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Fucking the boss

The door to the women’s restroom was just closing as I walked by. I glanced over to see who was coming out, but instead, there she was standing half naked near the door.,,,my boss! I could see her nice body clad in only her bra and panties. Apparently, a few of the girls had gone into the restroom to change before the company Christmas party. It was so full that a few of them had to change outside the stalls and my boss was the unlucky one that had to change near the door. As the door shut, I could hear Shelly cry out “he just saw me in my underwear!”

As I walked to the men’s room, the scene that I had just witnessed was all I could think about. I stood at the urinal and after I took a piss, I had to stroke my self a few times just thinking about her in her panties.

You see, Shelly was my boss of several years. She’s an attractive older woman that still had an amazing figure. I sometimes fantasized about what her body looked like under her clothes. I knew she had a wild side to her just from some of the stories she would tell me about when she was younger.

When we ran into each other back at the party later, she kinda avoided me. I knew she was embarrassed, but wanted to put her at ease about what happened. When it was just the two of us, I told her not to worry about what happened. She playfully asked if I enjoyed the show and I said “Yeah. You have a great body and shouldn’t be embarrassed.” She smiled at me and didn’t say anything, but she held her eyes locked on mine for a few extra seconds before walking away.

“Damn it, I just crossed the line” I thought to myself. Oh well, it was her fault…right?

An hour or so later, I had to go to the storage room to find another coffee maker. As I was rummaging around, Shelly had walked in. She said she was looking for more cups and asked if I was alone. When I told her yes, she walked over to me and said she couldn’t stop thinking about what happened earlier. I told her not to worry about it. We were both mature and professional enough to just let it go. She walked up to me, grabbed my cock through my pants and whispered “I didn’t mind you looking at me”.

As she turned around to walk always that’s when I grabbed her arm, spun her around to me and kissed her. We started kissing passionately. As I moved down to her neck, she told me that she always thought I was good looking and wondered what it would be like to be with me. I told her she was hot and that I had often imagined what her body looked like under her clothes.

She suggested that we find an office so that no one would see us. We ran down the hall to her office and closed the door and made sure it was locked. I pushed the stuff on her desk to one end, lifted her up and sat her on the desk. She had that wild look on her face with a devilish smile. We started kissing again. I pushed her dress up while she was unbuttoning my pants. As soon as my throbbing cock was freed, she began to stroke it with both hands. I tore through her pantyhose and slipped my hand into her panties. Her pussy was so wet! Feeling my boss’ hot wet pussy made me even harder. I massaged her clit as she was still stroking my shaft.

I moved the crotch of her wet panties to the side, exposing her neatly trimmed muff, and slid my cock inside her. She let out a little gasp and wrapped her arms around my neck and continued to kiss me as I started to pump in and out of her. I moved my arms underneath her legs at the knees so I could open her legs wider. My cock sank balls deep into her.

“Yes, that’s it, fuck my pussy!”

“You like that? You like getting fucked on your desk?”

“Yes….god yes! This feels so damn good!”

After several minutes of fucking, she started to work her hips back and forth as best she could while still sitting on her desk.

“Oh….ughh….ngghhhhh, I’m gonna cum! Fuck my pussy! Fuck me!”

I could feel myself about to unleash and asked her if she wanted me to pull out.

“No! Cum inside me. I wanna feel your cum inside me!”

I shot stream after stream inside her puss. She kept her arms around my neck as we both recovered. My dick finally went limp and I pulled out of her. She reached down and used her finger to wipe up some of my cum that had leaked out of her now filled pussy. She put it in her mouth and said “Mmmm, you taste good”.

We quickly put ourselves back together and went back out to the party, first her and then me a minute later, hoping no one would catch on to what happened.

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