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First Time In Principal's Office

First Time in Principal's Office:

You knock on my door. I tell you to come in. You step in my office rather sheepishly. I look up from my desk at you and give you a stern look in the eyes. You can sense from my stare that you are in a world of trouble.

"Come here." I say to you. You walk over to me. "Closer." I demand. You come closer, but still stand about 3 feet from my desk. I put my hands on my desk and get up from my chair. I walk over to you and walk around you in a slow circle all the way around full circle giving you a good once-over look from head to toe. Then I stop. My face is within 2 inches of your face, my breasts within 2 inches of your chest and my cunt 2 inches from your cock. I can hear your breathing pick up more rapidly as I glaze over your eyes and lips with my eyes. I lean in towards your neck and whisper to you, "And what are we in here for today, Mr. Andrews?" I can sense the nervousness in you coupled with excitement. "I decided to skip Math class", you say. "Oh really?", "We can fix that." I tell you.

I walk over to my desk and open my drawer and pull out a large wooden paddle. "Bend over that desk Boy!" I say. You bend over an office desk. "Hold onto the sides of the desk." You place your hands on the sides of the desk carefully. I walk over to you with my paddle in hand. "Stick your ass out farther." You stick your butt out more. "Raise it higher!" I demand. You do. Then I position my large wooden paddle over your jeans and start caressing your boy butt with it. Then I give your ass a few gentle pats before I begin to secure the landing spot. I give you 50 hard spankings. Then I set down the paddle.

"Undo your belt and drop your jeans." I tell you. You quickly do as your told for fear of more paddlings. "Now take down those pretty underwear of your's." "I want to see your bare bottom." "I bet you have a hot boy ass." You grip the sides of your underwear bands and pull your underwear down to your ankles. "Step out of your jeans and underwear completely." "You won't be needing them today." You oblige and take off your shoes and everything but your shirt. "Now take off your shirt." You do. "Stand straight up with your hands at your sides" You stand there obediently, not knowing what is next. I give you a good look and notice how handsome you are. I see you have a tall, slender physique and a very young, athletic appearance. You have a nicely developed 6 pack on your stomach. I take note of the sexy trail of dark hair on your lower stomach leading to your cock. Then I notice how massive your limp cock is just hanging there. Since your cock is 6 inches limp, I can deduce you are more than likely a very well-endowed young man. Probably about 9 to 10 inches in full length when hard and ready to go. I walk around you and see your beautiful legs and nicely groomed feet. I can see you have very nice hands as well. I'm interested in what your ass looks like, especially after those 50 swats you just got. Just like I had imagined, you have a very small, round and nice tempting young ass. Very spankable indeed.

"Okay Mr. Andrews." "Bend back over that desk and spread your legs far apart dear boy." You do this. I can see your ass is completely shaven and your little boy hole looks untouched. You look absolutely delicious. I walk over to you and start running my hands along your back slowly and softly and then trail down to your butt. Then I slip my hands down in between your cheeks right down your crack gently and back up again, stopping deliberately and briefly at your little hole and gently graze it with my finger. Then I start caressing the tops of your semi-reddened ass, making it feel good and relieved. Then I start softly kissing the bottom of your back and make a trail down the sides of your butt, kissing each of the sides of your bottom. I line your butt all over with small little kisses and it feels so good against your already stinging ass. Then I very gently put my claws on the back of your knees and gently claw my way up the backs of your thighs and this sends goosebumps of excitement all over your body.

Next thing, I grip each of your ass cheeks and spread them apart, far apart. "Mmm" "You sure have one hot ass babey." I tell you. You just moan. I get on my knees on the floor in front of your ass with you bent over and all vulnerable. I lightly make a slightly wet trail from the bottom of your crack all the way up to the top of your butt. I run back down with my tongue in another trail softly. I gently blow a long, hot stream of air from my mouth to your hole. You let out a sigh. I trace outward circles around your hole until I get to the center, then I start gently licking and pawing at your hole with my tongue repeatedly. You start moaning. After a while, I take the tip of my tongue and start flicking your sweet ass hole continuously for a time. Then I lick your hole full-on with my very wet tongue and make a couple trails up and down your crack again, and then right back at your boy hole. I rim your ass for a good half hour, french kissing it gently and making you excited. I stick out my tongue completely and stiffen it and plunge it deep into you, deep into your hole. You taste so good. So clean. So delicious. You start panting and trembling in the knees a little. By now, I'm tongue fucking you sweet and deep and wet, changing from deep fucking you to licking you and then deep fucking you with my tongue again. I stand up. "You're delicious." I tell you.

I grab the wooden paddle again and nestle it against your bare bottom this time. Pat your bottom a few times, and give you 200 blistering swats. Your ass is super red and hot. Now, you're almost on the verge of tears. "Please MissValerie." "Please no more.", You plead. "You're going to get the punishment of a lifetime Mr. Andrews.", I tell you.

I walk over to my closet and start putting on an outfit. You lean around from the desk and look, but can't figure out what I'm doing exactly. Then I open up a bottom drawer in my desk and fit my red 11 inch long by 6 inch girth cock into my strap-on band. You see this and feel fear and oddly enough, excitement and curiosity. I grab a bottle of lube and walk over to you. I lube up my hung, red cock really good. "Spread your legs and hike up that red, hot ass before I make it hotter!" I demand. You spread your legs as wide as you can get them and you arch your ass up. "Now keep it there." "Tell me you want my cock.", I tell you. "I want your cock MissValerie." You say. "Say "Please" and beg for it like you mean it." I tell you back. "Please MissValerie, fuck me good with your big, red cock, I want it." You beg.

I steady the head of my red cock at the entrance of your hole and slowly trace little circles around the outside of your hole, getting you used to the idea of what's about to come. The I run the entire thick shaft gently up and down your crack over and over again, then back to your hole. I start carefully and slowly pressing just the tip up against your hole. You start strangely getting horny for this experience you've never had. You start wanting it and getting excited, anticipating it and moving to back up against the head of my cock, like you're starting to beg for it. Like you want it in you, your virginity popped, your ass taken once and for all. By your principal. When I think you're ready, I pop straight in head first and start fucking you slowly, but firmly with the first 2 inches. Your ass gets moist quickly from excitement. You are stroking your own cock as I'm fucking you with mine, which is really intensifying it and making it easier for me to fuck you. Now, I'm fucking you with 4 inches, then 5. You start really moaning at 5 inches and so I pick up the pace and give you 7 inches of unrelenting hardness in your tight ass. I have a firm hold of your hips and am fucking you with a moderate and steady pace. You are loving it and moaning so loud that anyone around can hear. Your cock is dripping precum by now like crazy. As soon as I see your cock dripping, I fuck you fast and deep with 9 inches now with only 2 more left to go. You start sweating from the excitement and the sheer size of me, the shock of it all. Still, you start begging and telling me how much you love it and how it's going to make you cum so hard. Then I plunge all 11 inches into you deep, thoroughly hitting that sweet spot within and after 5 of my fast thrusts, you groan loud and deep, and explode a massive, hot load of cum all over the desk and floor and everywhere. I carefully retreat out of you gracefully. You collapse on the desk.

I take off my strap-on outfit and sit in my chair. I point at you and motion with my finger for you to come here. You abide and walk over to me with a weak walk. You are exhausted from cumming so hard and so much. "Get over my lap boy." You bend over my lap. I spank your ass with my hand 500 times, making your ass beet red and stinging hot to the touch. "I've learned my lesson MissValerie." You say. "I'll determine when you've learned your lesson." "Boys never learn their lessons." I reply back.

"Go sit on that desk with your legs apart." "Yes, MissValerie." You say politely. After 750 spankings, an hour long ass licking, and an intense strap-on fucking, you're certain your principal means business. I come over to you. I touch your cock with my hand and it jumps, starting to get excited. I gently and barely run my nails up the underside of your shaft. Then I cup your balls softly with my hands and start massaging them and go back up to your shaft and begin running my hand up and down it. I sift my fingers through your beautiful, dark cock hair for a bit, then start stroking your cock with my hands. You start sighing and moaning. You can't believe how hard you're getting after just losing control of a huge load a half hour ago. "Mmm" You say. "Mmmmm" "MissValerie" "Oh".

I put my mouth at the head of your cock and open my mouth. I put just the tip in without touching your cock at all and just breathe hot air. It tortures you since my mouth is right there. Then I take my mouth off from around it and graze my lips lightly from the bottom of the underside of your shaft up to your head. I caress your balls with my hand and then trace my tongue from in between the inside of your thigh and pelvis down to your balls. I softly start licking your balls and sack all over and very thoroughly. I gently suck on each of your nuts in my mouth interchanging them one after the other. Then I lick the spot underneath your nuts right above your ass. Then back to your balls, licking them and making them feel so good. You can't believe your principal is giving you oral sex and amazing oral sex at that. I go up to your cock and start licking the underside, then sides, then the front side of your cock. continuously over and over and over until all the sides of your cock are excited and very warm. I take my right hand and enclose it around your shaft and start stroking you as I'm licking your large shaft all over. Then I light my mouth on top of your head, close my lips virginal-tight and shoot my mouth straight down your entire shaft, so tight and so wet. It makes you think of pussy. Warm, wet, tight pussy. Then I work my hand and mouth together straight back up your cock and back down again...up and down...again and again...sucking you so good and so hot....making your cock wet and long and so thick and hard. The harder and longer you get....the more intense my licking and sucking your cock becomes. I pick up the pace with my hand and mouth and as I come up...I catch your precum...taste it...lick it..and swallow it down. You taste so hot sex. As I'm intensely fucking you with my let out a moan...."Ohhh!!"...."I'm about to cum."

Your fiery load explodes hard and fast and I keep right on sucking you and use your cum to keep stroking you....this makes you spurt a few more shots of cum. "Ohhhhhhhhh". You moan. "Oh my god."

I get up and wipe my mouth off. I reach for the long wooden paddle again. "Bend over the desk." I tell you. "You've got to be k**ding." You say. "Do you really think I'm k**ding?!" I ask you. You know I'm not after all of the events today and so you comply. You can barely move, but you half-assed and weakly position yourself over the desk and bend over it. Your ass is already red from earlier. I spend the next 30 minutes working your ass over good giving you 1,000 paddlings this time. You break and start crying and shaking and trembling. "Please MissValerie." "Please!" "Oh my God." Your ass is hell hot and 100% red over your entire ass with not one white or light red spot anywhere.

I walk over to my desk, open the drawer, and put the paddle up. "Get up." I tell you. Bawling your eyes out, you get up and stand up straight. I bend over my own desk and raise up my skirt. "Come here." You start getting hard again and you don't know how after your ass being hell sore and blowing 2 loads already. I tell you, "You know what to do." "Pull my panties aside and give it to me good or I'll give it to you good." You get up behind me and raise my skirt a little higher. You rub your thick tip all over my black panties and up and down my ass crack. Then you pull my panties aside and try to pop your cock in. It's so tight, it doesn't slip in at first, but then it finally does and you thrust your cock into me. It feels so hot inside of me and so tight and wet....getting wetter by the minute. You furiously fuck me from start to finish with your huge 10 inch cock and you grab by hair right before you cum. "Beg for it MissValerie!" "Beg!" You say to me. "Ahhhhh!!" "Mr. Andrews, fuck me!" "Give it to me, give me your cock, I want it all!!" Then you grab my hair hard and instantly slam all 10 inches of you into me hard up to the hilt and you pull out and blast cum all over my ass in what seems to be an endless hot stream of lust. We both collapse.

Then we get up and get dressed to look normal like nothing ever happened. "I learned my lesson MissValerie." "Thank you." You tell me.

"Well, it is my job to teach my students and get it right the first time." I say to you. "You definitely do that well MissValerie." "I don't think anyone could not learn from you." You say.

"You're free to go Mr. Andrews." I wink at you. "Thank you MissValerie." "I'll never forget." And you wink back and leave taking the lessons of discipline and pleasure with you.~


~Valerie Valor~

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