste like anything to him, maybe a
little salty. The nastiness of it all made his cock rock hard
again. He stuck his face back between her legs and sucked at her
fluid like water from a drinking fountain.

When her flow ended he continued to lick at her clit until she
yelped and gave him more of her girl-cum. Her ankles settled onto
his shoulders and she used her hands and feet to guide his
movements between her widely spread legs. Her orgasming pussy
clenched tightly on his tongue; he loved that he could make her
do that. His finger found her vagina and gently pushed it into
her. The smooth, hot walls of her soaked pussy closed around his
finger giving him a sensation unlike any other in his young life.
She squeezed with her inner muscles and he grinned at her.

She eventually eased his finger from her pussy and led him to the
bedroom. As he walked behind her he watched her ass twitch with
each step that she took. He grinned when he noticed the red ring
pressed into her butt cheeks by the toilet seat.

His face sobered as she pushed him onto the bed; he was about to
have real sex with this amazingly hot woman. "This is the big
time, youngster. Unless you tell me no, I'm going to fuck you
blind." She paused to give him time to say something.

"Okay then." She continued after he grinned and nodded at her.
"Now, I've been completely honest with you about everything so
far and I'm going to be honest with you now. I can't get pregnant
again; it's a medical fact, confirmed by several doctors. I don't
have any sexually transmitted diseases; that's also been
confirmed by several doctors. You say that you're a virgin and I
believe you. We don't need to use birth control when we have sex,
but you absolutely do need to use it if you have sex with anybody
else. You do not want to trust something as important as this to
someone else; its your responsibility to take care of your own
health and future, okay?"

He nodded, "I understand and I'll make sure that I use

"If you get into a committed relationship and you both get
checked out for the other's peace of mind, you can make the
decision together about not using birth control. I have friends
who died from AIDS; its no joke." She paused in reflection, and
then visibly shrugged her memories away. "Now, onto the fun

She swooped down, sucked his balls into her mouth and ran her
tongue all over them. She tugged at his suddenly hard six inches
with her hand as she worked all around his sack. He moaned and
thrashed against the mattress while she lathered him all over
from root to head. When he was completely soaked with her saliva
she hovered over him and settled her pussy down onto his cock. A
few ups and downs and she was settled pubes to pubes with the
no-longer-virgin teen.

His eyes rolled back into his head and he fired yet another load
into her body. His cum settled into her womb and he continued to
hunch into her without going soft at all this time. She squeezed
his cock with her muscles and ground her clit against his pubic
bone. She came hard, her pussy clenching tightly around him. He
gritted his teeth and held her still on his now super-sensitive

While they waited, she leaned forwards and he began to suck on
her breasts, going from one to the other as he rubbed and
squeezed her soft flesh. "Bite `em, sweetie, give `em a little
teeth; don't break the skin, just give `em a good nibble." She
moaned as he bit at her both hard and gentle at the same time.
"That's it baby, hard, but soft. Pull back on `em, now squeeze
hard." He did and she came on him again; when she slowed he began
to stab his cock into her pussy hard and quickly. He jackhammered
her like a rabbit until he shot his load in to mix with the last
one he'd given her."

He finally went soft for the last time as she sucked him clean
again, "You got any more pee for me, baby?" He nodded and filled
her mouth with more urine. She sucked it down and swallowed every
drop of his golden fluid. When he was empty for the final time
that day, they went in and took a warm shower together.

He soaped and caressed every inch of her body; he was done
sexually for the day so she taught him how thoroughly decadent it
could be to just be with each other, giving pleasure without it
leading to orgasm. As far as he was concerned, it was the best
thing he learned that day.

They napped for a few hours before he got dresses and they headed
for the front door. "I'm going to be gone for a few days; when I
get back, would you be interested in trying some of the things
that I taught you with a friend of mine? Don't worry, she's a
looker; red-headed with big tits and an ass to die for. She's as
kinky as I am; she'll let you spank her."

"I don't know, Kelly, my feelings are a bit turned around right
now. I know that we're not in love or anything, but I have some
powerful feelings for you right now."

"I know, sweetie, that's why its probably a good idea for you to
get some pussy from another willing young woman; its not a good
idea for you to settle on just me for a sexual partner. I'm not
into monogamy and jealousy can be an ugly thing. If you don't
want to I'll understand, but we can't have sex again unless you
do this. She's only eighteen and we both like to do a little
girl/girl stuff. You think you might like to join in on something
like that?" She looked down and smiled, "Oh, I think you might."
She patted his pointy boner. "You'll bring the condoms; she's
fertile as a bunny, you don't need to be a daddy right now."

She kissed his cheek and he headed back to the pool to relax for
a while.

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