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Accidentally amazing!

Being only 1 year apart my cousin and I grew up together. Our parents owned each half of a duplex so we were pretty inseparable through our early years. Right around 3rd grade my dad got a promotion and we had to move to a new city pretty much the opposite side of the state.
For me and my cousin, it was almost like we moved to a new country. I saw my cousin maybe once a month at first but after a few years we saw them less and less.
Although we somewhat grew apart we were still fairly close. We checked tabbed on each other’s facebook and would constantly tease each other about our girlfriend/boyfriend. I had a thing for blondes and she always teased me about dating dummies…
She on the other hand was a cheerleader so her boyfriends had been athletes. Just based on her facebook friends I can tell she was the hot chick in school. She typically hung out with other cheerleaders and football players. As far as looks she was gorgeous. She has a cute face very Jessica Albaish and her body is fairly thin but her boobs are pretty good size for her shape and her ass is cute and tight.
As much as I hate to admit it I had somewhat of a crush on my cousin. Besides the looks which is a major plus, she was also very down to earth. Not stuck up like some people I know. As for me I was always a pretty good athlete, playing football, basketball, and track. I played safety in school because of my urge to just hit people and hit them hard.
During my junior year, my friends and I decided to go to this Halloween party. My friends and I decided to dress as our favorite super hero. I was Spiderman, my friend was Thor and my other buddy was the Hulk.
When we got to the door I could not believe all the hot girls at this party. There was a group of girls at this party that was dressed as playboy bunnies. They all wore a mask so all you could really see was the bottom half of their face.
We decided to get some liquid courage first so we took a few shots of Hennessy and also took a couple of shots of Vodka. Once the buzz kicked in we decided to hit the dance floor. I started dancing and making my way to one of the bunnies on the dance floor. At first it was a subtle little grind and next thing I know her ass just grinded a little harder. I put my hand on her waist and our body was so tight together that we were pretty much fucking on the dance floor. My hands roamed her tight little body and made my way up to her tits. She began to moan softly and our grind became more and more sexual.
She then took my right hand and placed it over her pussy. I started to rub it softly and worked my way around her panties. I decided to take it further and go under her panty and started to rub her clits. She was going insane as I rubbed it in a circular motion. Finally she whispered I know a place we can continue this. She grabbed my hand and took me to one of the empty rooms.
She then unzipped my suit and took my cock and began jerking me off. She then climbed on top and slowly dry humped my cock. She took my mask and lifted it up halfway to give me a little kiss. We started off slow and sensual as we were both trying to enjoy the moment. She then unzipped my suit and took my cock and began jerking me off. She then climbed on top and slowly dry humped my cock. She took my mask and lifted it up halfway to give me a little kiss. We started off slow and sensual as we were both trying to just take our time and enjoy this moment. As she kept grinding her panty slowly slid sideways and with one swift motion my cock slid right in her pussy. We both took that deep moan as I entered her tight pussy. We began kissing more passionately and I could not take it anymore as my mask kept bugging me. I pulled it off and instantly this girl jumped off my cock as if she was shocked to know who I was. She said my name and took off her mask.
I could not believe my eyes! It was my cousin and she was freaking out. She kept mumbling OMG! OMG! OMG!
I told her I was so sorry I did not know its her. She looked at me and said yeah me too! I asked her what should we do now? She said she doesn’t know. We told each other that we cant do this this was a huge mistake. I gave her a hug to apologize and for some reason the smell of sex was still in the air and it was so intoxicating! I started by rubbing her back while hugging her and she was doing the same. My hand began making its way to her ass, while hers began caressing my face. Instantly without saying a word we both went for a kiss. This one was unlike any other kiss. It was slow it was soft and it was just beautiful. We slowly made it to the bed and I climbed on top of her. I started by gently entering her tight but wet little pussy and my hands rubbing both her tits. We continued to make love as we were just taking our time and it seemed like we were in this blissful moment that we wish never ended. Within minutes we both came.

We both collapsed and did not say a word. We knew it was wrong but like the saying goes “IT FEELS SO FUCKING RIGHT”! Finally she got up and started picking up her stuff of the floor. As she bent over by the bed I came up behind her and took my dick and inserted it again in that tight pussy. She stopped dead in her tracks and began to moan with each stroke. I started to go faster and faster. Her moan turned into scream and within minutes she was having an orgasm. She collapsed on the floor before I could finish. When she finally caught her breath and her composure she was so amazed with what I did. She then took my cock and began sucking it. First the tip and worked her way deeper. She then started circling her using her tongue and licking my tip. Just looking at her sexy face licking my head was making me cum. I could not take it anymore and grabbed her head and just fucked her face. I came deep in her mouth.
She got up with cum residue on her lips. Before I could tell her she looked me in the eye and licked it all up. I smiled at her and called her a little tease.
We both put our mask back on and took her home.

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