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FWB1 Neighbor's 18 yr old Daughters ASS in tr

(Before I start, I want to answer the question many readers have asked: "Was the story about your neighbors daughter true?"

answer: YES! it was a TRUE story as my other stories have been....and continues to be...)

Many of you were wondering what happened to Sarah and I, after my last story about The Neighbors 18 yr old Daughters Birthday Present . Well Yes! Our meetings still continue to this day. My dream is still cumming true, after that first encounter on Sarah's 18th birthday.

A little background on the situation... Her f****y, became more disfunctional as time passed. Her mother moved to Raleigh because of work, and b*****r moved to Asheville (not sure, but I always suspected he might have been gay or bi)... Sarah went off to school at UNC-Asheville, and the father (who has his own business here), stayed in the house next door (at least for a while), until we suspect he started taking up residence with another woman. Who am I to cast stones!

For the rest of the 2009, we had maybe 4 more encounters, each time trying something a little different. Sarah loved to experiment, and be in charge most of the time, directing what she wanted to do. I was more than glad to let her explore, without me feeling like I was forcing her to try things. She did afterall, have a very dirty mind for an 18 year old. I asked her once where that came from, and she told me her dads computer! LMAO! Way to go pops! That explained alot!

Soon after Sarah left for college, the f****y completely disolved, and the house next door stood vacant (as it is, to this day), except for the father checking up on it, or the mother visiting on the weekend (once in a blue moon)... but most of the time it is Sarah that comes home weekends to visit with her friends, to keep her from getting homesick. On almost all of her visits, there would come a knock on my door, on Friday's just before lunch. She knew my wife was working, and I would be home alone. We have a great thing going , no attachments, and great sex for both of us. She uses my age and knowlege of sex, to learn how to be pleased, and please a man, and I use her to stay young, and lustful for a young beautiful girl. It may sound creepy to some, but to us it is heaven! We are simply fuckbuddies!

Most times we would go to her room, and have sex, and I would stay in her arms for hours before my wife would come home. Most times she would try something new. She developed a taste for sucking me and getting facials, at climax. She said she loved the warm feeling on her face and the smell and taste of my cum. Some times she even asked me to lick it from her face , and then snowball it into her mouth, where she would swallow it all, with a big grin on her face. I love her kinky nature.

The one time that sticks out most, was when she was out partying with her friends, after exams were over (winter 2010). Because her finals were over on Wednesday, she came home early Thursday, and just dropped by our house, to ask if we had seen her dad lately. We told her he had come by on Tuesday and told us he was headed to Atlanta on business through Monday, and asked us if we would we keep and eye on the house ... and make sure if Thomas (the b*****r) came home, that there would be NO parties. By this time, the cat was out of the bag that Thomas and Sarah both had a pension for partying, even though both we u******e. That by the way, was the "blackmail ammo" I had on her, to keep her quiet, the very first time we fucked [refer to my first story].

Anyway without Thomas making an appearance, we suspected no problems would happen. But all that would change come Friday morning. Lot's of people were in and out of the house Thursday, late into the night, but little, if any noise. After my wife had gone to work in the morning, I peeked out the bathroom window to see if anyone was still next door. All the cars were gone, except to my horror... I could see some bare legs behind the rear wheels of Sarahs convertible. I quick threw my clothes on and bolted out the door, to see who it was and what had happened! Fearing something really bad, and that her dad had asked me and my wife to keep an eye out, I was scared shitless! When I got there, it was about 50 degrees outside, and there was Sarah, with her night shirt and robe on and no pants, lying on her side out cold! I checked her pulse and tried to wake her, but all she did was mumble. I grabbed her up and took her to her house. The front door was wide open, and beer bottles everywhere, inside! I carried her to her bedroom, and wrapped her in blankets and waited to see if she was ok, while I tried to clean up some of the chaos.

About an hour later, she opened her eyes...

"did you find my keys?!" she asked.

"What?!" I said.

"I'm looking for my keys to take Cindy home!" she mumbled.

I looked at her , and said, "girl, you're seriously fucked up!!"

She just laughed and nodded off again.

Another hour or so had passed by and she woke again saying she had a bad headache... I bet! She asked me to get something to help it.

"you know, they say having sex is the best thing to get rid of a headache." I told her jokingly.

I then proceeded to go downstairs and get her some Tylenol and coffee (every college k**s drink of choice). I was gone about 15 minutes, and walked back in the room to see Sarah completely naked, and not completely sober yet (obviously).

With her bl**dshot bedroom eyes, she looked at me, and said:

"I'll take that shit, but I want to see if your cock can really make this hurt go away, like you said!"

Well, who was I to complain. especially after the scare she put me through!!

"Cool" I said, "you think you are up to it?"

"I am, if you are", she said... "but give me a little bit to get my shit together, and take a bath."

She was pretty frazzeled, so I agreed. So I got undressed and climbed into her bed, and waited for her, while smelling her young tender scent coming from her covers and underclothes.

She was taking quite a while in the shower and I asked her if everything was ok?!

She shouted back, "yeah! I had to use the bathroom and wanted to be really fresh for you...I want to try something different."

Uh oh! We often tried new things, but she never led up to it, it just sort of happened. The anticipation was killing me and I was getting a hard-on just thinking of what was in store. She emerged from the bathroom, pure white, petite body shimmering in the late morning sun, coming in the bedroom window. Her pink nipples hardened by the brisk air. How could I be so lucky to have this gorgeous young girl want me so bad? She walked towards the bed, pulled back the sheets and climbed in, getting on top of me, as she liked to do. Lying on top of me she cuddled, and I felt her firm tiny breasts press against me, as we lie together, getting warm. We kissed and then tongues explored each others mouths. Our hands explored each others bodies, as I cupped her tight ass cheeks in my palms. She started grinding her pussy against my cock, and I could hear and feel her wetness. The scent was intoxicating, I wanted to be inside her, as I was so many times before. It always felt new, it always felt GREAT! As I sucked on her nipples, she would let out groans of pleasure, and rub harder. Her pussy was so wet now, the tip of my head was easily starting to pop in and out of her vagina. It was just a matter of time... but what was different about this, from the other times she was on top, I thought to myself? My answer was cumming! She grabbed my cock from behind, took it from under her and placed it behing her. It was firmly placed between her firm ass cheeks. Sort of like an anal, tit fuck!

"I want it in my ass this time", she whispered.

"I cleaned myself out good, and I want you to fuck me in my ass"... "I want to try it."

I asked her if she had lube, and she said no, so I told her to turn around, and I would lick her hole for her, while she sucked me 69. Her pussy was dripping with juice and smelled so good. I dove in, tongue darting in and out of her ass. She was writhing around and moaning like a bitch in heat. I could barely concentrate on her sucking me. I stuck one finger in her ass, and it was so tight! I told her to relax and not fight it. I spit on my fingers and after a while stuck two inside her, she grunted and them sighed , a sound of lust!

She shouted, "God this feels sooo good, I fuckin' want you in me now!"

She jumped up turned around and again climbed on top of me. Waiting to feel the tight hole to my cock tip, I was suprised and somewat disappointed to have her slam down hard on my cock, driving it easily, deep inside her pussy! Had she chickened out?!

"What are you doing?!" I said.

She said, "I want you inside me, with my pussy juice on your cock."

She rode me hard for a minute or two , and then stopped, reached back, aimed my cock to her primed bud, and eased back onto my rock hard slimey pole. At first it was too tight. Then with a determined and frustrated look on her face, she pushed back, and I felt the tip pop and penetrate her hole.

She shouted out, "FUCK!"...with a look of pain on her face.

I asked her, "maybe we should stop..."

she said "no! I want you!", "I can do this!"

I told her to relax... so she waited for a couple minutes and then slowly she eased down onto my hard cock. I felt her super tight, wet, warm virgin ass surrounding my dick. It was so smooth and tight and warm inside her. She stopped again, and like the air was let out of her, she gave a sigh of relief, and all her facial expressions disappeared, as she totally relaxed. She was there now. The hard part was done. She started easing up and down, slowly on my wet shaft. with each minute passing, she moved faster, and more agressively. Her ass was wet and my cock was moving in and out of her with ease now. Sarah was truely enjoying this new experience, as much as I was.

She pressed down hard, after 15 or 20 minutes, on my pelvis, now rubbing out a good clitoral orgasm on the base of my shaft as she thrust my cock as deep as she could, inside her ass canal! She came hard! Breathing short gasps and bucking and trembling...the familiar goosebumps covered her ass cheeks, and almost simultaneously, I let out a primal grunt and launched several powerful streams of hot thick cum, deep into her ass!

"Keep fucking me", she cried! "I want all of your cum inside me!"

I shot what must have been 10 spasming shots of jiz inside her. We both collapsed in a heap togther, and just lay there, holding each other tight, with my cock still inside her wet used asshole.

When we awoke, it was nearly 3pm, and my cock was limp, and my balls and cock were drenched in our cum. It was that time again. She always woke up horny, but this time I had to go.

She said, "wait, I love the taste of your cum. Can we 69 before you go? I loved it when you were licking my ass too. I'll lick you clean if you tongue my ass again?"

So we did. Her ass was a mess with her juices and my cum that oozed out of her asshole and down her pussy, while we slept, but the smell and sight made me want it as bad as she did. She sucked and licked my cock to attention, and cleaned every inch of my balls and ass crack with her tongue. I licked Sarah's hole, ass crack, and pussy dry of our salty, tangy mixture. Our faces were covered in the wake of love making,

I whispered: "how's your headache?"

"What headache", she replied, with a smile!

We kissed and she said... "we WILL do THIS again... I promise!"

"Thanks for rescuing me"...

No good deed goes unrewarded....

There WILL be another story cumming.... (if you all want it), just let me know ?

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