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Step mother taught me to masturbate 1

I am going to describe a story of how my step mother taught me to masturbate .
A little dis description of the situation.....well I am the only c***d of my parents and my mother
died at very young age I live with my step mother she don’t have and is very nice to me . My father is
usually on business trip so mostly me and my step mother are at home. Well she is 5.9 ft tall healthy
and very pretty well about me I am 9.7 ft fairly is good shape...
Well it was chilling Sunday night and I was awake I felt thirsty so I went to kitchen while
returning I notice my mom room unlocked and lights were on so I knew she was awake ad without
knocking I entered the room and found my step mother naked and masturbating it was humiliating for
both of us. I said sorry and and closed the door. Next morning we didn’t talk about it but I was feeling
embarrassing in front of her is it seemed she too was.
In evening her friend called and told she had to urgently visit our town and she didn’t got any
hotel reservation so she request a day stay at my home and mom granted it....Since we had only to bed
rooms so that night mom sifted in my room . It was late night and I found mom was awake...
I softly said sorry for last night.
Mom : don’t be sorry it was my fault since I dint close the door. And sorry you had to see me like that.
Me : its OK .
Mom : you know your father is always is out so....
Me : I can understand
It was silence for few munits..... mom broke the silence“why are u awake so till now” I replied”
just not feeling sl**py” se said” me too”
After short silence
Mom : may I ask you a personal question.
I : ya sure
Mom : so do u masturbate.
I : ya some time
I felt very shy. I felt mom slowly was rubbing my hand and was trying to comfort me. Mom
said don’t feel shy every girl does at your age and its good. She asked have u asked any body how to do
it. I replied no...She continued “you should because you will not know the right way to pleasure your
self” I replied “i don’t know home to ask and my friend too are in my state” …
She said “if u don’t mind I can teach you....” I shyly nobbed my head in yes.
She started massaging my stomach....
Mom : (With smile) you should don’t go down there directly just touch your body s much you can...
She kept on massaging my body with one hand and occasionally my cheeks and hairs with other
I was getting hotter and hotter … she slowly garbed my boobs and suddenly pinched my nipple... it was
so pain full
Mom : your Brest are the most sensitive part to don’t miss them and a little hares action like pinching
will pleasure you
And I think she was right I got horny like hell.... and I took my hands unknowingly towards my
pussy but she stooped.
Mom: get more out of your horny body....and let it ask for your hand.....
By then my breath got very fast and with pleasure I started making pleasure sounds”Ah Ah....”
mom asked me to slow down my voice as gust could hear it. Mean while she started rubbing my
panties which were already wet . Mom said “your panties are too wet” I didn’t reply she continued” it
ok baby you are you are now ready for your pussy ….. first thing about it don’t do directly inside hole
and tease it from over the panties “ she kept on massaging .
We were looking directly into each other eyes. She had a pretty smile on her face where as my
lips were parted. Slowly her hands went inside my panties and my eyes closed with pleasure.
Mom : have you tasted yourself.
In : (in slow voice) no.
Mom : look if you want real pleasure you should be relay be nasty and feel more sulty...(after a short
silence) sorry for my words.
I: its ok you were little brief( we both smiled ).
Mom slowly brought her figures towards my mouth made me taste my own juices...
Mom : do u like it.....
I : ya. I never knew it is so testy.
Mom : if your comfortable put your cloths off I just want your body to feel relaxed
I did the same . She pulled me towards her body...her body heat made me more crazy..... She
was inspecting my body.....
Mom : I had no idea you look so hot without cloths …...
She continued playing with my pussy........ she focused on my cult....
I was going wild ….... “mom...”
Mom: yes.
I : Just figure me cant resist now.
She started figure fucking me... my pleasure sound were going wilder so she put her left hand
figures inside my mouth....ans started fearlessly fucking it.....the pressure started building inside me .
My body started moving same as like a fish out of water and my mom hand movement went faster...
and I had best organism of my life.... my eyes went closed mom slowly stopped.
We were looking into each other eyes m said “ thanks mom. it was best one I ever had...”
mom brought her cum sacke hand to wards my mouth and said taste it. I licked all her hand..

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