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Your Monday Office Routine

My buddy just couldn't see how such a thing could happen. A woman just 43 years old back in the work f***e with a husband and two sons and a daughter still in school. Yet I could look at her resume and look at her and sense that she was exactly what I needed if I wanted to blow off steam as my sexual pet in the office when the time would arise.

Her nervousness in the interview told me that she'd been cooped up socially for sometime. Her fair skin and her shoulder length brunette hair announced that she didn't even hardly go outside. Which also meant that exercise was tough for her given the depression of just being a mom and housewife. Her giddy behavior at my compliments told me that she wasn't even being paid much attention. I pretended to excuse myself for a moment and as I walked out of the room, I saw her reaching for her purse to check her pocket mirror for makeup, lipstick, and hair. She adjusted her red blouse to expose a bit more of her and looked a little disappointed at her short and thick body.

I could tell she was desperate and longing for something different. "Yes. Your hired. But you've got to be able to start Monday and answer solely to me." Of course, she didn't decline.

My inclinations were correct. Within a few months she has come into the daily routines I've laid out for her to fulfill and she eagerly fulfills all of her job description for each day.

This is her description for Monday:

1). You will clock in at 8 am.
Dress code: Loose fitting blouse, black skirt, tights, heels, makeup, red lipstick. This will be inspected by me in my office upon your arrival. Once I've approved, you shall bend over my desk while I slide your skirt above your thick ass and will peel your panties off. I place these panties in my top desk drawer and lock it. If you do a good job, you will get these back at the end of the day.

2). From 8-10 am you will go into the work closet I've provided where you organize my schedule and follow up on work emails. Provide a report for urgent matter to minor matters.

3). 10 am-11:30am: The reports should be on my desk. You will lower your blouse to expose your breasts and lift your skirt as you climb on my desk resting your weight on your knees and elbows as you read every word of the reports you've created me.
During this time nipples clamps/weights are attached to your overly large dark nipples. Keep reading!
I will make your ass is clean by administering an enema. Keep reading!
A vibrating bullet will be taped against your clit while I shove what objects I please into your pussy or ass. Keep reading!
If you fail to multi-task during this hour and a half, you will be given 10 lashes for each mistake.

4).11:30 am-1 pm: Go back into your closet for lunch and work while I go to meet with important people.

5). 1 pm-2 pm: Provide a call list for clients in my office. Dial the numbers, hand me the phone and provide me your filthy tongue and throat to service my 8.5 inch cock and ass while I do the important things. Holding your breath for extended periods should be developed during this.

6). 2-2:30 pm: Restroom break. We will go together and you will piss in the toilet with me watching. When you are finished, scoot back on the seat, spread your legs and guide my cock to piss in the toilet. If I miss and piss on you then its your fault, you dirty slut.

7). 2:30-3:30 pm: I will strip you of all your garments and cuff and suspend your hands and writes over you, tying you to the cold oak door in my office. You'll feel the cold, hardness of the wooden door as I fondle and use your helpless body. I will then spread and lift your legs for access to your married, forbidden cunt. Fucking and using you until I cum inside you.

8). 3:30 pm- Go pick up your youngans at school you slut secretary. Here's your panties so you don't drip cum everywhere.

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