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Stranger Affair

We met in a chat room, and it turns out we're both married and fantasized about being with a total stranger. I've had a couple one-night stands, but the thought of meeting a married woman just for sex was somehow erotic and naughty and intoxicatingly sensual. Long story short, we had an incredibly hot cyber-fuck and decided to meet and make it happen for real.

She lives in South Carolina, so we decided to meet in the middle, at the SC welcome center on I-77. It was a warm evening, so I was dressed in loose shorts and a button up shirt. Just for added naughty thrills, I'd decided to go commando. As I drove down the highway, it was all I could do not to pull my cock out and start stroking right then and there. The anticipation and knowing what I was about to do had me so incredibly horny. I got there a little early, and parked where I could see the picnic tables. There weren't a lot of cars there, and only a couple trucks idling in the lot.

After a couple minutes, I saw a woman pull in and get out of her car. She was blonde, with long straight hair down to her ass, and chubby in that very soft curvy way that still shows great hips, a thick ass, smooth legs, and nice tits. Huge tits in this case, and they were barely contained in a tight white tank top. As she walked, I noticed her 3" platform sandals and the way they made her skirt sway. At least, it would have swayed if there had been more than about an inch of hem that wasn't stretched around luscious hips. It barely covered her ass, and I was thrilled to see the red flower in her hair - our pre-arranged signal.

She sat at a bench, and I reached down, adjusting my aching erection down the right leg of my pants and got out of my car. She watched me walking toward her, and after looking around to see if anyone else was looking, she smiled and spread her legs, showing that she was wearing just as much underwear as me. Even in the dim yellow light of the lamps, I could see a very full auburn bush, and long, dark brown curly lips down the center. I could feel the fabric of my shots rubbing the head of my cock, and I wasn't sure it wasn't poking out the leg a little.

"You must be Amanda. I'm Jason. Nice to meet you!" She was still sitting with her legs spread, and now that I was closer I could see her lips glistening and her bush matted with moisture. I could also see her huge dark areolas , with her perky nipples only barely covered by the fabric. "What would you have done if I had been somebody else, and you'd just flashed a total stranger?"

"I did just flash a total stranger, silly! And I'd have given him something to think about, I guess. Looks like you're as excited as me, unless that's a third leg winking at me." I looked down, and sure enough the entire head of my cock was exposed. "Glad to see you're ready to go. I've been wet as fuck since I left the house. Are you ready to do this, Jason?"

In response, I took her hand and helped her to her feet. She looked tiny beside me, maybe 5' tall compared to my 6'3". I could almost fuck those tits standing up.. and I considered trying right then and there. We walked across the access road and into the woods where nobody could see us, hidden in the dark. Without another word, she pulled her tank top over her head, unzipped her skirt, and slipped it down to the ground. She stood in front of me, naked except for her shoes, her thick body and full bush looking sexier than any supermodel to me at that moment. She unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down, dropping to her knees as she did, my 6" cock slapping her in the face as it was completely uncovered.

She took my shaft in one hand, and cupped my balls with the other, and started to lick the tip of my cock. I shuddered - the first blow job I'd had in ages, and from another man's wife. I unbuttoned my shirt and slipped it off, then ran my fingers through her hair as she bobbed her head on my raging erection. In a matter of minutes, I felt that stirring and knew I couldn't last. All I could do was moan and clench my fingers in her hair. She knew what was about to happen, and without slowing she hummed "Mm-hmm" and gave my balls a gentle squeeze, looking up at me with pure lust in her eyes.

It's been years since I've had a good blow job, and I don't even remember the last time I had a woman take my load in her mouth. She never even gagged as I drained spurt after spurt into her, stopping her stroking and gently massaging my scrotum as she sucked and swallowed. when I had finished, she smiled, licked her lips, and stood up, arms around me. I could feel my half-hard cock pressed against her soft stomach, her tits against me, and her wiry bush on my leg. She looked up at me, grabbed my head, and kissed me deeply, the taste of my own cum lingering on her lips.

"Now it's my turn, baby! Lay down and let me sit on your face. I sooo fucking need to cum, and I want your tongue in my pussy!" I laid down, all too eager to taste that hairy twat. She straddled me, and as she came closer I could see her dark lips parted, dripping with her juices, and above that her huge soft breasts, one in each hand. I reached up and parted her lips, kissing them softly and licking her slit. She practically gushed on me right then and there, and she moaned and rocked her hips until her clit found my tongue. I slipped a finger inside her surprisingly tight pussy, finding and stroking her g-spot as my tongue lapped over her hot, hard clit.

She ground her hips against my face, and I nearly smothered in her sweet feminine musk. She had both hands on her breasts, pinching her nipples and moaning loudly as my tongue made laps around her clit. I wondered idly if anyone would hear us, since we were just out of sight, but at that moment I didn't care. I grabbed her soft round ass and pulled her hard against me, and in not much more time than I'd taken she began screaming and gushing on my face. I never let up, holding her tight and licking and fingering until her orgasm had subsided. With a satisfied moan, she slid down my body and laid on top of me, kissing my face all over.

The head of my cock brushed her sopping wet pussy lips, and it started to swell again, twitching softly. She smiled sweetly and whispered in my ear, "Ready to go again already?" In answer, I rocked my hips, letting the head of my cock slip easily into her pussy. She got up, dug through my shorts on the ground, and pulled a condom out. With expert fingers, she slipped it over the head of my cock and unrolled it, then sat down, impaling herself on my freshly hard shaft.

I looked down at her chubby body, tits bouncing as she rode me, watching her dark cunt lips part around me. She was barely looking at me, eyes half closed, just enjoying the feeling of a cock deep inside her. the idea of being just a cock, just a sex toy for this married cheating whore made me incredibly horny, and I thrust my hips up hard to meet her.

"Damn, baby! If you want to fuck me that hard, give it to me doggy style!" With that, she got up and knelt on all fours, reaching back and pulling one ass cheek aside showing off her freshly fucked cunt lips. I knelt behind her and rubbed the head of my cock into her slit, letting it naturally find her sopping wet and now gaping hole. "Oh yes, baby! Fuck me hard! Ram that cock deep inside me... God, I fucking love the way you feel!"

We fucked like that, bodies slapping, my balls swinging and hitting her clit with each stroke, for a while, neither one of us caring if anybody heard, or even watched. When she began to moan ans scream, even louder than before, it pushed me over the edge and We came together, collapsing into the grass afterward. I pulled out, she she reached down, slipping the condom off of me, tying a knot in one end and tossing it away into the woods. Then she licked my shaft clean again, and laid down beside me.

"I feel so dirty, and so naughty," she said. "And you want to know something else? I was so excited thinking somebody might hear us. I wish they would have come watch us fuck. That's what made me cum, thinking about that."

I had an idea, wilder than anything I'd ever done, and I couldn't believe I actually heard myself saying it out loud. "Do you really want someone to watch us fuck, Amanda?" She nodded lazily, head on my chest. "Then get your clothes, and follow me." It was really dark by this time, and late enough that there was nobody in the welcome center except those two idling trucks. We gathered our clothes and ran, completely naked, back to our cars. When she headed for hers, I took her hand and guided her toward mine. I got in the driver's seat, and sat facing the open door. "Quick, suck me to get me hard again, and put this on me." I handed her another condom.

She did as I asked, squatting naked in the parking lot sucking me until I swelled in her mouth, and then she deftly unrolled the condom onto my shaft. "Now, get in.. straddle me." Her short body fit easily between my body and the steering wheel, and she eagerly sat down on my cock. We closed the door, and I looked into her eyes, hard cock resting comfortably inside her hot wet pussy. "Are you sure you're up for this?" I asked. She kissed me deeply, tongue down my throat, then pulled away and said "I'm ready for anything! I know it's wrong and we're probably going to get arrested if we don't die first, but I can't stop myself!"

"Then hold on tight, and enjoy the ride!" I pulled out of the parking lot and headed out onto the highway. At the next exit, we got off and I headed toward a 24-hour McDonald's drive through.

"No fucking way! Are you serious?" She sounded scared, but her hips bobbed up and down eagerly, begging me to go on. "Oh God, I fucking love it... you're really going to do this, aren't you?" I winked and pulled up to the speaker. She ordered a couple combos for us, sounding for all the world like a sweet innocent southern belle. Cars drove past us, circling the building, and one woman looked over at us, then drove around again and slowed down. She gave us a thumbs up and blew a kiss, then drove off into the night. We pulled up to the first window, where a young teenage boy nearly chocked when he saw us, both naked, my cock buried deep in her pussy and her huge tits covered in sweat. She smiled sweetly and paid him, acting as though there were nothing unusual going on.

When we pulled up to the second window a minute later, the entire staff was crowded around the window to get a peek at us. A young, chubby girl handed our food, so flustered she could barely speak, and obviously trying not to look. Her nipples were hard through her uniform, and Amanda couldn't help having a little fun. "Don't you just love having a hard cock in you while you eat? Actually, don't you just love having a hard cock in you any time, honey? And you know what? We're married, but not to each other! this is the best fuck I've had in years.. you ought to try it some time. Want to join us?"

The girl was standing, open mouthed, while the entire staff listened in amazement. "I.. ummm... I ... uhh.. I can't. I have to work... sorry." I was relieved, to tell the truth. Fucking a married woman was one thing, but I didn't need a statutory **** charge!

Amanda bobbed her hips on my cock a little and squeezed her breasts together, head back. "Oh well, your loss! More for me, I guess. Have a great night!" We drove off, and made our way back to the rest area. We slowly fucked as we ate, eventually cumming in long, slow, relaxed orgasms that told us our night was over. She pulled her tank top on, still sitting on my cock, and then opened the door, got out, and slipped her skirt back on. I dressed quickly and walked her to her car, hand on her ass. when we got to her car, she turned and looked up at me, kissing me softly. "Thanks for a great time, Jason. I'll never forget this night. Now, go home and clean yourself up before your wife finds out what you've been up to!"

We parted with a final lingering kiss and a soft pat on the ass, and drove home. I went home and showered, and early the next morning I cleaned my car, thankful for the leather making it easier to get her juices mopped up. The seat was sticky, and the entire car smelled of sex, but a little shampoo and leather soap took care of that. It's a shame to clean it up, because her smell is still intoxicating, but you do what you have to, I guess.

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