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Uncle ron

Uncle Ron wasn’t really my uncle. He was my mother’s step-b*****r, and
really something of a shit to hang around. Still, when my mother and father
had a nasty fight and he told her to get the hell out of his house and take
the k**s with her, we ended up knocking on his door. Dad was mean when he
was d***k, so she packed us up into the car and we took off to Uncle Ron’s
house on the opposite side of our town, Jackson, Mississippi, and we got
there about one o’clock in the morning.

Uncle Ron answered the door after she knocked about a dozen times. He
staggered over, d**gged with sl**p and wearing only a bathrobe that didn’t
completely close. I could see his cock dangling down between his legs when
he opened the door! He was a big stud, his body was the color of dark milk
chocolate (did I mention my f****y and me were black?), and the hair on his
chest was a thick mass of O’s all over his broad body. He worked a
construction site when he worked, and his body was all muscle. His waist
was incredibly narrow, and he looked like a wedge.

He yawned and said, “Merris. What the hell happened?”

“Lawrence got d***k and kicked us out. Can we stay here for the night?” My
mother begged.

“Sure, Merris. Come on in.” So we went in, my mother, two s****rs and
myself. “I only got a one-bedroom, but the couch folds out into a sl**per
sofa.” he said as he pulled the cushions off. That’ll sl**p you and the
twins, but I guess Rodney will have to sl**p with me.” He eyed me. “Can you
follow my rules for people who sl**p in my bed?”

“Uh, sure, Uncle Ron.” I said.

“Why didn’t you punch the fuck out of your father?” he asked me

“I wanted to.” I said. “But Mama wouldn’t let me.”

Uncle Ron laughed. “That’s the ticket.” he said. “Man got to stand up for
himself in this world. It’s a sure bet no one is going to stand up for

“Yeah.” I said.

“I don’t like that talk.” Mama said. “The Good Book says you got to meet
harsh words with kindness.”

“And that’s why you’re here.” Uncle Ron concluded. “I’m sorry, Merris, I
shouldn’t poke fun at your religion. Don’t understand it, but shouldn’t
poke fun at it. Covers in that closet over there.” he pointed. “Make
yourselves comfortable. I got to go to work tomorrow so I’ll say
good-night. Come on, Rodney.”

I followed Uncle Ron to his bedroom. His apartment wasn’t laid out like
most apartments, it was sort of a long L-shaped around two sides of the
building. In the very front was the living room where Mama and my s****rs
were, but to get to his bedroom you had to walk down a small hallway to the
kitchen at the next corner of the house, through the kitchen, and then down
another small hallway to his bedroom, a distance of nearly eighty feet
total. I followed behind like a puppy and when we got to the bedroom, Uncle
Ron said, “Okay, my rules for the bed. First, you gotta do whatever I say.”

“All right, Uncle Ron.”

“Second, I don’t allow clothes in my bed. So strip and come climb in.”
Uncle Ron shrugged off his bathrobe and got into bed, lay there watching

I pulled off my T-shirt and kicked off my sneakers, leaving only my shorts
on. I had planned to sl**p in that, but when I made a move to the bed,
Uncle Ron said, “Ah-ah!” A warning sound. “Don’t bring those filthy clothes
into my bed. Out of ‘em.”

I gulped and pulled off my shorts and was nude before my Uncle. He
laughed. “No briefs? No Fruit-of-the-Looms?”

I shrugged, embarrassed. “I usually sl**p nude.” I admitted. “I keep my
shorts under my pillow so I can tug them on when Mama knocks at the door,
but tonight, I just didn’t have time.

“Good!” Uncle Ron said. “Man’s body got to breathe at night. Now climb on

I did and Uncle Ron snuggled up close to me. “Next rule. I get to play with
anyone in my bed, male or female, any way I want to.”

“Huh?” I asked, and that’s when his hand grabbed my cock. I didn’t know
what to do as he jerked my dick and it rose up fast.

“Man, you got a nice fat one on you, don’t you?” Uncle Ron said
admiringly. “I got to get my lips around this one.” And he threw back the
covers and I could see his body shuffle down while his broad arm kept a
firm grip on me to keep me from getting away. Then I felt his lips, all
warm as a freshly dunked washrag slide down over my cock and I just kind of
moaned, a moan that welled up from deep down inside my body. I had never
felt anything like it before, his lips on my cock, all wet and soft and so,
so warm, and I didn’t want it ever to stop. Uncle Ron pushed my cock into
his mouth and started shoving it down his throat and I could feel the
moist, soft tissues back there, and he kept on pushing down until his lips
were buried in my still- scraggly pubic hairs, and he had it all, all of my
cock in his mouth, and he just kept it there like he was never going to let
it go.

“Ooooooh!” I moaned again. “That feels nice!”

He pulled back up again, clinging tightly all the way and my foreskin
puckered up over my cockhead until his lips whump-bumped over the cockhead
and he had hold just of my foreskin, and he held it there, fishing into the
taut pucker with his tongue-tip and I just had to buck my hips up and
reclaim some of that warmth for my wet cock. He grabbed hold of the base of
my cock and held my foreskin up while his tongue danced and probed into it,
and I said, “Oh, Uncle Ron, do it again! Please!”

“I’m just warming up.” He promised me. “I’m going to suck every last drop
of your jism out of your balls, until they are hanging there all empty and
useless.” And he dove back down to engulf me again, and this time he moved
up and down, milking me deeply with every stroke, and I groaned and reached
for his head, wanting to grab him and shove him down deep onto my cock, but
not daring to do anything to stop or even slow down his wonderful
movements, his lips washing over my cock like the ocean waves washing over
my body at Mobile Bay, slow and warm.

Uncle Ron kept sucking me, speeding up now, impatient and urging my body on
and on, and I groaned again, one groan not being enough, I moaned and then
panted as my whole body was heated by the friction of his soft warm lips.

My cock grew hot, hotter than I had ever felt it before, and my balls
crawled up until they were tiny orbs attached to my cock base, and a tingly
feeling in my stomach grew and moved down into my crotch, collecting there,
and I felt my face flush and my breath went quicker and quicker and I felt
the tingly feeling suddenly rush into my cock and from there I was lost to
my senses, I panted “Oh, oh, oh, oo-oh-ohhhh!” and my come ripped out of me
like hot sandpaper, filling his mouth with huge, heavy blobs and I could
feel it being too much for Uncle Ron, though he began to swallow and hold
on tight, and my jizz dribbled around the corners of his mouth and down my
cock, to be caught by him again as he dove back down and lost again as he
pulled up, sucking hard on me now, really sucking, not just moving his
lips, but trying to siphon my cock like it was a rubber hose he was using
in some parking lot when he was out of gas.

When I finally lay exhausted on the bed, my sweat a solid mass of liquid
beneath me, Uncle Ron carefully licked my cock clean and crawled up to lay
next to me. “That was a hell of a load.” he said proudly. “I had forgotten
what a youngster like you can pour out when you suck them. Man, I’m going
to do you again in the morning.”

And he stretched out on his back and I looked down at his cock which he was
pounding. “Can I do yours?” I asked.

“You got to be a man before you can suck my dick.” Uncle Ron said.

“I’m legal.” I protested.

“Maybe, but you still living with your mama, and that means you ain’t a man
yet. A man stands on his own.”

“I’m going to get a job and move out.” I said.

“Haven’t done it yet.” he pointed out. He was right.

“Can I at least touch it?”

“Little boys like you can play with it with your hands only.” He
conceded. “Reach on down there and yank it for me. Do a proper job on it
and I’ll reconsider letting you get your lips on it.”

I was eager and I reached down and found that my hands had a job ahead of
them. His cock was thick and felt like iron covered with velvet. I gave him
a quick up and down stroke and he groaned appreciatively and I kept it up,
pounding my Uncle Ron’s pud as hard and fast as I could. I wanted to make
him come really hard, the way he had me, so I gave him all I could, long
strokes up and down his steel-hard manhood, while he grunted and let me do
him any way I liked. I enjoyed feeling this much power over Uncle Ron who
never let anyone have anything over him, so I sat up so I could pound it
harder, then got an idea.

I scooted around, never letting go of him and trying to keep up the
hard-and-fast pace, until I was able to crawl in between his legs. From
there, I could get both hands on his cock and I gave him a double-handed
heavy pounding that brought gasps of pleasure from him, and he grabbed me
with his legs and scooted up until he was holding his lower body off the
bed and his ass was mashing my cock and balls and I pounded him fiercely
and he groaned and without any further warning I suddenly had a freaking
firehose in my hand. Come was flying everywhere and I felt blobs of it hit
my face and my chest and my arms and I saw it landing on him and on the bed
on both sides, while he yelled with joy, loud as a bastard and I kept it up
until his rock- hard cock became a piece of soggy pulp in my hand, and my
hands were covered with his jism the same as the rest of me.

I lay down on top of him and kissed one nipple, felt salty taste in my
mouth and licked it up. “Did you like that, Uncle Ron?” I asked.

“You were great, k**!” he assured me. “That’s going to be your job anytime
you stay with me from now on.”

I was glad to hear there was going to be a “from now on.” Uncle Ron kept
his promise the next morning, I heard the alarm go off, get shut off by
Uncle Ron reaching over me, and the next thing I felt was his head sliding
under the covers over my stomach and down to my cock where he slurped it
down again. It felt really great in that early-morning lassitude to have my
cock sucked by a man who really appreciates sucking cock. I let him suck me
until I shot my morning load right down his throat. I wanted to play with
his cock after, but Mama came knocking on the door right after he had
finished, so I had to let go of him and get up and get dressed. Mama
wouldn’t wait for you to answer, she’d give you about thirty seconds then
she’d open the door and come right in, so I had learned to be quick, and
when she opened the door, I was out of bed and in my shorts, sitting on the
bed’s edge.

“Come on, son.” Mama said. “We’re going to go home now.”

I looked over at Uncle Ron, who cocked an eyebrow at me. “I don’t want to
go back, Mama.”

“I need your help, son, with your Daddy.” Mama said, which wasn’t fair,
even though she did.

I got in and Daddy, who usually was passed out in bed, was up and still
belligerent. “What the hell are you bastards doing back here, bitch!” he
said to me and Mama.

I’d had enough. I walked up and looked at him with clear eyes, saw a man
who didn’t deserve what good things he had, and who had never treated me or
Mama with a bit of respect. And a man has to insist on respect, or he’ll
never get it.

So I said, “Shut up, old man!” and I slugged him, hard, right in the nose.

That was all it took. He went from snarling b**st to cowering c***d in no
time, and Mama dove down, crying, “c***d, what have you done to your Daddy?
He didn’t mean nothing by it, baby.” she crooned while she held onto him.

I saw my Mama with clear eyes, too. “I’m moving out of here, Mama.” I
said. “I’ll get my things and just go. You need help, but it ain’t me.” And
so I got my things and left, and she never looked at me in the eyes once
all that time.

So by that evening, I was knocking on Uncle Ron’s door. I was hungry as
hell and dirty, but I felt prouder than I’d felt in a long time. He opened
the door and said, “Hey, Rodney! Where’s your Mama?”

“Back with Daddy.” I said. “I got a job now. Can I stay here with you until

He smiled. “You sure can, Rodney. Same terms as before?”

“Almost.” I said. “If I’m going to be your roommate, I get to make a few
rules in bed, too.”

He smiled. “That’s fair, man. That’s fair.”

And I realized then just how good it felt to be called a man, and know I
deserved it.

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