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How my aunt fucked with my dad and her cousin brot

Bilo here.

My aunt send me email from Canada that she and her husband are going to UK to attend wedding.
They will be going to Spain to see how my dad is doing there.Here is what she wrote I am just coping
pasting here.

After 2 weeks in UK we went to spain. I asked our friend Victor to pick up us at the airport and dont tel my cousin b*****r that we are coming. Sure thing Victore said he will never know.But we will set up some kinky party to welcum you. Thats good idea I will surprise my b*****r.we went to their home at about 6pm. Victor told us that there be 5 couples at party including your b*****r and his gf. Victor had big basement room for such parties.One big hall and few rooms next to the hall. As the guests started to come at about 7.30. we hid our self upstairs.They all went in basement.After few drinks they were in the mood of party. Victor said to them we r going to play game tonight. Every man get naked and blind fold. Ladies will be naked too. When ladies find u they will suck u for 2 minutes. Then you go on floor on your back and lady will ride you for 2 minutes.Try to guess who is on top of u.I will ring the bell then ladies will start to suck u then after 2 min another bell will ring then u go on floor.No one will speak any word evey one shell be quite just enjoy.

I an my hubby came down then we were naked too At that point women saw us coming in the hall. Every woman chose men on rendom but I went to my b*****r. Hubby was with b*****r's GF.. We women started to suck men's cocks.. After 2 minutes bell rang men went on floor. Every woman was riding cock. I am very good at when I am on top. I squeeze cock as I come up to almost the tip of cock. Then when I go down on his cock I grind my cunt on his pelvis.I can see b*****r's face that he liked what I was the and of 2 min bell rang every woman stop moving and Victor said to me to take off blind fold.As my b*****r saw me he was shocked and sais OMG what have I done. I said u done what any man will do. He said but you are my cousin s****r. So dont I have cunt and u have cock why cant we fuck each other. Every one there cheered me for that.I started to move my cunt on his cock.Every one was saying GO GO GO fuck s****r fuck your b*****r.I rode him for 15 min before i n he cum. We both enjoyed it.
Your dad felt guilty but I asuseard him not to worry it is all in fun.I said I knew all about what u been doing here in Spain. Spanish have very high sex drive men and women. I said I even know that u r r bi now.
b*****r was shocked that I know all. I said u have very nice Gf she is cute little girl.Now your daddy was relaxed and we talked for few min. I said I want every man to go to round table and put your hands on table and stick your ass up.We all women went to one of the room and came out with strap on dildo attached to us.
We had cream on dildos. When men saw us with dildo on us they looked amazed and looked happy. Again I went to by b*****r I put dildo at the tip of his ass. Started to push bit by bit. I guess he was use to it he moad little.All of us women started to pick up pase fucking men. We loved that now we r in control of men. Then Victor said change places. move to right. We did that for 2 min for each men.We women fucked every man in the room.
Now my b*****r are you still guilty? He said not any more. First it felt strainge. You know b*****r supose to protect s****r not fuck her. I said things have changed now.Just enjoy.Then men said they want to see women each each other.We put up show for them every one was happy.Then we went to b*****r's home and we talked about what we have done. He said dont tell my wife about what happened. I said I wont tell her if you promise to do some thing. any thing u ask I will do that. I said I will hold u to that it will be later on I will ask not now.
We stayed for 3 weeks in Spain had lots of fun. Victor took us to one big nude party. There were about 60 couples and few single ladies. I will tel u later about that.

How are you doing with your mom and b*****r? Have you made any progress?

This ia my aunt's experience Hope every one like it

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