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Daddy and Sir: I want to be Daddy's girl

"Next time I want to film it." I said, wiping my face and licking the cum from my fingers.
"You want me and Daddy to record us fucking that sissy ass? This just for you, or you gonna post it on the internet?" Sir asked.
"I have a profile on this site where you can post pictures and videos. I've only got nude pictures of myself on there, so far. But I've always wanted to put a video up of me getting fucked." I said as I licked the last bit of cum off my fingers, savoring the taste of Daddy and Sir's collective load.
I stretched out on the bed. I was on my back, facing upward, staring at Daddy as he and Sir hovered over me.
"She wants the world to see her dirty ass get fucked." Daddy said, rubbing the inside of my thigh. "Well, Baby Girl, we don't have to wait. Daddy's got a cell phone that can do pictures and video." Daddy jumped off the bed and walked to the bathroom door where his coat hung on a hook. He dug around inside one of the coat pockets and pulled out an expensive looking Smart Phone. "I almost forgot about what all this thing can do. We'll get all the video and pictures you want, then you can put them all up there where everybody can see you sucking cock, getting fucked, and eating my load like the little cum hungry whore you are."
I started to sit up but Daddy stopped me.
"I didn't tell you to get up, did I?" He asked in a stern, fatherly, alpha male voice.
He stared at me with his intense, sexy green eyes as I gently laid back down.
"I'm only going to say this once, you don't move unless I move you, or I tell you where and how to move. Right now, your little slutty ass belongs to me." He had the smart phone aimed at me, taking video. "Do you understand?"
"Yes, Daddy." I said in my best obedient, sissy girl voice.
"I am your Daddy, and you will respect me."
"I will respect you, Daddy. I will do what I am told, like a good girl."
"That's right, Baby Girl. The only reason you're here is because I wanted to fuck. Sir is only here because I wanted to tag team your little fagot ass. If you don't like that, get your shit, get dressed, and leave." He said, pointing toward the hotel door.
"Please Daddy, I don't want to go. I'll be a good girl from now on. I'll do anything you tell me, anything you want. I'm your little obedient cum slut." I said, looking into Daddy's eyes as he climbed back onto the bed, positioning himself beside me.
It's always been my fantasy to be an older man's sissy slut, a submissive bottom who's only purpose is to serve my dominant daddy. And there I was, on my back, dressed like a whore and willing to do whatever these two older, dominant men wanted. My fantasy had become reality, and I was loving every filthy second of it.
"Are you telling the truth? Does Baby Girl want her Daddy to be nice?" He said as he caressed my face. "Or are you going to f***e me to be mean and strict?"
"I want whatever you want, Daddy." I whispered, just loud enough to be heard.
"That's the right answer." He and Sir both laughed.
My heart raced with excitement as I looked up at Daddy and Sir, my tiny sissy cock was getting hard just thinking about what they would do to me next. It was then that I realized, I hadn't had an orgasm yet.
My ass and mouth had been filled and fucked beyond my wildest dreams. Daddy and Sir had their way with me, used me like a slut and gave me more pleasure than I ever thought possible. My only interest, at the time, was Daddy and Sir cumming. But, now that both men had allowed me to taste their seed, I wanted to cum too.
"Daddy, can I touch myself? Can I cum?" I asked.
"Baby Girl, you want to cum for us?" Sir asked, pulling at his thick, half hard cock.
"Yes, Sir." I said breathlessly.
"Yeah, I think she's earned it. You cum for us, Baby Girl." Daddy said.
With Daddy's permission, I pulled the front of my G-string down and started to stroke my sissy girl clit. As I played with myself, Daddy aimed the phone at me. I heard the electronic shutter sound click several times as he took photos of me. My sissy cock oozed pre-cum as I tried to look sexy and slutty for the camera.
Daddy got off the bed and walked around to where my feet were hanging off of the mattress. He put the phone down and grabbed my ankles, lifted my legs and bending me at the waste. My cock was now directly over my mouth. I kept stroking.
"You open that mouth, Baby Girl. Open your mouth and take your cum. Your gonna take every fucking drop, because your a little cum slut." Daddy instructed.
Sir had positioned himself above my head, grabbing my ankles with both hands to hold me down and keep me bent. His half erect cock dangled above me. I had to fight the temptation to take him in my mouth again, but I had to do as Daddy said. I had to cum in my own mouth.
"Don't you let a fucking drop hit the bed, slut." Daddy continued filming, using his free hand to rub my smooth, freshly fucked ass.
"Yes, Daddy. Not a drop, not a drop. All in my mouth, Daddy. All in my mouth." I moaned in ecstasy as I started to jerk my little cock harder and faster.
Daddy used his free hand to pull my ass apart. The next sensation I felt was his tongue rimming my asshole. I moaned loudly, not caring if anyone outside of our cheap hotel room heard me.
Hearing my loud, enthusiastic reaction made Daddy even more aggressive. He pushed the tip of his tongue inside of me, then took it out and licked the rim of my asshole. Sir watched intently, stroking his thick cock right over my face.
"Yeah, Yeah, she likes that. You like that, don't you bitch? She likes having that nasty ass licked." Sir laughed to himself as he playfully slapped my face a couple of times with his thick member. "I'm gonna give her a little more to swallow myself. You want some more, Baby Girl? Think you can handle another load? All that cum in your mouth, think you can take it?"
"Yes Sir, I can take it. I'm a good girl and I want it. I can take it all. I want your thick load in my mouth to go along with mine. I want it, give me your load, Sir." I was begging like the hungry little cum slut that I was. "Can I suck his cock Daddy? Can I suck his cock and make him cum?"
"No, you keep your fucking mouth open and empty. Sir will give you what you want when he's good and fucking ready, and not a second sooner." Daddy said.
He had stopped licking, taking his tongue away so he could bring the camera closer to my ass.
"You've got a sexy little hole, Baby Girl." Sir commented, watching Daddy film my ass in close up.
"Thank you, Sir." I stroked my sissy clit faster, using my pre-cum as lube.
I wanted to cum, just to please Daddy. I was desperate to be Daddy's good little cum slut. Daddy wanted me to shoot my load into my mouth, so i wanted it too. Every last drop, just like Daddy said.
"I'm afraid your not gonna be quite as tight as you used to be, Baby Girl. Not after we're done with you." Daddy said as he slid two fingers, knuckle deep, into my asshole.
"Oh God Daddy, I'm gonna cum. Can I cum Daddy?" I begged to taste my own cum as Daddy fingered my ass.
"Go ahead Baby, cum for us." Daddy said, moving the camera to get a side view of me.
I stroked faster and opened my mouth as wide as I could. The orgasm hit me and it was like an explosion. The cum came out of my cock in thick, delicious gobs. Every spurt went straight into my wide open mouth, pooling at the back of my throat.
Daddy watched and filmed while he fingered my ass.
"Don't swallow yet. Keep your mouth open, Baby Girl." Sir said, stroking his cock faster and aiming it at my open mouth.
I felt the head of Sir's thick member touch the tip of my tongue. He let out a loud moan and released his seed into my mouth. He stroked himself, milking every last drop of cum from his cock. By the time he finished, I had so much cum in my mouth I didn't know if I could swallow it all without choking.
"Swallow it, Baby Girl. Go ahead and swallow it all." Daddy had taken his fingers out of my ass and allowed me to unbend myself. He had moved the camera over my face to get a shot of my mouth as I held it open, showing how much cum I was about to swallow.
"That's a beautiful shot. Now swallow it for the camera." Sir said, his cock hanging limp and exhausted next to my face. "You look so fucking good with all that cum in your mouth."
I looked directly into the lens of the Smart Phone, opened my throat and let all of that cum drain down into my stomach. It tasted so fucking good, my cum mixed with Sir's. I licked my lips, satisfied.
"Here, get up and shoot me fucking this little whore again." Daddy instructed Sir, giving him the camera.
Sir did as he was told. He got off the bed and stood at the edge of the mattress, pointing the Smart Phone at me and Daddy.
I saw that Daddy's cock was swollen and huge. I was shocked to find that it looked even bigger than before. His cock was at least an inch larger than the last time he fucked me.
Daddy spread my legs and put them over his shoulders, lifting my ass into the air so he could enter me easier.
"Don't look so worried, Baby Girl. Daddy's got a little more for you too." He said as he rubbed my asshole with his cock's massive head, using his pre-cum to lube me up even more. My hole was wet and aching to be fucked again.
"Look at her, she looks so sexy with those boots over your shoulders, Daddy. This little slut wants that cock in her so bad." Sir said as he stood over us filming.
"Is that true, Baby Girl? You want my cock inside you?" Daddy pushed the tip of his cock in a little, just to prepare me for what was to come.
"Yes Daddy, I want your raw cock in me so fucking bad. Fuck me, Daddy. I want to feel every inch of you inside me." I begged him, my ass hungry for cock.
Daddy leaned in and I spread my ass apart with my hands. I felt him slide into me, slowly. I relaxed as much as possible and my asshole stretched to accommodate all that Daddy was giving me.
He pushed every inch into me. I felt his balls against my ass cheeks just before he started to pull out of me. Slowly, he took back all that he had put in. He stopped, leaving his cock's head in me. And then he pushed into me again.
I moaned and shook uncontrollably as Daddy increased his thrust. Faster and harder, in and out, until he was pounding my ass with every inch of that massive dick. Daddy was power fucking my slutty ass and I begged him for more.
"Give it to me, Daddy. Your cock feels so fucking good in my ass." I said, looking straight into his eyes. "I want you to cum inside me. Will you cum in my ass, Daddy?"
Daddy didn't answer me, he just fucked me harder.
"Cum in me. Cum in me, Daddy. Breed my sissy, fagot ass." I begged.
Sir moved around the bed, trying to capture every possible angle on video.
Daddy was pounding me fast and hard, fucking me without mercy. He started to moan and I felt his cock start to spasm.
Daddy was about to cum.
"Fill me up, Daddy. Cum in my ass."
Daddy thrust his cock into me one final time, hard, and I felt the flood of his hot cum fill my ass. It felt so good, that huge cock pumping his seed into me. His cock pulsed and twitched with every squirt.
"I'm not pulling out until it goes limp." He said, still balls deep inside me, his dick still rock hard. "And when I do pull it out of you, your gonna clean it with your mouth."
When Daddy told me what I would have to do when he pulled out of me, I came again. I never stroked my cock, didn't touch it the entire time Daddy fucked me. But, there I was, my hard little sissy cock sticking out of the top of my G-string, shooting cum all over my stomach and chest. My body shook and quivered in orgasm.
"Be my Daddy. I want to be your girl. I want to be Daddy's girl." I told him.
"You want to be my girl, huh?"
"Yes, I want to be yours. I need to be yours, Daddy." I begged him. "I've never been fucked like you fuck me, Daddy. Please, let me be your girl. I will do anything you want. Please, Daddy, Please."
Daddy turned and looked at Sir.
"You getting this on camera?" He asked.
Sir nodded.
"Good, because I want you to remember this. I want you to remember begging to be my girl."
"Please, Daddy." I pleaded.
"There are some conditions to be discussed, but we can do that later. First, you have some cleaning to do." Daddy pulled his limp, dirty cock out of me. It was covered in cum and ass, but I sat up and devoured it. Taking him in my mouth like the greedy slut that I was.

To be continued.......

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