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Kay reads of my sexual journey...

Kay had me sit on the floor at her feet as she read the pages detailing my sexual development. I watched her brown eyes go back and forth across the pages and then I saw what I had looked for. She sucked her lower lip in and began to chew on it. I knew that she was getting excited. Her breathing grew shallower and within a few minutes, her lovely full nipples began appearing, poking through the material of her tee shirt.

Suddenly she stopped reading and looked over the sheaf of papers at me. I could see my own lust in those round brown German eyes. She licked her lips and then whispered, just loudly enough for me to hear, “Damn you know how to write what turns me on.”

I smiled at her and said, “The difference is, this all happened. Those are the genesis of my sexual development and learning, though I continue to hunger for more every day when I wake up.” Her eyes did not leave me for a moment. Then she pulled her arms inside her shirt and then pulled the shirt over her head. She pulled her long, heavy braid of blond hair free from the blouse and then she used it like a whip to strike me across my shoulder and back.

“I never told you to say anything!! I should beat the living hell out of you!! But you would like that ….” Her eyes were drilling into mine and it took everything within me to keep from looking down. She then reached for her bra straps and released her huge full breasts.

Kay wears a 40 DD bra and while no one is ever going to call her dainty, she is without a doubt, a woman, and it took every bit of self-control that I had, not to lose eye contact with her to look at her glorious bosums!! Finally, she looked at me and said, “I cannot think of any way to punish you that you are not going to like without depriving me of what I want too, so… get up here and suck on my tits!”

Now to be honest, I would say it is a tossup who enjoys me sucking on Kay’s tits more; me or her. Her nipples are almost always already erect when I latch on, because she is the only person that I know of that thinks as much as I do!!! But the second those nipples pass over my lips; they change and continue to change time and again as I suck and tongue them. I try at time to map out every tasty crevice and ridge of her hardening flesh, but it puckers and tightens with each lick! I can feel the front of her breast harden as the muscled and ducts strive to put out milk for me, when I flick my tongue just right over them, and I know I am drawing her ever nearer to a climax.

She wraps one arm around my head as she picks up the paper and starts to, once again, read of my erotic education. Within a minute, her breathing becomes deeper and she begins to slide her ass forward in her seat. I know what she wants. So I arch my back and my ribs fill the void of space that has been between men and her thighs and she spreads herself completely open so that I can feel the heat of her sex through her pants as it rubs against my bare chest.

It is at that moment that she cruses my face into her soft flesh and I have to fight back the urge to panic as I realize there is no way for me to catch a breath. Kays nipples swelled up and I knew immediately that she knew what she was doing and was in control, so I did my best to trust her. I felt her starting to hump my chest much harder and faster than before and then there was a gasp!!

With both hands, Kay grabbed my head and pulled me off of her breast for just a second before pulling me right back into the glorious mountain of soft woman flesh. I swear, as my tongue guided her sensitive nipple between my lips, I felt the fine spray of milk spray across my tongue and lips. I suck harder, wanting desperately to take her to the point where she can no longer think of anything but my mouth on her, and her pussy grinding against me!!

“God damn, Bite me, you bastard, Suck harder!!” I hear her nearly scream and I do my best to comply though now her grip in my hair is crushing my face into her again and it is all I can do, just to stay latched on. In the midst of this, I have the unmistakable taste of her beautiful breasts filling my mouth and mind to the point where I can feel my cock bouncing against my stomach with unfulfilled hunger for her!!

Then she pulls me off and pushes my head down so that I cannot get to her breast nor can I turn my head and get my face between her legs. Kay swears and gasps in air as if she had just finished running an Olympic sprint!!

“Damn. I haven’t even gotten through half of this!! You, my perverted b*****r, are a very Bad man… You bit my girl in such a bad, bad way. Whew!!!” Then she reached down and pulled me back up from off of my haunches and up to her other breast and said, “I think I can read the rest of this now… Start sucking!”

And I did. Kay’s breasts are so full and responsive, I can never have too much of them. My jaw was beginning to tire from being opened so far to accept in as much of her as possible. But out of the corner of my eye, I saw a single drop of opaque liquid, nestled in one of the valleys of her puckered nipple. It could have been spit, but the idea of it possibly being milk from my own s****r sent me into a frenzy of hungry slurping snd sucking. The idea of actually nursing from her is what kept me kneeling between her legs for 45 minutes at a time, three times a day and now it appeared as if there was some measure of success!!!

She was soon humping against me again and this time I did everything I could to give to her the friction her hot pussy longed for. We were soon banging hard against each other and she dropped the papers to the floor as she urged me to suck and slurp and make her cum like a wanton little whore of a girl!!! I did my best and was rewarded with another smothering climax by Kay as she trembled and shook from the very core of her being to the tips of her curled toes.

After a few minutes resting the side of my face against her belly, she suddenly pushed me away. “Lie down on your back; I am not done with you!” She said, and then she pushed herself up off of the seat. As I lay back, I saw that the crotch of her pants was soaked from her last orgasm and as I stared, I saw the dark stain spread down her thighs. “She must have cum a ton!!” I was thinking just before she said, “Do you see what you did to me? This is all your fault!!!

She then put one foot on my chest and undid her belt and zipper. She put her weight on my chest and then on the floor as she worked her sodden pants and panties off and tossed them to the floor. Then she stepped up on my chest and looked straight down at me. “You are going to clean me up, big b*****r, with that wicked tongue of yours and then I am going to show you what my mouth can do!!”

With that, she stepped off of my chest and I gasped for air as she turned around. She then squatted down like a baseball catcher and the folds of her golden pussy parted to show the pink tender flesh that glistened with the white pearls of her lust and cum. My tongue was eagerly searching the folds of her sensitive flesh as I heard her moans of pleasure when I suddenly felt her hand wrap around the base of the shaft of my cock. “Damn, b*****r!! I cannot even get my hand around the base of your monster!!”

I then felt the palm of her other hand begin to smear the drops of cum that had gathered there all over the head of my cock, as if she were polishing the knob of stairway knurl. She pulled and tugged on my cock, not so much in a way to give me pleasure, as in a way to let me know she controlled me. And as if to underscore this fact, she began to drop her pussy over both my mouth and nose more often and for longer periods of time, grinding my chin and nose into her!! Then she began to violently bang her hips into my face and I tasted the warm metallic taste of my bl**d as she busted my lips with her lower lips and I did my best to prepare for the impending gush of orgasmic fluids that I knew were on the brink of coursing through Kay.

When they came, I drank them in as quickly as I could and my tongue quickly sought to gather those drops of delicious nectar that tried to escape my greedy mouth!! Kay pitched forward across my chest and her long braided hair fell over my now throbbing cock as her hands mad an effort to catch her. I could feel the tender flesh of her breasts pressing against my belly and I wanted to cum right then and there.

But a moment later, I knew the wait was going to be worth it, as Kay raised her head up off of my thigh and aimed my cock head toward the warm vacuum of her mouth and throat.

If there is something that I like about Kay more than her breasts, it has to be her ability to drain me of every ounce of sanity and cum through the little eye of my penis, by using her magical tongue and throat!! I have met very few women who could or would even try to take my cock into their mouth and only one other one that would attempt to throat me!! Kay not only attempted, she succeeded regularly and the incredible waves of pleasure that washed over me once she had me lodged in her tight throat made it impossible for me to last more than a couple of minutes.

Her hand expertly pistonned up and down the shaft of my cock that she could not fit between her velvet soft lips and I could feel my balls begin to turn and rise in their sack as the pressure to send my seed on their journey rose higher and higher. All too soon, it was over and I was convulsing and crying as the orgasm took and shattered my mind into a million glass shards that sliced reality into ribbons!! I thought that I might never stop the spasms and even as I felt her release me and cough and gag as she fought for air.

As I lay there with my mind spinning back into a cohesive whole, I felt her sit up next to me and wipe the strings of goo from her chin upon my chest. Then after another moment or two, I felt her thigh go over my stomach as she straddled my belly and said, “Now that was a very nice start to a Friday night! But right now, my tits are itching again.” With that she lowered one of her wonderful big titties into my face and like a kitten blindly looking for a point to latch onto, I nuzzled her nipple into my mouth to begin it all over again!!!

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