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My Other Daughter Part 5

I knew it was not going to be long before Ally showed up at my door again. However, with a friend in tow was not expected.
I had been home about an hour and finally relaxing with everyone out of town for a few days when a knock came.
"Come in" I shouted.
"Hi daddy. I hope you don't mind that I came over" Ally purred.
"Oh this this is my friend Cara."
I said hello to Cara but my eyes were glued to her body. She stood about 4'11" and maybe wieghed 105 with a 34-28-36 figure. It was further accented by the almost see through summer dress.
All excused herself while I got some drinks out and made small talk with Cara. When she returned my jaw hit the floor and my cock grew hard immediately. She was in a skin tight latex body suit with the crotch cut out.
"Wait until you see what we have in store for you today daddy" Ally said with a wicked smile. I could hardly wait and didn't have to for long. Cara stripped and dropped to her knees and began a slow sensual blowjob on my throbbing cock. All got behind me amd quickly handcuffed my hands. Oh shit was I in trouble. With Cara sucking my cock Ally sat down on the couch and began to fuck herself with a large dildo.
"Come eat my pussy Cara" Ally commanded.
Without hesitation Cara crawled over and began sucking that wet pussy. What is that in Cara's ass? A butt plug? Fucking hot.
"I see you saw the toy toy in her ass daddy."
"Lick it."
I put my mouth on her hole and licked a best as I could with hands handcuffed behind me.
"How does she taste?" "Come help her suck my pussy and lick my juice off of her pretty face."
I never saw Ally move but she was now standing with a strap on dangling in front of our faces.
"Suck my cock" she moaned. I thought she was commanding Cara but Cara never moved.
"I said suck my cock" she said again and slapped me across the face.
I opened my mouth and began to deepthroat it with passion. Cara was licking my face and squeezing my balls. I sucked and sucked covering her cock with as much throat lube as I could. Cara has now on all fours guiding my cock into her moist box.
"Now fuck her hard while I throat you and you had better not cum or gag" Ally demanded.
I sucked and fucked until I thought I would cum for sure when Ally said "stop."
"I want to fuck her." "Come sit on my cock Cara" Ally motioned. "Daddy I want you to pull the plug out and desrty her asshole."
I again did as I was told. Fuck her ass was tight and I loved the feeling of another cock sliding against mine although it was in her pussy.
We both fucked her for what seemed forever when Ally finally told me to feed them both. I stood up and sprayed sperm all over their waiting mpuths.
These two stayed the night and fucked me so good I called in sick.

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